Full Fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Most Terrible Events in History

NuMetalManiak Which events were really terrible and which ones are overreactions?

1. The Holocaust: Obviously, we want to know WHY Hitler wanted to kill 6 million Jews. They did nothing to him.
2. 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks: Absolute tragedy that people apparently think is a conspiracy. Yes, I was very young when it happened and cried about it too.
3. World War ll: Again, all because Hitler apparently wanted something from Poland. Or something.
4. Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Sorry about your country, but the war honestly would've dragged on. Americans wanted to show they were serious about ending war and the only way to do that was by A-bomb.
5. The Black Plague: Deserves to be Top 3.
6. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ: For you Christians, this one is quite an exaggeration.
7. Pearl Harbor Attack: Maybe the Americans wouldn't have done #4 on this list if the Japanese decided not to attack them. Ever think about that?
8. The Slave Trade: Awful, but remember it was those Europeans who caused it.
9. World War I: Not as bad as II because of no mass holocaust.
10. Sinking of the Titanic: Well, learn from your "unsinkable" listen next time.
11. Sandy Hook Shooting: Dreadful event, killing of small children, this guy was a tosser.
12. Hurricane Katrina: Harvey has apparently tied it for destruction, but this one has been remembered for a long time now.
13. Birth of Donald Trump: Was wondering when the first true overreaction came. Not only are you not able to prevent it, you still whine about Donald Trump even though he is not personally doing anything to you. Grow up.
14. Rwanda Genocide: Up there as one of the worst, especially due to lack of pitching in to stop it.
15. Second Congo War: This is one of the worst things Belgium had done.
16. Boston Marathon Bombings: While recent, and somewhat of an overreaction giving its position, it was also terrible for a public event to go haywire due to some bombs.
17. The Crusades: See now this is why Christians get hate. EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS that is.
18. Oklahoma City Bombing: Okay maybe this should be above Boston.
19. Haiti Earthquake: Not much could've been done preventing it.
20. The Japan Earthquake: Well, what did I say?
21. 2011 Norway Attacks - 2011: Why 2011 on here twice? And why isn't this remembered?
22. Syrian Civil War: Still stuff happen in Syria apparently.
23. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: But this is already on here, unless this was supposed to be specific.
24. 2012 Aurora Theater Shooting: At the moment, this isn't as bad compared to recent ones.
25. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: One guy died a long time ago, true he was a great president, but it was one man.
26. Paris Terror Attacks 2015: Coordinated and unfortunately a lot lower than it should be.
27. 1992 Los Angeles Riots: Riots? NO THANK YOU.
28. Gay Marriage being Legalized in America: This isn't a bad thing in the slightest.
29. The Great Depression: People focus too much on wars and terrorism. This one is definitely one of the worst events.
30. Colorado High School Shooting: I know Columbine is one of them but be more specific.
31. 1918 Influenza Pandemic: Who remembers this? Oh right, they teach you about a world war instead.
32. 2008 Sichuan Earthquake: Anyone remember this?
33. Death of Paul Walker: Oh boo hoo, get over it. Seriously. It's not the end of the world because Paul isn't in it anymore.
34. Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Deadliest in recent times (till Las Vegas), and worse because it was a gay club that got shot.
35. 2011 Joplin Tornado: This was actually devastating.
36. 2016 Lahore Suicide Bombing: And how come this one isn't remembered?
37. Donald Trump Was Elected President: "Everyone died inside" no you are just overreacting because you just don't want something you had a slim chance of changing.
38. Holodomor: Communists like to pretend this never happened.
39. The Vietnam War: At least give Nixon credit for getting troops out of there.
40. Mongol Conquests: One tenth? History has some terrible moments.
41. The Trail of Tears: This was just dreadful experience, worse than a lot of others.
42. Typhoon Haiyan: Worst typhoon ever, sure.
43. Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami: I'd hate to actually see a tsunami happening.
44. 26/11 Attack On India: Some of you Americans might get confused by these dates.
45. 9/11 Pentagon Attack: This was part of 9/11 above.
46. Slavery of the Jews in Egypt: Whether its fictional or not, slavery has done bad things.
47. The Nanking Massacre: Okay, WHAT?
48. Columbine Massacre: Alright here it is. But then again, MSD and Sandy Hook were worse.
49. Hurricane Sandy: Second costliest, although I was actually spared.
50. 2014 Peshawar School Attack 140 Students Died: No one in the western world knows about this. They focus more on Columbine and European massacres.
51. Assassination of John F. Kennedy: He was getting good as a president.
52. Spanish Inquisition: Obviously, who actually expects it?
53. Jonestown Suicides: You people are confusing me in these comments.
54. Birth of Adolf Hitler: "No, the REAL disaster was when humanity was born." No the real disaster is you being born just to say this.
55. The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan: Racists, but most of them stay secluded. They are small and won't rise again, so shut up.
56. The Killing of Harambe: The memes that came from this prove how much humanity dooms itself to stupidity.
58. 2015 Mina Stampede: Hmm, is this why some people hate Muslims?
59. Virginia Tech Massacre: This was the worst UNIVERSITY shooting, not worst school shooting anymore.
60. Bloody Sunday 1971: The most terrible thing about this event is that people only remember it from a song.
61. The Armenian Genocide: So this inspired the actual Holocaust. By that logic, it should be #1.
62. Martial Law in Philippines: Don't do anything wrong and maybe you'll survive.
63. Typhoon Yolanda: This is Typhoon Haiyan, same storm.
64. Irish Slave Trade: Does this coincide with the rest?
65. Rwandan Genocide: All you did was add an n to the end of Rwanda.
66. Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami: Let's combine items!
67. Bohol Earthquake: I actually don't know this one.
68. The Chernobyl Disaster: This was actually a real disaster that should be higher.
69. Khmer Rouge Regime: And no one remembers this, sadly. Communists again like to pretend it didn't happen.
70. The 7/7 Attacks on London: Yes, England overrates its tragedies as much as Americans do.
71. Ariana Grande Concert Bombing: She's lucky to be alive.
72. Ebola Outbreak: It's a good thing it's going away.
73. When Peppa Pig First Aired: OVERREACTION
74. The FCC's Repeal of Net Neutrality: Why was the decision to do this only made by five people and not millions?
75. Korean War (1950-53): Wasn't that big or terrible.
76. Cagayan de Oro Limketkai Bombing: Only 6, and who really remembers it?
77. When Caillou First Aired: ANOTHER OVERREACTION.
78. Financial Crisis 2007: Led to a recession.
79. Queensland 2011 Floods: Was this because of a cyclone?
80. Presidency of Duterte: And yet another overreaction. Geez, Duterte gets the same treatment Trump does.
81. Mindanao University of Science and Technology Gymnasium Fire Accident: Wikipedia doesn't say anything about this.
82. Hurricane Irma: Who wrote the comment here and why was it approved?
83. Rise of Isis: It's still alive.
84. When Barney First Aired: You people have the most annoying brains.
85. When Teen Titans Go First Aired: Yes, put this in league with shooting, genocides, and terrorism. That's how stupid your brains are.
86. Suicide of Amanda Todd: She's not the only victim, you know.
87. War in Afghanistan: Shouldn't this be a thing for the Soviets?
88. Death of Michael Jackson: Thanks Lucretia, your comment is accurate.
89. 1900s British Attack On India: The British deserve more hate than Americans.
90. Death of Robin Williams: Sorry but THIS IS NOT A TRAGEDY.
91. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: This is, though. Contaminated water, killing lots of wildlife. Now you know why humans hate humans.
92. Great Chinese Famine: They don't go over this in history that much, do they?
93. European Colonization of the Americas: See? It was all Europe's fault we are like this? Blame them!
94. St Valentine's Day Massacre: Boring, a gang fight.
95. The Stolen Generation: Australia's history needs to be more studied.
96. Execution of Christians in the Middle East: See? And yet they continue to hate people of religious groups.
97. Peshawar School Attack 2014: I think this is on here already.
98. The Blitz: As in the Blitzkrieg? Part of WWII.
99. Death of Christina Grimmie: Stop mourning, this is not a real tragedy.
100. The Irish Famine: Made many people starve.
101. Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.: As great as he was for civil rights, you wonder how people don't learn his words well.
102. Attack On Aps Peshawar Pakistan: Okay stop repeating items.
103. Brussels Terror Attacks 2016: Right after Paris.
104. The Destruction of Wittenoom, Australia: Woah.
105. Hurricane Matthew: Did kill a lot of people but still pales in comparison to other storms.
106. Ghouta Chemical Attack: Part of that civil war that's been going on.
107. Shooting of the Romanov Family: Communists like to pretend this never happened.
108. Russian Revolution: The long term effects of this were horrible.
109. Hurricane Andrew: Slowly starting to become forgotten.
110. South Sudanese Civil War: You make a brand new nation for the UN and then do this?
111. Chile Earthquake: Not preventable, sadly, less deaths than others, but it was a heavy earthquake in comparison.
112. American Japanese Holocaust: It was called internment, while terrible, there were FAR FEWER deaths, so much of the people saying this is bad are actually overreacting.
113. Boston Molasses Disaster: This has the unfortunate effect of being both tragic and hilarious at the same time.
114. Kent State Shootings: While highly publicized and done by enforcers, this still pales in comparison to others.
115. Sinking of Britannic: Ouch, yet they focus on the Lusitania and Titanic in history class.
116. Marie Antoinette Died: "She was an idiot, but she didn't deserve to be beheaded." Agreed.
117. Toba Supereruption: Thankfully the rest of us are alive today.
118. Nairobi Mall Attack: Not very well known, but I did research this one for a class one time.
119. Obergefell v. Hodges: Well congrats, homophobes, you fell to the butthurt.
120. Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea: Anyone know this? Anyone?
121. When Dora The Explorer First Aired: Don't watch it, instead ignore it and stop putting it as a terrible event when it isn't.
122. London Tower Block Fire: Looks like something that happened near a certain visitor and he thinks it's one of the worst things in history.
123. Grenfell Tower Fire: I remember this from the 2017 list.
124. 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots: Why are people so hateful against each other over religion?
125. Kenya Mall Shooting: Just seven items down and it's a duplicate?
126. Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: Again, a duplicate.
127. Nelson Mandela's Death: As much as he is legendary, he was pretty much past his prime already.
128. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: I hate factories.
129. End of the Last Ice Age: How would you know that this is terrible?
130. MH17 Malaysia Airlines Plane Shot Down: If it was shot down, it was way worse than it is.
131. Death of Sharon Tate: Old, not gonna be remembered.
132. Salem Witch Trials: This isn't even religion we're talking about here.
133. The French Revolution: Robespierre deserved to be guillotined for the terror he caused here.
134. Treaty of Versailles: WHAT? This didn't cause a war, or communism to rise. Those were other things, idiot.
135. Us East Coast 2016 Blizzard: I survived this blizzard and so did a lot of you. Grow up.
136. Beslan School Hostage Crisis: Almost no one remembers this.
137. Guimaras Oil Spill: Worst in Philippines history. Who else remembers it though?
138. 1985 Mexico City Earthquake: Old
139. 1921 Destruction of Black Wall Street: Also old, and forgotten.
140. Darwin Bombing: Stop making people remember irrelevant things.
141. Kristallnacht: Part of the Holocaust.
142. Ukraine Crisis 2014: Why did they do this to Ukraine?
143. Catholic Child Sex Abuse: Yes, keep hating on Christians, and then do this stuff and deserve more hate.
144. Rape of Belgium: Okay this really needs to be specific.
145. Execution of Anne Boleyn: No one really remembers it.
146. Death of Heath Ledger: You all look up to him too much.
147. Battle of Okinawa: Mass suicides are bad.
148. La Violencia: Seems to be confined as a civil war of old.
149. Cultural Revolution (China): UNBELIEVABLE amount of people dead. Mao could've killed half the population.
150. Birth of Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan: Geez, and now Turkish people need to grow up.
151. Tenerife Airport Disaster: Deadliest in that marks history but who else actually remembers it?
152. Death of John Lennon: Millions cried, one died.
153. The Destruction of Prussia: Prussia was good, but fascist emperors ruined it.
154. 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh (Ex-Eastern Pakistan): East Asia has some very strange events.
155. Semipalatinsk Nuke Test Site of Kazakhstan: So many letters, I can't bother to read what this is about.
156. Plague of Justinian (First Plague Pandemic): So this was before the Black Death.
157. Chinese Exclusion Act Enacted: Man, some people are really nitpicky about American history.
158. Umpqua Community College Shooting: And yet only the commenter remembers this.
159. San Bernardino Shooting: Small scale, will be forgotten.
160. Roe vs Wade: Control the bodies? Or kill a potentially new human?
161. Typhoon Ondoy: Ondoy is the Philippines name yet the storm did much more damage elsewhere. I can understand landslides though.
162. Year Without a Summer: I wonder how volcanoes can do such a thing?
163. Station Nightclub Fire: One of rock music's worst events for sure.
164. Winnipeg General Strike: One of Canada's most notable events, but no one else hears about this.
165. Famine In Ethiopia: Famine sucks no matter where it is.
166. Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse: Unlike 9/11, this was an accident.
167. The Alamo: They did not "kill themselves" they had a last stand.
168. Battle of Gettysburg: Deadliest fight, but all of the American Civil War was a bloody time.
169. Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting: Barely remembered.
170. Clackamas Town Center Shooting: Who even knows about this?
171. Brazil Elementary School Shooting: Was this of a grand scale? If it is, how come no one remembers it?
172. Los Angeles International Airport Shooting: Well, if it is no big deal, put it off the list.
173. Michael Jackson's Death: May I remind you this is a duplicate?
174. Black Saturday Bushfires: Boy, do I hate fires.
175. Waco Texas: Be specific and use a comma.
176. 2002 Bali Bombings: Events outside the US and Europe almost never seem to be recognized.
177. Death of William Wallace: Shut up.
178. Japanese, Danish and Norwegian whaling: I actually know no one who feasts off of whales.
179. Massacres in Volhynia: Eastern Europeans get bad treatment.
180. Santa Maria Tragedy in Brazil: Hey Brazil, how come you are the center of South America?
181. St. Francis Dam Disaster: No one hears about this. I wonder if dam workers know about it though? They should.
182. Munich Massacre: Don't hate the Germans just because of some terrible thing they did years ago.
183. Government Shutdown of 2013: Surprised the more recent one isn't on here.
184. Dungan Revolt: Why war against religious or ethnic groups with 99.9% being fully innocent?
185. Death of Tim Samaras: This guy was a storm chaser who died doing his job. And that's considered 185th worst event in history by the voters here.
186. Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79: At least THIS volcano has some publicity.
187. Permian Extinction: If this isn't history, get it off the list.
188. England War of 1812: Don't put England here, it was fine on its own.
189. Sid Vicious Murdering his Girlfriend: In history? You people are high.
190. O.J Simpson Murdering his Wife: So now famous murder mysteries are considered terrible history events.
191. Hindenburg Disaster: "Oh the humanity!" originated from this one.
192. Hurricane Wilma: Only really remembered for its low pressure.
193. Birth of William Lynch: You people are just arbitrarily crazy.
194. Internment of Japanese Americans: At least unlike the commies, we study this in our history books and don't cover it up.
195. The Acts Performed in Unit 731: Somebody actually made a game mod about this.
196. War In Iraq: Bush's decision here was bad, but again, if 9/11 didn't happen, this wouldn't happen either.
198. Public Suicide of Budd Dwyer on Live TV: This inspired the Filter song "Hey Man, Nice Shot", but is otherwise forgotten.
199. St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre: People often say we are way too violent in this day and age, well guess what, it was way worse back then.
200. Cuban Missile Crisis: This was actually an aversion of a potentially terrible event.
201. Ancient Egyptian Slavery: And that's how the pyramids were created, kids! Did I traumatize you enough today?
202. R. Budd Dwyer Public Suicide: Literally five items down and we have a duplicate. Look before you add an item.
203. Operation Searchlight: Something related to the India area, I think.
204. Bloody Sunday 1965: Must've been a different bloody sunday.
205. Great Famine in Bengal 1943: More famines.
206. Colectiv Nightclub Fire: Worst in Romania, yet no one outside Romania knows it.
207. Bataan Death March: THIS ONE SUCKED.
208. Tangshan, China Earthquake: Well don't live there?
209. Nepal Earthquake: I hate earthquakes
210. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Another terrible nuclear disaster.
211. Christchurch Earthquake: I don't want to know about any more earthquakes.
212. Tiananmen Square Massacre: Yet the only thing people remember is the guy standing in front of a tank (he survived by the way).
213. Chinese Civil War: Which one?
214. Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster: As far as space goes, yeah.
215. 1906 San Francisco Earthquake: Enough with the earthquakes, seriously.
216. The Barbary Slave Trade: And enough with rewording items even though they are the same thing.
217. Liberian Civil War 1993 to 2003: This a 10-year long war that no one outside Africa even knows about.
218. Boxer Rebellion in China (1900): It is so not up there, especially since it's over 110 years old.
219. Family Guy Was Made: Putting people's favourite shows on here is not cool.
220. Garissa University Massacre-Kenya: How come all of the stuff that happens in Africa or middle Asia never gets coverage?
221. Fall of Vikings: Shut up.
222. My Little Pony Was Created: You people are babies.
223. Tajikistani Civil War: What, does every nation need to have a terrible civil war?
224. Darfur Genocide: Sudan really needs to improve.
225. Romanian War of Independence: If it was a war for independence, that is a good thing for the country.
226. Death of Muammar Gaddafi: WRONG
227. Chechnya War: Something with Soviets again?
228. Arab Slave Trade: More slave trades, people should honestly stop remembering they occurred.
229. Mauritanian Black People Enslaved by Arabs: Who here knows about this?
230. Death of Stephen Hawking: He honestly could've died anytime.

While there have been tons of terrible events from wars, earthquakes, slave trades, terror attacks, and shootings, let's face facts here, there is no way we can prevent them. While we study the history of these events, bear in mind we do so because we should not repeat them. History isn't a bad subject, kids. And for those of you who say the worst events are because someone was elected president or someone was born or a certain show came on the air, please grow up.


You making this post is gonna caused WW6 shall I grow up? - Skullkid755

WW6 hasn't even shown up yet, and besides, this is terrible events in history, we haven't even talked about future events. Hmm, new analysis topic. - NuMetalManiak

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I agree that the crucifixion of Jesus is quite exaggerated by Christians. Not to offend them or anything but nobody knows if Jesus was real or not so is it really necessary to have the death of one (fictional? ) character ahead of so many events where thousands if not millions of people have died? - visitor

The plague should be #1. - Stewart