Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Things You Can't Stop Thinking About

NuMetalManiak What am I supposed to put for an intro these days? Well, this list is only 2 years old, but can you stop thinking about it?

1. That one particular song: I guess, but not so much. Sometimes I can't stop thinking about many different songs instead of one particular one.
2. Your boy/girlfriend: This is what's known as love. You find a significant other you like and can't stop thinking about him/her. Even after a breakup you can't keep your mind off of it.
3. Music: Completely true.
4. TheTopTens: Since I go on every day, yes.
5. Life: Surprisingly, death is not on this list.
6. Food: Well if you are hungry then yes.
7. Your favourite show: What you see on TV can be in your mind forever.
8. Gaming: And procrastination to go with it. Wonderful.
9. School: Literally the opposite of above. Although really you are thinking of getting a good grade in classes moreso than actual school life a lot of times.
10. Your crush: Already on here as #2, although here it actually could be fictional.
11. Studying: That's actually something most people don't think about until a really big exam is around the corner.
12. The Future: Will I live?
13. Sex: Wow, #13 spot, expected higher, except this got to be unlucky. Then again, media's depiction of sex screws with your mind.
14. Your ex-boy/girlfriend: They wanted to move on. Sorry, but that always seems to happen.
15. YouTube: Can we just put the internet as a whole here?
16. Yourself: What part of my body do I want to change?
17. Stress: You don't necessary "think" stress, it just comes because something is bothering you.
18. Your last great vacation: I don't remember any good vacations I had.
19. God: No.
20. Yesterday: Did I do something stupid that day?
21. A Project You Have to Present In School: Ah presentations, having to ensure you are not terrible at being a marketer.
22. Family: Will they disown me for "dishonoring" them? Note the quotes.
23. Terrorist Attacks: UNFORTUNATELY, given how many these happen and how not a lot is done to stop them, we start thinking these are becoming more frequent. Just stop giving weapons to evil people, if you can discern some people that is.
24. Someone you hate: "I just want to bash this one person in right now...they took my pen and I can't get it back. "
25. Books: More like book prices nowadays.
26. A TopTenner: No.
27. Your laptop: Yeah I hate to watch as my laptop slows down considerably with all the junk I have to use to program with.
28. Video Games: This is easy.
29. Someone that you admire: I admire this item, but does that count as someone?
30. Movies: Movies before seeing them, movie plot and characters afterward.
32. Dragon Ball Z: I don't think about this at all.
33. Boobs: Now, females clearly think them too, so don't go all sexist on the males.
34. Non-Affiliate TV Channels: Why is this too specific?
35. Your favorite films: No, no way at all.
36. TV: I am paranoid that I have to keep resetting the stupid digital box because the signal keeps losing itself at random.
37. Your favorite character: Yes.
38. Your first kiss: Mine was accidental and I moved on from it.
39. What life is: I actually recommend NOT thinking about this one.
40. Guitar: If it is your hobby, fine.
41. A Life-Long Crush: I think you are too obsessed.
43. Tickling: Now we run out of ideas.
44. Feet: Are you high?
45. Grand Theft Auto: Assuming it's the video game. If not, then you do realize it's actually a crime.
46. Cartoons: They are always so colorful.
47. Racism: Over the dumbest things, unfortunately.
48. Hot Ladies: And how to be like them.
49. Humor: Don't laugh yourself to death.
51. Nintendo: Why think of Nintendo all the time? They have games to sell and consoles to do, and it's not really that much of a concern?
52. Today: As in the news channel? How old are you? And if it is the day then that could be legitimate.
53. Tomorrow: Basically the future.
54. Right now: You're not funny repeating the same item.
55. A Friend: What happened to your friend?
57. Pokemon Go: This fad has died rather quickly.


Good post. Also I believe number 57 is an old item and still exists since you can't remove items. - Skullkid755