Top 10 Worst Things that Happened in 2016

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1 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Don't blame Donald Trump for winning; blame Hillary Clinton.

It's obvious that Donald Trump should have never even gotten close to being a potential candidate for the presidency, but to be honest Hillary was the worst choice. We all know she's a pretty horrible person who is willing to do anything for power and the spotlight. So lets be honest with ourselves, would we want a semi-honest semi-idiot in power, or a lying politician who is manipulating the system to her own advantage?

It was obvious through her leaked e-mails, media activity and through her campaign that she was doing everything in her power in order to win. She rigged the primaries so that the Republicans would choose the worst possible candidate, had every major television channel and social media site talk down on Donald Trump, covered up her illness, and focused her entire campaign around talking down Trump.

With all this mind its obvious why America voted for Trump and not Hillary. People are tired of being lied to; of politicians constantly lying and fixing the system. They knew they were going to get exactly that by voting for Hillary, so they voted for the opposite knowing that there would be a lesser chance of them being played.

If you people only stopped believing everything the media tells you, you wouldn't actually think that the elections turned out as bad as they did. And saying that Donald Trump has access to the nuclear codes and will start World War III isn't a valid argument because not only are you assuming that the Alec Baldwin impression of Trump is 100% accurate, but many more men considered worse than Trump were in power and didn't do anything remotely close to what you guys will think Trump will do.

2 Bastille Day Terrorist Attack In Nice, France

80+ innocent people died, all because someone was bored! How despicable... Glad the police got him, that's what he gets for running over those people out of boredom!

Guys, the deaths of celebrities are sad but they have no reason to be higher than actual terrorist attacks.

I honesty don't like Kim Kardashian but she didn't deserved to be in that situation at all.

3 Shooting in Orlando, Florida

Islam is not a religion of peace, however, most people would instead approach the Muslims with love and kindness but you wouldn't treat that sort of people well who bombards buildings and killed thousands of
innocent people just for the sake of their religion. Seriously when are we going to wake up! If you support Islam, you're supporting the terrorist attacks, Isis, abusing women and killing of homosexuals.

What a tragedy. So many innocent people were killed for the selfish reasons of a shooter. It was so depressing. Rest In Peace to the amazing people who had their lives taken too early.

4 The Bombing In Brussels, Belgium

I was there when that happened. But the hotel we stayed was far away from the bombings. While we walked down the streets, some teens decided to prank the people in the streets that there was a terrorist there. But luckily they were arrested. I'm also glad we were far away from the bombing.

I feel so bad for the victims and words cannot describe how much my heart goes out to those families. I hope that terrorism ends and the leader of ISIS dies (that leader, whoever it is, deserves it).

What a present for me. It was in my birthday. Screw you, 2016!

5 2 Year Old Gets Attacked by an Alligator in Disney World

I went Disney world in 2008 and went on the same ride with the alligators. I knew those alligators were very hostile. I'm shocked that Disney world isn't being sued for this.

Wow I love gators but there just cold blooded why are they so mean?!? Of course they put gators in an amusement park!?!? Are they drunk someone's gonna die?!?!

There were a lot of bad stuff that happened in 2016 but my cousin dying was the worst, no lie, the little boy was my cousin.

6 Orlando Shooting Attack

50 gay people were shot dead by some homophobic idiot. At least they consider this as a terrorist attack And not only a massacre.

Uh, although I used to live in Florida, take this off because it's already on the list.

Very sad, especially since this is where I was born.

7 Death of David Bowie


Now, can I just say, 2016 was dreadful.

But this, this, was the worst.

David Bowie was an incredible singer with a huge amount of talent, and then he is killed because the world always kills great people.

We can't even enjoy good music anymore, as we have Justin Bieber. And whilst we do have Twenty One Pilots, no-one, I repeat, NO-ONE, can replace David Bowie.

Goodbye, Moonman.

(Space Oddity starts playing on the radio)

God, I'm starting to tear up, this is just sad!

He was a great musician, it's a major example of good people dying and bad people living on, his music was amazing and unforgettable, now we can't listen to good music anymore because good singers are being replaced by bad people like Justin Bieber when they die.

8 Death of Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman was an amazing actor and life without Severus Snape is not life.

Alan Rickman was Snape in the Harry Potter movies!

9 Death of Carrie Fisher

I accidentally hit "post before.
She had a hard life, struggling with drugs, alcohol, and her manic depression (a.k.a. bipolar disorder). But she had a wonderful life, and had so much fun. In the end I think she was happy, and now her mother with her also. Pray for Carrie and Debbie's family. Especially Billie. She is going through a very hard time right now. She lost her mother and her grandmother within 2 days. Cry for Carrie Fisher, but be happy for her also because now she is in a better place.

PLEASE put this higher! She was an iconic character, Leia from Star Wars, who was such a great actress, and best supporting in Star Wars.

She died of a horrible heart attack so suddenly at 60, and we've learned that even with the force, there's no way it can do everything that's needed.

I thought Han Solo's death was tragic, this might go a notch above his. and certainly David Bowie's.

2016 is the WORST YEAR for celebrities of ALL TIME!

10 Dallas Police Shooting

I know that we've recently been seeing a lot of cases involving crooked cops abusing their power, but we need to remember that not all police officers are bad. The noble, fair police officers keep our communities safe. Our cities would be much worse off without a police department to protect law-abiding citizens from murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and other dangerous criminals. Those Dallas police officers didn't deserve to be shot. They had nothing to do with the recent shootings of African-American males. They were just doing their jobs. People, please stop acting like all police officers are evil! It's as foolish as believing that all Muslims are terrorists! It's the bad cops that deserve to be hated, not all cops in general.

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11 Zika Virus Outbreak

Zika was one of the deadliest viruses at the time and could even live in sperm making it an STD also so it could travel in basically any form. Also affects unborn children.

Another Virus straight from hell.

12 Death of Christina Grimmie

Her death was something that could've been avoided and it just shows how mucked up America's system is.

We lost an important singer, all because some guy shot her.

She was so young, and this could've been avoided by stricter gun laws.

13 Harambe's Death

Harambe was just checking out the boy, and he did no harm. I can't believe some idiot would be so stupid and neglectful that they let their child in a gorilla enclosure. And also, why couldn't they have just stunned Harambe instead of killing him?

How dumb do people have to be to think that a gorilla is more important than multiple human lives who weren't even possibly going to hurt anybody, unlike Harambe... How dumb?

Oh come on, his attack is worse than the gay attack?

First, he has no mate.
Second, he is an animal.
Third, he is only ONE animal
Finally, he he is 18, which is old for an animal.

14 Hurricane Matthew

Category 4 hurricane that hit the Caribbean, Haiti and caused major flooding.
Killed up to 900 people, 877 in Haiti, and 19 in the US so far.

So sad. It was really powerful. I feel so bad for those people.

Devastating storm hit east coast of U.S flooding Rip everyone who died

15 Fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

So many people lost their homes in that fire. I live a couple hours south of it and it was so big I could see the smoke.

I live in Edmonton, a big city near Fort Mac. Tons of evacuees came to the city and a fifth grader in my school was an evacuee

How is celebrity beef considered worse than a wildfire?

16 Death of Prince

Justin "the twit" Bieber was so disrespectful after his death. Heck, even Trump was kind (please don't hate on me, I didn't vote in the election, I'm British).

Give us back Prince, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson. We'll give you the Kardashians, Justin Beiber, and Donald Trump.

Bring back Christina Grimmie in we'll give you Hillbilly Clinton in return!

17 2016 Istanbul Airport Attack

We lost 36 people because of a bombing.

18 New Ebola Cases In Africa

This is the stupidest list ever. There is no new major Ebola outbreak in Africa and how is the death of a celebrity worse than mass shootings, terrorist attacks and rapidly increasing international turmoil.

Something needs to be done. We need to be more careful when working with sick people.

One day it is declared that de decease has finished, the next there is a new case

19 Uri Terror Attack
20 July 2016 Dhaka Attack
21 Bionicle Ended Again
22 Gatlinburg North Carolina Wildfire

Quite sad. I never thought something like this would happen in my state. I give my thanks to the people of North Carolina who worked hard over the Thanksgiving holiday to contain the wildfires.

I think Gatlinburg is actually in Tennessee but whatever.

It sucks a lot because my family lost our rental cottage there

23 Syrian Hospital Airstrike

Attacking a hospital is a war crime!

24 December 10 Istanbul Turkey Bombings

Important and innocent lives were taken.

25 Lahore Suicide Bombing

75 people were killed, 29 of them being children They were all just having fun at a park for Easter, then someone thought it was okay to do a suicide bombing there. How evil. Yet this wasn't all over the news.

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