Top Ten Worst Things About 9/11

This list explains the worst things about 9/11 that happened. And the most saddening. This list was made for the 9/11 memories.

Never Forget.
The Top Ten
1 The Death

Last year, I drew a picture for 9/11 and over it, I wrote down every single name I could fit onto the page. I must've been written down at least one to two hundred names and I barely even cracked the "b"'s. That was a really difficult and one of the most eye opening things I've ever done.

We had a moment of silence for 9/11 at school and some of the kids kept yelling 21. It's just sad. The deaths... Many people died because of terrorist.

I was in school and I didn't even hear about it till after school when I got home.
My mum thought it was a film at first and sadly not.

2 The Reason

Not that complicated at all, virtually every single thing that many top tenners like to do is exactly what the suicide bombers want to stop them from doing permanently.

3 The Forgotten

People can act like we're the bad guys for pointing out 9/11, but they don't understand that it was a traumatizing event that changed the country for worse. People were burned alive in those buildings, and at least 3,000 died in there alone-some by suicide.

Lots of people died that day. It may not be the saddest day in history (or anywhere near that), but it's still a terrible tragedy.

So many people have no idea how horrifying it is that some even joke about 9/11. Its horrible.

4 The Loss

So many people lost so many family members and friends.

5 The Slow Deaths

A lot of people in 9/11 lost their lives to slow, painful deaths because they couldn't breath in the rubble, smoke, and debris.

6 The Security

Because of 9/11, so many things were restricted on airlines that now its hard to move around without being told to do something you don't want to do at all.

You have to take your SHOES off when you go to the airplane. Over-secure much?

7 The Scar on Religion

I'm Muslim, and I agree. 9/11 is a terrible and a sad thing to do, please don't hate on every Muslim. We Muslims are not supposed to bomb or kill people, if we do that, then we are not considered Muslims. :( Please understand, terriosists are not Muslims.

This event defined the worlds view on Islam, Other countries and things I'm to lazy to list.

Many things were bad about it, but this is one of the few that are still here.

8 The Trauma

People can still hear the echos of screams and explosions ringing in their ears. And they can still see the blood and debris falling from over 300 ft.

9 The Conspiracy Theories

during 9/11 the New England Patriots & other sports/athletic teams from sports leagues/tournaments in United States jumped happily & victoriously as a celebration the moment the terrorist attackes were talking place on the soil of United States of America, the world was shook while sports teams were pouring celebratory Gatorade onto each other & crack/cracked open celebratory beers universally knowing the 2001-2002 seasons of sports were cancelled until the following following season that being the 2002-2003 for sports, the sports athletic leagues & tournaments established in United States of America were all collectively created by shadow elites & secret societies, the sports athletic leagues & tournaments professionally in the "professional" level are espionage spies & agents, they never were your "average" typical everyday athlete in the first place. the professional sports athletic leagues & tournaments in United States of America revealed their true identity when the 9/11 terrorist attacks were taking place, professional sports are a scam operated & run by con artists & criminal warlords who are anti god in the highest degree fathomly possible, conspiracy theorists in the "sports" hobby know sports are universally scripted staged & rigged, professional players athletes themselves know it isn't genuine nor real because they signed blood contracts that contradicted their fated destiny & their lives too, athletes & players regret signing their blood contracts to deceive billions/millions to fulfill the contract & they cannot rebel against it because they trapped & caged themselves over "passions" that would ruin their life/lives this lifetime & the next. retired & former professional players & athletes know "professional" sports cannot be trusted because it is a setup to manifest Baphomet & others like them in/to/into our world to normalize real evil & bring forth the regime of the antichrist & the end of life & man in planet earth & the rest of the solar system... more

10 The Jokes

I see my own humor as apathetic and twisted, but telling a 9/11 joke to many Americans is like telling a Hitler joke to a German. If told at the wrong situation to the wrong person, it can SERIOUSLY cross the line (but I'm flexible to stuff like that).

9/11 was so tragic and yet famous that people started making jokes about it, especially on YouTube, by editing videos of popular shows and adding 9/11 footage and/or by making their own puns on 9/11, it just shows you how shocking it was.

I strongly agree. I bet 95% of people joking about it was probably born after 9/11 happened.

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11 The Debris

So much debris fell that had to be cleaned up for days, months, years.

12 The Fear

So many people present the day 9/11 happened were so scared, running for their lives.

13 The Legacy

9/11 started a legacy that would last many years and one that no one would like. It separated the Islamic and the Christian worlds again (crusades), it made wars on terrorism last a decade or longer instead of shorter wars, and we still haven't let go. No one will be brought to justice, and that's is very sad to me.

14 Twin Tower Collapse
15 The Planes
16 The Stop

People from all over Boston who were expecting to go to New York had their plans suddenly interrupted by this event for days.

17 The Way People Treated Muslims After
18 The Unexpectedness
19 The Suicides
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