Top Ten Types of People In Instagram

I have instagram and i have all kinds of people that followed me in instagram! Feel free to add as your opinion!
The Top Ten
1 Ghost Followers
2 Celebrities
3 Gamers
4 Businesses
5 Photographers
6 Annoying People
7 Spammers
8 Racist People
9 Commenters
10 Unpopular and unknown people
The Contenders
11 The "Trash" People

Primarily people that obsess over some homosexual ship and love the YouTubers Dan and Phil. And not in a good way.

12 Creeps
13 People That Put Millions of Hashtags In Their Post

That includes me! I have instagram and my instagram is Allixar

14 "Get 1200 followers free!" People
15 Ghost Advertisements
16 Fake Pornstars
17 Models
18 Attention Seekers
19 VSCO Girls
20 2000s Anime VN Style Artists
21 Ordinary People
22 Lolcows
23 People Who Treat Social Media Like It is a Full-Time Job
24 Fake Activists
25 Influencers
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