Top Ten Types of People In Instagram

I have instagram and i have all kinds of people that followed me in instagram! Feel free to add as your opinion!
The Top Ten
1 Ghost Followers
2 Celebrities
3 Gamers
4 Businesses
5 Photographers
6 Annoying People
7 Spammers
8 Racist People
9 Commenters
10 Unpopular and unknown people
The Contenders
11 The "Trash" People

Primarily people that obsess over some homosexual ship and love the YouTubers Dan and Phil. And not in a good way.

12 Creeps
13 People That Put Millions of Hashtags In Their Post

That includes me! I have instagram and my instagram is Allixar

14 "Get 1200 followers free!" People
15 Ghost Advertisements

I received 3 followers with some Chinese biography(service),beware of and big.tit me when with your kids

16 Fake Pornstars

They follow you and try to get you to go to their website 🙄

17 Models
18 Attention Seekers
19 VSCO Girls
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