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So, I was navigating my way around and so, I found some debates on that site that were absurd, messed up, laughable, or just plain disgusting to be eligible for an entry on this list. And no, I’m not making this up. I have a feeling that many of these were made by trolls or what not. Feel free to go on that site and find some of those debates you think are absurd or messed up and add them to this list.
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1 Should pedophilia be legal?

It should not. It is disgusting. There is a lot of it on apps like tik tok and it is stupid. It even happens on Roblox a children's game. People really debated on this? Wow some world we live in.

No. Truthfully, I used to not know what pedophilia is, but once I found out... No. That is child abuse. Most of these make me ashamed of being a human. Especially this.

This is disgusting. Pedophilia shouldn't, under any circumstances, be legalized. Whoever made this debate really needs help because this is disgusting.

2 Does bullying justify school shootings?

No, it doesn't. That's like asking if temper tantrums justify slowly killing someone, MS-13 style. I've been both a bully and was bullied. Neither are fun.

As horrible as both of them are I think this is maybe even worse than the one about pedophilia.

No, it is messed up to think someone even brought this up.

3 Do vaccines cause autism and homosexuality?

That is stupid. What makes you think vaccines cause someone to like the same gender.

That's really stupid (especially the vaccines cause autism one)

4 Does Canada exist?

I've never seen Canada in person so I guess not. Also I never said this comment is a joke so I guess it's not one.

Yes. My uncle lives there. Ask him. Even if it was just a landmass with no nation for quite a while, it is now a nation. (And I doubt Canadians are debating whether the USA exists.)

This is stupid. Of course, Canada exists why would you even say that?

5 Should China be nuked?

Well, that would take down the largest military on the planet, but it would also be the demise of a good chunk of the human race, and more likely than not, President Xi would call Putin and ask him to nuke US, being the only nation with more nukes than the States.

No, that is racist. There are so many things in America that were made in China. Ever since COVID-19 racism has become a bigger thing. People are starting to hate Chinese because of COVID-19.

No, the country does suck, but not the people that live their, they need to get rid of the "communism", they are socially communist and economically capitalist.

6 If T-Series beats Pewdiepie, should we nuke India?

No this is just stupid y'all really debating on nuking India because of two YouTube channels, that is childish.

7 Should America nuke the Middle East?

No, that would wipe out a lot of the population and would just make it worse for everyone else still living. People would probably die of radiation as well.

Not only would we annihilate our enemies, but we'd probably wipe Israel off of the map. (Assuming "we" means the USA)

8 Are humans a disease to earth?

Kind of. I mean, we're all pretty stupid all things considered. We're the only species on earth that destroys their environment. We could do so much to prevent pollution, but all our leaders and rich fools think about is getting more and more money that they don't even need.

Yes, actually, to a degree. I mean, I wouldn't say anyone I know fits the description, but look at Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and J.K Rowling. Those four are the "disease" type. (Okay, I'm joking with J.K Rowling, but I really don't like her.) And I agree 100% with RogerMcBaloney and BonJovi17.

9 Should we all be vegetarians?

No. I keep telling my parents I'm an "inverse vegetarian". They won't listen.

No. Humans need meat to stay healthy and strong.

10 Do we need men anymore?

Yes, you do. 1. There's nothing that can actually cause reproduction without men and B. Whether you can swallow your pride or not, we men are pretty awesome.

Yes just because females go through periods, and birth, doesn't mean they are superior. And without men, there can't be any more women.

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11 Do you think social media should be banned for all people?

Not from everyone but social media causes a lot of bad things like kidnappings.

12 Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Even though I agree with Powell that this is more silly than "messed up," considerimg the fact that the rest of these debates are about-
2. Justifying school shootings
3. Vaccines causing autism and homosexuality
4. Whether Canada exists or not (okay, that one's not that bad.)
5. Nuking China
6. Nuking India
7. Nuking the Middle East
8. Humans being a disease
9. Everyone being vegetarians (also not that bad)
10. Whether women need men or not
11. Banning social media (not that bad)
12. Annihilating the disabled
13. Whether non-Christians are demons

The vast majority of those are REALLY messed up. I think this list could use something as goofy as debating whether mayonnaise is an instrument.

13 Disabled should be annihilated
14 Are Non-Christians the Devil's Spawn?

This is just pathetic. No, non-Christians are not demon spawn. I think atheists, Muslims, Jews and so on are misled, but some of my best friends in grade school were Hindus.

15 Should school be illegal?
16 Is space flat?
17 Should we actually have a Purge?
18 Should we protect endangered species?
19 Should incest be legal?
20 Should zoophilia/bestiality be legal?
21 Does discipline justify child abuse?
22 Does discipline justify animal cruelty?
23 Does justice justify revenge?
24 Does justice justify murder?
25 Does bullying justify revenge?
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