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One of my favorite guys on the internet is the Angry Video Game Nerd. It's time to count down the top ten episodes of his show. Now, don't think these are the only good episodes of the Angry Video Game Nerd; they are just my personal favorites. If you haven't seen them, check them out.
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1 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

"The box says 17, but for this ONE PART, you gotta be 18"... Who needs crazy nonsensical bungled ratings when this crazy traveshamockery of a 3DO "game" is so dumb it's not suitable for mature audiences let alone kids!

The only AVGN episode where I laugh every single time I watch it. Brilliant facial expressions, atrocious game, amazing episode.

The worst and weirdest game the Nerd has ever played (as it seems), and the worst/weirdest game I've ever seen.

2 Bugs Bunnys Birthday Blowout

Watching him beat up Bugs Bunny was absolutely priceless!

This is the definition of a classic episode.

It's a blowout all right. A blow out your ass!

3 Action 52

LJN did not make Action 52, some people think they did, the nerd would have to specifically clarify if the game were made by LJN. But he didn't, so we can clearly tell this isn't LJN. If the logo is not on the cartridge, than it's not LJN.

"Safety pins as enemies in a video game... Where do they come up with this! " Right after the Nerd says this, we see his impression of a video game programmer - specifically the Laughing Joking Numbnuts who gave us Action 52.

I snicker so damn hard every single time I watch it. It is bursting with memorable lines that my friend and I endlessly quote at each other.

4 Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle

The part is funny when he puts crazy castle games in the super Mario brothers 2 bin. I also like the part when bugs bunny poops on the angry video game nerd. I also like it when the avgn takes off bugs bunny's head. I also like it when bugs bunny and the angry video game nerd break the guitar and the couch.

Out of the two Bugs Bunny reviews, I like this one more. The fighting is just SO funny and everything is just fun to watch. I also like the actual review in this one more than in Birthday Blowout. The Nerd's reactions to all the sequels are just great.

5 Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Revisited
6 Superman 64

Look at Donkey Kong's face on the N64! P.S. The N64 is the best gaming console of all time, and my favorite video game for this console is Super Mario 64, my top 1 favorite video game of all time, with my least favorite video game of all time being this - Superman 64. Awesome, flawless review, James Rolfe!

His most requested video besides E. T. on the Atari 2600. And the game is REALLY bad. He also teases everyone by doing Superman on the Comidor 64 right before moving to Nintendo 64 one. The game is so bad, it's funny to watch someone try to play it.

7 R.O.B. The Robot

I think this one might have the best special effects, but when he goes to the kitchen and makes a gyro...hilarious!

The ending is pretty much awesome, along with the rest of the episode.

My favorite episode! So funny and epic!

8 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

I don't like the part where he starts liking it, but I like it when he rants about it. by the way, why does he think it's funny when "You're Winner! " appears? I don't think it is!

Cracked up laughing when watching, loved his reactions to the game!

Great episode especially the commercial part.

9 Tiger Electronic Games

These games were the dread of every child in the 90s on Christmas morning. One of his best episodes from the new season.

This is my favorite. I don't know why

10 The Power Glove

Just incredible how bad this NES add on is. I never owned the power glove, but I own the N64 glove (it sucks). The montage just shows how bad the control is. There's a part where The Nerd just gives up and starts using the control pad on the glove instead of using the motion control.

The Power Glove's biggest success came when Lucas used it to play Rad Racer in a movie called The Wizard. "I love the Power Glove. It's so bad" that no one can blame the Angry Video Game Nerd for giving it the middle finger!

By far his most popular episode!

The Contenders
11 Mega Man Games

Time travel was a very interesting concept. And the 5 nerds at 2006 made the episode funny.

12 The Wizard/Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mecha Death Chris 2000 because.
Even as a Christian I find this funny.

I should have put this on the list too. Incredibly funny review.

Wasn't this removed from YouTube thanks to The Wizard?

13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Movie Review (Parts 1 & 2)

Nice to watch, detail, and hilarious all over. By detail, I mean how the Nerd shows how disappointing the movie was, how hyped up it was, how his friends were anticipating it, a slight summary of the two past movies, and the top ten corniest lines from it. The movie is just terrible, and he explains why. The movie and him together make it nearly hysterical. He also destroys the tape at the end with a... Well, I won't spoil it for you. Overall, just know that this episode is great. (It is a two-parter, but technically it is one episode.

14 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

One of his most insane episodes. Great acting by Steven J. Klaszky (the Hillbilly) and Matei.

My most favorite part is when the nerd gets captured and hillbilly and chop top laughed at him

15 Spider-Man

This one is always fun to watch. It's another guest/character review. The games in it are just really funny to watch James (The Nerd) and "Spider-Man" watch. The way "Spider-Man" talks is funny, as well as the song at the end.

This is my personal favorite episode. It's simple, fast-paced, and spawned one of the funniest moments ever...
"I wish Spider-Man would deliver my pizzas everyday."
"I'm gonna shove a pizza up your ass! "

16 Game Glitches

My new favorite one, and the glitches in the video game Rocky was hilarious. And also the glitch Gremlin was funny.

This one's my fave. Specially Nerd's acting and voice-over. Good Stuff!

17 Ikari Warriors

Kyle just stole this one, but it's brilliant. Love the music, love the genuine nerd reactions to the random things coming out of his mouth, even hidden behind a controller, and I love how the game is so weird that it's all on theme. Where DID the hair go?

18 Friday The 13th

Spider man, Spiderman! Does whatever-a spider can! Spins a web, any size! Catches thieves, just like flies! Look out! Here comes a spiderman! Oops... I clicked the wrong one...

His first review with a guest/character. His sarcasm throughout the review makes it especially funny.

19 Sega 32X
20 Ghostbusters

This game was half as bad as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It made it into 3 parts. It's an original, and it gets credit for that.

You have read a great post.
And prooved share for the website.
Now go a read another viewers!

I've never laughed so hard at a YouTube video. It's excellent. It was the first I'd seen and it got me hooked.

I feel bad for avgn in this one. That ghostbusters game looks like it really sucks!

21 Atari Porn

This episode got taken down from YouTube, alongside Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 The Movie, and Super Mario Bros 3.

The Movie Review would've created a Nerd spin off, but that was scraped.

Yes, this exists. It's so weird, which makes it so funny. The Nerd mixed with it makes it work so well and makes it just hilarious.

22 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
23 AVGN Games

The Atari 2600 game featured in this episode features the Nerd stopping LJN games from hitting Atari, Nintendo and Sega consoles, but which console is which is anyone's guess.

We get to see the Nerd play his own video game (AVGN Adventures) in this episode. AVGN Adventures contains one whole level made by and named after LJN.

"Mike? Who the hell is Mike? I don't know anyone like that..."
...but Board James sure did!

24 Halloween

The Nerd has little kids with him. It's funny that the nerd's usual language is now covered with the word "dope. " Also, the reviews themselves in the video are okay, but it's the 'story' part really makes the video.

Swearing in front of kids is not funny at all.

25 Godzilla

What makes the review is the part at the end where The Nerd is thinking against the recent games, but then he puts in Xbox and PS2 games, and heavy metal music starts playing and he is seeing how awesome they are to him, and he drops the F bomb from the bottom of his heart (literally).

I love this one, how each Godzilla game just gets worse and worse as he plays them until he finally exolodes

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