Top 10 Worst YouTube Comments

Ever come across a video that has some of the most stupid comments ever? All of these are real.
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1 First

First! And like this comment if you agree comments are pretty annoying! The time traveling aspect is too!

Anonymous comment: First!

My thought: If you're first, then what will you get? An iPhoneX or Samsung? And nobody cares if you're first.

Anonymous comment: Like this comment if you agree.

My thought: So, who cares if someone agrees and you think having many likes means you're famous or get 1 million or even billions of dollars?

Anonymous comment: Who is watching in 2019?

My thought: Do you think everyone can time travel, including you? So what's wrong if someone is watching in the future if it was real?!

2 thumbs up if you agree

It's simply idiotic to ask for likes on your comment. If people read and agree with your comment, they are likely to like it anyway. Asking for likes at the end of your comment angers a lot of people.

For example, I once posted a comment on a video about Mirai Nikki. I made a witty remark about how Yuno, who is pretty much the main character, would not shoot the gun she has at Minene. Both Yuki, another main character, and Minene look at her in disbelief. Surprisingly, the comment got over 80 likes without me even asking for them. More so, I didn't even expect anyone to notice the comment, but there you go.

3 [person] sent me here

The single worst comment EVER. You usually don't notice the first, and thumbs up if you agree can sometimes be funny or creative, but [person] sent me here! 11! is the worst one by far.

You're just announcing you can't find good content yourself and need to be spoon-fed music and other content via the YouTubers you watch, and you're just making the people who found the content themselves feel bad.

I may sound like a hipster, but this is the worst comment by far.

One of the worst comments ever. As if people craving attention weren't enough. This one's not there to enjoy your video, rate your video, talk about your video, or share their thoughts on your video. They're there for one thing only: to advertise someone.

4 gay

People are still using gay as an insult? That was like a decade ago! Grow up! You probably don't even know what gay means! I still don't see how it's an insult, and only really ignorant people use it to try and appear cool and mean. I think being gay is perfectly fine.

It's so sad that the word "Gay" has lost its actual meaning. It doesn't only refer to homosexuals but also means "lively and happy". We must be more open to the actual meaning of gay rather than only the narrow meaning which has come up nowadays.

What does sexual orientation have to do with waffles? I'm not kidding. In a review for a waffle iron, someone put "waffles are gay"?

5 Kill Yourself

This is despicable. Would you say this to someone in real life? Why would you say it online? People might actually end their lives because someone said this to them online. Someone doesn't have to do anything. A bully just has to change their hearts. #StopBullying #StopSuicide

This is a HUGE problem. Comments like this should be removed.

I really hate these comments! This should be #1.

6 Post this on ten other videos and you will get good luck. If you don't then I will appear tonight and kill you.

These comments are very stupid, idiotic, scary, and fake. How would "the little girl who killed her family go to your room and slowly kill you at midnight"? Perhaps "she" cannot know your location and doesn't even exist. Also, many kids have seen it and almost feel traumatized. It's not funny. It's just a very rude threatening comment just to get your attention. Just ignore, scroll through more comments, and you'll be all good. Nothing's changed, and I'm all alive...

This should be number one on the list. Whoever started this, I don't know what made them think it's right to convince people that this determines how they die or how their mom dies (yes, someone has commented that your mom will die if you didn't write the message). This is beyond scary and disturbing. If you only feel the need to mess with people's minds, YouTube isn't for you. And for that matter, neither is Vine, Instagram, or any other sites like these.

7 I no that no one will prob read this... but I'm a 16 year rapper n if u check out my channel for once I will prove to u that I worth it......

I think it's rude to advertise your channel, no matter how good it is, on someone else's more successful channel. It's leeching off them to get noticed, which is just sad. This is what YouTube has become. The YouTube comment section is one of four things: spam, more spam, brainless comments to get noticed, channel promotion, or meme-based comments. Sadly, it's not even limited to YouTube anymore. Social media in general is becoming worse by the day.

To be honest, no, they're not going to read it because it wastes their time. If I want to see your videos, I will go see them. Don't think I will read it just because you're 16. You could be anything from 10 to 64 for all I care. Shameless promo and advertising, just don't do it, okay? Good.

8 I hate Justin BIEBER

I'm not a Justin Bieber fan myself. But I am so annoyed by all the hate on him. It seems like on every video I watch, people have posted things like "___ is better than Justin Bieber" or "Justin Bieber sang 'the retarded song' 9,999,999,999 times" or "____ people who disliked this are Justin Bieber fans." Would you like it if everybody hated on you just because you are different?

This is the worst. I don't enjoy Bieber's personality, much less his music, but the standard "X people like Justin Bieber" (where X is the number of dislikes on a video) is annoying and was never funny.

Generally, any comment involving the number of dislikes is boring and uncreative.

9 ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him /▌ all over Youtube / so he can take over and take down Google

Copypasta is the worst type of comments on YouTube and Steam. It's annoying that I managed to report over a thousand of them on Steam, but YouTube bots don't care about reporting comments.

People also make tanks in the comments. I don't get it, and it's a stupid thing. Bob should go and live a normal life without annoying people on YouTube!

What's really pathetic is the fact that the person who started this actually thought it would bring back the old YouTube.

10 wat a pewdiepie rip off

Someone said that on a Robbaz video. Just because you're a Swedish gamer doesn't mean you're a rip-off of PewDiePie. Also, Robbaz doesn't scream like a little girl when he plays scary games, unlike PewDiePie. That makes Robbaz not a PewDiePie ripoff, you obsessive fan girls.

This applies to all YouTubers. I was called a Pewdiepie ripoff for playing DOOM. Really? I've been playing DOOM for decades. Pewdiepie didn't invent DOOM let's plays.

PewDiePie even told the bros to stop saying that, but they won't give up. It's so annoying. I love PewDiePie's videos, but half of his fans are so annoying.

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11 Wats da name of teh song?

Song? Song name please? Does anybody know the name of the song?! Shut up and go away. Please just download an app to help yourself now and in the future. Waste of a comment, waste of space, waste of anybody's time, really.

This isn't actually that annoying. Maybe the person who made the video didn't put a link to the music. The annoying thing is that almost every time someone asks this, someone must reply, saying 'Darude-Sandstorm'. Okay, guys, 2014 is over. It isn't funny anymore.

12 Cancer

I'm getting sick and tired of people referring to whatever they dislike as cancer. There are people out there who are actually suffering from cancer, and this is very disrespectful to them.

I wish I could vote on something many times. Whatever people dislike, they call a severe disease, potentially insulting sufferers of that disease and their loved ones.

How is this not in the Top 100? I am really tired of people calling everything they hate cancer!

13 You say [pop artist]...I say [rock or metal artist]...

Rock music and pop music are different genres that fall under the umbrella term "popular music". So saying this would mean that you prefer a different type of popular music, not necessarily "real music".

Another annoying comment. I haven't seen this as much in the past few years. It's usually the same artists, like Three Days Grace and Linkin Park versus Bruno Mars and other pop music.

The fact that everyone wants to be rewarded for not liking "popular music" is so pretentious. "Oh, I'm so cool because I don't like pop."

14 I Love This. I love all kinds of music including RAP and LADY GAGA

Yeah, most people don't care about your musical preferences.

"I'm 17, and I love these classical songs, while my friends listen to mumble rap!" Well, guess what? No sane person cares about what sort of music you listen to at any age, and you do not reserve the right to insult others' preferences for music while acting so unique about it!

Most people don't care about your music preferences.
You clearly do if you're getting upset about people liking different music than you.

15 That was the most autistic video ever.

As an autistic person myself, I find it really offensive when people use autism as an insult.

As a person with Asperger's syndrome, I find it offensive and unacceptable when people on YouTube use autism as an insult.

I'm autistic, and I don't find these comments very insulting. If you use autistic as an insult, I just think you're not very informed.

16 Darude - Sandstorm

Every time someone asks, "What's the song by the way?" someone just has to say those two words. Like what? That joke got old. And it's annoying!

I am being serious when I ask, "What is the song at 0:00?" But everyone just annoys me now. I don't even know why I ask anymore. Remember back when this was funny?

This has to be very annoying when someone tries to find the song that they liked, and I think people will get annoyed and mad at that stupid joke.

17 Who's watching in [year]?

Most repetitive and annoying comment ever. Distracting and superfluous too.

On the I Found a Way lyric video, that comment somehow got 170 likes.

Hate this. Reported via the Disney's Paint The Night soundtrack video.

18 Best Decade EVER!

I especially hate it when someone claims that the 1990s or the 2010s were the best. In my opinion, the 1990s and the 2010s were the most overrated decades so far.

I'm glad to see this item on the list. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who dislikes overly nostalgic people.

After seeing this item on the list, it's good to know that I'm not the only person here who dislikes overly nostalgic people.

19 you nut, the Earth is flat and there is plenty of evidence to back this up. I'll start by refuting the concept of gravity. Gravity has never been proven Yes we see an apple fall Mr. Newton, but this does not mean an unseen force is dropping it down.

The only view of Earth dumber than this is saying Earth is a line. Someone really did comment that!

I swear, people think they're smart by using correct grammar. It's pretty sad.

Umm... wasn't that disproved in like the 1200's?

20 You suck

At least give a reason you simpleton.

21 Fake

The people who obviously do this are morons. My guess as to why they do this is they're either 1) jealous of that person's success 2) dumb dumbs who don't have a social life 3) trolls 4) haters 5) or just bratty little 9-12 year olds. That's who I think are the ones who say this dirty word. Thanks, Ray William Johnson, for causing all this "fake" business.

Why do people put these comments on random videos? I am guessing that some of the comments on the list are sometimes posted by bots to troll or advertise.

Well, there's actually plenty of fake videos on YouTube. By that, I mean people photoshop their videos and stage them.

22 Like if you're watching this is 2012!!

It is pointless. People just put this to get attention, but I guess it's human nature to desire attention. But seriously, Like if you are watching in 2034, still, no one cares.

Honestly, I keep seeing those on every music video on YouTube. Like, who cares about what year you're in yet you're still watching the video?

It's only not useless for ONE year. Even then, everyone knows the world didn't end last year.

23 Kids in Africa could've eaten...

It's not that I'm butthurt. I put that there because it's annoying, overused, racist, and stupid. Not everywhere in Africa is poor and impoverished. If you go to Luanda, there are people who can even afford a 9 million dollar penthouse, thus they can afford good meals. There are poor areas outside of Africa too, such as in Mississippi, Dhaka, Haiti, Bolivia, etc. Besides, there is nothing funny about kids who can't afford good meals.

This may have been funny the first couple of times, but now it's getting stupid and annoying.

24 You're Just Jealous

Nope. I prefer not being known for recording stuff and calling it a job while having a complete mess of a fanbase, but thanks for your concern anyway.

No, I'm not jealous that PewDiePie is famous for screaming all the time. I'd be jealous that NigaHiga somehow never runs out of ideas.

OMG! I've seen plenty of butthurt fans when something popular is hated. What if they don't care how many subscribers they have?

25 this song is photoshopped

Out of all the stupid comments, this one would just be impossible and unintelligible.

How can somebody be so damn stupid to say something like this?

Okay, that is the worst thing I have heard all day. I really don't understand whatever person posted this on.

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