Top Ten Best Blogs for Sheer Entertainment

This list was initially judged by a group of fifty persons. The factors discussed were:
- Variety of entertainment areas covered (For example, a blog that offered sports or movies or games, or tech exclusively, although entertaining, would be penalized marginally based on the narrowness of subject matter.)
- Authorship /Literary quality
- Layout: Blog presentation in terms of blocking, titling, paragraphing, etc.
- Research: Comprehensive nature of the material
- Artistic sense: Interplay of music, video, animation, story
- Balance of: Analysis, fantasy, opinion, factual reporting, instruction
- Audience opportunities: Participation opportunities; vistas opened for audience whereby readership lives can be enriched through entertainment possibilities not heretofore considered by readership
- Longevity: The blog's dependability in terms of offering its audience new, high quality content over a significant period of time
- Miscellaneous: Tone, Uplift, Smile Factor, Merriment, Intelligence, i.e, all the things that go into the entertainment experience
The Top Ten
1 ToysPeriod Blog

This blog carries a huge variety of entertaining material from magic, to national air acrobatic teams, to bridge, to gold panning instruction, to the history of comics, to new explorations of outer space. In other words, if it's entertainment, eventually it will be treated at ToysPeriod, and it will be treated in a memorable, authoritative way. As a result, ToysPeriod is the group's top choice for dependable, sheer entertainment week after week, month after month.

Great site - although currently little known (likely to change, the Internet moves fast), looks to me as though the Toy Tech blog is a gem worthy of the top spot. Where else will you find origami and architecture in the same, quality format. I thought all "entertaining" blogs just spat out a single pithy paragraph with a picture. Not these guys. Waiting for the book.

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This blog by the internationally well known Roger Ebert captures everything one would ever need to know about movies. Roger's intelligent opinions throughout the years have earned him a loving and admiring audience. In addition to movie reviews, one can depend on Ebert for valid opinions relative to live shows, singers, and events.

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3 Boing Boing

This blog is terrific, and a close second to ToysPeriod. Its treatment of marine life oddities, interesting stories regarding the solar system, and various tech subjects allows the blog to respond to both a wide variety of interests as well as provide a nice balance of fact and entertainment.

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4 The Brothers Brick

This choice for number four was disputed only because of its narrow focus on Lego. However, that aside, the uplifting content of the blog, especially as it grants attention to the creativity of thousands of Lego lovers can only bring smiles to the hearts and minds of all who view it.

5 Gizmodo

This blog is entertaining in that it carries a huge variety of gadgets that can only be described as fun. I mean where else are you going to find photos of every single item ever offered on the Concorde. These items wreak of chic, and some would say decadence in an upper echelon sort of way.

6 Rachealizations

Very underrated. She reminds me of the girl from "Bad Moms" I like that personality. And she actually has observations!

Racheal Lee Bradford is just hilarious. I definitely recommend her

7 Stuff You Couldn't Make Up

Online blog with funny posts, and a top ten jokes list.

8 Hot Air

This site, although it focuses on news, primarily of the political type, has a flair that qualifies it in the minds of the fabulous fifty choosing these blogs as entertainment. Whereas most talking heads simply bend the news to reflect their ideology, hotair tends to blast news into the desired shape, and therein lies the entertainment value.

9 TechCrunch

For those who rise each morning, and retire each night mumbling about tech code and the IPO market, in addition to the latest goings on at Facebook, Techcrunch feeds the maw opening wide to receive. And, of course, those in need of the reasons Cisco stock is going to soar during the month of November, again, can depend on Techcrunch for the inside scoop. For the tech, Techcrunch is that bed of roses labeled entertainment.

10 SB Nation

Again, the in depth coverage of a wide variety of sports attracts thousands of fans to this blog, and rightly so. Up to the minute reporting mixed in with human interest stories that may affect the scores next weekend, and you have a winning mix if you are looking for credibility as well as entertainment.

The Contenders
11 TheMusicSite

Music Social Network - Indie Music News - Free Musician Tools - Music Services.

The Music Site consolidates and simplifies the digital music industry, addressing the growing problem of fragmentation, inconvenience and costs for creators & consumers.

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