TheTopTens Users Most Likely to Pass anthonybecerra831 In Number of Lists Made

I might have missed you so don't be afraid to put up your username and I just might vote for you!
The Top Ten
1 Alexandr

I like his lists. He knows a lot about cinematography and musical business. He is cool and deserves the top 3 in number of list

Yeah he did but then got overtaken. TheTopTens misses Alexandr.

If he comes back, he could be a HUGE threat for that #1 spot.

2 htoutlaws2012
3 MatrixGuy

If he became active again, he could be only the second user to reach 200 lists.

4 westofohio

Was active not to long ago, he can make lists quick and his lists are AMAZING!

5 Celestius

Celestius is a great listmaker and so are you booklover1 but with all do respect to TheTopTen universe I don't think any of you are gonna pass me, sounds cocky but I was born to make list. I am the best. By Dec 25th I promise you I will have more than 400 list

Sure anthonybecerra831 is gonna be really hard, but if anyone can do it, its gonna be Celestius.

Probably the best active list maker right now behind anthonybecerra831.

6 Magnolia
7 booklover1

I always hate having to put myself on my own lists because then people might think I'm an egomaniac but I'm currently third place in active users right now so I guess I have to.

I belive in this dude, he's the Youngest user that is on the 10 list makers on the top tens

8 bobbythebrony
9 wolphert

Can make plenty of lists, this user might soon make the top ten users with the most lists.

10 allqueen

Known for making about 10 lists in a short time, this user can get in the top 10 users with the most lists FAST.

The Contenders
11 decorulez97
12 ParasN2000
13 thetopten

This user is doing great so far. If this person continues at this, he could be in the top ten users with the most lists.

14 aeromaxx777

Not making as much lists now as allqueen, but he's really close to the top ten users with the most lists.

15 lukestheman4
16 Alpha101

I only have 30 but I only started almost a month ago so that's pretty impressive!

I've made a good amount of list but I'm not in the top ten yet though. I'll try.

17 xandermartin98
18 christangrant
19 Merggy
20 CrowdedChisel

This user can and will be a huge threat in the future.

21 SmoothCriminal

Another great list maker, SmoothCriminal is also pretty cool.

22 09ShamsulBahriel

He's on the top 10 people with the most lists.

23 2234
24 munkee_linc97
25 roblist
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