Top 10 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes

A great internet comedian. A critic that's interesting to watch. He's hilarious, now I want to count down the top 10 favorite episodes of his.
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1 The Room

Lisa: Is he dead?
NC: Well, yes. Yes he is, young lady. He has passed on. This person is no more. He has ceased to be. He has expired and gone to meet his maker. He's a stiff, bereft of life, he rests in peace! If he didn't shoot himself, he'd be pushing up daisies! His metabolic processes are now history! He's off the twig! He's kicked the bucket! He's shuffled off the mortal coil! Run down the curtain and joined the frigging choir invisible! THIS... IS AN EX... PERSON!

All these guys do is play football, they need to get a new hobby. This guy has one, banging his best friends girl and acting totally surprised about it every time.

2 Titanic: The Legend Goes On
3 Alvin and the Chipmunks

I love all of his episodes. They're so good, interesting, and relateable too because there's always those movies that make us want to tear our hearts out in agony and I think it's funny to see Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) experience that (maybe a little bit exaggeratedly) too because it sort of reminds of all of that.

The funniest episode in a while. The "Girls and Boys of Rock and Roll" tribute is the best part, but the jokes are sharp, clever and bold as ever.

This live-action franchise has my most hated movies of the years they were released. What the hell is with the one-dimensional chipmunks (not just their voices)?! >:(

4 Batman and Robin

This is basically everything that embodies a good Nostalgia Critic review. He's appropriately angry, and the film is just awful. The "bat-credit card" bit deserves special mention.

Let's be honest. This episode wouldn't be half as good if it wasn't for the Bat Credit Card scene.

A BAT CREDIT CARD?! Laugh out loud Love it! So hilarious! I especially love the part where the Nostalgia Critic had to be calmed down multiple times just because of that one moment.

5 Mad Max: Fury Road

"You will walk the red carpet sugared in glaze, you will walk the red carpet sugared in glaze." That quote officially made this my favorite episode.

LMAO through pretty much the entire episode. Devil Boner telling off the meninists, hooking up with Hyper Fangirl...hell, just when the fangirls showed up was hilarious...and then of course there was Crazy Ass Guitar Guy. Best episode ever.

6 An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
7 Neverending Story 3

Neverending Story 3, while maybe not a classic, is definitely an excellent review. But also... Why is garbage pail kids number 50? I mean, I thought that was one of his best!

8 Musical Review: Moulin Rouge!

His first BIG video with amazing production values and singing. When he semi-retired the show, he released a video counting down his 11 favorite episodes with this being #1. It's always been my favorite since it came out, as I do to hate the movie

Best musical review ever.
"guilty plesures" is the best song they've done.

And let's not forget: Chester: I didn't even get a line!

Moulin Rouge makes Frozen look as underrated as a retro classic game.

9 Casper

I've always loved this review with the addition of Casper being a dbag. I wish he would make other Casper reviews so as to see his thought's on those films.

10 The King and I

I watched this film as a child and was delighted to see the Critic making fun of it.

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11 Foodfight!

Everything about this episode is pure perfection in a Nostalgia Critic episode. The jokes were hilarious, so much of the movie was made fun and the best part: the Brand X Sales Man impression.

I love the intro and the jokes spliced throughout, "Boy have the Ratchet and Clank games really gone downhill", this is my favorite review.

The best part is were the phone tells him is he sure he want's to review this movie

12 Tom & Jerry the Movie

"The apocalypse has finally begun! Pigs are learning how to fly! Satan is skating his way to work! And I'm pretty sure that I've just become a monkey's uncle!"

This is the review responsible for giving us the idea of the most unholy duo of all time...Russel Crowe, and Shakira if she swallowed Kermit the Frog

My first nostalgia critic episode which made me love his videos.

13 FernGully
14 IT

You know, like it 1990 and it 2017 nostalgia critic's review of it is better than his original one.

15 The Other Animated Titanic

This review was so perfect. The film is just exactly what a nostalgia critic episode is all about. It just had so many ridiculous twists and turns that made it so funny, and nc was on the top of his game as always.

This movie was a big bowl of what? Great review!

,I laughed so much that I was crying!

16 Son of the Mask

This was the first review I've ever saw from him. And I gotta say it was hilarious! Great humor, interesting subplot with the devil, definitely check this one out. It's worth your time. Trust me.

17 Bartok the Magnificent
18 Felix the Cat

His hate for the movie is the main thing about the review. Seriosuly, he acts like this is the worst movie he has seen.

19 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
20 Kickassia
21 The Langoliers

The Critic pokes fun at this wonderfully goofy horror miniseries and its overacting and sub-standard CGI effects with great joke after great joke.

22 Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Here's a generic song it sounds like hundreds of other songs everything's nice in this song that's why no one remembers it. Generic song Generic song some Jackass wrote this in his sleep Generic son Generic song I shuts up your kids so you can't complain.

Oh lighten up! It's Thomas the Tank Engine!

23 Junior

That scream during the baby scene made my day!

24 Baby Geniuses
25 Jingle All the Way
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