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1 SmoothCriminal

You anger me. You're the creator of this list, Smooth Criminal, and you're using that advantage to beat people who deserve to win. You really anger me.

This guy is pure genius I love him I think he is the coolest kid in canada!

Funny. Although crime is not funny but name makes you laugh just like smooth talker.

Cool name. Thanks a lot.. Thinking of a good name is so hard. Finally I got 1.. Thanks again.

2 PositronWildhawk

I agree I could sense it of how great the name sounds like it fits with his cool picture It's very unique that his name fits with the picture and it's extraordinary very!

@ Ajkloth
And when positron and electron collide, they annhilate. Its like twins with same DNA but opposite personalities, who always quarrel and fight with each other.

Coolest username ever. It makes me smiling every time I think about it.

Amazing name. It fits with the user

3 UserNameUnderConstruction

Just LOVE this username! It's so cool! Hey user please reply or follow me so I can follow you!

It's still being built now! They've got huge plans...

This is the only one that was marginally funny.

This username deserves to be the best one!

4 DontJudgeMeByMySocks

I think this one is by far the best, when I saw it I laughed and the other ones are kinda boring and what you would expect!

Laugh out loud! I love this username, so cool!

I love this username it's cute!

Haha! I got a little giggle when I read this. Gonna make this my username :P

5 TheSilentBang

Lovely oxymoron. It deserves, really deserves, first place. Love.

Besides the fact that it's me, it's also the coolest oxymoron ever!

Amazing totally awesome. Everyone fears it

Yass! An amazing name should deserve an amazing comment and vote!

6 MatrixGuy
7 Britgirl

Not exactly the most creative username here, but it's easy to remember, and Britgirl's an awesome person.

Ha! VERY surprised to see my user name here. Probably the most boring, but thank you all the same, I'm sure. : )

In my opinion her username is not very good but easy to remember.

Cool chick! Bow chica wow wow


I love how it's in all caps. That made me crack up. Now I can't stop picturing a soggy sock in a toilet.

9 CrimsonShark
10 ThisIsMyUsername

I love their username

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11 DontTouchMyPogoStick

Can I touch your pogo stick?

Creative, to say the least.

It's my prized possession!

This Name Is an innuendo...

12 DeathByDuctTape

Death by duct tape? *Imagines having duct tape being ripped off of chest*

13 Turkeyasylum

I have no idea what his name means, but it's creative!

An asylum of turkeys

Turkeys are cool

The guy must really enjoy killing Turkeys for Thanksgiving. XD

14 Alpha101

Alpha is the top wolf and this makes it a top name. Laugh out loud

Alpha sounds like the best username ever!

Thanks for voting for me guys!

Alpha101! It's the coolest username yet!

15 ImagineACoolUsernameHere

No need. This is a cool username

L0L! This one deserves top ten!

Duck the vote idea

16 biscuits

Cute mainly for girls.

17 Metal_Treasure
18 SniperNoSniping

I heard of a pokemon showdown username "Scyther no Swiping" which is better than this.

Laugh out loud! Instead of "Swiper No Swiping" from Dora the explorer

Laugh out loud! SO funny!

In lieu of "Swiper". Nice

19 TheBestUsernameInTheWorld

This is the best!

20 UsernameTaken

So I got this username.

Ha. Indeed it is.

21 IronSabbathPriest

The inspiration for the best username of any of my accounts, ElectricCorpseSlayer.

Wow I'm kind of high up on this list.

22 Alexandr

Wow! I'm on this list? Thanks so much. It's funny cause I don't like my username much

23 ThisUsernameIsAlreadyTaken

Dang. People who make accounts must be racking their brains for usernames.

24 funnyuser
25 BKAllmighty
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