Top 10 Reasons Why Chat Sites are Great for Introverts

There are many many different chat sites. Countless varieties of them all. Each one, filled with different people, and opportunities to make friends without even having to leave your house. They are all equipped with their own rules and standards, ranks, and the occasional troll. People gathered from the furthest corners of earth, all united at these places. It truly is a brilliant concept. Even if you don’t have the courage for face to face conversation in real life, all you have to do is type online.
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1 You can take as long as you want to think and reply

In real life, this is not the case. You have to come up with responses fluently and immediately. And once you say something in real life, you can't delete the comments and take them back. It can be very stressful, especially if you're bad at socializing. Online, however, you can withdraw outbursts with the simple tap of a delete button.

Sometimes I have no clue what to say, and it's really awkward as myself and the people or person that I'm having the conversation with just sit there in silence. Online, I can actually make it seem like I know what I'm doing in a social environment.

2 Nobody cares what you look like

If you like being in the spotlight, sites where you can video call come in handy. If you hate video calls (I do), then just join a text-based site. There, people have their profile picture of fictional characters, flowers, balloons, whatever they like. But, nobody has to see your face, so this means it doesn't matter if you're having a bad hair day. No one can tell or judge.

I'm an introverted person, and I can relate to this.

3 If you don't like someone you can block them

Yeah, try finding the block button in real life!

If this existed outside of the online world, I would use it every day.

4 Even though there are bullies on occasion, they can't harm you

Bullies exist everywhere. In real life, they are threatening. While online bullies can mentally harm you, at least they cannot physically harm you. Plus, if things get too out of hand, you can always report to the admin or owner of the site.

5 Multiple topics in chat rooms go on at the same time

So, that means you can wait until someone brings up something that interests you instead of having to think of topics yourself.

6 Lots of people there are also introverts
7 If you don’t feel like conversation, lots of them offer quiz rooms or games

So instead of throwing yourself into an awkward conversation, you can just guess which President liked waffles the best, or play checkers or solitaire. And while doing so, you might actually make a friend along the way.

8 You can read all about people on their bio

This way, you can decide who you do and do not want to talk with without even messaging them.

9 You can be on at two in the morning and nobody will even judge

Because people are all over the world on them, they won't even take time to notice what hour it is in your time zone. Not like being logged on at two in the morning is good or anything, but still...

Basically this whole summer for me. Some nights I would be on here from sunset until dawn. I may have had a problem...

10 Some chat sites have a programmed AI you can talk to

You can prepare yourself for actual conversations with humans by talking to the robot on the site. I've done it on multiple occasions, admittedly.

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11 You can meet new people
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