Top Ten Best Things About Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat in’s a unique YouTube blogger unlike anyone else. He puts so much effort & his cinematography is unlike any other vlogger. He puts so much detail & fails to make almost anyone hate him. Here are the best things about Casey Neistat.
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1 He’s a One of a Kind Vlogger

It's a true fact Casey Neistat is a one of a kind vlogger unlike any other. He doesn't have the most vlogs ever (that goes to Charles Trippy) but he does make them excellent in quality & his work was top spot in history of vlogging. His quality & effort is unbelievable & his work is so nearly flawless. He rarely ever messed up & most of his problems were edited out & he plans accordingly & makes such awesome top spot work. To compare amateur vloggers to him is like comparing an untrained band to a highly skilled band making awesome catchy music exciting the audience & getting it crazy. Yet it's like comparing a cheap local fair simulator to Disney's Avatar Flight of Passage. His vlogs are THAT good. He executes them almost perfectly well & there's hardly a stain in the beautiful mountain of sparkly vlogs he makes. There's no one like him.

2 His Vlogs are Nearly Flawless

Have you seen how amazing Casey Neistat's vlogs are? He was spotless at making them. All his work he puts into them makes them unlike anyone else's. Most vloggers just hold the camera, walk around & talk to it, but he did so much more than just that. He has amazing work that almost never bothers anyone & always wins the best for vlogging. He has a brain for vlogging in a way that almost made them look like big-budget Hollywood movies & to compare average vloggers to Casey Neistat is like comparing your local fair simulator to what's said to be an excellent one like Avatar's Flight of Passage (at Disney). Casey has his style in a way no one else will ever compare to. He's a winner for that reason.

3 He Puts So Much Effort Into his Vlogs

He did such awesome vlogs & put so much effort in a way that isn't imagined. He put the effort of Hollywood movie production into his vlogs. He put so much more effort than other vloggers. Most vloggers just talk into the camera while walking but Casey did so much stuff in a random variety that makes it all awesome. Vlogs are usually meh but Casey's are top notch.

4 The Techniques he use are Nearly Flawless

He uses such awesome techniques in a way that are intricate, awesome, advanced & nearly flawless. He always has such near-perfect camera gear & almost never fails to make such beautiful results. He makes such cinematically amazing vlogs that look like they were made by magic. Most vloggers do somewhat amateur work, but Casey usually doesn't. He's the winner in quality for vlogging.

5 His Vlogs Have Such Complexity

His vlogs are done so well it seems like they were made by magic. He has the quality of 4-5 star Hollywood productions & it's all from him. He works so hard on them & puts so much time & effort into his amazing vlogs & almost doesn't make a serious flaw on them. Yet he doens't talk too much about boring stuff but entertainment & always helps make everyone happy. He has the magic touch in vlogging. It's like comparing your local fair simulator to Avatar's Flight of Passage. His vlogs are nearly perfectly flawless. He's practically perfect in every way.

6 His Ideas are Amongst the Best

Most vloggers do & say random things, but Casey does such unique stuff & his ideas are amongst the best we have on YouTube now. He deserves all his appreciation & support for his amazing work & ideas. He still deserves more subscribers for his outstanding work & achievements. No one will EVER beat him & that's saying so much.

7 His Cinematography is Advanced

His cinematography is just spot on & so excellent. He almost never fails these days to make a video with such cruddy messy work. His camera gear is excellent & professional & he uses a bunch of equipment & always plans accordingly & his results are nearly perfect. Most vloggers just use their cameras & hold them while moving around & especially those from vloggers like David Dobrik, Gabbie Hanna & Dan & Phil are all messy, rough & jerky, but Casey rarely does that & his camera lighting is excellent as well & he makes them look like magic. He puts more effort into cinematography than any other vlogger ever to exist.

8 He Rarely Makes Bad Vlogs

Amazingly Casey Neistat makes such awesome videos with little to no problems. He rarely ever messes up with his work. Most vloggers hold their cameras & vlogs from especially those including David Dobrik, Gabbie Hanna & Dan & Phil & such are all messy & jerky, but Casey's usually aren't. He's such a pioneer in vlogging & unlike anyone else. He has a bunch of equipment including stabilizers & other stuff to take away the problems other vloggers otherwise have. He rarely ever makes his footage seriously reckless these days. Yet it's amazing he used to be like your average messy vlogger & eventually grew up into a nearly flawless king. He's advanced so much.

9 His Editing is Top Spot

Whenever Casey has a problem he usually edits it out & he makes sure his videos are as good as can be. His videos are top spot & he's on the top of the quality list in vlogging. He rarely has moments that couldn't be edited after problems & he always executes his vlogs very well. He's the king of professional vlogging.

10 His Work is Professional

You see Casey makes such complex professional work that would even impress Hollywood movie crew & his vlogs look good enough to be released in theaters. He will always be remembered for his excellent magical skills & work. He's a true cinematographic artist & vlogging artist. He doesn't usually mess up like other vloggers & he always has the patience & skills to make such nearly flawless vlogs.

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11 He's Athletic

You see he's run marathons on a frequent basis. For example he once ran 4 marathons in 7 DAYS! 1 WEEK! His endurance is incredible. He ran quite distances proving he's the greatest runner for a YouTuber there could ever be.

12 He's One of the Hardest Working YouTubers

It's known he works so hard & puts so much effort into his videos. Yet his editing is top notch & so is his cinematography. Rather than amateur shaky videos from people with unedited lighting & audio, his vlogs look perfect for Hollywood. No, even more than perfect. He rarely ever messes up & therefore always makes such epic videos for his YouTube channel. His most popular video got more than 29 million views. Yet he's also amongst the most athletic people on YouTube, able to run marathons, which he did 4 times in a week, which no other YouTuber's ever done & therefore makes other YouTubers look lazy & unprofessional. He really works harder than you pretty much ever will in your lifetime (unless you're having children). He's a one of a kind pioneer.

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