Top Ten Worst Things About the New Google Logo

September 1, the day of infamy. Google made a stupid choice and changed their iconic logo. They banned serifs like it's a sin, and squashed decorative text. Vote on this list if you are against the new Google logo.
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1 It's unnecessary

No. The old logo's been around with us since like, when I was born, but the new logo was just a new font, which I, as a person, likes. Sure, it has it's flaws, and they made it look like social media, but it's still cool.

Why would they get rid of the old logo that has been around for so long. It looks so boring now.

The old logo was sophisticated, divine, appealing. It's broken.

2 It's confusing

Totally agree. Like Coca Cola, their logo works, it's perfect, recognizable, and classic.

I wasn't entirely happy when Google took away the bevel-edging from their logo back in 2013. But this new 'happy' text is too much. It looks like finger-painting. If there's a petition to allow logged in users to choose their logo, I am all for it.

I'll be writing an article about Google tomorrow, and this new change of theirs will figure prominently.


The new logo seems so plain and simple. I prefer the older one, because lots of us have had that exact same logo all our lives, and it just looks way too different.

3 It looked better before

I literally just noticed today (September 6th), and if this list wasn't here, I probably wouldn't have noticed for a long time. But now that I do... Holy cheese-it looks like... Toy magnets. Why?

It looked MUCH better before... More sophisticated clearly so.

4 They had so many other things to improve on

Exactly! My gmail is faulty, takes forever to load, and gives me spam in my regular inbox. My safesearch doesn't do anything. And same goes for Drive- some genius at Google was like, "You know what would be helpful? I'm going to make people look like idiots with the new drive thing because they keep forgetting they need to click on things twice now. So they just sit there trying to open a file while their friends laugh and laugh."

Sometimes I get spam messages in my regular inbox and Google is wasting their time on a logo? What about keeping my inbox clean, Google?

5 They didn't give users a say

Where would Google be without the people who use the service? Why won't Google listen to us? We should have a say.

There should've been a voting... So Internet surfers could vote if they wanted the new logo or not...

6 It's boring
7 Nobody wanted them to change it

I never contacted Google and asked them to change the logo and neither did anybody else I asked

8 It's not blue

Blue is always better. Everything good in the world is blue. Every website should be blue.

9 They ignored my petition

Please let me know where your petition is and I'll drive traffic to it if I can. I hate the new logo. It's so immature looking, like finger-painting. They should allow logged in users to choose what logo they want to have appear when they bring up Google.COM.

That would satisfy everyone. If you don't like the logo, LOGIN Google, checkmark the logo you want, and there you have it, back to where at least YOU can enjoy the original stylish artwork.

I created a petition that said that if it got 50 signatures Google had to go back to the old logo. More than 50 Google users signed but Google refused to do anything about it.

10 Tries too hard to be modern
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11 Google is doing whatever they want

They are being really stubborn. Nobody likes the new logo.

12 It just looks like any other logo
13 It looks simplified
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