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1 Der Dunkle Parabelritter

The videos he produces are high quality and you can feel that he put a lot of thought an time into them. His content is great and he has a real close relationship with his community. Also he is just super nice when you meet him in person.

Always entertaining, very informative and throwing the right amount of comedy in the mix. His festival reports are also always worth a watch.
Great interaction with the community via social media.

He does everything what all the
others do here.
Except playing music.
He really worked for all subs & didn't get
after one video famous like "10 Metal Genres."
His parody character is "Retro Gandalf"
who is 10 times funnier than InfedelAmsterdams.

2 SteveTerreberry

I find his videos funny and pretty accurate (more accurate than Jared Dines). I don't know why some people think he isn't funny. My favorite video is How To Be POWER METAL! I liked it so much that I made a list about it - Funniest Moments on Steve Terreberry's Video "How to Be Power Metal! "

He used to be decent, but now he's just cringe and insults other musicians for performing when he is to scared to do it himself. Still lives with his mom too.

The Audio Audit on Stevie T perfectly describes why I don't like him. I used to watch him when he did decent videos, but now he's just cringe. I hate him.

3 Jared Dines Jared Dines (Born October 6th 1989) is an American musician from Washington, who is best known for his success and works on YouTube based on the Heavy Metal genre. He is also the vocalist for the band Dissimulator and the drummer for Rest, Repose and has a strong following of 1 million subscribers as of 2016.

He does hilarious yet awesome videos. He takes classic riffs and plays them in different metal styles, he does vocal parodies, and much more. He is also the vocalist of a Deathcore band called Dissimulator

He's my favorite. I only wish he was more accurate when presenting or demonstarting metal and punk subgenres. For example, his video 10 Styles of Metal included more punk/core than metal vocal styles.

I like his Comedy and all the different ways how he can play drum or guitar.
He also has great different types of his voice.

4 Heavy Metal Entertainment (HME)

"Her voice sounds like a chainsaw another chainsaw"

This and many more brilliant sayings, phrases, recommendations and generally silly metalhead things brought to you by the two best Metal YouTubers.

I mean there trustworthy gents, nice guys, interactive with there viewers and make in my opinion some of the most entertaining metal head box unboxings because they put there own comedic twist on it.

These guys didn't just make an entertaining and informative channel, but they built a great community around it. Definitely my Nr. 1 pick for metal youtube channels.

5 Become The Knight

Crusade isn't good, first song sounds like a 2000s emo song with bits of dream theatre or something. Overopinionated snob.

He's not a metal YouTuber per say, he reviews & reacts to artists of any genre even though he's sometimes biased towards Prog metal.

Used to be decent but this guy is as arrogant as they come.

6 Jhofffilms

Absolutely hysterical. Acting crazy in public, mispronouncing everything on purpose, imitating famous musicians, and destroying their own stuff - it's just nonstop ridiculousness. I love the personalities, too: Chris is always super energetic, Karp is sarcastic and kind of an edgelord, and Primz is so chill.

They make funny metal sketches and not just metal, also they humor is so clever and they always make cool references.

When I first discovered him I didn't like him, but after watching more of his videos he immediately became my favorite.

7 Killbot&gorgorAttack

Kill bot is a very knowledgeable and funny content creator who deserves a better score. Especially considering dines is second, how is dines second?

This guy deserves way more subscribers, he's so funny and entertaining!

He's funny and talented, I love all of his videos to be honest and he's very informed

8 Coverkillernation

He puts out awesome reviews, he knows lots of great obscure bands, and he isn't a closed minded elitist.

This is really the only Metal YouTuber I like and just like IronSabbathPriest said his rants are hilarious especially his one about Nicki Minaj.

Definitely. He has some great reviews, and his rants are hilarious!

9 Infidelamsterdam

A must for every fan of death metal.

10 Blackmetal Werewolf

He is cool and share a lot of cool bands. deserves more subscribers

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11 Charlie Parra del Riego

He's a better guitarist than Jared Danes and SteveT. He isn't very funny but his demonstrations are very accurate and therefore, useful. Examples - Punk vs Metal, Punk VS Metal 2

12 Kmac2021

This guy is hilarious

13 CountBlagorath

He likes black metal. Which is what makes him unique kind of.

He has passion for what he does.

He hates Burzum. Fat loser.

14 331Erock

I just watched his "Children of Bodom - Kissing the Shadows - Solo Challenge III". Man, he's very good!

15 Vegan Black Metal Chef
16 66samus
17 Fulton's Reviews
18 Andy Rehfeldt
19 Ola Englund

Ola is fantastic! Funny as hell

20 Drachenlord

He is such a humble and kind person, he's always informed and stays neutral in a way you just have to have him as a role model!
Drache is number 1!

He is really one of a kind!

21 Luke Hammerheart
22 Daniel Dekay (BANGERTV - All Metal)
23 Goniloc

My favorite youtuber right now, very funny.
Introduced me to a lot of bands, a lot of doom metal bands.

Goniloc is the king!

Love this dude

24 Andrea Boma Boccarusso

He makes the best metal themed videos!

25 runnerjma
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