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Young English tenor Jonathan Antoine is taking the world by storm. His new solo album 'Tenore' went straight to number one in the UK classical charts, and number 13 in the UK album charts. Please vote for your favorite songs and comment if you would like.

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1 Core 'ngrato Core 'ngrato Cover Art

Give up your heart before you listen... because you won't own it afterwards! An incredible emotional journey you'll never forget. This is how beautifully a song can be delivered... by the best of the best... Jonathan Antoine... Amazing... Bravo!

Most breath taking song I've ever heard with Jonathan Antoine singing it. Magnificent when first seen live when caught on video.

I actually think this is one of his two best songs :) He sings I Vow the My Country so emotionally it literally makes me wish I could move to the UK and be a citizen. But this song, ah, it's pure magic. His tones, his cadence, his power, it's all here in one song. In fact, I am going to go listen now.

Such an emotional performance. Makes me cry every time.

2 Va Pensiero

Only one song is so hard to pick from this young man. He could sing the phone book and it would sound amazing.

Out of the three magnificant solos this young man sings this is my favourite I have heard him sing live and his performance was splendid.

Definitely my favourite. Perfect delivery of arrangement done in Jonathan's exceptional way. I have heard O Sole Mio and Santa Lucia live and therefore I'm spoilt in a way. However, anything he sings reaches and calms my soul.

Jonathan sings this song so beautiful I want to hear it everyday. Stunning!

3 The Prayer

There is only ONE version of The Prayer worth listening to and it's NOT sung by this guy.

For me, this one of Jonathan's most magnificent and profound pieces showing his voice.

Brings me to tears every time I hear it. So beautifully done

This is absolutely breathtaking!

4 Santa Lucia

I think Santa Lucia stunned me the most. I was eating pudding while I watched the video, but was so taken aback I just shoveled it in without being aware of it! All I could think was how rich and creamy his voice was and than I was totally confused haahaa This kid knocks me off my feet! What a young man, what a song! Pure Heaven!

To see him sing this live is to here true passion in the song.

A Great Tenor, very moving to listen to

5 So Deep Is the Night So Deep Is the Night Cover Art

A wonderful version of this song, for anyone alone at night time it will bring a lump to your throat. Never been able to hear it without crying, he sings it so beautifully.

The emotions Jonathan puts into this song just reaches deep into your soul. He is such an amazing singer and it shows in this song.

Beautifully sung emotional without being mawkish. I love it.

So Deep is the Night when sung by Jonathan is magnificent~! There is no singer in the World who can compare with Jonathan. People are so moved they cry and know he has one of a kind beautiful lovely voice.

6 O Sole Mio

Jonathan showcases his God-given talents in this unbelievable rendition of the classic classic. Even better, a youtube clip taken surreptitiously at his performance captures the excitement and entrancement of the audience in their emotional response to his singing. While traditional opera is VERY quiet and sombre, Jonathan's singing lifts peoples' souls and they're cry out with elation and happiness. Jonathan is a beautiful soul with truly unbelievable gifts as showcased in this song.

Jonathan's O Sole Mio is a brilliant work of Art! His voice captures your soul and spirit and raises you in to the most delightful feeling of joy. It's not just his God given Opera Tenor rich voice, but his whole being that transforms you into a world of happiness like you've never experienced! In person, on videos, on BBC radio/wales, when you hear and see him you know what joy and love are all about. It's thrilling to both watch him and to listen to him. Jonathan Antoine has opened a new door in Opera and his "O Sole Mio" will grab you like you can't imagine!

I heard him sing this in June at Hammersmith Odeon, it was amazing! So powerful in a small theatre, it is spine tingling on the album, but live, it was out of this world! I taped it, and it is now my ringtone, I never tire of listening to it!

Jonathan has sung so many incredibly beautiful songs that evoke so many different emotions, however this one is my all time favourite. He has totally made this wonderful song his own. It's absolutely fabulous and it just makes me smile. Watching him sing this song live is the most amazing experience that everyone needs to see... It's an absolute joy!

7 Torna a Surriento Torna a Surriento Cover Art

This song is thrilling, Jonathan's pure & powerful voice with all it's delicious flavors, beautifully heightens ones excitement and wonder as his perfect tones and diction just deight and thrill you! I love this!

8 Be My Love Be My Love Cover Art

In this, Jonathan encapsulates you in a beautiful world of passion and romance, like he's singing it to the lady listener. Bringing this song into 2014 is a dream, Mario Lanza brought it to a million $ seller and Billboard #1 charting hit in 1950. Congratulations Jonathan... you stole my heart here... and I want you to keep it! A beautiful experience...

Perfection... What woman would not love this, it is the hight of romance and passion sung by the most beautiful voice ever heard and right from his heart and soul. Breathtaking!

Beautifully sung, what woman could resist!

Never be Mario lanza

9 Empty Chairs

I love all of Jonathan's songs but none of them have touched me like Empty Chairs. I have to listen to this one every day. His performances of it are constantly evolving and the emotion he shows ever growing. The subtleties of Jon's range are becoming richer as well (really noticed this on the Preston performance). Exquisite! I can't imagine how he will sound 10 years from now being this incredible now. KNP Canada

Jonathan's performance of this song is the best I have heard to date, and I have seen the stage show of Les Mis 5 times and also watched the DVD. No one can match him! An incredible young man with a special talent.

Jonathan has a clip from the Preston performance that is hauntingly beautiful. He is so engrossed in the music that the applause shakes him out of the moment and back to reality. I listen to this daily so I guess this is my favorite.

Jonathan is unmatched in performing this song. I agree with previous comments, the Preston performance is outstanding!

10 Granada Granada Cover Art

The Spanish city of Granada... this is an operatic explosion of sweet fire! Oh and so delightful and filled with beauty... the sweetness of Jonathan's voice at times filled with that richness, along with the power packed thrills... jaw dropping! But the soothing rhythm lulls you through a romantic city and dazzles you... with the love for it. The mixture of the sweet and powerful... it's tremendous!

A wonderful voice! Keep on!

not bad

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11 Ave Maria

Stunningly beautiful. I can not take my eyes off of Jonathan when I watch the YouTube video from December 2013. He sang the song as a duet with Russell Watson. For the Katy Holmes Trust. Outstanding performance. He is a world wide sensation.

Simply bliss to watch him sing Ave Maria awesome!

His voice is a work of aRT.

12 Volare Volare Cover Art

I watched Jonathan at the iTunes Festival as guest of Placido Domingo. I've never heard/seen anything so stunning! Joy flew through the air and bounced off the audience, his magic was everywhere! You'd think he had honey in his mouth it was so beautifully sweet and wonderful, along with his beautiful smiling face! A great joy to hear and see! What a presentation!

Fabulous when sung by the fabulous Johnathan Antoine

From TENORE... Jonathan Antoine, Tenor

13 Bring Him Home

Makes me cry and a better version than in the film! R,

Saw him perform this live I was overcome with emotion, he sung it with such emotion and passion it was unbelievable

When Jonathan sings this he truely makes it his own
It took my breath away the first time I heard it and having seen him perform this live even the memory of seeing his performance moves me to tears of pure joy. Long may he perform music for the rest of the world to delight in x

Saw him perform this live for the first time in feb 2013 made me cry, he sung with so much emotion it was an incredible performance

14 Una Furtiva Lagrima

Beautifully sung by the young maestro

This song is a perfect foil to showcase the versatility of his beautiful voice!

Such passion in his dynamic voice

Jonathan is an amazing Tenor. No one can compare with his voice. His album Tenore is delightful and magnificent~! His voice is beyond any Tenor in the World.

15 Time to Say Goodbye

Although I've only heard a YouTube version recorded when he was 16, It moves me deeply every time. I hope he will record a studio version soon.

Brings tears to your eyes.

I adore Jonathans version of this beautiful song, he brings all of the emotions out when he sings, xx

16 Caruso

He's got the most amazing voices I've ever heard. I can't even believe what I hear, this song is just fabulous!

Fabulous tone. This young man has a brilliant career ahead

Beautiful rendition!

Everything he sings is awesome this is the best the range the emotion the strength of his voice only pactieing for an hour semi final amazes me just beautful TEARS every time I watch. He is wonderful now cannot imagine when voice is full matureity AMAZING JCOH

17 La Donna E Mobile

Such a fun song which Jonathan brings to life!

18 Canto Della Terra

Unbelievable, I flew to Eng and heard this live in 2013. I'll never forget that moment! Incredible! His voice is profound!

Jonathan's voice on this song is spectacular.. It stood out o the first album for me. I can't wait for his solo album so we can hear what he can really do. Go Jon!

Brilliant Song, Outstanding voice, Tinax

One of my favourite songs by the Maestro 💕

19 Parla Piu Piano Parla Piu Piano Cover Art

Who is not haunted by the stunning beautiful sounds of love, passion & heartbreak along with such a manly presence to grab your heart. A remarkably powerful rendition like no other can do. Bravo on "The Godfather Love Theme"!

When I hear this piece of music it crawls into my soul & stays there. My son doesn't like this type of music, but when this one comes on its turn it up mom!

No one sings it like Jonathan Antoine!

Jonathan sings this so beautifully. He rendition from Guildford Cathedral is breathtaking!

20 Perhaps Love
21 Angel

Love this song from the CD "Perhaps Love". I had never heard it, although I had heard of it. Now I can't hear anyone else sing it.

I love all he sings, but this song is special to me :D

22 La Prima Volta (The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)

I love this song and have heard it by Roberta Flack and Gordon Lightfoot. But this version by Jonathan and Charlotte is the most moving and his voice is magical. Like liquid silk, rich like chocolate, it evokes emotion and tears. I'd give anything to see him live, but I am in the US and he hasn't toured here yet. Listen and weep.

NoOne can sing this like HE does.

23 Love Changes Everything Love Changes Everything Cover Art
24 I Vow to Thee My Country
25 O Holy Night

I so love this, I do hope for a Christmas Album by Jonathan Antoine <3 I feel the real Christmas Spirit when I hear Jonathan sing them.

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