Top Ten Types of Goth Style

Believe me or not their is so many types of goth styles but first let me tell you things about goths

The goth subculture is a contemporary type of people within a group who adopt fashion elements such as black clothes,dyed black hair, dark eyeliner and black nail polish (some goths didn't adopt these fashion elements)

The goth subculture has been associated with taste in music, aesthetic and fashion

The style of dressing within the subculture range from deathrock, punk and victorian, or combinations of the above, most offen with dark attire (offen black of course),pale face makeup (not all goths should have pale skin in my opinion) and black hair.

The scene countinues to draw interest from audiences decades after its emergence.

It's very obvious that I use wikipedia in writing this things about goths.
The Top Ten
1 Trad Goth

STILL the best type of Goth in my opinion, and the musics are great (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Cure).

2 Industrial Goth
3 Cybergoth

Cybergoth is a subculture that derives form the element of goth,raver, and riverthead fashion

A common fashion elements of a cybergoth are neon dreads, gas mask or goggles. These goths loves to neon colors and black or another colors. Purple, Pink, Red,Blue, Orange and green are the typical colors that are seen in this type of goths. A more extravagant makeup style is common for this type of goth, Cybergoths draw a pattern with eyeliner or do more detailed eyeliner to their eyes but this is not always done by cybergoths

Don't know thd others but voted for this simply for Ayria and Angelspit. But I never got where it touches the Goth scene. It looks more inspired by the cyberpunk film genre to me.

4 Romantic Goth

This sounds pretty cool.

5 Steam Punk Goth
6 Nu Goth
7 Gothabilly
8 Emo Goth

A mix of emo and goth

9 Gothic Lolita

The gothic lolita (or J-goth) is a combination of goth and lolita. Lolita is a Japanese Street Style together with goth The gothic lolita is scary but still cute. The gothic lolita isn't like pastel goth, because gothic lolita wear black and scary clothing with the cute lolita style

Gothic lolitas Wear a black high knee socks, black plaform shoes, black lolita dress, gothic and lolita accesories mixed together

If you love japan you probably would love this style.

Gothic Lolita is my #1 favorite Goth fashion, has been for a few years now.

I think it's better than Nu Goth and Pastel Goth.

It's so pretty!

10 Victorian Goth
The Contenders
11 Vampire Goth

I am a 15 year old vampire goth. I wear black, red, navy and dark purple. I also love to wear vampire fangs. Vampire goths love vampire movies/shows, bats, coffins and other things to do with vampires. No matter what kind of goth you are your are beautiful just the way you are. You will struggle when it comes to being accepted but don't let that affect you. Be proud that you are a goth! God loves everyone.

I am a 16 year old female vampire goth myself, although I dress more like an emo-goth mixed with a trad-goth since I can't find any stereotypical vampire goth clothes that suit me. And I don't need fake fangs (my canines are already hella sharp)

Vampire goths are often called as "romantic goths with fangs"

Vampire goths are inspired by vampires, they dress and act like a vampire (probably the don't bite someone). Most of them have very pale skin,wears Gothic vampire like outfit, wears fake vampire fangs, (vampires are gothic, am I right? )

Vampire goths are goths who are fans of vampire. They love the things that vampire like (example coffins,the night,graveyard,bats) and all things vampire related

12 Deathrock
13 Pastel Goth

The most unique goth in my humble opinion. Allows you to be hardcore yet soft at the same time. Being goth is also not caring what others think, so I could care less if a fellow goth tried to say I'm not a "real goth." They can die mad about it (and laid to rest in a pretty pink coffin).

I'm a pastel goth. Such an adorable style, isn't it?

Pastel goth is cute but also creepy and its every me and different to most goths.

My favourite goth

14 J-Goth
15 Hippie Goth

More like a nature-worshiping goth that just loves to spread love, but also loves black.

16 Casual Goth

Casual Goths are basically people who are generally depressed, usually dress in casual clothes in the colors black and red, and accesorize in "edgy" sruff like fingerless gloves and skulls. These goths are like the tween/teen kids in middle school and high school who can't afford or don't really like the fancy stuff

17 Fetish Goth

Has more to do with people who are into sado-maso. Girls have usually Bettie Page bangs, leather or latex clothes etc... but their not all listening to " goth " music. It has more to do with their sexual preferences.

18 Glam Goth
19 Goth Punk
20 Unicorn Goth
21 Tech Goth
22 Rivethead
23 E Girl

I feel like e-girl, much like it's e-boy counterpart is very focused on Asian fashion culture (specifically kpop, a little bit of j-fashion). They mix a lot of elements together, focusing on punk and goth. Even if you dislike egirls/eboys in general, you can't deny that the fashion is rather cool and interesting. The makeup style is great too.

24 Bubble Goth

Bubblegoth is just fairy kei. I've seen people in fairy kei who just dress the same as Kerli, I really like kerli's music but she does not ned to creste a new type of goth when it already exist. Fairy kei and bubblegoth to me is the same...

25 Dark Goth
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