Top 10 Things People Often Get Wrong About Life

Here's a list of 10 misconceptions about life that people always seem to state the most.
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1 Your friends and family will always be there for you.

Sadly, this is the case for some people. But there are people to reach out to, people who have your back when you don't even know it.

Not necessarily your friends and family. There is always someone you can look for to reach out to if you have a serious problem, like a therapist.

Well this is probably a useless response but that's my comment.

The only family I have left is my mom and dad, everybody else died, all 15 of them, lucky for me my mom is my best friend, so I am very loved by her, all the others where kind of mean to me anyway.

2 There's nothing to be afraid of.

Fear is natural, but it is not normal to let it control you. There is really no excuse as to not doing anything just because you fear something that might happen to you. It's always better to expose yourself to the things you fear rather than let it win over you.

Sometimes there isn't, but there are times to actually be afraid of something (fear is a natural and healthy part of life, and if there's one fear that humanity can't escape no matter what then it's the fear of death).

You shouldn't let your fears control you, but fear is a natural thing that we need to survive.

3 Everything in life is free.

I don't recall any person using this as some kind of philosophy. If somebody would believe this, it wouldn't take them long to figure out that this is not true. Yes, some people are advantaged from young, although sooner or later, theyll most likely one day understand, they gotta work to be satisfied for what what is missing from their life.

No. If you really want something so bad in life then you're gonna have to work hard at it. Things aren't given, they're earned.

4 Life is only unfair.

Some ignorant douchebags love to claim that life isn't fair at all but that is so untrue. The truth is that life is both fair AND unfair. Life is really about both positivity and negativity. If life were only unfair than the yin and the yang would not exist at all.

Life is fair, life is unfair, life is sexy, life is ugly, life is good, life is bad, life is pretty much everything. It's not only unfair.

It isn't ONLY unfair. There's way too much in life to determine whether or not life as a whole is fair or unfair. It just is.

5 Life is absolutely simple.

It's not that simple. It's a lot more complicated. That's why we make movies and write books about it that have all sorts of different ideas.

6 Life is all about positivity.

Like I said with number 1, it's both about positivity and negativity.

I'm not saying we should strive to be negative but things are bound to happen in life and the best we can do is to just find a proper way to react to it or at least find different ways to solve our situations.

Not all lives are full of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.

Not always. Toxic positivity is pretty bad.

7 Something bad happening means it's all over.

No, it doesn't. And that's fact because whatever does happen to you, it never lasts forever. You're not alone. And I can guarantee you that there are thousands of people out there who have it way worse than you do. Trust me.

I'm not trying to stir up arguments, but there are people who thought it was all over when Covid came around in early 2020. As bad as it is, it's not something that would cause the world to end

Me: Has loads a fun for the whole day
Me: While sleeping sleep walks and accidently gets splinter. Wakes up. Oh it's ok.
Other person: Life is over now

8 One should wait for life to get better.

No. One should really stop waiting for life to get better and start living while they still have the chance. Just ignore all the crap that's going on in the world and move on with your life already.

I'll frown severely at any smart buttocks who replies: "Well, good things come to those who wait." It's on a par with a shoplifter who uses the excuse: "I steal to build a better life. God helps those who help themselves."

No make it better, don't just wait around, I'm working on a board game and I feel proud of myself for it!

9 People won't change at all.

Generally for most we are who we are and that's who we'll always be. However perhaps 1 in 20 does make a significant life change in my experience.

This isn't always true. Sometimes people change even for the worst, but I'm not saying we should change for the worst either. I'm saying you should always stay true to yourself no matter what, even if it gets really hard (trust me when I say though that hard stuff doesn't last forever).

Hah. Why do you think my life is ruined? Because someone changed.

10 We should all strive to be negative.

I've never seen anyone genuinely saying this quote.

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11 You should take life as seriously as possible.

I'm just saying that if you take life too serious then it really could get depressing. Learn to have some fun once in a while (but do know there are some times to be serious indeed. Just saying).

12 Romantic love isn't hard to get

Maybe for some people, but it is so hard for me! I'm almost crying right now.

13 If you put your mind into it, you will get what you want

A fallacy kids are made to believe. We should teach: find your talents, pick the one you enjoy most - and then go all out.

14 It won't get better
15 Childbirth doesn't hurt

I want to have kids but if my periods hurt like this I don't want to imagine kids

16 People are homeless because of something they did
17 Pregnancy isn't dangerous

Women have died from complicated pregnancy. Young girls have died from pregnancy itself.

18 Parenting isn't hard.

Whoever said this quote has no children.

19 You can have a good life or a bad one, but not both
20 It's not wrong to like something that's bad, or hate something that's good, because good and bad are subjective.
21 If everyone thought the same, the world would be boring
22 If all your dreams came true, you'd have nothing to look forward to
23 Just because something is popular means it's automatically overrated and bad
24 Being different from everyone else is automatically a good thing
25 Life is what you make it.
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