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1 Use condoms

Using condoms can prevent you from having a child which is expensive to raise because they need food, water and love that not all people could give.

Pregnancy takes a lot of responsibility. You need money just for the needs of your child. You need food, shelter, medicine and others. By this item, it can protect you from it and also from STD. STD is also a big problem due to the expenses in the hospital and the medicines. It takes a lot of money.

Whoever wrote this topic is the most intelligent person on Earth. People should use it not only to save money but for their own and their country's benefit by reducing population.

2 Stop smoking

Cut out smoking, resist all urges of cigarette cravings. Smoking is the unwise way to spend money on and also very harmful. My dad's uncle used to smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. Imagine that? Later on, he died of lung cancer, that was estimated 10 years ago. Of course people know this stuff already, but please find a therapist if you are addicted to smoking and unable to resist. Once you start, you cannot stop.

That user who said about financial suicide, you are right. People smoke when they're stressed out or trying to look cool, which is immature!

3 Reduce your bills

Put money in the bank and let it draw a "known", consistent interest rate. The stock market is a psychological, emotional roller coaster. One doesn't know from day to day what it is going to do plus you are paying someone to "handle" your money. What?!? Handle your own money. Invest in CD's. One can also cut back on TV services, cell phone "bells and whistles", etc. Using coupons is smart and easy. Many of the wealthy won't do any of these things because they have more "cents" than common sense.

Yes, I could have voted for "use condoms" but I'm not because that post is just stupid and a joke to begin with. Raising kids costs money, it's practically an investment in and of itself. The reason why I voted for "reduce your bills" is because that is the best way to save your money. Kids are something you can avoid if you want to and right now in America there is more of a problem with people that don't know how to spend money then people with unwanted children. Yes that may not be true for some people, yes kid are experience, and yes there is a reason to use condoms, but some people can just shut their freaking mouths and take their money more seriously.

4 Reuse items

My mom is Asian and she constantly does this. She reuses plastic water bottles and lunch bags, wash plastic jars and tin cans ad use them for storage containers, use cardboard boxes as storage, and collects plastic grocery bags.

Don't trash the things you just got just because you used them once and don't like it. You could try making it into things you will likely use and can be your own fashion nobody at your school has. Pretty cool, huh?

This is the wisest way to save money In my opinion; bonus points if you know how to craft. I have a decade old cardboard box I use as a table and I see no need to have a desk even for a laptop.

5 Stop drinking alcohol

I think this means like stop drinking A LOT of alcohol. Don't drink too much because the next thing you know you are going to the store everyday getting some wine or beers.

Alcohol is really pointless, they taste bitter, makes your body weak and dehydrated.

Hence I don't drink alcohol nor enjoy it at all!

6 Don't impulse shop

Ah, yes. Shopping like it's the end of the world. Too many people get away with this act of crime, along with stealing and idiotic driving. Let's imagine this situation. A consumer goes to a clothing store. The consumer buys hundreds of dollars' worth of clothes. Money went goodbye to the consumer. Money is kept in the prison of capitalism (A.K.A. the cash register.) The consumer is pleased about her purchase. She doesn't like what she bought. This is where everyone's enemy comes around: Mr. Store Policy "Big Boss Man" himself. "Due to the nature of the items you purchased, we cannot accept returns." The consumer wants her hard-earned money back. Ladies and gentlemen, please do yourself a favor and don't end up like the lady in the picture to your left. Thank you and have a nice day.

7 Work for yourself

Working for yourself will help you a lot, but you have to think about what kind of people you are, what attitude you have how motivated you are, how you are around others, not everyone who opens their own business are successful, the ones who are it's mostly based on their attitude and work style.

hopefully I will become Salesmen after I graduate I would have builders build the store with 4x more space and some areas also I would start my own Company and create a Website to add prices and IDs to Products, Technology, custom food and anything not illegal. also I would hire Managers, Securities, Guards, Designers, Artists, Employees, and other 14 Jobs I would have Security Cameras in my Company and Installed.

8 Internet selling

You can sell things that you don't want anymore or haven't used in a long time. But however, I can't sell online by myself as I am 13. Try selling it on eBay instead of Amazon because they scam it as personally made and not an officially released product. And don't overprice the item like $500 dollars or so. Make it the NICE PRICE.

Get the joke on the ending. It's a reference to Columbia's sticker from the 80s.

Doesn't bidding get pretty hectic though?

Hence I don't do nor trust internet selling because there could be scammers!

9 Put it in the bank

Put you money in the bank and let it draw interest. CD's are really good right now. That could change in the foreseeable future due to fluctuating interest rates, but at least, you receive a known, consistent rate. The stock market is fixed. Don't believe the crap they advertise on TV, on-line, etc. They want to make money off each person with these "financial advisors" who mostly sit on their backsides behind a desk looking at computer screens all day. It's a joke. The stock market is a fear-based entity and that is why there are so many peaks and valleys within it.

10 Cut your cable

I don't watch cable television anymore as I have moved on to streaming, and most TV shows now averagely has episode with less than a million viewers. Try free television. For me, it's interesting for me to explore.

Cable T.V. wastes your time due to all the annoying commercials. Why subject yourself to that? Cable is not only a money waster - it's a life waster!

Why bother paying for cable when OTA allows at least 50 Networks for no money? Some networks (Bounce for example) even provide original programming.

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11 Do research

I was planning too buy my entire Christmas list on Amazon this year, but I found some good deals at stores like Ross so I did part of my shopping there instead!

I saved a ground breaking $30 due to doing research. It may take a while, but in the end, it works. Amazon is the best!

12 Wear your clothes longer

Clothes serve to shelter your body from the weather - and not wearing them at all has negative societal impacts, but there is no reason why the pants you bought last year that are now "out of style" can't be worn. How many shirts does a person need?

Yes. Definitely you should wear your clothes for a long time my dad has clothes from when he was a teen that he still occasionally wears.

Save your clothes! Who needs a fancy $500 Prada jacket or whatever? It's not a bad thing to wear a plain white tank top every day.

13 Use coupons
14 Don't feed bad habits

For example, smoking. In pounds, the average pack of cigarettes is about $4.50, and some people smoke two packs a day, so... $9 a day is $63 a week... $63 pound! If you have a child who likes video games (another thing that you should really cut down on, but just saying) and they moan because they don't have a new game, if you quit smoking you could get them a new game every week if you wanted to!

At $63 a week that makes (in a 4 week month) $252 a month, and with 12 months a year, that's $3024 British Pounds... Think, what could you do with that extra three-thousand pounds a year... Help pay off bills so you live more comfortable? Whatever you decide it's a lot of money to be saving.

Just a bit more math for you... In 10 years, you will save $30240 a year. If you have been smoking for around that length of time 1. Your health is in risk, but 2. You could've afforded to go to Disney World once every year! If you have kids and want a good life for them, cut out the expensive habits

15 Walk or cycle instead of driving

Not only it saves you some money but you'll prevent some car accidents especially when you're just introduced to driving. The only thing you'll have to worry are some drunk drivers injuring you via collision.

We walk to the gas station. Its funny because the gas station is a place for cars.

Here in saudi arabia you can't cycle without getting hurt. that's how it works in my city

16 Don't have children

Having children is more expensive nowadays, this is neccessary for some poor people who can't afford enough clothes, toys, and other products that are targeted for children.

17 Stop drinking coffee

Not only is caffeine addictive, but if you stop buying that 3$ coffee every morning, you'll save a lot of money. Let's say you bought 300 coffees last year and each one cost 3$, 300 x 3 = 900$. That amount of money could be used more efficiently.

If you want to coffee, then make it at Home!

Coffee is okay but Tea is Healthier it has less sugar and better too have

18 Invest in yourself

If you invest in yourself you will be making more money then you had.

When you use more mind... You free your life

19 Practice abstinence
20 Shop at discount stores

Yeah! Even I buy same 5 product, Target costs over 20 bucks but Walmart costs less than 10 bucks!

Or in other words, shop in a store that has products you consider as cheap.

There's no Wal-Mart in the Philippines.

21 Keep a jar and collect coins

That already exists. It's called a piggy bank.

I've been doing that for 10 years now.

It keeps you from being bank rob cause there not nobody that's going to go digging for money

22 Diy

Who needs to go to a professional studio to frame a photo when you can just go to a craft store or dollar store for a frame, print your own picture, and frame it yourself for 1/3 the price? "

23 Cut down your food costs

So many people go out and buy food they don't need. I mean, a lobster shouldn't be eaten everyday. A lot of canned goods or even home made is good and save the leftovers.

I would recommend intermittent fasting. It's not only about weight control but also saves money.

Make restaurant meals at home, stay away from fast food.

24 Cut back on the cell phone

Cell phones get people hooked and addicted anyway. It would be good both for your wallet and for your mental health to cut back on cell phone usage.

Cell phone plans are an easy way to cut back. Most people have internet access at their home or office already, learn to go without it in between.

Everyone is always making fun of Tracfone just because it is cheaper. Why don't you get it and see the difference of Tracfone and your old bill?

25 Do not go on dates

I ain't planning on dating, not only because of money, but also because I'm worried I might have a future child to take care of and it will be hell!

Maybe once in a while, but not once a week. I normally spend date times at the park.

So your telling everybody here to stay single? Great advice.

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