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1 Sunsets

When the sun sets and it starts to get dark, you usually get this beautiful colour of red, vibrant orange, pink and blues in the sky with the sun coming down. Simply just wonderful.

Sunsets looks good because the sun is not so glary that it can damage your eyes. The sky is red to dark pinkish purple due to the colors of the light. So, good to see.

Quite a beauty to witness every night & lucky if the weather's good.

2 Stars

If you were to go far away from the light pollution of a city you can see the natural light given off by the moon and the billions of other stars in our galaxy. The sun is also a pretty star to look at when it rises and sets on the horizon.

It is so beautiful looking at the night sky when you're away from the city. I've stayed up past midnight to watch the stars and it is always so peaceful. If the sky is clear enough, you can see shooting stars or the Milky Way

Stars are like jewels in the night sky. Crazy thing is that the light given off from these stars could hundreds or even thousands of years old.

3 Aurora Borealis

I have only seen videos and pictures of it, but I really, really want to see it in person someday. How is this in 18th place! Below men and women? Don't treat people like objects to look at, even if it's a compliment. People are people and objects are objects.

I visited Alaska a few years back and will never forget seeing the borealis in the sky one night. It's still fresh in my mind and can't help but make me tear up a bit.

This might be the most beautiful thing one can see in this world. And not many people get to see an aurora in their lifetime.

4 Full Moon at Night

The Earth is not the only planet in our solar system that has a natural satellite. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have many more moons than Earth does and even some of the dwarf planets such as Pluto and Haumea have moons.

Now remember when a full Moon happens, it's instantaneous, as it's the moment it's at its opposite-most position from the sun & if you blink your eye during it, you'll miss it. You only see it near full for a while.

I wish I was a wolf, so I can howl at the full moon at night time with the beautiful stars and cool dark blue sky. That would be amazing.

5 Snow

I have never seen it for real, but I have seen snow in a lot of movies it is pretty.

Snow makes for beautiful scenery, especially when it sticks to the trees.

Snow is a pain in the ass to shovel, but it's very beautiful.

6 Pictures of Loved Ones
7 Flowers

Flowers looks good and attractive. Flowers have several colors such a blue, purple, red, pink, white, yellow and other due to the pigment. So good to see especially in the morning sky.

Nothing adds as much beauty to a landscape as gorgeous flowers!

8 Forest

Going through a stroll in the forest would be very fun, the beautiful green grass and trees with the animals look very fascinating.

Forests are full of life and yet are also so calm and peaceful.

Taking a walk in the woods is fun and relaxing.

9 Rainbows

Rainbows are beautiful and nice to look at; can't help but like the different pastel colours of them. After a rainy day, looking at a rainbow is a sign of good luck.

Rainbows are beautiful spectrum in the sky. Appears after rain due to the crystals present in clouds and the sunlight divides into 7 colors.

They are light refracted by water vapor & sunlight & symbolize beauty & God's creation & love.

10 Animals

They're wonders of nature & precious. Plus we need to take care of them. Yet it was reported that if we don't change back man-made climate change & pollution in the next 18 months, it'll be irreversible & it's all our faults.

Animals are such wonderful organisms. In my opinion the most beautiful animals on Earth is the tiger, scarlet macaw, and siamese fighting fish.

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11 The Ocean

The ocean is very peaceful and has a beautiful blue colour to it in summer. However, it can be very dangerous in real life. You do not want to be caught up into something so beautiful yet scary at the same time with the waves.

Markiplier would freak out if he saw some pictures of the ocean. He hates it! Watch him play Subnautica, Drowning Simulator, and Raft if you want to know why.

Quite beautiful, & something we're messing with due to man-made pollution & plastic waste.

12 Sunrises

Dawn is the most peaceful time of day. Has the same colors as the sunset but with prettier reds, oranges, and yellows as the sky goes from black, to indigo, to violet, to blue. The birds start to chirp, Roosters crow, and the only humans that are up are morning people.

I feel like seeing a sunrise in the morning (provided I wake up early that is) gives me a little boost to my moral and helps me start the day on the right foot.

Almost as pretty as sunsets. Except you have to get up quick to see it.

13 Mountains

They are geological transformations that grow & form either from plate collisions or volcanic eruptions. They are a beauty everywhere & we need to focus more on the beauty than all the terror & violence we're committing.

This would make great artwork; mountains are fascinating and visually beautiful to watch whilst hiking in the show.

The mix of snow and rock formations really creates beautiful sights.

14 Lunar Eclipses

Beautiful yet scarey a bit. I like how the moon become red due to the moon locates behind the earth and it's shadow block the moon and give the color red due to the scattering of the colors of light except red. It gives us a beautiful red color. Although it's not frequent, we have a chance to see this phenomenon.

Not as beautiful as solar eclipses, but they're still a sight caused by Earth casting its shadow on the Moon during alignment.

Same as Solar Eclipses, beautiful but safe to look at. Bringing a telescope however can enhance the viewing experience..

15 Beautiful Women

You know when you see a hot woman walking down the street? It's so beautiful to see. Those hips, legs, beautiful facial features, breast and ass. There's really nothing more beautiful and attractive.

Many are beautiful & we should focus on their bright side & stop thinking negatively about people & stop thinking about sexual abuse, violence & other garbage.

Nah, it kinda makes me depressed but there's too many nice looking people out there, and I'm not worth it to be with any of them.

16 Waterfalls

Impressive and beautiful at the same time. Not only are waterfalls very beautiful, but the sounds they make are also amazing.

17 Ancient Ruins

The Ancient Greeks, the Egyptians and the Romans created beautiful structures, which arguably are more beautiful than today's architecture.

18 Art
19 Family

The world could die for all I care. If I see a genuine family, a community that's more beautiful to see than anything. Love... a man and woman doing everything they can for the kids, the next generation. Family doesn't mean blood related.

The most important thing in life. We have children, siblings, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, & our ancestors. It's the spring of life & we can't live in a world without family.

Family is important. Family is who we are so we should take care of each other and be there when they need us.

20 Fireworks

Watching fireworks at night time in November is one of the most fun things you can do in real life. It looks very pretty, colourful and fun.

It's the best thing about New Years Eve!

I love fireworks, it's so cool to watch!

21 Fire
22 Beaches

Yes I love tropical and nautical aesthetics.

23 Autumn Leaves
24 Elderly Couples

They are beautiful when they are not being abusive.

25 Solar Eclipses

They're more beautiful than a full moon or mountains or rainbows combined. Their paths though are very narrow & are only brief, yet weather is dependent as well. So all aside these are once in a lifetime experiences.

It looks beautiful but it's harmful in our eyes. We need eye protection to see this phenomenon. Even the moon blocks the sun, it's corona is very bright make it dangerous. Beautiful but harmful in our eyes.

I remember when there's a Solar Eclipse in 2017 when I was in Spring Hill School, so it is harmful for your eyes so don't look at it or else your eye will get permanent damaged.

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