Top 10 Things People Most Need to Stop Getting Offended Over

It's the 2020s yet idiots around the world still get all worked up or triggered by silly things. These are the things people most need to be able to let slide.
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1 Opinions

I have had some people call me some pretty nasty names because I disagreed with them. Many times I wasn't even attacking them. Why do they need everyone to have the same opinion as them? It is okay to question why someone may have a certain opinion, but not attack them when they are not attacking you.

I respect opinions unless someone says that Twilight is the best book series and movie in the world, when it really sucks. I prefer to watch To Kill A Mockingbird and My Little Pony.

TheTopTens is full of biased opinions. If you like pop music, Swords Art Online, Serena from Pokemon, or Frozen, you're not gonna have a good time.

People are going to disagree with you. If you get offended every time, you're going to be offended your whole life, which does not sound pleasant.

2 Criticism

Unneeded criticism is different than constructive criticism. Constructive is good.

If you are wrong, it's not my fault. I'm showing you the problem and you get mad at me for it?

It helps you to improve, as long as it's constructive.

Criticism is meant to help and improve people.

3 Facts

As long as the facts are not pulled outta someone's butt to invalidate you or if its just plain wrong, there is nothing wrong with the truth.

Facts are facts. Sometimes, like climate change, people take facts (the CO2 levels and global temperature is rising) and say that the sky is falling, when really this happened in medieval times. Facts can be misconstrued (just look at the election), but facts don't care about your feelings.

Yep. There are still retards who get offended by facts.
Examples include: Social justice warriors, religious fundamentalists, anti-vaxxers, and ultraconservatives.
But some of these have died down a bit, thank goodness for that.

That even includes horrible things that are unfortunately facts so you shouldn't even get offended over it.

4 Jokes

I have dark humor and if someone got offended by a joke I wouldn't care rlly. Jokes are different than harassment! (exceptions apply)

People have different types of sense of humor which depends on what type of jokes the audience would enjoy laughing. People may think that it's really funny or severely offensive that it would unleash controversy.

I get it if you were through a tough time and I just went to your video on that subject and I made a joke of it, but when you get mad when I tell a dark joke in an area where it is more encouraged, you need to get the hell off.

If it is a harmless joke then yes, but if it is a joke that thinly veils your hate then no.
People love to say mean hurtful things then be like what you can't take a joke, completely forgetting the key part of a joke the humor

5 Grammar Nazis

Grammar Nazis can be annoying but they're only trying to correct grammatical mistakes. So if you hate these people then improve your grammar and spelling

The word Nazi it's like someone who supports Hitler and wishes he was still alive and they make sure peoples grammar is correct or else.

If you get offended by people correcting your grammar then I have no respect for you.
Grammar nazis are good.

Don't spell like a 5 year old and you won't have to worry about someone correcting you. Sound like a plan?

6 Mean Words on a Screen

"But that person cyberbullied me and made me feel depressed!". Imagine getting triggered over words on a screen and claiming that it gives depression.

Mean words on a screen can't affect you, unless you are some easily triggered brat, and most of the time this "cyberbullying" isn't even online harassment. Many of the times it's just someone joking or someone criticizing someone but some morons think it's harassment. Joking around or criticizing someone online =/= harassment.

If it is actual online harassment then I can see why, but as I said, many of times "cyberbullying" is just someone joking around or criticizing someone and some idiot gets butthurt.

It depends on the context. If it's connected to school (cyberbullying), then it can snowball into a larger issue which turns into bullying, but if someone's being toxic in the internet in general then that's easy to ignore.

Unless it's from someone personal whose actions have the threat of transcending into something bad outside of the screen.

One thing that needs to be taken into account, is the difference between being offended and just wanted to correct false statements, these two get confused easily and are treated as the same thing, false information is harmful (antivaxxer are the big example that pops to mind)

7 Sex

I don't understand how people can get mad over it, but I am diisgusted by it. It's by far one of the things I hate the most and I never talk about it but people always tell me that I sould feel ashamed for being disgusted by it and it really gets to me, like learn to handle an opinion

I don't want to have sex or ever do something associated with it (the reason I'm so repulsed by people talking about sex and hearing many sex jokes) but I know that if humans and many other animals don't do it to reproduce than we and those other animals would become extinct. I hate it, but I don't hate other people that do it (within reason).

This is actually important because this is why you're alive in the first place.

Is your friend illiterate, or just unable to comprehend written words?


I am no and non binary. I feel more happy and comfortable. Homophobic people are hating on people that are different. Go to hell homophobes

I'm bisexual! I like boys and girls equally and am happy to date either. Why would people get offended by someone liking someone else. That's like your best friend liking someone the opposite gender and you getting offended. Just let people date whoever they want! Love is love!

This is the biggest one for me. I cannot stand homophobic people at all. At least with some of the others, I can still have good relations over all with them, but people who continuously whine over certain harmless civil rights are despicable.

So long as a person is able to love another person, who cares what that person's gender is? And if we have come far enough to say that girls can like TMNT and boys can like MLP FIM why can't we just say that it's okay if you don't identify with the gender you were born with?

9 Autism

Are you saying there is something wrong with your kind because your kid has autism? I got news for you there isn't. I have autism and I love it! Autism is a gift not a curse.

What? Autism is offensive towards offended people?! I have a brother with special needs!

Curing autism is impossible since autism is genetic.

Like, what is wrong with being autistic?

10 Swear Words

I don't really rcare when people say swear words, but I remember in 2nd grade this kid was told me to say duck except change the d with an f. Back then I thought Idiot was a swear word so I never actually heard of the f-word so I said. I remember when that kidt old me I cursed and I was so scared that somebody would tell the teacher

I honestly don't see why people consider some non-slur swears. There is no reason why it should be offensive if it isn't of derogatory nature.

Just words people use if really angry or really excited. Not something worth getting upset over.

If you despise swear words as always, I doubt that you will never say swear words when you have grown up.

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11 Pop Singers

Imagine still getting offended by Bieber in 2019. He's pretty irrelevant as of now.

They are just doing it for entertainment. How they are worser than criminals?

12 Religion

Just be respectful. That's all different religions need to do to coexist. Whether you're a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or even an atheist, just be respectful towards other people and what they choose to believe. There's no need to get offended over somebody else's beliefs, and there's no valid reason why we can't all live together peacefully.

I cringe every time at the idea of hearing the word "damn," discussion of someone else's supernatural powers, something against their religious laws, or ffs another religion. They get offended so easily sometimes. Not to diss religious people, but there are some bad ones out there.

Who cares how you worship God? I doubt that God cares how you worship him. And I think every believes in God to a certain degree even the so-called atheists.

We need to respect other religions. Especially in this site where they are many Islamophobiacs. I am not a Muslim but I am sick of Islamophobia. Not all Muslims are terrorist.

13 Boomers

Boomers are real people with a different perspective as you. They've lived longer and are wiser than you, and yeah, they may not understand modern stuff sometimes, but they need to be respected for the source of wisdom they are, not a stuck-up snobby old guy.

14 90s Kids

Or maybe they should stop getting offended whenever they see someone liking something from the 2010s and acting like the greatest things ever all because they grew up in a certain time.

Or maybe someone was just a child in the 90s they don't act like that.

15 Science

Some people need to accept facts. I'm also tired of some religious people saying science tries to harm their religion, which is not true for all sciences. When science can't explain something, they automatically link it to religious belief, as if science hasn't already proved a ton in the past.

Imagine getting offended by science. Example of such are people who deny climate change but those are just 1 of many.

Science says a man can't be a woman. Agreeing with science in that case will get you into legal trouble.

You don't like what science says take it up with God because God invented science.

16 The Word "Overrated"

Yes, people do use it wrong sometimes but this seriously means this gets too much attention, not it's bad. Overrated and bad are two different things.

Imagine being offended over a word that you clearly don't even know the definition of.

This is underrated.

17 Fetishes

I think we all know who added this here.

Take a wild guess at who added this.

I wonder who added this?

I wonder who added this.

18 Political Songs and Artists

How is "they should just shut up and sing, they're musicians" any different than "they should just shut up and repair, they're plumbers."
Since when did your career determine whether or not you're allowed to be political?

I love listening to these songs. Unfortunate that some raging people are typing in the comments.

19 Trolls

When you're a troll, you can go 2 ways.

The first type is the type that does stupid stuff like saying "you must be like this" or making dumb jokes but can still give one a good laugh. That's the type you shouldn't get offended over.

But then there's the second type, who brings it too far with doing stuff like wishing death, using stupid reasons, or does crap just to get the attention. There's the type worth being offended by.

So there are trolls that are worthy of being offended from, but not all are worth it.

I mean, people getting pissed off is kinda the fun part though. As long as you aren't harming anybody, trolling is fine.

It closed the IMDB forums but they were funny.

20 Bands
21 Farts

Some people don't have a sense of humor.

How can you get offended over a fart?

LaughingJokingnumbnuts So do you. You discusting excuse of a human being.

22 Burps
23 Video Games

Solider 1: What's violence?
Solider 2: I don't know bro video games aren't invented yet.

Mix video games with opinions and you have an explosive combination!

I'm not offended over it, I just don't really like the game...

Like those dumbasses who claim video games cause school shootings.

24 Feminists

Third and Fourth wave.

25 Modern Music

I love modern music!

It's not that bad

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