Things You Need to Know About Autism

I'm autistic if you are wondering. And more people need be aware about that some people with it can't control this stuff!
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1 We are sensitive to loud noises

When it was my 12. birthday, I invited a few friends and my mom turned on my favorite music, and even if everyone agreed it's not loud, I said it was too loud... so please don't make loud noises around autistic people. It can make us nervous.

I hate to admit it but while I listen to loud music, I'm actually sensitive to loud noises. Screaming kids for example, my ears hate to hear that kind of noise

I'm not really sensitive to loud noises unless I don't expect it. But sometimes I listen to music at loud volume and I'm fine.

2 We have a hard time making friends

We also have a hard time saying hi to family we don't see often. I'm autistic. Last year I went to a wedding in San Francisco. My relatives and cousins were all talking a lot to each others during the tea ceremony. (Some were from LA, some were from San Francisco, and some were from Philly like me). I had trouble saying hi to everyone because either I don't know how to approach them while they were talking to others since I'm not in the right age range among them (everyone is either older or younger than me, so I don't really fit in with them. I was 25 and many of my cousins were either in their 30s or teens) or everyone seems to not acknowledge my existence :(

3 We can get mad easier

Eh I get a but angry sometimes but it's rare for me to get SUPER angry! When I am super angry I all of a sudden gain infinite strength so I am strong enough to flip over furniture. Moral: Don't make me angry!

True I'm autistic and I sometimes rage and freak out whenever I get mad. I try very hard to control my anger most of the time, though.

I also have depression and anxiety which I read can also cause angry issues so I get angry really easily.

4 We have a hard time with simple stuff

People with Autism & any type of disability have also a hard time defending themselves because of abuse, especially from their parents!

I'm 26 and I have no idea how to cook on the stove. I Want to learn, but my mom is ridiculously overprotective of me and thinks that if I cook with the stove, I'll accidentally burn the entire house down, so she won't let me do it.

When I read something over again because I don't understand it, I still don't get it!

5 We may be smarter than the average person

I'm smart and I hate know it alls. But I do have a really bad knack for unintentionally ending up as the teacher's pet because I never talk in class (and most kids my age talk a lot in class).

6 We can't control it at times

If they can't control it, why do people bully them?

THANK YOU! I wish I can tell people that but admit it as me overactting

7 "Autistic" is not a synonym for "annoying" or "stupid"

Non-autistic people can be annoying, too!

I'm autistic and people call me annoying I have absolutely no friends at school

8 We want more space

I went to an event at the library and little kids were taking my personal space. I hate it when people take my personal space and especially when random people crash into you and stuff.

I absolutely hate it when I get touched by the hair or get poked. This happens the most in a crowd

My mom gets mad at me when I don't talk to her. I wish she would understand that I like to be alone

9 We did not get it from vaccines

I hated anti-vax at first since they were letting them and their kids get illnesses but when they spread the "vaccines cause autism" myth my hatred for these anti-vaxxers increased. Now I hate them more than ever.

Please stop with that rumor. Please vaccinate your children.

Even if they did, an autistic child is better than a dead one.

10 We make movements that are hard to control

I have both Tourette syndrome and autism and it sucks. My tics (uncontrollable movements) are repeatedly blinking my eyes and grunting. It sucks

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11 We are 28 times more likely to attempt suicide

Imagine living with a highly stigmatized condition, in a world that was built without consideration for people such as yourself. With all of the noise and activity happening, fast-paced work environments, simple things not making any sense, and few with the patience to make it make sense. Who wouldn't consider suicide at least once with autism? I know I have.

I never felt suicidal fortunately and I'm not planning to give up my life because I know there will be lots of great things for me in the future. I feel sorry though for other autistic people who feel suicidal

12 We love things little kids like

It depends. I'm autistic and while I like cartoons like Disney's Hercules and Rugrats, I really hate baby shows like Barney, and I also like "grownup" stuff like "Criminal Minds" and "Hell's Kitchen"

I agree because I love The Backyardigans.

13 We have a hard time talking to people

Im barley able to even bring myself to talk to people. Mainly because I don't want to make a fool of myself.

14 Our senses are more sensitive

Besides being sensitive to noises and sound, we can also be sensitive to tastes, texture, etc.

15 Boys are more likely to have it

The idea that boys get autism easier than girls not only it's sexist, but there lack of research on girls. girl on the Autism Spectrum Disorder are under diagnosed or misdiagnosed therefore don't get diagnosed until later in life.

I wish girls got it more I was told girls who are lazy, dirty, and/or childish are the weirdest human beings. So I was the only girl in special ed until only 2 GIRLS CAME! I wonder if they have autism too. I have a mild autism so yeah

It's a fact. Boys get it more often than girls. That doesn't mean girls never get it. They're just less likely to get it than boys.

16 It's not uncommon to have it

It's true! So don't act like it's their fault!

17 It's not a mental illness

So I just saw a popular list of the Worst Mental Illnesses just a few minutes ago, wondering what were the worst ones. Guess what was on there? That's right, Autism! UGH! I HATE it when people say its an illness and that it ruins their lives! In many ways, it can actually IMPROVE one's life!

Autism is called a superpower! Get it through your heads! Retarded and autism are completely different things!

It's not a mental disorder. It's a dysfunctional one.

18 A lot of famous people have autism

Albert Einstein had autism and he was one of the smartest people of all time!

Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, The guy who made Pokemon happen...

19 We are humans not animals
20 We have a hard time in social situations

Even autistic people try to "evaluate", they deserve every single right to be accepted in any social situation because it's already hard enough for them to be socially isolated, which is very sad.

I had trouble saying hi to my relatives that I haven't seen FOR YEARS while attending a wedding once.

21 It has a spectrum and each sufferer is different.

Well, "sufferer" is a bit harsh, but yes.

22 We get scared, nervous, or anxious more easily
23 We may say things we do not really mean

I had this problem. Im starting overcome it, but I have traumatized myself this and it's part of the reason I think I'm a bad person.

I have Autism and there are times I did and did not regret what I say.

24 We are more prone to depression

I have felt close to being depressed a few times. Unfortunately that was not so long ago which is why I took a break from this site. Not that I actually felt depressed though, I was just stressed. I would never fake depression

25 Autism is not the same as ADHD
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