Best Lil Wayne Songs

The Top Ten Best Lil Wayne Songs

Drop the World

Best song... But without Eminem this song is nothing... Eminem kills it.

You can't describe how amaZING this song is! It's just that amazing! I love this song so much and have listened to it more than 100 times

I am a diehard weezy fan this is obviously his best song this shouldn't even be considered a song. It's just so amazing! Eminem "raps" it up with a lyrical medley of --------. Interpret that any way you wish. I love this because Lil Wayne and Eminem are the two best rappers of all time and when they collide the world gets dropped on somebody's head!

at random I turned this song on, on grooveshark, and I was amazed, begining was slow, then fast, then slow with lil wayne, and eminem was like high, and ugh wow, the best song ever, I remember I got mad at someone and said ima pick the world up and ima drop it on your head, even though it made no sense. this song pumps me up!

6 Foot 7 Foot

I love this song its the best in my opinion. I listen to it every day at least over 10 times, this song is my life! I can rap this whole song. im right pro now ;) haha jk but I know all the lyrics and I don't know what I would do without this song... it is my life

Its just beast, great beat, great flow, and its so catchy and striking!

Best Lil Wayne song, also one of the best rap songs of all time!

Best song I've heard from Lil Wayne so far.
Beat is very good. Classy how in the music video he tied in the inception theme. Cory gunz kills it!

Definitely classic Weezy F Baby. Straight bars with no hook. This song defines what made Wayne the greatest rapper alive at one point. When this dropped he reminded everyone that he still had it. "You don't wanna start Weezy cause the F is for finisher"

A Milli

One of his best song at least in his top 3 the I mean
Sky's the limit isn't that good I'd say this is his second best after 3 peat

The best part about it, is that lil wayne says that his seconds, minutes, hours go to the almighty dolla' and to the almighty power of ALLAH...

Definitely my favorite song by lil wayne right after Blunt Blowing this should definitely be at lest number 3.

All of Lil Wayne's haters are completely incorrect. The man has undeniable talent, and this song is sheer proof that he does. Speed has nothing to do with the quality of a rap song... The biggest aspect of rap is lyrical content. In this case, Lil Wayne hits the bulls-eye. - EmperorAguila


I think this is the anthem of lil wayne fans.. Just awesome some..

This song is so good my mom sings to it! Ha it has a nice beat and his lyrics are very clear

This is mine and my boyfriends song, it's so god. ;)
I love it! I can't stop listening to it, it brings back some really great memories and I listen to it everyday.

Lil Wayne is a unique, fresh, cool and young rapper. this song has a catchy tune, awesome music video which is priceless like him. he's most definitely on my top best rapper list! May static major rest in peace.

Right Above It

Weezy Baby! Wayne's best song yet, kills it with his flow, and Drake tops off the masterpiece with the fantastic hook.

Now tell me you love this song, get it to the top where only heaven's right above it! Wayne's best song ever, and drake's part just puts the song on another level!

Because we on...
We on...

My favorite song ever, so catchy and talented.

I love the lyrics here, drizzy and weezy go HARD together! More more more please!

How to Love

Instead of all the rap songs about girls, cars,... that most rapper sing (even Lil Wayne), this is the first time he sing a very meaningful, great melody song. I really like this song.

Wayne has more slow meaningful songs actually. Look up "Something You Forgot"

One on Lil Wayne's slow but more meaningful songs... Well done

This song shows true depth, and proves that Lil Wayne is more than just an ordinary rap artist who only raps about clubbing and partying. It doesn't rely on swears and Auto-tune, and instead is natural with little synthesizing, something more rappers should try to accomplish.

This song is my favorite because instead of it being a song about just sex and getting girls, this song is about a great relationship. The lyrics to this song are meaningful and the way Lil Wayne portrays it just takes this song to the top of my favorite Lil Wayne songs.

No Love

This song is just amazing... Superb lyrics, superb melody. One of the most meaningful songs I have every heard. Of course, it is nothing without Eminem. Love this song!

This is a great song, I can't stop hearing it. It should be in a higher spot

I would say this should be higher, but lil Wayne's verse was amazing, and eminem's was NUCLEAR. He shredded his bars while simultaneously re-introducing the old Eminem to the world and it was incredible. Lil Wayne did an awesome job opening it though, and that can't be ignored - Thicc_Neeson

How is Drop the World #1 and No Love isn't top 10? This song is much better, in my opinion! Wayne says some pretty clever stuff, then Eminem goes out and kills it!


This is not only Lil Wayne's best song, it's one of the best songs of all time. The video, Bruno Mars, the lyrics ; they all combine to produce something that is really EPIC.

Look, I know Lil Wayne isn't exactly the greatest rapper in the world, but of late, his work has been really impressive. How To Love, Drop the World and now this classic, provs my point.
He's definitely on his way to becoming one of the greatest rappers in the world, right up there with Eminem and Tupac.

How hard he may try he can't reach the level of the legends- Tupac, Eminem and Biggie... they will remain the best

Lil Wayne stays on topic and it relates to almost everyone< it's a very chill song

This is the realest Lil Wayne has ever rapped in time. He has so much meaning in this song and it can relate to anyone. If you are actually listening to the lyrics and you're into hip-hop because of the lyrics, not the beat, this is the song for you. Don't get me wrong, the beat is sick too!

Mr. Carter

Best Lil Wayne song by far. He is lyrically amazing and Jay-Z has great raps mentioning 2-Pac and Andre 3000 which is by far the best part.

Jay-Z and Weezy kill this song. how is this song not number one? This is a great song to listen to at anytime during the day - javananthonydavis

BEST SONG EVER, I mean a serious number 2, 3.. Number 9?
This lyrics are amazing and meaningful. This man writes the most beautiful songs he's not singing about cars ou woman.. Ly Wayne

Phenomenally nuanced beat. Creative wordplay from Wayne's first couple verses. Jay absolutely kills it in the flow and ideas department. No question in my mind that Jigga outshine wheezy. The choice to add Wayne spitting jay's 'lucky me' verse was awesome not only cause Wayne actually loves that song (he has the lyrics of it tattooed on him) but it is also one of the best songs in the genre. Seriously, it has so much more artistic value than any one the sensationalized trash on this list. Check it out, it's off Vol 1. In My Lifetime

Sky's the Limit

I think this is the anthem of lil wayne fans.. just awesome

the hottest song ever... Amazing verses with great music
amazing beats, lyrics and sounds totally like a hip hop song

Best rap song. Listen to this to get HYPE. Pissed it isn't number one!

Best Lil Wayne Song Hands Down! He Proves He Is The Best Rapper Alive! Wezy f Baby Please Say The Baby!

Drop The World only got #1 because Eminem was in it, Em made it great. Don't get me wrong, but I LOVE Eminem with a passion. Em's my favorite, but this poll is just for Lil' Wayne's music, and this song should DEFINITELY be #1. Lyrics are insane. The Sky's The Limit.

The Contenders

Hustler Musik

The beat is slow and calm, and just the whole vibe is amazing and so enjoyable.
Takes me back to summer days chilling with a big bag of weed and some mates.. His best song in my opinion

I'm Wayne's most understanding & connecting fan, this song is definitely one of his best. The mood is just real.

I think this is Wayne's best track ever this track made the carter 2. I really don't know what drop the world is doing at the top. But for me its hustlers musik

By far Wayne's best song. You can hear the hunger n hurt in his voice throughout the entire song. Literally at the end of the song he ask's us to please listen to his music/albums. That's real rap!


This is sick! Possibly one of Lil Wayne's top 10 songs! The verses are very well made. It should be top 10 for sure!

Dude this is his #1 song! That other weak! This is for sure my favorite Wheezy song! He is the rapping KING! Nothing can stop the king in his brightest moment! This is his hottest song ever! Uh oh, better call the FIREMAN!

Are you kidding? This song is a milestone of rap music. This did more for Wayne's career than any other song. This DEFINES Lil Wayne for me. Top 3 for sure

He's the fireman. Not as good as A Milli, but still deserves to be in the Top 10.


John is Epic! There is just something amazing that makes me remember the good times during summer and I want to party!

It is evil rap song Lil Wayne is evil rapper it's my idol

The beat is hard! - CoolMods

Uh john, rap genius should be number one... Tunechi one of the greatest artists
Ever - anthony

She Will

Nice rhyme, rythym, bass and beat. Wayne and drake just made this song a epic song! Don't you think

Really good Rapping by both Wayne and Drake. The rhymes are just too good, could listen to it over and over and it would still sound fresh!

One of my favorites by Lil Wayne, Great lyrics, Everything is fantastic. This song should be on Top 10.

Really good. Nice beat, lil Wayne rhymes well and drake comes in and chills things which really adds to the songs quality. Should be top 5 along with mirror


I'm a kobe fan but this was a great song about lebron Espicially because of how he grew up poor which drake basically says in the hook.

Man this song should be in top 10 instead of Mr. Carter...what!

3 Peat

This has got to be the best... I mean the carter 3 was pretty awesome, and most of the best are from that album, but this should be mucch higher, at least top 5! Come on drop the world is not Lil Wayne's best song, without Eminem its nothing!

This song made the Carter 3 and Lil Wayne for that matter and should be in the top 3.

This song is the most Hype on the carter 3, and that is lil wayne's best album.

Oh Yes!


Very under rated song by Lil Wayne, honestly I don't really like Lil Wayne but this has got to be in my opinion one of the best rap songs of the early 2000s.

I agree I have always like this song Lil Wayne truly believe it should have been higher on the chart lists. It never seem to get much play on the radio from what I remember.

Should be higher on the list. its way better than songs like 6 foot 7 foot. should be in the top ten

Best Wayne song in my opinion. Addictive beat and lines that give you the chills.

I'm Me

LIL WAYNE GOES HAM ON THIS SONG! There was no stopping what he could accomplish with this track. The carter I was an amazing album and I'm me was released as an EP just proved how much better it was! listen to the lyrics man!

Wayne at his best

Killed it! ;)) what a beast the best rapper alive Go weezy

I like you'r song because that song is the first music and I have the video of somebody skating.


! This song has everything. It also has so many top artists like lil Wayne, nicki minaj, drake and many more as I can't name all of them. It is one of the best young money songs and lil Wayne plays a big roll in the song. It has to be in the top ten. It peaked at no 2 on billboard hot 100 so its obviously a great song. Please listing to the song and vote for it


This whole song is ruined by Drake and Gudda Gudda.

The cheesiest pick-up line I've ever heard!

Man! About 8 artists in one song!

Got Money

Got Money is probably his best! Ys it down here! - josephvellappally

I love this song! The beat and lyrics are wickedly amazing! This song should be in the top ten. Lil Wayne is a fantastic rapper.

I don't like most of his songs but this is one I do. I also like GIVE IT UP TO ME feauturing shakira and BEDROCK! but neither are on here. - nikki72

Awesome song. It's a classic. It has to be higher.

Tie My Hands

Greatest song by Lil Wayne so much emotion its real its not about hoes or money this song is about his home city and how much he cares about other people...

This is definitely the best Lil Wayne song. Clearly most of the people voting in this list know nothing about the real Wayne since this song is not number 1

I love this song it mean about new orleans 1 one the best s/o to new orleans

One of lil wanyes most deep songs about hurricane katrina, people like to say he sucks at rapping well listen to this song then, he is one of the most underrated rappers of all TIME.

Steady Mobbin'

Obviously the best song. Everyone has heard this song, this should AT LEAST be in the top 5

Song should be much, much higher on the list than it is. This is like a gangster's theme song. Maybe not the absolute best, but top 5 at least

A song that any Wayne fan will like! Fantastic beat, but the lyrics really kill it. Absolutely fantastic song, not any worse than lollipop, a milli or any other Wayne single.

This is one of my favorite songs from Lil Wayne. My group of friends and I have a blast screaming this song together and make sure to pal it at least once along with money weed. Big house long hallways got 10 bathrooms I could all day!

Sucker for Pain

The music kinda reminds me of my old haunted mansion video game's actually pretty catchy though, seeing as I'm not a rap fan

This is an absolute masterpiece by lil Wayne. Been one of his best since years... - AlphaQ

So catchy and he sounds great!

Hey man are you pissed why this song is so low

I Am Not a Human Being

He goes off in this song. it defines how he thinks act and sees the world. if this isn't good then I don't know what is

Amazing! He goes ham. Sick beat, sweet lyrics. I love it

This song should at least be top ten! It's awesome

One of his best

Rich as F***

This is one of my favorite lil wayne songs. I know it word for word how is it 26 on this list x

Although this song is very explicited but still you should hear it because it is one of the best songs of I am not a human being 2.tthis track has got wonderful beats and it should at least peak at the top tens of this list

This is Lil Wayne's best song and the beat is really good

Wonderful beats this song has got

La La La

How is this not higher? These oldies are what made Wayne a legend.

President Carter

Like mentioned, this song's lyrics kills almost every other song. It seems like there are so many metaphors in it.

Plenty of lyrical mechanics

This probobaly the best Lil Wayne song when it comes to lyrics

One of the best songs on the carter iv

Best Rapper Alive

More like you don't know what you're talking about. This is LIL WAYNE? Second to maybe Eminem ever

This song defies all lil wayne songs, his most underrated hit!

More like worst rapper alive - DaWyteNight


Favorite one. Should be higher, kills it and it's ll him unlike drop the world where he doesn't even make the good part of the song

Wayne goes unbelievably hard on this song. Probably his best song lyrically.

I don't understand how this song is 89, it's incredible. One of Wayne's best songs eve. Th lyrics are sick, shows how much of a true gansta Lil Wayne really is.

Mario & MegaMan: Worlds Collide

Mona Lisa

By far the best song, great story and amazing rapping from Kendrick and Lil Wayne

BEST LIL WAYNE SONG EVER. Rap song on 2018. The lyrics are incredible. Lil wayne and kendrick killed it. - giohakim

Even though its 5 minutes, we never lose interest in it

Amazing song and story

Bill Gates

Seriously? Why isn't this song ranked higher? Sick beat, sick lyrics, sick flow, and I don't even like Lil Wayne that much...

This song has a great beat, sick lyrics, and is just a super chill song. Its not super popular because it wasnt on the carter albums. Everyone should listen to it!

This song has so many amazing lines and quotes. I don't understand how it's so far down on this list.

One of the bests with "John"

I Feel Like Dying

This Song Was Sick! You Need To Vote For This ; I don't Understand How People Could Not Vote For This Song I Mean I Loved This Song And I Still Love This Song It Has A Very Deep Meaning.

Feel the notes feel the pain make ya vote this beats insane

This song is mind blowing, I listen it everyday... Awesome song.

Only once the drugs are done I feel like dying..

No Worries

This Song is so awesome everybody should definitely Check it out and First of all Check out The Musik Video on YouTube KILLS EVERYTHING

This song is so last year.2012 was a great year for no worries

Now worries is the best song from Lil Wayne

No worries is the best song in the world!


This my favorite song rate now. It is amazing. It has good rithum and a lot more

God Bless Amerika

This should be in the top ten! He stops rhyming words that degrade women and claim him shooting up the block like Tupac long enough to make a lyrically wonderful rap about real world problems. This is what Wheezy can accomplish if he puts down the same overused lyrics and really catches the pen on fire!

Great song should be higher

Best New School Wayne Song

Unbelievable ):/ this should be at least number 2


Great song so underrated

Amazing beat and killer lyrics. Please listen to this song if you haven't heard it, so under rated. Garentee you'll love it!

Lyrics are sick and beat goes hard... one of many underrated weezy songs


Burn This City
Watch My Shoes

How the hell is this song at place #79. This is the most dominant track of his amazing mixtape "No Ceillings" I think the problem is lil wayne has just too many good song's ( even though this is not a real problem ;)) but despite this fact "Watch my shoes" should peak at least in the Top 20's. Weezy goes HAM on this one. Funny metaphors anazing flow you can call it : Lil Wayne

Look at Me Now

Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes both rap fast
Chris Brown kind of fast

Look At Me Now is at the bottom? This song is awesome, love the fast rapping and Busta Rhymes especially

I like this song. It a decent song but I know it's a Chris Brown song and his lyrics were terrible but I went through Wayne's lyrics and they are really good one. So I would give this a 4/5 instead of 3.5/5. though I like it I don't think it deserves a 5/5 - AlphaQ

Way too cool one! Busta hats off! Superb song wit a nice beat! It should be under 3!

Kobe Bryant

Eminem is over rated? Laugh out loud
He's the best lyrical rapper eve homie.

Kobe is the best Player in the game. Eminem is the best rapper ever. He is not over rated

Great song and Eminem is not overrated. He may have sung the best rap song ever with lose yourself and kobe is the best player ever behind mj

Amazing flow, and the only reason drop the world is first is because Eminem's in it and he's overrated:/...

Shoot Me Down

Please don't shoot me down... Because I'm flyin I'm higher...i sweat money and the bank is my shower and that pistol ismy towel so stop sweatin me coward! Best song ever

Something You Forgot

Something I’ve forgot and about to get that playlist updated! Louisiana girl and her Louisiana rap during Mardi Gras is like Christmas!

Without a doubt the best song produced by Wayne. The deep lyrical input allows the listener to see inside Wayne as a man and to connect with him on a leer other than smoking weed, getting money, or sex. The older Wayne songs are much better then his new stuff. The realest song he's ever made.

Has to be one of his deep emotion songs and also the lyrical content is great!

One of Lil Wayne's realest songs and deep and emotional

Sweetest Girl (Wyclef Jean, Akon, Wayne)

This song go hard because it talk about the life out there because there is always a girl you like and then you'll break up

Classic love this song..


Who put this here? He only raps on this for like 20 seconds - Mcgillacuddy

Fly In
Believe Me

Literally one of the sickest rap songs I've ever heard and one of Lil Wayne's finest performances. Two thumbs way up.

Lil Wayne utilizes his verses in the greatest way possible. If this doesn't make at least Top 20 by the end of this year, I'm gonna flip my car. - Mcgillacuddy

This is new, so its obviously low, but this song is amazing.

They're the only ones to make this beat dope. I don't know a dude who cover for 'em.

Tha Mobb

Song is amazing

Nightmares of the Bottom

Lil Wayne shows he can kill a slow song with this being one of them from the Carter IV

Woow, I'm highly surprised that this song isn't up there at the top. It is a highly great song and I think that it belongs somewhere at the top. It's lyrics are strong and I actually understand every word of it.

Awesome bass and makes you feel awesome

One of his best definitely. The rebirth album also was underrated severly

Roger That

What? Brilliant song. At least top 20!

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