Full Fledged List Analysis: From Underrated to Overrated

NuMetalManiak Top 10 Things That Have Gone from Underrated to Overrated (was unsure if I could put the whole title there)

1. Steven Universe: Never watched CN in the longest amount of time, so hearing that kids at my college watched and talked about this show greatly alarmed me.
2. Final Fantasy: 7 and 10 and to an extent 6 and 9 (also 15) are overrated, every other one is just talked about once or something.
3. EarthBound: Remind me to play this game at some point.
4. Chrono Trigger: Good game, it's overrated but it's good, that's why it's overrated.
6. Gravity Falls: Let me guess, it got even more fans after it stopped airing.
7. Harry Potter: Nah, it was never underrated and it's following was gradual.
8. Waluigi: I want every Mario fan to look at this list right now and admit they made these characters overrated.
9. Freakazoid!: I actually do not remember this old show, and know no one who does.
10. Bee Movie: At one point yes, but not compared to other Dreamworks stuff anymore.
11. Diana, Princess of Wales: People honestly shouldn't be on here but okay.
12. Team Fortress 2: The memes from this one are awful.
13. Apple Electronics: Easily Top 10 material for this list.
14. Cave Story: I only know one person who talks about this game.
15. Rocko's Modern Life: This and Ren & Stimpy are two Nickolodeon shows I have never actually seen.
16. Conker's Bad Fur Day: All because it was rated M, had nasty (literally) jokes and enemies. I'll go ahead and say that this game is more overrated than Ocarina of Time and most other N64 games.
17. Five Nights at Freddy's: This one doesn't need explanation.
18. King of the Hill: I never understood this one. Basically a simpler Simpsons with more boring characters.
19. Minecraft: No opinion necessary for this one.
20. Hotel Mario: Isn't this a terrible game? Who's making this overrated?
21. Splatoon: Stupidly overrated now.
22. Adventure Time: Of the new era of CN, this one is the most overrated in my opinion.
23. The Hobbit: Basically this is overrated because of the fans continuously calling Harry Potter overrated and loving this one to the point where The Hobbit became more overrated.
24. Frozen: It's current position makes sense, very overrated for its time but now it's died off somewhat.
25. Pirates of The Caribbean: Not really. Johnny Depp's role is easily his most overrated one though.
26. Suicide Squad: Overrated because of butthurt DC fans, as par for the course it seems.
27. Bayonetta: In Smash I guess? Saw a lot of people use her.
28. Mulan: I am certain every Disney animated movie with the exception of Brother Bear and Bolt is overrated.
29. Taylor Swift: Never underrated
30. Finding Dory: More people mad at reviews again? Or something.
31. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: I can understand this one.
32. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: " So many have come out in support for this allegedly "underrated" movie that it's no longer underrated." what? This isn't an LGBT support center you know.
33. Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION! to this.
34. Super Paper Mario: Why so specific?
35. The Angry Video Game Nerd: I wonder how he's doing these days?
36. Zootopia: This along with Frozen garnered some major attention really quickly. Not sure if that made them underrated before.
37. Shawn Mendes: Literally who?
38. The Loud House: Along with Rocko and Ren, never saw it.
39. The Annoying Orange: People need to stop paying too much attention to Youtube.
40. Banjo-Kazooie: Hey you know what? This is definitely an overrated franchise!
41. South Park: The creators are great.
42. Twilight: All pre-teen girls got into this craze during the 2006-09 phases.
43. Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Is this some Youtube thing?
44. SMG4: Alright Mario fanatics, explain this one.
45. Treasure Planet: Perfect comment
46. Princess Daisy: Add every single one of these princesses on here.
47. SkyDoesMinecraft: Stop getting obsessed with youtubers.
48. Android Devices: Literally one-fifth as overrated as Apple.
49. Yandere Simulator: The obsessions that spawned from Japan are absolutely unbelievable to be real.
50. Princess Rosalina: There's the second one. Let's hope Peach is on here.
51. The Black Cauldron: What's this?
52. Fidget Spinners: No longer overrated this year, thank god.
53. Monster: So this refers to some anime according to the picture. Never heard of it.
54. Donkey Kong Country: I blame David Wise.
55. Call of Duty: Should it be way higher? Or not on here at all since I don't remember it being underrated?
56. Batman: #1 pick for me.
57. YouTube Poop: THANK YOU.
58. Yoshi's Island: Maybe a cult classic isn't what can be considered from overrated to underrated. Steady as she goes.
59. Luigi: I'm waiting, Luigi fans.
60. Vinesauce: Poor man's PewdiePie?
61. Jackie Evancho: No thanks to all TheTopTens voters who kept voting her every single list.
62. Homestuck: Heard a lot from the fanbase, don't like it.
63. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: More crying from the DC fanbase.
64. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Um, wow? I have not heard anything about this.
65. Final Fantasy VI: 7 and 10 are STILL way more overrated than this.
66. Um Jammer Lammy: Not gonna bother.
67. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: I'm one of the reasons this is overrated.
68. Mega Man: You think Sonic has a bad fanbase? This is worse.
69. The Fairly OddParents: Alright, doesn't every show that starts out small on Nickolodeon eventually go this route?
70. Kid Icarus: Uprising: Well maybe Pit shouldn't have appeared in Smash then.
71. Cartoon Network: As a whole?
72. Creepypasta: Some people are just outright INANE.
73. JonTron: Who can call him underrated with a face like that?
74. McDonald's: When was it underrated.
75. Channing Tatum: "Oh my gosh, Rina! A new hot-bodied male dude is in an acting role! Let's give him all the love and support ever!" This is how actors become overrated.
76. My Little Pony: Hah, agreed.
77. Muse: Point me to any song that is more overrated than any and all Billboard #1 hit wonders.
78. Nintendo Gamecube: No one should hate the Gamecube.
79. F-Zero: Well, I think it's obvious right now. The formula to go from underrated to overrated involves a character being in Smash.
80. Luigi's Mansion "Yo! Ross! Luigi got his own game! I hear you are Luigi's number one fan! You gotta play this, Ross!"
81. Dr. Mario: Another one overrated because of Smash.
82. Ren & Stimpy: Well this one had to be on here eventually.
83. Regular Show: Either second or third most overrated new age Cartoon Network show.
84. The Amazing World of Gumball: Or fourth.
85. The Lord of the Rings: Read what I said about The Hobbit.
86. Metroid: "OMG SAMUS WAS A GIRL!?"
87. Sonic Colors: So specific.
88. Sonic Generations: Yet somehow, the Sonic fanbase overrates only the games they think are great.
89. Super Mario Sunshine: Actually I don't hear about this one much.
90. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: More overrated than OOT. You know so when it wins a Game of the Year on GameFAQs.
91. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: "Hey Terry, why does Link have a football head?"
92. Pokémon X/Y: I wonder if Game Freak's continuous addition of new features was part of this one.
93. Nintendo 3DS: I never got one!
94. Halo: No longer fun after awhile, very samey.
95. Fire Emblem: And I have yet to play this one too.
96. Assassin's Creed: VERY overrated franchise.
97. Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels: Because people chicken out on actual Kaizo levels.
98. Resident Evil 4: Much like Assassin's Creed, the fanbase of this one creates a VERY overrated franchise out of it.
99. Spongebob Squarepants: Still going it looks like.
100. Nickolodeon: Let's lump all of the Nickolodeon shows as overrated and put them into one item! Said no one ever.
101. The Angry Beavers: Now this is an old show. No one talks about it though.
102. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Oh yes, definitely belongs on this list.
103. Ratchet & Clank: Never saw the appeal.
104. Jak & Daxter: These game titles with & in them get dumb cult followings.
105. Sly Cooper: Now this one I actually disagree with.
106. Metallica: Probably never were underrated.
107. GoldenEye 007: Turok was better.
108. James Bond: Old farts never stop overrating this.
109. Clone High: Who? Huh? Wha?
110. Beavis & Butt-Head: An even WORSE show than King of the Hill.
111. Goosebumps: I think it all became overrated because of a new TV series.
112. EgoRaptor: Never heard of him and you people are hopeless.
113. Spiderman: The memes are more overrated than the character.
114. Castlevania: This and Metroid often go hand-in-hand.
115. The Simpsons: Somehow still on air.
116. Invader Zim: Worst cult following I can think of right now.
117. Earthworm Jim: Not a character I care for anyways.
118. Pokémon Anime: We're getting specific here. And Ash is still somehow 10 years old.
119. Death Note: "Yo Troy! Did you know Yagami's name backwards is I am gay?" "So you are gay, Tom??"
120. Guitar Hero: I still like it.
121. Rock Band: Say what you will, it's not bad.
122. Portal: What started off as a mod became one of the more overrated franchises ever.
123. InFamous: InFamously overrated.
124. Nicholas Cage: The memes are more overrated than the actor.
125. Half-Life: After Portal, I was wondering when this would show up. Not long at all!
126. PeanutButterGamer: Stop making Youtubers overrated.
127. Justin Bieber: We still doing this?
128. The Internet: Then turn it off.
130. Pixar: The moment they announce a movie all the fans squeal like the princesses they are.
131. Toy Story: Well it was the first.
132. WALL-E: Honestly this was a boring movie.
133. Superman: Never was underrated and is still less overrated than Batman.
134. Man of Steel: Um, okay, no need for duplicates unless you are referring specifically to the movies.
135. Captain Planet: Darn old cartoons and the nostalgiatards.
136. Sonic 2006: Shouldn't this be objectively considered one of the worst videogames ever?
137. Captain Falcon: The most annoying Smash players use him.
138. Zelda CD-i Games: Pfff, never was overrated...oh wait, the memes. Stop paying attention to stupid stuff.
139. Kirby: Well, Kirby Star Allies looks like a fine game anyways.
140. Street Fighter: Overrated by its fans, overhated by MK fans.
141. Mortal Kombat: Overrated by its fans, overhated by SF fans.
142. Tekken: Probably worse than the previous two as a whole.
143. Journey: Soft rock! Ueueueueue.
144. Flower: What flower.
145. Mario Teaches Typing: WHAT EVEN IS THIS?
146. Yoshi's Story: I only look this one up online, so this one is wrong.
147. Wario Land 4: The only Wario game I know of.
148. Counter-Strike: Stupid foreigners ruin my FPSs.
149. DOOM: This game's community thinks way too hard on things and have begun a descent into madness that they endorse.
150. Duke Nukem: I blame Ken Silverman.
151. Brütal Legend: "Oi, Deathfan! Have aye got a game fa you!"
152. Monkey Island: Who actually has heard a lot about this?
153. King's Quest: No.
154. Transformers: Who else but Michael Bay?
155. X-Men: Or just Wolverine. Thanks Hugh Jackman.
156. Kingdom Hearts: Definitely belongs here.
157. Shenmue: Only saw it once.
158. Star Fox: Has worse furries than the Sonic fanbase.
159. Duck Hunt: Again, why did this somehow become a collective character in Smash? And you thought that two Ice Climbers was bad.
160. Super Mario 64: Every N64 game isn't underrated except for Turok.
161. Batman Returns: Everything Batman is highly overrated.
162. Batman: Arkham Series: Everything Batman is highly overrated.
163. Marvel vs Capcom: Why couldn't we have the better crossover?
164. Batman Begins: Everything Batman is highly overrated.
165. Batman & Robin: Everything Batman is highly overrated.
166. Batman: The Animated Series: Everything Batman is highly overrated.
167. Batman: The Dark Knight: Everything Batman is highly overrated.
168. Pulp Fiction: This isn't even Samuel L. Jackson's best role.
169. Snakes On a Plane: Neither was this.
170. The Boondocks: I never liked this show.
171. Family Guy: So all the adult cartoons are on this list now?
172. American Dad!: Better than Family Guy. I mean, come on, it has an exclamation mark at the end!
173. Samuel L. Jackson: It was Nick Fury, that was his best role.
174. Troll 2: Um, what.
175. Mother 3: But before this and EarthBound, I will play the first Mother (EarthBound ZERO)
176. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Man, I used to love this show.
177. The Critic: Explain this one.
178. Duckman: I have not heard anything about this.
180. Animaniacs: Basically a better Alvin and the Chipmunks.
181. Dragon Ball Z Abridged: I don't like that word, Abridged. Doesn't mean a lot.
182. Poker: Someone's a sore loser.
183. Chili's: I've only been here once.
184. Taco Cabana: Never been here.
185. Burger King: Gonna go there tomorrow for lunch. It's great.
186. Mario Kart: This I believe is where all the princess wars came from.
187. Taco Bell: Yes, correct.
188. Billy Mays: He's dead.
189. ShamWow!: Who overrated this again? Who even underrated this?
190. Slap Chop: I have no idea what this is.
191. Mario & Luigi: I like to consider this franchise overrated due to how easy the games are for RPGs.
192. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link: Overrated as a hard NES game when the Dragon Warrior RPGs are way worse.
193. Game Informer: You are all coming up with insane conclusions on what is and what is not overrated.
194. Nintendo Power: Just why? What did video game magazines ever do to you?
195. Seanbaby: A Cracked writer? Wow, how far this list has come.
196. Electronic Gaming Monthly: I swear, every time I see a block of similar items on this list, I can just imagine it is some troll or somebody who simply hates these things, yet almost no one else bothers to put them on because they just don't care.
197. Texas: Less overrated than California by only a small margin.
198. Atari 2600: Without it you wouldn't have other game consoles.
199. Gargoyles: What obscure Disney fluff is this?
200. Kendrick Lamar: Haven't heard anything about him.
201. Garry's Mod: Literally the first time I've seen this been called overrated.
202. Shulk: Yet another character overrated for showing up in Smash.
203. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Overrated by my high school, yes, MY HIGH SCHOOL.
204. Metal Gear: Put this ahead of all the other video game franchises please.
205. LittleBigPlanet: I DON'T GET THE HYPE.
206. Nintendo Miis: Not really.
207. IGN: At least I know this one is overrated.
208. Bully: Another cult classic.
209. Nostalgia Critic: Critics being criticized by faux-critics.
210. Weird Al Yankovic: Yes.
211. Teen Titans Go!: More like overhated
212. Ben Drowned: We already have creepypasta on the list.
214. Sonic.exe: Just watch it on your trash computer and leave the rest of us alone.
215. MS Paint: Hey remember when they decided to stop development of Paint?
216. Undertale: Well, this should be #1.
217. Calvin Harris: Adam Richard Wiles is a sexier name than Calvin Harris.
218. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Screw it, every Zelda game is overrated.
219. Kid Icarus: And so is this.
220. Alphys from Undertale: Condense and consolidate your items, please.
222. Adele: Not a fan of her.
223. Sia: Who?
224. Harley Quinn: So annoying.
225. Sam Smith: Who?
226. Another Metroid 2 Remake: Butthurt fanboys about the DMCA.
227. Bioshock: "It's like an FPS and an RPG blended together!" It actually isn't.
228. Shrek: So this is lower than Bee Movie.
229. Black Metal: The most overrated metal subgenre.
230. Opeth: Correct.
231. The Chainsmokers: All because of a song.
232. Guardians of the Galaxy: Okay DC fans, get all your hate out.
233. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: What did they do to deserve this.
234. Trolls: Actual trolls overrate everything, and this movie too.
235. Roblox: The apparent activity of this one skyrockets to such overrated levels. Thanks idiots.
236. The Word "Cringe": It used to mean disgust, now people misuse it.
237. King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Show of hands for everyone who has heard of this *crickets chirp*
238. L.O.L. Dolls: Just...no.
239. Dangan Ronpa: I can't comprehend anymore.

So a lot of things here, um, nothing. I will do a special if I can gain just two more followers.


Everything batman is overrated lol, Batman and robin is number 2 on the list of worst movies - B1ueNew

It deserves it - NuMetalManiak

In that case, that film is actually pretty overrated in terms of how BAD it is (much like Foodfight! ) - xandermartin98

I think A Christmas Story, my favourite Christmas movie went from this naughty little film that not many people knew about, to being plastered everywhere in shops. It really was oversaturated, but still a phenomenal movie.
Also, I love Luigi's mansion, I find it really fun to play. - iliekpiez