Full-fledged List Analysis: Things we can Hope For in the 2020s

NuMetalManiak I'm so sick of the negativity when it pertains to every political election, every year when any bad thing happens, or the rewind that says that we have had a bad year. EVERY YEAR HAS BAD THINGS PEOPLE PLEASE GET OVER IT. In fact, I don't really hope for anything in the 2020s except to be alive in it, that's all I hope for.

1. World Peace: And this will never happen, no matter how many times people vie for it, it WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Sorry to burst the safe space bubbles, but world peace isn't gonna be a thing when you've got some despots who rule their countries differently than whatever perceived utopian societies you dream of. And speaking of utopias, they are all terrible.
2. Better Society: This is the only world peace-related thing that would make sense. But even that's next to impossible to attain due to complainers, petty people, and opinions. Sorry but this also wouldn't happen.
3. No More Shootings at Schools: Well then we need better parenting, counseling, and good adult intervention to prevent kids from turning into insane killers. Or we should be more strict with gun laws. Or how about we just let lady luck go by because quite frankly this problem is impossible to solve?
4. Parents Raising Their Children Better: Oh oh I was just saying this in the previous item. Corporal punishment is NOT AGAINST THE LAW, at least in the US, but the right kind of punishment will teach kids to not do certain things. Maybe with the right parents raising their kids right that actually contributes to a better society?
5. Better Music: Get a grip. THERE IS GOOD MUSIC IN THIS DECADE, you just focus on the mainstream crap.
6. A Better Economy: This is one we really should have.
7. Better Politics: Now now, don't just focus on America. Other countries are just as messy if not worse at politics than you'd imagine. The bitter loathing between two parties needs to stop. Two parties exist FOR A REASON.
8. The War on Terror Finally Ends: The term war on terror isn't usually a full-on war. It just refers to acts to stop terrorist groups from potentially resurfacing. Who wants to bet another terror group resurfaces?
9. More Accepting of Different Beliefs: This is one of the first things to fix in this world.
10. More Intelligent People: And this is another one. Stop being taught wrong in college. Stop paying attention to old people with ugly beards. And stop getting consumed by the media. If you study more you can make the world better.
12. Less Obsession with the Internet: Some of the worst kinds of people on the internet have effectively sold their souls to it, never really appearing out of their little basement because they're too afraid to actually conflict with people out there.
13. Good Cartoons Coming Back: I'm pretty sure this item is childish. We've probably had at least one good cartoon in the 2010s.
14. Healthy Food Becomes Less Expensive: It most likely depends on what ingredients are used.
15. People Eat Healthier: Well TELL THAT TO THE PEOPLE EATING WRONG.
16. Less Pollution: Tell that to the companies in Mexico and whereever that are creating the smog in your cities.
17. Free Health Care: I've already said this on another list, but SOMEONE is paying for your free college or free health care. This is something you need to understand. SOMEONE must pay for these free things that you either have or wish to have, and if that SOMEONE isn't paying for it, you can kiss these free things goodbye.
18. For Rule 34 Artists to Stop: Apparently it harms triggered internet nerds.
19. People and Wildlife Live in Peace: The best way to do that is to live a normal life, stay away from those areas and they won't bother you.
20. We Go to Mars: How come this hasn't happened yet?
21. Less Homophobia: Yeah, we need less of this. IN MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES AND OTHERS THAT OUTLAW IT.
22. End of SJWs: Yes, please.
23. Third-World Countries Will Become More Developed: This really does need to happen but it will only happen if first-world countries provide them the support.
24. No More Hunting Animals: Illegal hunting is bad.
25. No More Limitless Spending of Other People's Money: Isn't this a criminal act?
26. Donald Trump in Jail: Whoever added this is a pathetic communist.
27. Trump Losses 2020 Election: ^
28. We Meet the Aliens: Don't we already have lots of illegal immigrants in the US though?
29. Less Pornographic Content: Porn isn't helping anyone but let the porn fanatics live their fantasy lives.
30. Good Rock Music: Um, we HAVE this already.
31. Self Driving Cars Become Available Worldwide: These things shouldn't exist.
32. Donald Trump Wins 2020: And all you're concerned about is him being "racist" what about the other issues.
33. Less Obsession with Social Media: This applies to EVERYONE WHO THINKS THEY'RE POLITICAL.
34. Jesus Christ's Return: Never happening.
35. Better Video Games: Uh, there ARE better video games.
36. Less Obese People: You always wouldn't stop generalizing a nation as fat, wouldn't you?
37. Reverse Engineering Birds Back to Dinosaurs: I'd rather not because I don't want to get eaten by one.
39. Better Cartoons: Just stop.
40. Better Grammar and Spelling: How about we hope that people don't get offended over imperfect grammar and spelling.
41. More Memes: None of the memes will be good, I predict.
42. Werewolves Proven Real: This list is already ruined.
43. World Hunger Eradicated: Then why don't the first-worlds cater to the third-worlds.
44. No More Mumble Rap: WHO CARES.
46. De-Extinction: Sorry but this is not gonna happen and I will completely advocate AGAINST IT.
47. All Cities Have 100% Renewable Energy: Meaning every single city district and suburb and slum? Impossible.
48. Genetic Engineering on Animals: Science may have gone too far.
49. Wild Animals Being Domesticated: Good luck with that.
50. Pleistocene Rewilding in North America Begins: I really don't know a lot about these particular things.
51. Robots and Drones: We've already been doing this and nothing important came out of them.
52. Genetic Engineering on Humans: CAN YOU NOT.
53. Virtual Reality: Already done.
54. Augmented Reality: Isn't this the same as above?
55. Hologram: Stop, these items already happened in the 2010s.
56. Hyperloop: Science really has gone too far.
57. Force Field: This is what happens when nerds watch too much scifi and get fascinated by it. They either become mad scientists or look up to mad scientists to do things that will actually not be as positive as they would imagine.
58. Nanotechnology: I mean what else is there to say? We're perfectly fine the way we actually are.
59. Quantum Computing: Yeah, "Special technology" for special people with stupidly high standards.
60. Intelligent (Sapient) Non-Human Animals: Has no one seen Planet of the Apes.
61. Aliens Invade Earth: You must be high. If an invasion occurs, we'd all be extinct. This includes most other animals too.
62. Time Travel: Yeah, and screw up timelines creating alternate futures that may leave you as never being born. Have fun with that.
64. Cloning: This happened. IN THE 2000s. Sure it wasn't successful, but this has happened already.
65. Poachers Becoming Extinct: So a special group of humans should become extinct. You might as well go all out and say that we should all die.
66. Immortality: This would be terrible because you can be inflicted with a lot of pain, whether physically or mentally.
67. Mutants: We get it, you're a crazy nerd.
68. Cyborgs: We get it, you're a psychotic nerd.
69. Global Warming Ends: With the astronomical trend that has been happening with our sun, that's highly unlikely.
70. Animals Gain Rights: Yes, give animals the same rights as humans. Meaning they will have to be raised at schools and given full-time jobs, cars to drive, planes to fly, you name it.
71. Lab-Grown Meat: There could be some problems with this.
72. Free Ice Cream: Grow up.
73. Mental health would be solved: Yes, this will also never happen so get over it.
74. PETA Shuts Down: Very hypocritical group. If you don't want animal abuse yet do experiments that end up in the death of animals, then you're not doing your group right.
75. Pop music dies and is replaced by Hip Hop and R&B: Music exists in various forms. Get over the popular stuff.

I don't think I've ever been this mad at a list before, but these list items just made me rage.


Haha number 28 - TwilightKitsune

This was one of my old lists by the way. - visitor

Definitely agree with number 38. Intelligent robots really would make the future a lot worse. - visitor

EXACTLY - AlanaThePony