Best Andy Billington Songs

Andy Billington is a singer songwriter from Southampton in England with 4 albums to his name. This is a list of his best songs.
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The Top Ten
1 City of Strangers

Great hook, great song

One of my favourites by far of Andy's songs , beautiful melody, great structure and arrangement.

Yep, this song is pretty good

Love the piano and bells

2 Monsters

Raw, heart-wrenching, dark

3 Ghost Clouds

Great harmonies, great melody

4 (Holding Hands Right up) Until the Next Great War

Dark, brooding, reflective

The gloom lifts a touch

5 Forgetting

Really beautiful melody and lyrics

I like the 2nd half a lot

Love that flute

I love this one

6 Campervan Man

If you have a Campervan, you need to listen to this whilst driving!

Love the thematic lyrics, and the overall fun style

7 Lanterns

Most popular song from Mercy Mercia

Vocals have an almost hypnotic style, love it!

8 Jet Pac

Andy's best song, surely

9 Love In The Wasteland (The Nothing Has Come To Take Everything

I love the singing on this

vocals are amazing

10 Diamonds (Beautiful Elope)

Packed with space

The Contenders
11 Running To Keep Up (With Your Ghost)

Love the guitar solo

12 February 29
13 I Don't Stand A Chance

A really great song

14 The Mexican (Part Juan)

Classic comedy and great guitars, and my daughter's favourite

Will there be a part dos?

Nice songs!

15 The Heart Toll

Best song from the album- Ray

Love the guitar

16 Spaceship

I can feel myself drifting through space when I listen!

17 Someday Soon
18 Old Friends
19 Mania
20 Blinded By The Bright Stars (or Lost In The Static)
21 Oh Well (pt 1)

Mournful, peaceful, engaging!

22 The Darkside
23 '95
24 Oh Well (pt 2)