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DCfnaf I actually got a FEATURED LIST????? OMG that's AMAZING!!!! This is probably my most popular list to date, along with some of the lists I counted down last year!!! Man, so many great things are happening to me on here! First I get 50 followers, and now THIS???? Wow! I really am getting more popular! Thank you all for voting o this list. Be sure to check out my full review of this movie also. It's certainly more detailed. See you guys soon!


Awesome! Congrats! - visitor

Yay! - DCfnaf

Good for you! - TwilightKitsune

Yay! - DCfnaf

Congratulations. I can feel your happiness. - zxm

Great! - Ananya

You become hyperactive because of that - visitor's not easy getting a featured list. And now my accomplishments page will have "1 featured" on it forever. - DCfnaf

Oh wow - iliekpiez