DCfnaf Rants: The Game Theorists

DCfnaf What's happening guys, this is DC and I figured I would make a rant on MatPat and his cancerous channel. Nintendofan126 will be glad that I did this rant. So what is Game Theory? It is a garb-I mean theorist channel where the host, Matthew Patrick, talks about games and applies real life science to these games. Sounds nice, but there are several problems with this channel that really tick me off. Admittedly, I used to like MatPat's theories and ideas, but now it just feels like he's pulling random stuff out of nowhere just to try and swim in YouTube money. Here's why I don't like Game Theory. We need to go back to the start of it all.

1. My history with MatPat and Game Theory

Originally I had no interest in Game Theory until I got obsessed with FNaF. This was at a time when I was a FNaF fanboy (trust me, I was just like the others) and was so into the story and the theories. I came across MatPat's FNaF 2 theory on the Minigames and I thought it was good. I'm not saying he COULDN'T make good theories. His FNaF theories were some of the best theories on his channel and I enjoyed them all. Then I came across Rosalina Unmasked, the first Mario theory I saw from him. Originally, it didn't piss me off, but now it really does. I thought he was just making the theory and it was a fun little thing. Then I met his cringeworthy fanbase and I got so pissed. It's a THEORY. Now that I knew about his cancerous fanbase, I got so pissed when I came across Mario Is Mental. That theory sucks insane! No theory is worse than that one (not even Sans is Ness or Phoenix Wright is a Criminal)! This made me get really agitated at Game Theory since it was clear he was lying and cherry picking. Yet his fans believed him. Unbelievable. I lost all interest in him when he constantly brought up this theory and brought it up on "YouTuber's React to Racist Mario". Now let's get to the actual problems with Game Theory as a whole.

2. Constant and Critical Fails in Research


Despite this show being strangely popular (and having great presentation) MatPat and Game Theory will usually shoot themselves in the foot depending on awful scripting or visuals. I wouldn't have brought this up if it WAS A RARE OCCURRENCE. But at least once every video, he contradicts himself. The link I provided shows the tvtropes page of Game Theory and almost all of his critical research fails. I will not list them all but I will list a few examples. For example in Mario Is Mental:

"Pauline even gets her own toy made for her! There's no Peach toy!"

Except earlier in the SAME VIDEO it shows a picture of a Mario, DK, Toad, and...PEACH TOY. I don't know who was editing that video but...WHAT THE HELL??? There is also his "Leave Pewdiepie Alone" video where there is a section where he looks at graphs and statistics proving that less and less people are watching TV. He even says that one poll states that 86% of the people who contributed don't watch tv and mainly use the Internet. What he won't tell you is that he used HIS OWN AUDIENCE. You know, people that watch videos ONLINE??? People are obviously going to pick the Internet choice because they watch his channel! Those are just two of the things he fails to take into account. There are way more fails on the link I provided. I'm sorry, when you have a secondary title of "the smartest show in gaming" and you have THAT MANY research fails, then you know you have a problem. I'd like to see some ACTUAL INTELLIGENCE from this show.

3. No Sources

This isn't hard to do...citing sources. It takes two seconds to copy and paste the link onto your description. What makes it worse is that it causes problems for this channel and it gets even more confusing when MatPat uses several excuses to prove his evidence that don't even help his case. Let's go back to Mario Is Mental when he says, "Timelines agree that Mario is dating Pauline at the same time he's dating Peach." Here's what he won't tell you: These timelines are FAN MADE. You know, timelines that are NOT CANON and shouldn't be used to prove your point? There is also his Dead or Alive video where he states that women have a slower reaction speed than men because "decades of studies say so" without providing a single source on the matter! Then there's the time in his "Phoenix Wright is a Criminal" video where he says he consulted with a state attorney to help him make his case against Phoenix Wright. However, we have no idea who these guy is! He doesn't mention him at all by name and doesn't mention what state he's from so we don't know if he's qualified to be a legal aid in this matter.

4. Cherry Picking/Lying

The amount of cherry picking in this show is insane! Let's list a few examples where he would look at events and change them up so the evidence fits his theory! For example, in Mario Is Mental, he says that Mario attacks a Wiggler's home in Super Mario Sunshine. However, he fails to take into account that the Wiggler didn't live there at all! He was preventing the Legendary Sandbird from gaining any sunlight. There was also the time when he accused Phoenix Wright that bringing up evidence the prosecution was unaware about is illegal. However, he completely ignores that the PROSECUTION does the EXACT SAME THING, most notably with the infamous "Updated Autopsy Report". There's also his Sans is Ness episode where he says that the postures of the Starman and Papyrus are a direct match. Obviously a five year old could tell you that he's lying. I'm not going to go into this too much since I've complained about it tons of times on this list.

5. Self Aggrandizing

It's okay to talk about how great you are...in short strides. But in practically almost EVERY OTHER VIDEO MatPat tries to constantly put himself on higher and higher pedestals. He has such a big ego. What about the time he thought he knew more than Scott Cawthon, the developer of FNaF 4, in his "FNaF 4 Got it All Wrong" video? There's also the time where he says that the Zelda Timeline is confusing. It doesn't matter if it's confusing, it's still endorsed by Nintendo and is a CANON TIMELINE. There's also the time he brings up that he liked the Sans is Ness episode and he says "Whether or not you agreed with the conclusion, you have to admit that there's a lot of evidence there that just lines up really nicely. Just saying!" There's also the time he bragged about him winning a taco challenge with Jacksepticeye. If it was a rare occurrence I wouldn't be annoyed. It's practically EVERY VIDEO NOW!!! The self importance really annoys me. He has Game Theory, Film Theory, GTLive, and YouTube Red to deal with now. He focuses so much on himself that his theories, mainly Sans is Ness and Phoenix Wright is a Criminal, suffer and get half baked.

6. Conclusion/Final Thoughts

With all things considered, I don't hate MatPat or Game Theory. I just expect actual quality theories from a channel that has six million subscribers and has a secondary title of "smartest show in gaming". At least GTlive is so much better than this since he has fun on it and it isn't snark bait. This wasn't made to slam MatPat. This was to help MatPat improve in the future. I'm not mad at him, I'm mad at what he has become. How long are you going to keep this going, MatPat? You've ruined Mario, Phoenix Wright, Undertale, Earthbound, and even the Wii U due to your cancerous fanbase. PLEASE fix these problems. PLEASE. I think you should learn why you are losing subscribers.


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