A Suicide Joke That You Never Knew About

Gangem You probably know about suicide jokes in episodes like One Coarse Meal and Are You Happy Now, but there this one in an episode you might not suspect had one

First let's talk about One Coarse Meal, that one is Plankton lying on the road trying to get run over. This scene has become controversial because he flat out admits that he wants to die. It is one of the worst scenes in SpongeBob along with SpongeBob's splinter, "Gary, Put Puffy Fluffy down right know!" and the ending to Stuck in the Wringer. Overall that is a terrible episode

And I'm not going to bother with Are You Happy Now because that one is to dark and depressing. I'll get to the other episode next

And what you have been waiting for...

The episode is... Dunces and Dragons. In case you have not seen it, SpongeBob and Patrick travel to medieval Bikini Bottom. I'm not going to point this out, rewatch the episode and comment if you saw it. I don't know how to end this, so I'm just going to say... Bye!


I know the Dunces and Dragons thing - TwilightKitsune