Worst Spongebob Squarepants Episodes

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1 A Pal for Gary

I have a quote to share that describes my feelings for this episode. This is a paraphrase of a quote from "The Fox and the Hound":

Amos Slade: SpongeBob, get out here!
(referring to Puffy Fluffy): Where is he? WHERE IS HE! I know he's in there!
That monster of yours almost killed Gary, and I'm gonna get him! You can't keep him locked up forever!

Just by the way, please watch "The Fox and the Hound" if you haven't already. It is one of the best movies of all time.

Check out the list Best Disney Movies for more information on "The Fox and the Hound".

Also: I hate A Pal for Gary and love The Fox and the Hound.

Stop hating on my episode. All of you haters of this episode simply don't have a sense of humor. The way SpongeBob doesn't notice the shenanigans of Puffy Fluffy is hilarious, the ending will make any watcher with a sense of humor laugh, remember that it's a cartoon and not supposed to be taken seriously, thank you.

I'm so glad this is number 1. This is complete Gary torture! First off, he ignores the lady's warning about bringing Puffy Fluffy home. Then he assumes that Gary is bring harm on Puffy. And he's so clueless too! He was literally sleeping through everything that was going on. He slept through it all! Can you believe it?! Yes, of course you can! Because Spongebob is an idiot that doesn't think, that's why! And in spite of everything that happened, guess who he blamed for the house ruckus? Gary! Yep. That's right. He blamed GARY for it! Gary was trying to protect himself and Spongebob, (and all his belongings) and this is the thanks he gets?! He's all, "Oh, Gary, put Puffy Fluffy down right now! Bad Gary! " Then when that monster is gone, he says that he hopes Gary is satisfied. If I were Gary, I'd say, "Meowwowowowowmowmow! " Traslation: Well SO-RRY for actually trying to save your life, Spongebob IgnorantPants! Don't start crying when our entire house gets destroyed and were have ...more

I just loathe this episode. Spongebob Ignorantpants ignores the lady's warning about Puffy Fluffy. The instant he ignores, you just want to make Spongebob absorb corrosives. He was blaming Gary for everything harmful thing Puffy Fluffy did. He scolded Gary for protecting himself?!? He also doesn't care about Gary when Puffy Fluffy was about to eat him saying " Gary! Put Puffy Fluffy down right now! " instead of "Puffy Fluffy! Put Gary down right now! ". Gosh, did I want to smash the T.V. because of that yellow, porous jerk.

I hate this episode as well, I really hate when SpongeBob blaming Gray instead of Puffy Fluffy.

2 One Coarse Meal

Ah... SpongeBob SquarePants... when you think of a great family friendly children's show, this is probably one of the things that comes to mind, right? Well, if you've never seen this episode, please watch. It will change your mind COMPLETELY. No joke. What makes this episode so bad? What makes it worse than the episode A Pal For Gary, an episode FILLED with abuse of Gary? Let's get into it. Plankton is trying to (once again) steal the Krabby Patty formula. Pearl shows up, (just to ask for money) and Plankton is terrified because he has heard that whales eat plankton. Mr. Krabs uses this fear to create a master plan to stop Plankton once and for all. Mr. Krabs creates a costume that looks exactly like Pearl, and begins to scare Plankton, even when he's not doing anything that endangers the Krusty Krab. Great message for children, right? Don't worry, it gets worse. Plankton is starting to go insane. Literally insane. He doesn't cut his hair, his toenails, he wears tissue boxes for ...more

Is it weird that I read the first part of your paragraph in the French Narrator's voice?

This is the worst episode on SpongeBob ever, Mr. Krabs tries to trick Plankton and tries to terrify him by dressing up as Pearl. Mr. Krabs took it way too far. I think Mr. Krabs should definitely get arrested for this and the Krusty Krab should get shut down permanently because of this.

Imagine this episode as plankton. Just imagine One day seeing a guy in a hockey mask and machete behind you, about to slaughter you. You run for your life, only to find that for the next few days, every place you go, around every corner you turn, no matter where you run or hide, the man in the hockey mask and machete will always find you and try to murder you. He even appears in your dreams, killing you and mutilating your body. You eventually become so paranoid, so scared of the serial killer, you lock yourself in a dark room, afraid to move, for fear that the murderer will kill you. You become so insane out of fear, being driven mad from living life of paranoia that you attempt suicide.

That is basically the plot of this episode. It is so horrible, terrifying, sadistic, that no one in their right minds can like it.

This stands to date as the worst SpongeBob episode, and this was before the seasonal rot era. The moral and implications here are some of the worst ever out into a kid’s show. The idea that someone thought it was a good idea to teach kids that the world would be better off without average people is mind-boggling. Also, it’s apparently okay to help people who do nice things for you like crap and if they essentially commit suicide because of it, it is in no way your fault. This episode is one that should be banned from television purely based on the implications on display.

3 The Splinter

What happened to awesome plots like accidentally murdering a health inspector or ripping pants? Selling chocolate or joining Squid's band? (Band Geeks :D) There used to be a whole lot of good plots out there, but now the new writers have resorted to generic, mind-numbing, boring, teeth grinding, grimacing, DISGUSTING plots such as this.

Let me explain. The show starts with Spongebob cooking krabby patties at work when he gets a splinter, pushed into his thumb violently and jerkedly, so much that you'd want to grimace and stuff your head into a pillow and holler and chew it up. Seriously. The way it goes into his thumb is just so... Disturbing...

The whole episode revolves around Spongebob trying to get the splinter out because Squidward threatens to send him home because of it. Now, that's a boring, generic plotline right there. What makes it the rightfully deserving number one is the horrible visuals. IF you're a fan of seeing spongebob's enlarged, gross, bloody, ...more

I love Band Geeks and Chocolate With Nuts! You're right. It's disturbing.

"The Splinter" should be number one. It's gross and unfunny. Basically, the episode involves SpongeBob getting a splinter at work. Instead of telling Mr. Krabs about it. He continues working anyway and gets Patrick to help him (which, of course, only makes it work and caused it to get infected. Mr. Krabs soon finds out about it, and removes the splinter. However, for the sake of "comedy", a giant fountain of puss erupts from SpongeBob's thumb and on to Mr. Krabs. Gross! I don't know who thought this would be a good idea for an episode. I didn't laugh once during the episode.

This episode is really sickening. They show a hand-drawn close up, fully colored and illustrated picture of SpongeBob's sick thumb with puss and slime... After seeing that episode, I got rid of cable and got Netflix. Netflix doesn't have the new ones, just the old ones.

Oh god, this episode is disgusting. I used to COMPLETELY avoid it when I was younger.

I still avoid it.

4 Stuck in the Wringer

I hate that episode. Spongebob finally say what he thinks to Patrick and the Bikini Bottom guys say that the culprit is SpongeBob! Seriously, the first time I heard this I felt like killing everyone who was in that park!

I just loathe this episode. Patrick is such a dick in this one and the worst part, when the fish told SpongeBob after yelling at Patrick for not helping him, "Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten." If I am there, I will murder those people. Yeah, what happened to the SpongeBob series after awesome plots like murdering a health inspector, forming a band, removing paint from a dollar, delivering a pizza, selling chocolate, camping, entering one's dream, constructing a silly theme park, etc. ? God. I WANT TO MURDER THOSE FISH SAYING SpongeBob DIDN'T HAVE A HEART BUT CAN'T THEY SEE THE HARDSHIPS HE'S BEEN THROUGH? Asss.

The writers forgot that the entire episode started on an ACCIDENT. Not KARMA. The only way that scene would've worked if Spongebob was acting like a selfish little brat for a stupid reason throughout the whole episode up to that point, not CRIPPLING him and giving him legitimate, PHYSICAL reason for Spongebob to act out.

I can only imagine what the writers would say to a paraplegic kid finally standing up to his neglectful parents.

I don't really like this episode. Patrick keeps on ruining SpongeBob's plans. Finally SpongeBob told Patrick. The most part I hate is when they turn on SpongeBob and the guy saying he doesn't have a heart. He does and they should not even butt in to SpongeBob and Patrick's business. They don't even understand what SpongeBob has been through with Patrick they just say that SpongeBob is the culprit just because they see it with their own eyes of SpongeBob yelling at Patrick. Seriously I just what to beat them up.

Okay, sounds like a interesting premise for an episode.

(sees the part with Patrick gluing Spongebob to the wringer)

Okay, that's just dumb.

"You know, kid. Your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you're gotten."

Oh, come on! Spongebob had a completely valid reason to call out Patrick.

"I guess crying really does solve your problems."

That's it. I quit.

5 Pet Sitter Pat

This episode is Patrick at his worst. He keeps on torturing Gary while SpongeBob is away. The episode also makes SpongeBob worry about Gary unlike in A Pal For Gary, but the episode uses this as an excuse to torture Gary. The worst part is when Patrick tries to give Gary a bath. He uses a flamethrower and thinks "It looks like fun" and also thinks about using salt to dry him. Salt kills snails, is he crazy! Patrick is so stupid and terrible that he should die because he is the worst character on the show. Yes, even worse than Mr. Krabs. This episode is like a sequel to A Pal For Gary or a terrible rip off that needs to be killed now!

From 'The Card': "SpongeBob, you can't expect my normal brand of stupidity every time! I like to mix it up. Keep ya on your toes! "

I would have declared 'The Card' the worst only because of that (and the following events), but at least in that episode the only thing he was destroying was SpongeBob's trust for Patrick and the most valuable Mermaid Man Trading Card. Not a living creature!

After one of Patrick's lines in'"The Card', it is revealed all the undeserved, cruel torture Patrick gives Gary is intentional. He chases Gary down with a flamethrower, eats all his food (and SpongeBob's), looks for salt to "dry" Gary, and many more horrible actions.

I think with the card it is admitting that Patrick is doing anything stupid on purpose.

Patrick, what happened to you? Your dumbness was charming and funny, but now you are a complete jerk! This episode is an example of making Patrick overly dumb, yet not knowing that that's not enough! Patrick tortured Gary, and didn't get a punishment, or was genuinely dumb, he was just a killer! Ow anthills burg to fix this show back to its glory!

This episode is just a nightmare, Patrick has a really bad part and tries to kill Gary, I definitely think that Patrick tried to trick SpongeBob.

6 Demolition Doofus

Mrs. Puff gets deflated, and is so sick of Spongebob that she wants him DEAD! She even tries to MURDER him when the other demolition derby guys fail to crush him.

She even says "Why are you still ALIVE? "

Way out of character, regardless of what Spongebob put her through. This is one seriously messed up episode.

I hate this episode, it's so evil. Mrs. Puff actually tries to kill SpongeBob, After this episode I just wanted Mrs. Puff to die. I can't believe she actually said 'Why are you still alive' And at the end, SpongeBob doesn't even get mad at Mrs. Puff for trying to kill him. One of the worst episodes of SpongeBob yet.

Just this episode makes Mrs. Puff one of my least favorite characters. Mrs. Puff was extremely bloodthirsty and evil in this episode, I know that SpongeBob ruined her life and almost killed her a couple of times but this was way too far. She tries to kill SpongeBob by putting him in a demolition derby, she even says "WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? ". She was a total psychopath in this episode. One of my least favorite episodes ever.

I absolutely hate this episode, Mrs. Puff hates SpongeBob because he always fails his boating test but she took it way too far. Mrs. Puff wants SpongeBob dead and tries to kill him. I hope Mrs. Puff gets arrested for that.

7 SpongeBob, You're Fired!

You guys can say what you want about A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal. Those episodes at least told a story. What story does this tell? SpongeBob gets fired, 15 minutes of crappy filler, he is hired again because of mopey dopey sad talk. This was a terrible episode just for the sheer fact that it will bore you so much, you'll need to be on life support just to NOT die of boredom. And speaking of life support, SpongeBob's life support is dead. Not to mention this episode not only screws the continuity of the old awesome episodes, but even the newer bad ones. Why the hell would SpongeBob get fired over a nickel!? It's already been shown in Stanley SquarePants that SpongeBob is fully capable of keeping the Krusty Krab alive on his own. Squidward at least does nothing of value for Mr. Krabs. He doesn't even have seniority anymore. It makes no sense and feels purely like a contrivance just to serve a half-crapped plot. Sure A Pal for Gary was just evil and One Coarse Meal REALLY screwed ...more

This episode ruins the whole plot of SpongeBob. SpongeBob has always been loyal to Mr. Krabs, and made the Krusty Krab millions of dollars, and in season 1-5, mr krabs never wants to fire SpongeBob. They were friends and everything, and then somehow mr krabs has to save a nickel and fires his most important employee. So then the plot of this episode changes millions of times, like, SpongeBob is fired, then SpongeBob gets digusting, then SpongeBob goes to sandy for a taste test for some reason, then Patrick gets poisoned and grows a mini head on his body (family guy ripoff), then SpongeBob gets fired out of ridiculous restaurants which doesn't make sense because Krusty Krab, weenie hut, and chum bucket are the only restaurants in the Bikini Bottom. But not anymore! And since when did the bosses of the restaurants have to dress like food? Then the bosses hate SpongeBob fire him, then fight to get him back, and then SpongeBob comes back to the Krusty Krab. This episode is too stupid. It ...more

Pretty much all the episodes in this same season are ANNOYING and CRAPPY but since this is one of my hated Spongebob episodes, I'll tell hate it so much. First off, Spongebob gets fired for no reason, till this day, I still don't know, it was probably something stupid as usual. And it makes no sense whatsoever because Spongebob actually does his job and has a positive attitude towards the customers. SOMEONE ELSE, HOWEVER (and yes I am talking about Squidward) hates everything about his job, (and the people he's in contact with). Okay, basically saying he's a hater. Yeah, a hater. I mean, we all feel Squidward sometimes, right?
Where did I leave off? Oh, yeah! Pretty much, Spongebob gets fired and he becomes depressed. Literally one of the only episodes where he's not his usual annoying self. He gets jobs where all of his bosses fired him. This is Spongebob torture, okay? Whoever wrote this episode knows absolutely nothing and saw absolutely NOTHING where Spongebob was commented on ...more

This episode frustrates me beyond belief because the idea of SpongeBob being fired had potential to be a good episode had the plot taken a different route. SpongeBob getting fired may have been an interesting idea for an episode had he not been fired in order that Krabs could save a nickel. It would have been far more entertaining if SpongeBob had been fired for a good reason perhaps for getting up to some sort of mischief with Patrick. It would have been far better to see SpongeBob get fired for some sort of mischief, realise he had done wrong, learn a lesson and fight to win Mr Krabs trust back!... But no the new writers would rather he got fired for no reason, spiralled into depression, failed at every other job he tried to get before eventually ending up back at the krusty Krab and everything is just fine and dandy, no bad feelings towards Mr Krabs for his heartless decision to fire him in the first place... This episode frustrates me so much I could scream.

8 Yours Mine and Mine

I hate Patrick so much in this episode. He acts like a total douche throughout the damn episode. Patrick's stupidity sometimes just goes way too far. GET THE OLD WRITERS BACK AND FIRE THE NEW ONES FOR GOD SAKE!

This episode made me want to throw my television out the window. I mean, there are times when we're watching Spongebob and we ask ourselves 'Why Patrick is so painfully naive? '... but this episode right here just CROSSES THE LINE. First of all, Patrick basically steals Spongebobs money, falsely states that he's and I quote "familiar with the concept of sharing", and then gorges on the meal they're supposed to be "sharing". That alone makes me sick. Then after Patrick complains about not having a toy with his meal like a 3 year old, Spongebob gets the toy for like 2 minutes and when he gives Patrick a turn Patrick says "aren't you supposed to be working? " To try and get Spongebob in trouble. I mean, he doesn't even let Spongebob touch the Patty Pal, that's down right selfish. But then he plays with the toy all night and STILL doesn't let Spongebob have it, this is just becoming wrong on so many levels. Then after Sandy tries to help them with their problem, they fight over it again. ...more

SpongeBob deserves a much better friend after episodes like this. I hope there will be an episode where SpongeBob teams up with Squidward so they can get revenge on Patrick.

This episode makes me want to punch Patrick in the face. He is so stupid in this episode. He is the one responsible for the fight that he had with SpongeBob over a stupid Krabby Patty toy. He doesn't know anything about sharing. The ending was complete crap in this episode! "Have you learned nothing about sharing? " says Patrick. "Well Patrick, HOW ABOUT YOU LEARN ABOUT SHARING TOYS WITH YOUR FRIENDS INSTEAD OF BEING A COMPLETE MORON FOR THE REST OF THE SERIES! Also, I WANT TO PUNCH YOU AND KILL YOU FOR THIS! GROW UP YOU BIG MORON! " says me. Please Nickelodeon, I'm begging you! GET THE OLD WRITERS BACK!

9 Atlantis Squarepantis

Just like its counterpart, Truth of Square, it had way too much build up. First there was just a lot of stupid ads saying "Spongebob is going to the legendary city of Atlantis! " And what makes it even more sad is the fact that Burger King HAD to advertise it with toys. What we expected was that he'd go there, explore Atlantis and meet King Neptune, but what we got was Spongebob and his friends go to Atlantis on a bus powered by singing. At the beginning, Spongebob and Patrick just pop bubbles with a camera. They then find the missing half of the Atlantis amulet. They then go to the museum where it just so happens that Mr. Krabs, Squidward and Sandy are there, and the put the amulet together. A bis then crashes through the ceiling and they get in. What makes this terrible is that it's just cheap CGI where it looks like they're just pasted onto it. And then they have to sing instead of using gas. So they sing. And all of the song is terrible and they went until they ran out ...more

And this is where SpongeBob died for me. Note that the writers of this episode also wrote "Sand Castles in the Sand", my 2nd favorite episode of SpongeBob ever only behind Band Geeks. There is no excuse for this garbage. The first big problem... WHY IN THE WORLD would you cast David Bowie for a spot, and then give quite literally every other character but him a singing part? That leads to the fact that the trailer never gave any signs of this being a musical. The songs themselves are ear-grating, and they somehow find a way to shoehorn characters in (Plankton, I'm looking at you). And while Plankton getting a tank that only shoots ice cream isn't a good twist anyway, they make it worse by showing it in the promo. That's right, in the promo there is a tank that shoots... Ice cream. On top of this, they give Sandy all of the fight. SpongeBob knows karate, Squidward would know karate in Season 9, and Mr. Krabs is a navy seal. Why is Sandy the only one truly fighting? The killer ...more

This episode was a T.V. movie episode. There were too many misleading ads, especially because of the fact that none of the promo ads stated the episode was actually a musical, with abysmal song nonetheless. The bus to Atlantis was powered by a godawful song, Atlantis was a futuristic alien city, Atlanteans look like they threw Squidward and Mark Chang in a blender, their leader is called Lord Royal Highness (how creative... ), more terrible songs, and Sandy is glorified too much in the fight scene. What more can I say? Oh wait... SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK GO TO ATLANTIS TO SEE THE OLDEST LIVING BUBBLE! A BUBBLE! The episode is that bad.

Where do I even begin. The advertisements deified it, acting like it would be the next SpongeBob SquarePants movie. Instead what we got was sheer garbage. The songs were so torturously awful that I would rather listen to "baby" than most of them. The plot had too many holes to count. 75% of the episode was pointless filler, horrible singing and boring subplots. The humor makes starring at a blank wall look entertaining. Plankton was shoved into the episode out of absolutely nowhere and does nothing to effect the main plot line. Patchy the pirate gets his own pointless subplot, and his own atrocious song. David Bowie makes an appearance as a nightmarish mutant blue burry with probably the most uncreative name comprehensible (lore royal highness). And, of course, the only reason they go to the legendary city of atlantis, which people have been searching for for millennia, is to see the world's oldest bubble, carried across the void of space on foot by one eyed elephants. This is the ...more

10 Little Yellow Book

Gamer4Life I do have a similar opinion. What Squidward did does count as rude, although SpongeBob did deserve his emotional suffering. It wasn't satisfying to me, but it was for his own good. So Squidward was being rude, and you may say SpongeBob was being rude, but in his defense, his actions were good intentions. He didn't mean to annoy the octopus. Also the townspeople overreacted to Squidward reading SpongeBob's diary. And I don't think the townspeople laughing at SpongeBob was deserved. But anyways, I didn't really like this episode, it's both a SpongeBob and Squidward torture episode.

Okay, clearly Squidward was wrong here. Sure. Reading someone else's private business is a terrible thing. But there's no law that says you should get arrested or get your house taken away for reading someone else's diary. The thing that pissed me off the most was that they were all being hypocrites. They were laughing along with Squidward and they all saw SpongeBob taking off his clothes and dancing like a lunatic. And when he runs away crying and humiliated, they just THROW Squidward under the bus, like they didn't take any part of humiliating SpongeBob. Especially Patrick. He could've told Squidward to stop. Instead, he's all, "Fix me up a krabby patty, SpongeBob! With good ol' FEE-FEE! " And then later, he throws tomatoes at Squidward and Squidward tells him that he was reading it too and he said," Oh, blame everyone but YOURSELF! " As much as I like Patrick, he's has this unhealthy addiction of hypocrisy. And honestly, who even cares about diaries anyway?

Where to begin? Why do I hate this episode? For a few reasons:
1.Squidward was mean to SpongeBob by invading his privacy. Okay, I love Squidward, but publicly humiliating him by reading his diary? that's just too much.
2. Everyone were being hypocrites, as usual I might add. Including Patrick.
3. They all took part in bullying and humiliating SpongeBob and when SpongeBob runs away feeling hurt and embarrassed, they throw Squidward under the bus by saying, "That was that little kid's diary? " AND THEY KNEW IT ALL ALONG! they never take responsibility in their actions. Instead, they all throw rotten tomatoes at Squidward not to mention they took his house away FOR READING A DIARY?! COME ON, STUPID PEOPLE! I honestly feel like killing everyone there, including Patrick Hypocrite Pants. But not Squidward. I like you. Ignore these jerks.

Well, I agree with Gamer4Life (although I wouldn't call this episode "amazing"). SpongeBob really did ask for it. You guys don't know what it's like to be in the poor cephalopod's shoes, do you?

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11 Choir Boys

This episode is so annoying! It's all about how Squidward wants to join a men's choir and you'd think SpongeBob wouldn't be in this episode. Well boy were you wrong! He starts off by complaining that his 'playmate' Patrick was gone like a 2 year old. He keeps following him and doesn't stop. Squidward gets zapped by jellyfish for no reason, why couldn't they zap SpongeBob instead? And he dresses up as a police officer because he wasn't listening to his song?! FOR, REAL? He's all, " I here by issue you with this ticket, for reckless frowning, and failing to listen to my song! " I wanna punch the T.V. so hard! Not only is he doing all this on purpose, he also thinks people are stupid too. And then he steals Squidward's spotlight with this fake, angel-like voice! What audacity! He thinks he's such a perfect angel or something! And in spite of all that, he gets all the credit for it! So he knows what he's doing! He asked Squidward where he was going on purpose! Why do some people ...more

This episode gets really start to hate it. The story is about Squidward wants to join the town man choirs (as a dream), but Spongebob (as the worse) keep to bothering Squidward to join the town man choirs, keep following Squidward even more worse. The jellyfish field scene is a bunch of jellyfishes surround Squidward as for Spongebob starts singing extremely more worse. For Squidward, he didn't even starts singing because the jellyfishes shock him for like 1 second. So Squidward tie Spongebob and leave him. But makes extremely even more and more worse that Spongebob call the voice of the god and show at the audition. I really hate this episode because it keep bother Squidward over and over and over and over and over again!

This is kind of a bad version of Band Geeks if you think about it.

I absolutely cannot stand this episode. It is by far my least favorite. I have not watched it again since the first time, yet the horrible memories are forever imprinted in my mind.

Squidward wanted so badly to be in that group, and then SpongeBob comes and doesn't let squidward have that, showing how much of a selfish, inconsiderate character he can be. Squidward deserves at least some happiness in his life, and I get that it's just a cartoon but still!

12 Truth or Square SpongeBob's Truth or Square is a 2009 made-for-television comedy special and an hour-long episode of the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants

Hello, my opinion on this episode is that I call it unique. It has a retarded plot but it is different not only because it is the 10th anniversary, but it intends to keep an intriguing background throughout. So it is stupidly unique. So don't get me wrong, it is a very stupid episode, but is an outcast than the others.

The Patchy segment with some celebrities was the only good part about this episode, everything else with it pretty much sucked.

Why does this one have to be a rip-off of SpongeBob's 10th anniversary. 3 reasons.
1. It's 1 hour long, similar to Atlantis Squarepantis.
2. Everything they show might be true, but not.
3. This was a total waste of 1 hour. Please Nickelodeon, don't air this episode ever again!

Especially for the 10th Anniversary of Spongebob, this was a poor special full of useless cameos, filler and so forth.

13 Dear Vikings

The main reason that this episode was the final nail for me.
Spongebob: "What's a Viking? "
Obviously, the new writers didn't see the Bubble Buddy Episode!

Sorry to bust your bubble (haha, very funny, not) but bubble buddy took place in Season 1, and this episode took place in Season 6. - Gamecubesarecool193

The lack of jokes in this is sad and you can see that the writers are trying SO HARD to get a laugh with the jokes RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE but they're all dull. I will admit that the "all the vikings on the ship are named Olaf" joke got me the first time, but after that it was just stupid. Not to mention the HORRIBLE ENDING! The main conflict was thrown in so late that no one could have expected it. When it DID come however, it was so late in the episode that it ended after about 30 seconds. PATHETIC!

This was the first SpongeBob episode I actually hated. The show was already pretty weak for me for a while before this episode came out, but I was mostly in denial and just thought that I was "outgrowing" it. But then this episode happened and it just hit me that this show really was going downhill.

This episode was just unbelievable. Every character is so horribly oversimplified, the jokes were bad, the plot was uninteresting. In fact the whole thing felt like a bad preschool show. SpongeBob SquarePants is supposed to be a smart kids show, that anyone of any age could enjoy. This episode is so bad it could insult a 4 year old's intelligence. Then you have the poor excuse of an ending, "now that's what I call, a viking sized adventure".

On a personal level it rubs off me bad because before this I would try to make the case that SpongeBob isn't just for little kids, then they pull this episode as a stab to the back.

This "episode" has no good joke (and I don't think there are jokes at all), no interesting story, and the worst ending ever existed in SpongeBob SquarePants history! These new "writers" should learn how to write or DON'T WRITE AT ALL!

14 To Love a Patty

This episode clearly states that Sponge Bob shouldn't be in love with anyone or anyTHING. You know, it's almost like All That Glitters kind of. You know, with stupid Spat? Basically, SpongeBob falls in love with a patty. For what reason? I have no idea. Sandy tells him that they were made for eating, not acting all mushy gushy over it. The second he ignores, it goes downhill from there. He legit tried to kill a bunch of clams for trying to eat "Patty" and it goes all rotten.

The part I hated was that they did a close up. TWICE in fact. And no, I won't say anymore.

The whole episode is offensive I mean seriously SpongeBob falls in love with a Krabby Patty and when his friends try to help him and prevent him from falling in love with a patty What does SpongeBob do? Ignore them and have a "date with the patty" Holly God you have to be serious a DATE with a non-living object. When close to the end, there's a close up where we see a rotten patty. If a grown adult sees it they would be perfectly fine but SpongeBob SquarePants is a show for EVERYBODY so that means kids also watch the show and if they see that rotten patty some of them will puke but it doesn't end there because SpongeBob that finally realized how weird he was acting finally decides to eat the patty. Yep, SpongeBob in front of many viewers decides to eat, chew, and swallow that Krabby patty. I don't want to talk about this episode any more.

Another dreadful episode with a weak plot that relies on gross humor for laughs. The song is awful too and seriously cringeworthy. Actually the thing that bugs me most about this episode is watching SpongeBob rip apart the scallop shells! Hang on a minute! Does anyone remember the episode Rock a bye bivalve? Didn't the kind and caring SpongeBob we all know, raise and nurture a baby scallop in that episode? Yet here we see him brutally murder the very creature he loved and cared for Seems very out of character for SpongeBob to be killing things and that is just MESSED UP! Just highlights how little the new writers understanding of his character is, someone should make them sit and watch series 1-3 thouroughly!

There are not enough words to describe how much I HATE this episode. The main reason (but not the only one) is that scene where SpongeBob kills clams to save a sandwich! That scene to me was blatant character assassination, the old SpongeBob would never show such disregard for innocent animals lives! Earlier episodes showed him to be kind and caring, not to mention he's a pet owner, he even raised a baby clam in one episode, what if one of the clams he killed was THAT clam! First time I saw this episode I screamed at the T.V. at the clam scene. Do the writers not watch the old episodes?

15 Face Freeze!

How can tou like this episode?
Characters' frozen faces are just looks horrible and disgusting!
Can you watch this without your eye patch?

And spongebob and patrick's making faces are just disgusting and horrible.
Do you want to making faces like them in this episode?
I'll say that I never do this.

That's the reason why I think it was the worst Spongebob episode ever!

This episode is awful. Spongebob and Patrick's faces are just plain disturbing! It's not even remotely funny.

Oh god, I remember the time I watched this episode of garbage. Here is my top 10 worst:

10. House Fancy
9. Truth or Square (Very Disappointing)
8. Dear Vikings
7. Trenchbillies
6. Atlantis Squarepantis (God Awful)
5. The Splinter (Gross)
4. All the 2013 episodes
3. Planet of the Jellyfish (I'm sorry. Terrible)
2. Fear of a Krabby Patty (Very Annoying)
1. Face Freeze
This should be #1

Bottom line. This is the biggest disgrace to spongebob.

I'm sorry, but Planet of the Jellyfish was easily the best modern episode

The only reason I end up watching this episode is because it's after Karen 2.0 and InSPONGEiac, two really good episodes.

16 Squid Baby Squid Baby is a Spongebob Squarepants episode from season 9 where Squidward slams his head on a mailbox which causes his head to swell up which makes him look and act like a baby.

Nothing about this plot makes sense, and is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen, and I've seen "The Splinter" and "A Pal for Gary" (which both deserve top 5 worst along with "Spongebob, You're Fired" and "Face Freeze"). Spongebob and Patrick make annoying baby noises. Squidward hits his head on the mailbox, and Patrick thinks he's now a baby?

Then they take him to the doctor. The doctor says to make sure he doesn't hit his head anymore, and hands Squidward wearing a diaper over. So, they then act like he's a baby, Squidward acts like a baby, and they keep throwing him at things. WHY IS HE A BABY? Well, he's not a real baby, why does everyone just accept he's a baby, what is this? Top 5 worst, alongside those others that are classics, however I haven't seen "ink lemonade" yet...

Oh gosh. This episode is disturbing. The content isn't as nightmare inducing as squid's visit. But this episode still belongs in the top 10 worst. The entire plot recycles Rock a bye bivalve, and at the same time makes unfunny gags where squidward gets repeatedly banged in the head. The hypocrisy showcase from little yellow book may have been irritating. But the annoyance from this episode makes you legitimately cringe all the way through. You spend the 11 minutes praying for squidward to survive. There is only one other episode with this kind of plot, the one and only, "One coarse meal", a worse episode. And episodes where the character you root for ends up losing are worthy of the top 10 worst.

Out of all the episodes of SpongeBob I've seen, this is the only one that I can call disgusting in every sense of the word. Every other bad episode I can think of at least had some sort of redeeming quality to it (except for maybe Plankton's Regular). There's none to this one. Not only it has signs of Squidward Torture Porn, it's also filled with baby humour. I hate baby humour. I think it's primitive, disgusting, and I don't find it funny. Every other-themed joke with a potential here either falls flat (the "my leg" gag wasn't even said by the right guy) or I'm not sure was even a joke to begin with (customers begging to give their money). This was not enjoyable in the slightest.

Say what you want about A Pal for Gary or One Coarse Meal, because this is the WORST episode of SpongeBob for me. First of all, the plot is stupid and a STP. (Even though most STPs are decent). Secondly, SpongeBob and Patrick act babyish and play with baby toys. BABY TOYS? I hope the SquarePants parents regret SpongeBobs independence. And third, this episode had incredibly disgusting gross-out humour! The Splinter and house fancy had less sickening visuals than this! Lastly, there are so many mistakes! Why did mr Krabs let Squidward work? Babies can't even work! Why didn't the doctor put ice on baby Squiddys head at the start? This is certainly the worst Spongebob episode ever!

17 Boating Buddies

Out of the few post-movie episodes I've watched, this is easily the worst one I've come across. The jokes try so hard to make you laugh, but I just find them all dull. Not to mention it's one of many Squidward Torture Porns.

The episode starts with Spongebob grooming Gary until he hears what he thinks is 'a strange noise'. While investigating what it is, he decides to get Squidward into trouble once again. While trying to escape in a boat, Squidward destroys a stop sign and gets assigned to Boating School.

When asked by Mrs. Puff, Squidward tries to explain what happened while Spongebob stares him down. When Squidward sits down again, Spongebob starts breathing heavily at him in such a creepy way! You see where I'm going with this?

Also, throughout this episode, Squidward gets beaten up by some muscular fish twice. Squidward torture taken too far, am I wrong? Anyway, after being beaten up for the second time, Squidward ends up in a full body cast right before the ...more

This episode is annoying. There are so many reasons people hate this episode. It's actually debatably worse than the splinter because it is very hard to sit through with SpongeBob's horribly annoying behavior! but the worst part is squidward's undeserved misery. Say what you want about him in little yellow book. But this episode is punishing him by shoehorning him into boating school and keeping the frown on his face from beginning to end. In little yellow book, squidward got punished for stealing SpongeBob's diary. But the townspeople didn't. However, stealing the diary was squidward's fault to begin with, so there was at least some logic. This episode has no excuse, Mrs. Puff is letting SpongeBob ruin squidward's day. Giving this episode the benefit of the doubt, SpongeBob was indirectly causing squidward's misery. This means it was not the intent to make squidward upset. In choir boys, there was a cause for squidward's torment. Granted, it was horribly unfunny, but made more sense ...more

I felt really bad for Squidward that he was stuck in boating school with SpongeBob, this is the most stressful episode to watch from SpongeBob. Why did SpongeBob even bother Squidward in the first place to get him sentenced to Boating School.

Squidward gets all his bones broken

18 Squid's Visit

I have to add this episode? This episode is incredibly creepy. SpongeBob makes an exact replica of squidwards inside house and takes his vacuum cleaner just to visit him. And when I say exact replica, I am not kidding. He has every little detail, even a chip in the paint. If that isn't creepy, tell me what is

Squid's visit is very debatably worthy of falling into the bottom 10 episodes. The main problem with the episode isn't the uncanny replica of squidward's house. It's the fact that this episode alone acknowledges that SpongeBob is a creepy person. There was no reason for SpongeBob to invite squidward over; it's almost like his invitation was nothing short of a contrived kidnapping. This kind of stuff is stated in earnest, meaning that the writers here wanted to showcase the character of season 6 SpongeBob. Season 6 SpongeBob is not naïve or charming. He is demented and creepy. Also, the episodic structure is very flimsy. The idea here is SpongeBob getting squidward to come to his house. Nothing here is funny. Boating buddies may be very annoying. But this episode is excessively creepy. The plot was very aware of the problem that it refused to fix. It also showcases the worst problems with SpongeBob's new character. This episode belongs in the top 10 worst because of its intent to go ...more

Not only is this episode INCREDIBLY creepy, its borderline psychotic! Spongebob has snuck inside squidward's house enough times to memorize every little detail, to even a scratch in the paint! Spongebob has probably snuck inside Squidward's house THOUSANDS and I mean THOUSANDS of times! That's 2 to 3 times a day for the past 5 to 7 years or so! It is AMAZING that this was aloud to be aired! This should never be televised again.

The episode shows how much of a creepy, psychopathic stalker Spongebob is. The episode starts of with Spongebob pestering Squidward about visiting his house, Squidward then says why would he want to visit Spongebob's house when he can enjoy the luxury of his own. So Spongebob builds an exact replica of Squidward's house on the inside with every little detail even copying the stitching on Squidward's cushion and gets him to come in by stealing his vacuum cleaner although he refers to it as "borrowing". Squidward soon starts to go insane by staying in this "horror house". He manages to find his vacuum cleaner and quickly exits only to find out that his casserole has burnt down his house meaning he has to stay with Spongebob although he makes him sleep on what remains of his house while he stays at Spongebob's house.

19 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

Two main problems with this episode.

One: It's a direct ripoff of "Imitation Krabs"--and a TERRIBLE one at that.
Two: The writers scapegoat Sandy for a number of coldhearted scenes.

Plankton didn't even steal Sandy's suit! Why not, you know, WEAR it?

Plus, the ending didn't make sense. 1) Characters are seen naked all the time and it doesn't seem to be illegal. 2) Sandy wasn't completely naked. 3) Plankton WAS naked. come on! Is that supposed to be FUNNY? Because it's NOT!

Plankton's kind of a jerk here, but being a villain, that's supposed to be standard for his character. The real issue is the townsfolk, who laughed at her when Sandy was naked, nevermind that most of them don't even wear pants (or sometimes even shirts), and Plankton was an idiot in not stealing the suit (fortunately for him, apparently everyone else was even dumber and didn't even notice).

Squidward wasn't arrested, and he never wears pants. Plankton's also always fully nude, and he isn't arrested either. It just proves that the townsfolk are racists.

I really DESPISE this episode because everyone were acting like such jerks to Sandy. They didn't even help her find her missing fur or turn in the thief (Plankton) who took it. Instead they all LAUGH at her nakedness while literally half of them are BUTT NAKED and the other majority of those stupid HYPOCRITES are shirtless so I really don't know who those freaks are trying to laugh at with THIEIR nakedness.
Then the episode ends off TERRIBLE with Sandy getting arrested for public nudity and Plankton, (the one who started this whole thing in the first place just to get the STUPID secret formula) doesn't get arrested for identity theft?! And even worse, Sandy wasn't even NAKED! It's literally what she wears in her treedome all the time! That town honestly needs new POLICE OFFICERS FOR GOD SAKE!

20 Good Neighbors

My favorite part of this episode is "the opening parallel shots" of SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick sleeping. It's very nicely edited and is a nice way to start off the episode. Unfortunately, everything else about this episode is downhill from there. This is a Squidward torture episode done wrong. What does Squidward want to do in this episode? Just have a relaxing Sunday, and SpongeBob and Patrick ruin it beyond belief in ways that just aren't even funny. They're just so ignorant of the world around them and Squidward's emotions! There's not even an excuse of this episode. I mean, yes, there's Naughty Nautical Neighbors where Squidward acts like a jerk to SpongeBob and Patrick, then there's Jellyfishing where Squidward can be bandaged up so SpongeBob and Patrick don't know that he hates what they're doing. In this episode, they just have no excuse! They're just idiots, and none of it is funny, and there's also a random giant robot that Squidward's house turns into. It's ...more

Last year (in October 2018), I was on a Persian site where they had several SpongeBob episodes, whether it was good episodes like Pizza Delivery or bad episodes like Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy, or even newer episodes like Lame and Fortune. Out of all of them, they all had dubbings in the Persian language, even though the Persian dubs of SpongeBob aren't professional and don't use the original score. But this episode, however, was on the site, but not in Persian, but in English. So, this is the ONLY SpongeBob episode I know of that doesn't have a Persian dub. Does that say something here? Because I think it does, and what it says, is that this episode is AWFUL! SO awful, that it wasn't dubbed in Persian, even though the other episodes on that site had Persian dubbings, even A Pal for Gary.

Squidward has every EXCUSE to hate Spongebob and Patrick. I'm not saying that I hate Spongebob, but they went too far in this episode. Okay, sure Squidward can be extremely shady at times, but for good reasons and he has every right to. Because it's as if everyone keeps ganging up on Squidward for no reason whatsoever. Squidward did nothing to deserve this kind of torture and for some reason, if he tries to relax for like a few seconds, he'll get tortured for the rest of his life.
Okay as much as I like Spongebob, he has no personality beyond being a nice person. He's not really mature, he acts like a 2 year old and he's too much of a butt kisser to that cheapo Mr. Krabs, and he cries way too much and he has this annoying laugh that makes your ears bleed. So what did Squidward do to deserve this? Nothing. This makes me hate Spongebob at times.

The first I saw this episode, and as a 12 year old, It just pissed me off. SpongeBob and Patrick are just obnoxious buffoons all the way through, which is really annoying considering the fact I felt really bad for Squidward. It was the first time that I sympathized for him and started realize why he hates SpongeBob and Patrick so much. After seeing this episode, I wanted to actually kill SpongeBob, and that's saying something.

21 Are You Happy Now?

This episode is weak on it's own. It begins with Squidward not being able to remember his "happiest memory" (what about episodes such as Band Geeks and House Fancy, where he actually gets to win? ). He becomes depressed, and it gets worse when the episode references suicide TWICE. Once when Squidward sticks his head in his oven (to pull out some brownies) and when seemingly pulling a rope to hang himself (he's actually hanging a bird cage). This kind of stuff shouldn't be in a kids' show. No one thinks that suicide is funny; it's a very serious topic. If I had my say, I'd pull that episode off air and fire whoever thought it would actually make people laugh.

I thought One Coarse Meal was the worst episode until this aired. Both episodes share the same type of moment that makes each one completely irredeemable. Suicide jokes are not funny and do not belong in a kid's show.

But how does this episode handle the subject even worse than OCM? What makes it even more unnecessarily disturbing?

In OCM, Plankton's attempted suicide is caused by the actions of the antagonist (Mr Krabs), so we at least have a character that we have the right to hate. I'm not defending the episode by any means, but in Are You Happy Now? There is no antagonist. The only person consistently getting in the way of Squidward's success is Spongebob (surprise), but he is also the person trying to help Squidward through the whole episode so we can't really hate him.

The writers projected the dark and disturbing tone purely for the sake of sick "humour". There was no reason for it other than that it was supposed to be funny.

It wasn't. It REALLY ...more

This is without a doubt the most dreadful episode ever, along with One Coarse Meal, All That Glitters, Good Neighbors, you name it. What a perfect idea for a new episode of SpongeBob. As if One Coarse Meal wasn't as scaring enough, they just wanted to make another one this time with SQUIDWARD attempting suicide. At first, I kind of laughed when I was younger because I didn't know the meaning of the word suicide and I laughed because I thought Squidward was going to bake his own head in the oven. But when I kept seeing it a lot, I finally understood, ESPECIALLY when I saw the most HORRID part when Squidward was going to hang himself. Yeah. TOTALLY a good episode for kids. NOT! I WAS BEING SARCASTIC! Then at the end he rips all those paper mashe SpongeBob's saying that this is his best memory and SpongeBob is just standing there with that face that parents make when babies say their first word. He doesn't even mind. That's tough.

SpongeBob cannot pull of suicide jokes like this. A show like "Family Guy" or "Rick and Morty" could.

22 Trench Billies

I seriously dread watching this episode the characters are creepy as hell the only of this episode I like is the part Patrick calls a musical challenge and also the part where they tried to go home they got out successfully but trying to making them trenchbillies making them take care of there mom for the rest of there lives if that were me I would turned down the offer for sure and got the heck out of there cause there no way I want to take care of there mother Spongebob and Patrick sure didn't want to either and if that were me I would come back with a Minigun and Kill everysingle of them trenchbillies I wish they would have made that part of the episode that would have been funny to watch but yeah Spongebob and Patrick did the right thing getting the heck out of there and the fact that they followed them to the Krusty Krab and lastly the last part of the episode I liked would have to been when they force Krabs to marry there the Leader of their Clan that was awesome with how much ...more

Totally agreed! Horrible episode. It was just so stupid and pointless. I miss the old SpongeBob :(

Bo! Hiss! This episode is stupid and pointless? The Trenchbillies are disturbing and evil to Bikini Bottom citizens. He made Krabs marry the leader of their clan. I also hate how it draws away from the main point of the show. And the Trenchbillies want poor SpongeBob and Patrick to stay in their isolated society forever.

This episode is ugly, disturbing and unpleasant. That's how I'd describe it. It's plot is boring and pointless, it's jokes are terrible (none of them get a laugh), it's tone is mean-spirited the character designs of the Trench Billies are disgusting and hard to look at, it relies on redneck stereotypes because the writers don't know how to write interesting characters anymore, or use the ones that are interesting (or at least used to be). Not to mention that the episode references incest.

23 Ink Lemonade

This is the worst of Patrick since Stuck in the Wringer and Pet Sitter Pat. It's also the worst Squidward Torture Porn since Squid Baby.

An episode of The Fairly OddParents which had a similar plot as this one was much better than Ink Lemonade. Soon this will be number 2 or surpass A Pal for Gary.

This should be above Squid's visit and Good Neighbors. Looks like the writers couldn't stand episodes like Squid Noir and Band Geeks,so they decided to make a psychotic Squidward Torture Porn.This is worse than Demolition Doofus. In Demolition Doofus,Mrs Puff wanted to kill Spongebob but she did it because Spongebob was tormenting him and still made stupid puns out of her deflation. But this episode...Squidward does NOTHING bad and Patrick tries to scare him and he squirts ink out of him and Patrick sells it as lemonade. Writers of this episode decided to become sadistic and tried to torture the poor Squid.
"Waiting" should be below this.

I honestly never thought Post-Sequel SpongeBob would never sink so low after being such an improvement over the Post-Movie era. While there are rather divisive stinkers like Mutiny on the Krusty, Sportz? , Life Insurance, etc., THIS is now officially the worst Post-Sequel SpongeBob episode of all time. The three I just mentioned are vanilla in comparison to Ink Lemonade. I have yet to watch My Leg! and Ink Lemonade, but I know I won't enjoy Ink Lemonade. I mean, just look at Vailskibum94's thumbnail for this episode! THEY ACTUALLY SQUEEZED SQUIDWARD LIKE A LEMON?! Speaking of lemons, this episode sucks lemons.

Wait, you didn't like Life Insurance? That was actually one of the only post-sequel episodes I like, along with Scavenger Pants, Sanitation Insanity, Unreal Estate, and Code Yellow. The rest are really badly written and just not interesting

24 WhoBob WhatPants?

Another terrible SpongeBob special with a wasted celebrity cameo. This special is nothing, but mean-spirited from the jokes to the characters. SpongeBob's friends are unnecessarily cruel to him when SpongeBob ruined everything by accident. There is even a joke offending the homeless when they can't even watch the episode. Squidward is the most unlikeable character here because he is excited that SpongeBob is gone, and doesn't feel guilty about what he said. The amnesia plot is cliche and pointless to the story. In the end, nothing changed and this whole special was pointless and a waste of time. Also, who could forget the most infamous part of the episode with the worst facial expression in the entire show.

Horrible episode, I dislike it. True his friends had the right to be guilty for running Spongebob out of town, especially Squidward. Although he doesn't feel guilty because he is happy but only went for the reward. He should understand the friendship with Spongebob.

I know right this was boring and stupid. The only funny thing is were squidward smashes that sponge tracking device and says oops I dropped it

When you think about it, it's the SpongeBob equivalent to Life of Brian from Family Guy. They're both ratings traps that all but outright force you to be sad, then change everything back to normal later, as if none of it ever happened.

This episode has more problems than any other episode of the show. It's way too cruel to SpongeBob throughout the whole episode, and when his friends make their turnaround, it's incredibly forced. I also think that while Squidward is a jerk, Mr. Krabs is like 4 times worse because he needs SpongeBob the most, and seems to regret chasing him off the least.
You also have that face that while I find incredibly hilarious, in reality is quite possibly the worst face of the whole show. But the worst part about this episode is it's pacing. Everything is out of whack timing-wise, and is poorly placed for what kind of story this episdoe is trying to tell. And the climax while decent, comes too early and the story looses any real tension afterwards. Probably the worst episode of the show, but not my most hated.
There's also the wasted celebrity cameo, gross out where it shouldn't be, flanderization, and hypocrisy within the plot itself. Patrick is smart enough to bake a cake outside, but ...more

25 Shuffleboarding

The plot in this episode just gets scrapped halfway through.

SpongeBob and Patrick pretend to be their favorite superheroes and end up arresting all those people for nothing! They even arrested an lady just because she was old! When they did this, I was so mad! Not only that, but there was no shuffleboarding at all! In the first scene, SpongeBob and Patrick are going to the tournament. In the next, they already have the trophies! Definitely the worst episode ever! How is this not number one?

Horrible episode where Spongebob and Patrick dress up as Mermaid man and Barnacle boy to pick up their shuffleboarding trophies as Mermaid man and Barnacle boy aren't capable of doing so due to them being injured, but we don't get to see any shuffleboarding in the entire episode. On their way back they suddenly come up with the idea that they should stop crime in bikini bottom as their heroes aren't capable of doing so but instead of helping people they end up throwing innocent citizens in jail for stupid reasons like throwing an unfinished krabby patty in the bin or chewing gum too loudly. They even arrest Manray and an old lady with him even though they didn't do anything remotely bad at all. The jail gets so full that it explodes causing all the citizens injury and then they start chasing after the real Mermaid man and Barnacle boy. I just wanted to throw Spongebob and Patrick in jail after watching this episode.

SpongeBob and Patrick decide to go as Mermaid man and Barnacle boy to a shuffleboard competition as the real ones can't go. But despite what sounds like a good plot, they spend the rest of the episode going around town fighting crime (not really). They should have just made the episode about SpongeBob and Patrick at the contest. But no, they had to completely change the subject half way through the show.

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