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1 A Pal for Gary

I just loathe this episode. Spongebob Ignorantpants ignores the lady's warning about Puffy Fluffy. The instant he ignores, you just want to make Spongebob absorb corrosives. He was blaming Gary for everything harmful thing Puffy Fluffy did. He scolded Gary for protecting himself?!? He also doesn't care about Gary when Puffy Fluffy was about to eat him saying " Gary! Put Puffy Fluffy down right now! " instead of "Puffy Fluffy! Put Gary down right now! ". Gosh, did I want to smash the T.V. because of that yellow, porous jerk.

I hate this episode as well, I really hate when SpongeBob blaming Gray instead of Puffy Fluffy. - GenoKenneth

This episode makes me question why Spongebob is still on the air and has a 7.7/10 at IMDb.

First off, Spongebob is astoundingly ignorant and stupid in this episode. I mean, if your own pet was being eaten alive right in front of your eyes, would you blame your pet for that? No? Well, that means you're a decent person, unlike Spongebob, who blames Gary at every single point in this episode where Puffy Fluffy (isn't that a great name? ) tortures Gary. Seriously, how did Spongebob not notice Puffy Fluffy tearing Gary's toy apart right in front of him?!?!

Also, at no point in this episode was I laughing. It's like watching Master of Disguise, so much more painful to watch than it is funny, but for different reasons. I honestly don't even think the writers even attempted comedy more than they did increase our hate for Spongebob nowadays.

Message to new writers, if you wanted to create a good Spongebob episode, try this. 1: Make the characters likeable. 2: Try doing ...more

In reply to the guy that mentioned Super Mario 64 and IMDb, please stop. - KennyRulz244444

Pretty much all the episodes season 6-9 are equally bad. But if I had to pick one episode to be the worst of them all, this is it. I'll try to keep it one paragraph. So before spongebob gets puffy fluffy. The beginning is like recycling a day without tears (another awful episode). Spongebob can't stop worrying about Gary, nothing has happened to him by himself in the past. I'm like COME ON! So he sees these ADORABLE creatures on the street. Not only does he steal the creature, but IGNORES the ladies the warning on how dangerous the creatures are. Spongebob has just done 2 things to make you mad! So Spongebob introduces Gary to Puffy Fluffy and gets mad at Gary Already for stuff that he doesn't have rules for! On every little event that happens he blames Gary. When Puffy Fluffy tears about Gary's toy, he does NOTHING! He is letting Puffy Fluffy torture Gary! At night Puffy Fluffy evolves and becomes DISGUSTING! The entire night, Puffy Fluffy is trying to kill Gary. That's right, KILL ...more

Worst.Episode. Ever. It reeks of tartar sauce and there is no wit and sponge bob is a complete and utter DUMBASS and he STEALS from the old lady and barets Gary for doing NOTHING. I hate MODERN spongebob, the day he does will be a day of joyous celebration

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2 One Coarse Meal

Ah... SpongeBob SquarePants... when you think of a great family friendly children's show, this is probably one of the things that comes to mind, right? Well, if you've never seen this episode, please watch. It will change your mind COMPLETELY. No joke. What makes this episode so bad? What makes it worse than the episode A Pal For Gary, an episode FILLED with abuse of Gary? Let's get into it. Plankton is trying to (once again) steal the Krabby Patty formula. Pearl shows up, (just to ask for money) and Plankton is terrified because he has heard that whales eat plankton. Mr. Krabs uses this fear to create a master plan to stop Plankton once and for all. Mr. Krabs creates a costume that looks exactly like Pearl, and begins to scare Plankton, even when he's not doing anything that endangers the Krusty Krab. Great message for children, right? Don't worry, it gets worse. Plankton is starting to go insane. Literally insane. He doesn't cut his hair, his toenails, he wears tissue boxes for ...more

Is it weird that I read the first part of your paragraph in the French Narrator's voice?

There is only one word to describe this episode: Awful. Only "The Splinter" surpasses this episode in sheer badness. This episode made me hate Mr. Krabs and loose respect for SpongeBob. The way they treated Plankton was awful in this episode. Newsflash for the writers: Plankton attempting suicide is NOT funny! It doesn't matter that Plankton is the villain of the show. You cannot expect me to root for someone who traumatizes someone and drives that person to almost committing suicide.

The plot for this episode is just so mean-spirited. I mean, why would they expect us to root for someone who tries to drive someone else to suicide for no reason?!

This portrayed a serious issue this poorly, and this made The Simpsons' Boys of Bummer look masterful by comparison. - Fazbear97

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3 The Splinter

What happened to awesome plots like accidentally murdering a health inspector or ripping pants? Selling chocolate or joining Squid's band? (Band Geeks :D) There used to be a whole lot of good plots out there, but now the new writers have resorted to generic, mind-numbing, boring, teeth grinding, grimacing, DISGUSTING plots such as this.

Let me explain. The show starts with Spongebob cooking krabby patties at work when he gets a splinter, pushed into his thumb violently and jerkedly, so much that you'd want to grimace and stuff your head into a pillow and holler and chew it up. Seriously. The way it goes into his thumb is just so... Disturbing...

The whole episode revolves around Spongebob trying to get the splinter out because Squidward threatens to send him home because of it. Now, that's a boring, generic plotline right there. What makes it the rightfully deserving number one is the horrible visuals. IF you're a fan of seeing spongebob's enlarged, gross, bloody, ...more

I love Band Geeks and Chocolate With Nuts! You're right. It's disturbing. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

"The Splinter" should be number one. It's gross and unfunny. Basically, the episode involves SpongeBob getting a splinter at work. Instead of telling Mr. Krabs about it. He continues working anyway and gets Patrick to help him (which, of course, only makes it work and caused it to get infected. Mr. Krabs soon finds out about it, and removes the splinter. However, for the sake of "comedy", a giant fountain of puss erupts from SpongeBob's thumb and on to Mr. Krabs. Gross! I don't know who thought this would be a good idea for an episode. I didn't laugh once during the episode.

This episode is really sickening. They show a hand-drawn close up, fully colored and illustrated picture of SpongeBob's sick thumb with puss and slime... After seeing that episode, I got rid of cable and got Netflix. Netflix doesn't have the new ones, just the old ones.

Kid: There's a new episode? Oh cool!
(The episode releases)
Kid: YES! Now I can watch this!
(The title card and the opening)
Kid: Phew! I thought Spongebob died!
(Spongebob gets the splinter)
Kid: EW!
(Moves on to Dr. Patrick)
Kid: Patrick, don't make it bad.
(Patrick smashes the splinter)
Kid: OH what! (pukes)
(Spongebob shows Mr. Krabs the splinter)
(pukes on the floor for 10 seconds)
(Mr. Krabs pulls out the splinter and pus comes out)
Kid: Oh no... I think I am gonna be sick... (Pukes for a whole day) - Datguyisweird666

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4 Demolition Doofus

Mrs. Puff gets deflated, and is so sick of Spongebob that she wants him DEAD! She even tries to MURDER him when the other demolition derby guys fail to crush him.

She even says "Why are you still ALIVE? "

Way out of character, regardless of what Spongebob put her through. This is one seriously messed up episode.

I hate this episode, it's so evil. Mrs. Puff actually tries to kill SpongeBob, After this episode I just wanted Mrs. Puff to die. I can't believe she actually said 'Why are you still alive' And at the end, SpongeBob doesn't even get mad at Mrs. Puff for trying to kill him. One of the worst episodes of SpongeBob yet.

Mrs. Puff attempted to kill Spongebob because Spongebob has been a pain to Mrs. Puff for years, and Mrs. Puff couldn't stand having him in her class anymore and wanted him out of her life. - QueenJazzy21064

Just this episode makes Mrs. Puff one of my least favorite characters. Mrs. Puff was extremely bloodthirsty and evil in this episode, I know that SpongeBob ruined her life and almost killed her a couple of times but this was way too far. She tries to kill SpongeBob by putting him in a demolition derby, she even says "WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? ". She was a total psychopath in this episode. One of my least favorite episodes ever.

Being mad at one character for almost killing another but not mad at that another for almost killing that one character is kinda ridiculous. But, hey, this is my opinion. - QueenJazzy21064

I can’t stand spongebob in the beginning. He’s beyond inconsiderate! Saying that she should be called mrs. Popped while laughing & after hearing she’s allergic to flowers do nothing about it. Negging the doc about her saying she has no reason to be upset! ‘Modern’ spongebob as stupid as ‘modern’ Patrick.😕

But what’s worse is that they turn mrs. Puff into some kind of villain who wants spongebob dead! Like she’s laughing maniacally at seeing him in trouble & for no reason shoved that fish guy in the crowd! I don’t care how ‘mean’ spongebob was to her in the past! When has he attempted to try and murder her? All the times he hurt her where accidents! Mrs. Puff here WAS PURPOSEFULLY TRYING TO MURDER SPONGEBOB! What the f kind of moral is this to send kids anyways? ‘Hey kids, if a person accidentally harms you saverlly, MURDER them! Two wrongs make a right!... actually, that’s not quite right as you need to attempt to kill him unlike the other ...more

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5 Atlantis Squarepantis

Just like its counterpart, Truth of Square, it had way too much build up. First there was just a lot of stupid ads saying "Spongebob is going to the legendary city of Atlantis! " And what makes it even more sad is the fact that Burger King HAD to advertise it with toys. What we expected was that he'd go there, explore Atlantis and meet King Neptune, but what we got was Spongebob and his friends go to Atlantis on a bus powered by singing. At the beginning, Spongebob and Patrick just pop bubbles with a camera. They then find the missing half of the Atlantis amulet. They then go to the museum where it just so happens that Mr. Krabs, Squidward and Sandy are there, and the put the amulet together. A bis then crashes through the ceiling and they get in. What makes this terrible is that it's just cheap CGI where it looks like they're just pasted onto it. And then they have to sing instead of using gas. So they sing. And all of the song is terrible and they went until they ran out ...more

And this is where SpongeBob died for me. Note that the writers of this episode also wrote "Sand Castles in the Sand", my 2nd favorite episode of SpongeBob ever only behind Band Geeks. There is no excuse for this garbage. The first big problem... WHY IN THE WORLD would you cast David Bowie for a spot, and then give quite literally every other character but him a singing part? That leads to the fact that the trailer never gave any signs of this being a musical. The songs themselves are ear-grating, and they somehow find a way to shoehorn characters in (Plankton, I'm looking at you). And while Plankton getting a tank that only shoots ice cream isn't a good twist anyway, they make it worse by showing it in the promo. That's right, in the promo there is a tank that shoots... Ice cream. On top of this, they give Sandy all of the fight. SpongeBob knows karate, Squidward would know karate in Season 9, and Mr. Krabs is a navy seal. Why is Sandy the only one truly fighting? The killer ...more

This episode was a T.V. movie episode. There were too many misleading ads, especially because of the fact that none of the promo ads stated the episode was actually a musical, with abysmal song nonetheless. The bus to Atlantis was powered by a godawful song, Atlantis was a futuristic alien city, Atlanteans look like they threw Squidward and Mark Chang in a blender, their leader is called Lord Royal Highness (how creative... ), more terrible songs, and Sandy is glorified too much in the fight scene. What more can I say? Oh wait... SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK GO TO ATLANTIS TO SEE THE OLDEST LIVING BUBBLE! A BUBBLE! The episode is that bad.

WHY would you make an episode with David Bowie, A SINGER, and his character is the ONLY one who DOESN'T get to sing. This episode sucks.

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6 Pet Sitter Pat

This episode is Patrick at his worst. He keeps on torturing Gary while SpongeBob is away. The episode also makes SpongeBob worry about Gary unlike in A Pal For Gary, but the episode uses this as an excuse to torture Gary. The worst part is when Patrick tries to give Gary a bath. He uses a flamethrower and thinks "It looks like fun" and also thinks about using salt to dry him. Salt kills snails, is he crazy! Patrick is so stupid and terrible that he should die because he is the worst character on the show. Yes, even worse than Mr. Krabs. This episode is like a sequel to A Pal For Gary or a terrible rip off that needs to be killed now!

From 'The Card': "SpongeBob, you can't expect my normal brand of stupidity every time! I like to mix it up. Keep ya on your toes! "

I would have declared 'The Card' the worst only because of that (and the following events), but at least in that episode the only thing he was destroying was SpongeBob's trust for Patrick and the most valuable Mermaid Man Trading Card. Not a living creature!

After one of Patrick's lines in'"The Card', it is revealed all the undeserved, cruel torture Patrick gives Gary is intentional. He chases Gary down with a flamethrower, eats all his food (and SpongeBob's), looks for salt to "dry" Gary, and many more horrible actions.

Patrick, what happened to you? Your dumbness was charming and funny, but now you are a complete jerk! This episode is an example of making Patrick overly dumb, yet not knowing that that's not enough! Patrick tortured Gary, and didn't get a punishment, or was genuinely dumb, he was just a killer! Ow anthills burg to fix this show back to its glory! - wolfythefree

The whole time I wanted for Gary to horribly maim Patrick and make him pay for his horrible treatment but of course the writers for this episode are soulless monsters who get some sick pleasure of watching a poor helpless character being tortured by a cruel monster named Patrick. - egnomac

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7 Stuck in the Wringer

I hate that episode. Spongebob finally say what he thinks to Patrick and the Bikini Bottom guys say that the culprit is SpongeBob! Seriously, the first time I heard this I felt like killing everyone who was in that park!

I just loathe this episode. Patrick is such a dick in this one and the worst part, when the fish told SpongeBob after yelling at Patrick for not helping him, "Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten." If I am there, I will murder those people. Yeah, what happened to the SpongeBob series after awesome plots like murdering a health inspector, forming a band, removing paint from a dollar, delivering a pizza, selling chocolate, camping, entering one's dream, constructing a silly theme park, etc. ? God. I WANT TO MURDER THOSE FISH SAYING SpongeBob DIDN'T HAVE A HEART BUT CAN'T THEY SEE THE HARDSHIPS HE'S BEEN THROUGH? Asss.

The writers forgot that the entire episode started on an ACCIDENT. Not KARMA. The only way that scene would've worked if Spongebob was acting like a selfish little brat for a stupid reason throughout the whole episode up to that point, not CRIPPLING him and giving him legitimate, PHYSICAL reason for Spongebob to act out.

I can only imagine what the writers would say to a paraplegic kid finally standing up to his neglectful parents. - alphadan12

I don't really like this episode. Patrick keeps on ruining SpongeBob's plans. Finally SpongeBob told Patrick. The most part I hate is when they turn on SpongeBob and the guy saying he doesn't have a heart. He does and they should not even butt in to SpongeBob and Patrick's business. They don't even understand what SpongeBob has been through with Patrick they just say that SpongeBob is the culprit just because they see it with their own eyes of SpongeBob yelling at Patrick. Seriously I just what to beat them up.

I really would like to stick all those Bikini Bottomites in the wringers myself just to show them how it feels. - JohnnyTestFan98

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8 Dear Vikings

The main reason that this episode was the final nail for me.
Spongebob: "What's a Viking? "
Obviously, the new writers didn't see the Bubble Buddy Episode!

Sorry to bust your bubble (haha, very funny, not) but bubble buddy took place in Season 1, and this episode took place in Season 6. - Gamecubesarecool193

The lack of jokes in this is sad and you can see that the writers are trying SO HARD to get a laugh with the jokes RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE but they're all dull. I will admit that the "all the vikings on the ship are named Olaf" joke got me the first time, but after that it was just stupid. Not to mention the HORRIBLE ENDING! The main conflict was thrown in so late that no one could have expected it. When it DID come however, it was so late in the episode that it ended after about 30 seconds. PATHETIC!

This was the first SpongeBob episode I actually hated. The show was already pretty weak for me for a while before this episode came out, but I was mostly in denial and just thought that I was "outgrowing" it. But then this episode happened and it just hit me that this show really was going downhill.

This episode was just unbelievable. Every character is so horribly oversimplified, the jokes were bad, the plot was uninteresting. In fact the whole thing felt like a bad preschool show. SpongeBob SquarePants is supposed to be a smart kids show, that anyone of any age could enjoy. This episode is so bad it could insult a 4 year old's intelligence. Then you have the poor excuse of an ending, "now that's what I call, a viking sized adventure".

On a personal level it rubs off me bad because before this I would try to make the case that SpongeBob isn't just for little kids, then they pull this episode as a stab to the back.

The only good part was all the Viking's names being Olaf.

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9 Yours Mine and Mine

This episode made me want to throw my television out the window. I mean, there are times when we're watching Spongebob and we ask ourselves 'Why Patrick is so painfully naive? '... but this episode right here just CROSSES THE LINE. First of all, Patrick basically steals Spongebobs money, falsely states that he's and I quote "familiar with the concept of sharing", and then gorges on the meal they're supposed to be "sharing". That alone makes me sick. Then after Patrick complains about not having a toy with his meal like a 3 year old, Spongebob gets the toy for like 2 minutes and when he gives Patrick a turn Patrick says "aren't you supposed to be working? " To try and get Spongebob in trouble. I mean, he doesn't even let Spongebob touch the Patty Pal, that's down right selfish. But then he plays with the toy all night and STILL doesn't let Spongebob have it, this is just becoming wrong on so many levels. Then after Sandy tries to help them with their problem, they fight over it again. ...more

I hate Patrick so much in this episode. He acts like a total douche throughout the damn episode. Patrick's stupidity sometimes just goes way too far. GET THE OLD WRITERS BACK AND FIRE THE NEW ONES FOR GOD SAKE!

This episode makes me want to punch Patrick in the face. He is so stupid in this episode. He is the one responsible for the fight that he had with SpongeBob over a stupid Krabby Patty toy. He doesn't know anything about sharing. The ending was complete crap in this episode! "Have you learned nothing about sharing? " says Patrick. "Well Patrick, HOW ABOUT YOU LEARN ABOUT SHARING TOYS WITH YOUR FRIENDS INSTEAD OF BEING A COMPLETE MORON FOR THE REST OF THE SERIES! Also, I WANT TO PUNCH YOU AND KILL YOU FOR THIS! GROW UP YOU BIG MORON! " says me. Please Nickelodeon, I'm begging you! GET THE OLD WRITERS BACK!

Man this should be higher. Patrick is in his true Patdick/Patprick form here. I angrily groaned throughout the episode & it was because of him! And what sandy? It’s obviously NOT a lack of communication! They made it very clear that the toy was to be shared, but patdick never cared to share (but expect spongebob to ‘share’ all the time) when he even promised to give it to him the next day! A lot of other ‘Patprick’ episodes can be passed off as ‘Patrick was an extreme idiot! ’ This episode however, you CANNOT say that all all.

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10 Face Freeze!

How can tou like this episode?
Characters' frozen faces are just looks horrible and disgusting!
Can you watch this without your eye patch?

And spongebob and patrick's making faces are just disgusting and horrible.
Do you want to making faces like them in this episode?
I'll say that I never do this.

That's the reason why I think it was the worst Spongebob episode ever!

This episode is awful. Spongebob and Patrick's faces are just plain disturbing! It's not even remotely funny.

Oh god, I remember the time I watched this episode of garbage. Here is my top 10 worst:

10. House Fancy
9. Truth or Square (Very Disappointing)
8. Dear Vikings
7. Trenchbillies
6. Atlantis Squarepantis (God Awful)
5. The Splinter (Gross)
4. All the 2013 episodes
3. Planet of the Jellyfish (I'm sorry. Terrible)
2. Fear of a Krabby Patty (Very Annoying)
1. Face Freeze
This should be #1

Bottom line. This is the biggest disgrace to spongebob.

I'm sorry, but Planet of the Jellyfish was easily the best modern episode

This one is weird and I hate it like chicken fingers

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The power shakes taste awful. Not everyone wants to get jacked Larry. It is just so aganizing to see Larry torture these customers into making them jacked! - TopTenX

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11 Truth or Square

Hello, my opinion on this episode is that I call it unique. It has a retarded plot but it is different not only because it is the 10th anniversary, but it intends to keep an intriguing background throughout. So it is stupidly unique. So don't get me wrong, it is a very stupid episode, but is an outcast than the others.

Why does this one have to be a rip-off of SpongeBob's 10th anniversary. 3 reasons.
1. It's 1 hour long, similar to Atlantis Squarepantis.
2. Everything they show might be true, but not.
3. This was a total waste of 1 hour. Please Nickelodeon, don't air this episode ever again!

Especially for the 10th Anniversary of Spongebob, this was a poor special full of useless cameos, filler and so forth.

I just hate the patchy parts. Very annoying, stupid, boring, & makes me want to throw a brick at patchy. The actual episode itself (without patchy scenes) is medicore though. The writers shouldn’t have trolled spandy fans though.

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12 SpongeBob, You're Fired!

You guys can say what you want about A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal. Those episodes at least told a story. What story does this tell? SpongeBob gets fired, 15 minutes of crappy filler, he is hired again because of mopey dopey sad talk. This was a terrible episode just for the sheer fact that it will bore you so much, you'll need to be on life support just to NOT die of boredom. And speaking of life support, SpongeBob's life support is dead. Not to mention this episode not only screws the continuity of the old awesome episodes, but even the newer bad ones. Why the hell would SpongeBob get fired over a nickel!? It's already been shown in Stanley SquarePants that SpongeBob is fully capable of keeping the Krusty Krab alive on his own. Squidward at least does nothing of value for Mr. Krabs. He doesn't even have seniority anymore. It makes no sense and feels purely like a contrivance just to serve a half-crapped plot. Sure A Pal for Gary was just evil and One Coarse Meal REALLY screwed ...more

This episode ruins the whole plot of SpongeBob. SpongeBob has always been loyal to Mr. Krabs, and made the Krusty Krab millions of dollars, and in season 1-5, mr krabs never wants to fire SpongeBob. They were friends and everything, and then somehow mr krabs has to save a nickel and fires his most important employee. So then the plot of this episode changes millions of times, like, SpongeBob is fired, then SpongeBob gets digusting, then SpongeBob goes to sandy for a taste test for some reason, then Patrick gets poisoned and grows a mini head on his body (family guy ripoff), then SpongeBob gets fired out of ridiculous restaurants which doesn't make sense because Krusty Krab, weenie hut, and chum bucket are the only restaurants in the Bikini Bottom. But not anymore! And since when did the bosses of the restaurants have to dress like food? Then the bosses hate SpongeBob fire him, then fight to get him back, and then SpongeBob comes back to the Krusty Krab. This episode is too stupid. It ...more

This episode frustrates me beyond belief because the idea of SpongeBob being fired had potential to be a good episode had the plot taken a different route. SpongeBob getting fired may have been an interesting idea for an episode had he not been fired in order that Krabs could save a nickel. It would have been far more entertaining if SpongeBob had been fired for a good reason perhaps for getting up to some sort of mischief with Patrick. It would have been far better to see SpongeBob get fired for some sort of mischief, realise he had done wrong, learn a lesson and fight to win Mr Krabs trust back!... But no the new writers would rather he got fired for no reason, spiralled into depression, failed at every other job he tried to get before eventually ending up back at the krusty Krab and everything is just fine and dandy, no bad feelings towards Mr Krabs for his heartless decision to fire him in the first place... This episode frustrates me so much I could scream.

Spongebob gets fired, walks back into the Krusty Krab, gets rehired. The End, episode is over. For the rest of the 22 minutes nothing of substance happens. "Cause this is filler, Filler Night an hour and a half is just too long for uncreative minds." Nostalgia Critic - Fazbear97

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13 To Love a Patty

SpongeBob falls in love with a Krabby Patty and names it "Patty" then it gets spoiled and is too disgusting to look at. 'enough said

I thought he has a crush on Sandy, he kill the shell for a kraby patty. - ambre.messiimes

The whole episode is offensive I mean seriously SpongeBob falls in love with a Krabby Patty and when his friends try to help him and prevent him from falling in love with a patty What does SpongeBob do? Ignore them and have a "date with the patty" Holly God you have to be serious a DATE with a non-living object. When close to the end, there's a close up where we see a rotten patty. If a grown adult sees it they would be perfectly fine but SpongeBob SquarePants is a show for EVERYBODY so that means kids also watch the show and if they see that rotten patty some of them will puke but it doesn't end there because SpongeBob that finally realized how weird he was acting finally decides to eat the patty. Yep, SpongeBob in front of many viewers decides to eat, chew, and swallow that Krabby patty. I don't want to talk about this episode any more.

This episode will make never want to eat a burger again.

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14 Little Yellow Book

I would agree squidward is unlikeable here if it wasn't for SpongeBob breaking into his house multiple times, stealing his belongings under the guise of it being borrowing, psychologically tormenting him, ruining his chances of getting into the cephalopod lodge, making him have to go back to school because of squidward running away from practically a stalker, ripping off his toenail and turning him into a baby in the episode right before this one I feel that SpongeBob honestly deserved worse than squidward reading his diary and the ending I honestly feel was satisfying it said to me that squidward could finally get revenge on SpongeBob for everything he's done to him now I will agree the episode isn't amazing I mean the townspeople can go and die in a fire but to everyone who thinks squidward is now unlikeable oh trust me the writers will make a few more torture episodes for him. Now I no a lot of people probably hate my opinion but I don't care. - Gamer4life

Remember Fools in April? The good episode from Season 1? Think of this as it's evil twin. Or better yet, it took this episode, made it worse, and SHAT on it.

In this episode, after finding out about SpongeBob's diary, Squidward reads it in front of the entire Krusty Krab. After finding out about it, SpongeBob runs out crying.

Now, in a good episode like Fools in April, Squidward would feel guilty about it. But he doesn't, even after the customers tell him off.

Then, the Bikini Bottomites start to make Squidward feel as guilty as possible; he loses his house just because he read someone else's diary!

Finally, Squidward feels guilty, and he apologizes to SpongeBob. And what happens next? He reads SpongeBob's OTHER diary and he ends the episode, while having tomatoes thrown at him, saying "I don't care! This is so worth it! "

Well, you've done it Nickelodeon. You've made Squidward unlikable. Excuse me while I shove my head into an oven over it. (Haha, ...more

After all the pain, the horror, and torture Squidward has gone through, the writers make him unlike-able. On top of that, he acts out of character, sure Squidward is pretty grouchy but not CRUEL. Oh and apparently reading someone's diary is a crime in bikini bottom. Really? Just why? So Bikini Bottom is full of damn hypocrites and has awful laws. To be honest, Squidward's behavior is the least of this episode's problems. The writers could have thought of a better way of SpongeBob experiencing karma without making Squidward the villain. Oh wait, SpongeBob gone downhill. - FlakyCuddles43

Squidward is rotten in this episode. It’s not even funny how mean he is. At least this episode generated a great meme

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15 Squid Baby

Ha ha, it's funny because the doctor told Spongebob and Patrick not to harm Sqidward's head, but that's exactly what they do anyway! Head trauma is hilarious, isn't it?!

No. No, it's not. It's actually quite disturbing. Can you imagine if they used an actual baby instead of Squidward? The whole scenario would be even more horrifying. On top of that, the so-called "jokes" warrant groans at best, and are cringe-worthy at worst. This episode ruined the "MY LEG" gag, for god's sake. What has this show become?!

Squidward gets a head injury and starts acting like an infant. Even the ending is disgusting.

UGH! This should be #1, When Squidwards head was under the pavement, I wanted to stick my hand through the T.V. , grab Spongebob, tie him up, blindfold him, get a huge kitchen knife and stab him. I hate this one with a passion just like I do the whole series!

So glad this is going up higher on this list. This is an awful squidward torture episode and it is also really disturbing and creepy. - Lunala

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16 Boating Buddies

Out of the few post-movie episodes I've watched, this is easily the worst one I've come across. The jokes try so hard to make you laugh, but I just find them all dull. Not to mention it's one of many Squidward Torture Porns.

The episode starts with Spongebob grooming Gary until he hears what he thinks is 'a strange noise'. While investigating what it is, he decides to get Squidward into trouble once again. While trying to escape in a boat, Squidward destroys a stop sign and gets assigned to Boating School.

When asked by Mrs. Puff, Squidward tries to explain what happened while Spongebob stares him down. When Squidward sits down again, Spongebob starts breathing heavily at him in such a creepy way! You see where I'm going with this?

Also, throughout this episode, Squidward gets beaten up by some muscular fish twice. Squidward torture taken too far, am I wrong? Anyway, after being beaten up for the second time, Squidward ends up in a full body cast right before the ...more

This episode is annoying. There are so many reasons people hate this episode. It's actually debatably worse than the splinter because it is very hard to sit through with SpongeBob's horribly annoying behavior! but the worst part is squidward's undeserved misery. Say what you want about him in little yellow book. But this episode is punishing him by shoehorning him into boating school and keeping the frown on his face from beginning to end. In little yellow book, squidward got punished for stealing SpongeBob's diary. But the townspeople didn't. However, stealing the diary was squidward's fault to begin with, so there was at least some logic. This episode has no excuse, Mrs. Puff is letting SpongeBob ruin squidward's day. Giving this episode the benefit of the doubt, SpongeBob was indirectly causing squidward's misery. This means it was not the intent to make squidward upset. In choir boys, there was a cause for squidward's torment. Granted, it was horribly unfunny, but made more sense ...more

Squidward gets all his bones broken

I was used to be able to tolerate SpongeBob’s creepy obsession over squidward. What SpongeBob did to squidward in this episode made me SHUDDER and that never happened in the previous episodes (yes even when SpongeBob disturbs squidward in the shower & when he’s sleeping). It’s too disturbing.

And this is one of the worst squidward tocher episodes. The big guy beats squidward up for some mistakes & ends up in a cast. But he’s still expected to do a test when he’s completely bandaged up where he can’t move, & fails & has to take the class all over again with SpongeBob when it’s all his fault? He did NOTHING wrong! just trying to relax and that makes him deserve that? This episode makes me hate Mr. puff! She should understand squidward & she knows SpongeBob is the reason he’s in that cast & knows that he hates SpongeBob as well! But she’s still a b***h & forced squidward to fail when it’s obvious he has no way to do the exams! Mrs puff was nice in the earlier ...more

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17 Squid's Visit

I have to add this episode? This episode is incredibly creepy. SpongeBob makes an exact replica of squidwards inside house and takes his vacuum cleaner just to visit him. And when I say exact replica, I am not kidding. He has every little detail, even a chip in the paint. If that isn't creepy, tell me what is

Squid's visit is very debatably worthy of falling into the bottom 10 episodes. The main problem with the episode isn't the uncanny replica of squidward's house. It's the fact that this episode alone acknowledges that SpongeBob is a creepy person. There was no reason for SpongeBob to invite squidward over; it's almost like his invitation was nothing short of a contrived kidnapping. This kind of stuff is stated in earnest, meaning that the writers here wanted to showcase the character of season 6 SpongeBob. Season 6 SpongeBob is not naïve or charming. He is demented and creepy. Also, the episodic structure is very flimsy. The idea here is SpongeBob getting squidward to come to his house. Nothing here is funny. Boating buddies may be very annoying. But this episode is excessively creepy. The plot was very aware of the problem that it refused to fix. It also showcases the worst problems with SpongeBob's new character. This episode belongs in the top 10 worst because of its intent to go ...more

Not only is this episode INCREDIBLY creepy, its borderline psychotic! Spongebob has snuck inside squidward's house enough times to memorize every little detail, to even a scratch in the paint! Spongebob has probably snuck inside Squidward's house THOUSANDS and I mean THOUSANDS of times! That's 2 to 3 times a day for the past 5 to 7 years or so! It is AMAZING that this was aloud to be aired! This should never be televised again.

Squidward has never visited Spongebob? Watch Nature Pants, I Was a Teenage Gary, Sleepy Time, Can You Spare a Dime? , Party Pooper Pants, SpongeBob Meets the Strangler, That Sinking Feeling and Pineapple Fever, Earworm, A Friendly Game,
Fiasco! - Datguyisweird666

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18 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

Two main problems with this episode.

One: It's a direct ripoff of "Imitation Krabs"--and a TERRIBLE one at that.
Two: The writers scapegoat Sandy for a number of coldhearted scenes. - devonshippam

Plankton didn't even steal Sandy's suit! Why not, you know, WEAR it?

Plus, the ending didn't make sense. 1) Characters are seen naked all the time and it doesn't seem to be illegal. 2) Sandy wasn't completely naked. 3) Plankton WAS naked. come on! Is that supposed to be FUNNY? Because it's NOT!

The ending was dumb

Seriously, she gets charged for public nudity?! Some of those fish were wearing the same clothes as Sandy and they call Sandy wearing a bikini NUDITY?! Also, some don't even wear clothes. These scapegoat episodes are just ridiculous and need to stop! - JohnnyTestFan98

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19 Trench Billies

I seriously dread watching this episode the characters are creepy as hell the only of this episode I like is the part Patrick calls a musical challenge and also the part where they tried to go home they got out successfully but trying to making them trenchbillies making them take care of there mom for the rest of there lives if that were me I would turned down the offer for sure and got the heck out of there cause there no way I want to take care of there mother Spongebob and Patrick sure didn't want to either and if that were me I would come back with a Minigun and Kill everysingle of them trenchbillies I wish they would have made that part of the episode that would have been funny to watch but yeah Spongebob and Patrick did the right thing getting the heck out of there and the fact that they followed them to the Krusty Krab and lastly the last part of the episode I liked would have to been when they force Krabs to marry there the Leader of their Clan that was awesome with how much ...more

Totally agreed! Horrible episode. It was just so stupid and pointless. I miss the old SpongeBob :(

Bo! Hiss! This episode is stupid and pointless? The Trenchbillies are disturbing and evil to Bikini Bottom citizens. He made Krabs marry the leader of their clan. I also hate how it draws away from the main point of the show. And the Trenchbillies want poor SpongeBob and Patrick to stay in their isolated society forever.

This episode is filled with stereotypes!

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20 Shuffleboarding

The plot in this episode just gets scrapped halfway through.

SpongeBob and Patrick pretend to be their favorite superheroes and end up arresting all those people for nothing! They even arrested an lady just because she was old! When they did this, I was so mad! Not only that, but there was no shuffleboarding at all! In the first scene, SpongeBob and Patrick are going to the tournament. In the next, they already have the trophies! Definitely the worst episode ever! How is this not number one?

Horrible episode where Spongebob and Patrick dress up as Mermaid man and Barnacle boy to pick up their shuffleboarding trophies as Mermaid man and Barnacle boy aren't capable of doing so due to them being injured, but we don't get to see any shuffleboarding in the entire episode. On their way back they suddenly come up with the idea that they should stop crime in bikini bottom as their heroes aren't capable of doing so but instead of helping people they end up throwing innocent citizens in jail for stupid reasons like throwing an unfinished krabby patty in the bin or chewing gum too loudly. They even arrest Manray and an old lady with him even though they didn't do anything remotely bad at all. The jail gets so full that it explodes causing all the citizens injury and then they start chasing after the real Mermaid man and Barnacle boy. I just wanted to throw Spongebob and Patrick in jail after watching this episode.

Also, this episode is barely even about Shuffleboarding. - JohnnyTestFan98

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21 Choir Boys

This episode gets really start to hate it. The story is about Squidward wants to join the town man choirs (as a dream), but Spongebob (as the worse) keep to bothering Squidward to join the town man choirs, keep following Squidward even more worse. The jellyfish field scene is a bunch of jellyfishes surround Squidward as for Spongebob starts singing extremely more worse. For Squidward, he didn't even starts singing because the jellyfishes shock him for like 1 second. So Squidward tie Spongebob and leave him. But makes extremely even more and more worse that Spongebob call the voice of the god and show at the audition. I really hate this episode because it keep bother Squidward over and over and over and over and over again!

I absolutely cannot stand this episode. It is by far my least favorite. I have not watched it again since the first time, yet the horrible memories are forever imprinted in my mind.

Squidward wanted so badly to be in that group, and then SpongeBob comes and doesn't let squidward have that, showing how much of a selfish, inconsiderate character he can be. Squidward deserves at least some happiness in his life, and I get that it's just a cartoon but still!

Oh man. This episode was a long time coming. While I do hate the episode, it wasn't the most insulting, it wasn't the grossest, it wasn't the creepiest, it wasn't the meanest, and it wasn't the most annoying. It does have all of these traits, but what holds it up is the few gags shoehorned Into the episode, like the toilet at the beginning. Other episodes (boating buddies and squids visit) potentially have the same problem, but they are much worse. - Antwon

This has gotta be way higher everybody vote this episode now!

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22 House Fancy

I can't believe that I had to add this episode to this list. Does the infamous toenail scene mean anything to you?

Oh dear lord this episode

Its not just the toe scene. This episode was bad enough with its six minutes of NOTHING HAPPENING. Its boring and dull. And the ending is complete crap too

Lets talk about the toe scene
In all honesty this is the most greusome scene in spongebob history. Its graphic and actually has blood. And how it happens is very scary. I always have to gag when this part happens and in all honesty this is way worse than facefreeze (which wasnt even that gross in the first place)

This episode is the worst episode ever! It's boring, dull, and just not funny. But the number 1 thing that makes this episode so bad is the toenail scene. It's just so disturbing, violent, and it's uncomfortable to watch, and you can't just help but feel sorry for Squidward. I remember when I first saw that in 2009, it was just so painful to watch, but I couldn't even believe this was in an episode of SpongeBob. Maybe if it weren't for that scene, I wouldn't be as harsh on this episode. But there are many other awful episodes that are just as disturbing, like Planktons Regular, Krusty Krushers, Porous Pockets, and Sand Castles in the Sand. Did you notice how all those episodes are in season 6?

Hating a whole episode for a very tiny scene is stupid. It would've been a good reason it there were multiple scenes in the episode like that or Squidward is greatly impacted by the scene, but that didn't happen. - QueenJazzy21064

Who thought that ripping a toenail is okay for kids? - Datguyisweird666

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23 Good Neighbors

My favorite part of this episode is "the opening parallel shots" of SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick sleeping. It's very nicely edited and is a nice way to start off the episode. Unfortunately, everything else about this episode is downhill from there. This is a Squidward torture episode done wrong. What does Squidward want to do in this episode? Just have a relaxing Sunday, and SpongeBob and Patrick ruin it beyond belief in ways that just aren't even funny. They're just so ignorant of the world around them and Squidward's emotions! There's not even an excuse of this episode. I mean, yes, there's Naughty Nautical Neighbors where Squidward acts like a jerk to SpongeBob and Patrick, then there's Jellyfishing where Squidward can be bandaged up so SpongeBob and Patrick don't know that he hates what they're doing. In this episode, they just have no excuse! They're just idiots, and none of it is funny, and there's also a random giant robot that Squidward's house turns into. It's ...more

The first I saw this episode, and as a 12 year old, It just pissed me off. SpongeBob and Patrick are just obnoxious buffoons all the way through, which is really annoying considering the fact I felt really bad for Squidward. It was the first time that I sympathized for him and started realize why he hates SpongeBob and Patrick so much. After seeing this episode, I wanted to actually kill SpongeBob, and that's saying something.

What's so funny about SpongeBob and Patrick guys who have to be told umpteenth times to leave Squidward alone and still break into his house? Can anyone answer this question? If you can't then it proves how bad this episode it.

I honestly was fine about this episode. I mean, I know that Spongebob and Patrick wouldn't leave Squidward alone, but that literally happens in the whole series, not one episode. Plus, if they actually listened to Squidward when he first told them to go away for the first time, there's a chance that some episodes would either dramatically change or cease to exist. - QueenJazzy21064

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24 Karate Island

I have a memory of watching "100 best SpongeBob episodes". This was maybe 6 years ago. I remember "Procrastination" being number 100. 2 days later I was watching again and it was number 1. It was "Karate Island". The thing is, this was decided by a poll. I was so mad... This episode was pathetic... It was so... Stupid. Jell donuts? Seriously? Why do people think it is good? It's my least favorite episode (excluding the ones that have been 2010-12, I haven't seen a single one of those. )

Some people think this is good because not everyone will agree with your opinions. - QueenJazzy21064

The thing I found interesting is that the whole time sandy never does any actual karate. She uses donuts, hair dryers, and convenience!

Still, procrastination shold have been higher on the list, not at the bottom! This is definitely one of the worst episodes of Spongebob ever made!
All this episode does is overglorify Sandy and turn Spongebob into a giant douche. In season 1, Spongebob meets Sandy and they are pretty much evenly matched. In this episode, Sandy says that she taught him everything he knows! To make it worse, Sandy doesn't even try to defeat the three "challenges". She just uses jelly eclairs, a hair dryer and sheer convinience! And in the end it's all because of REAL ESTATE?! What were the writers thinking? This should NOT have been #1 on the top 100.

What makes this episode worse is that they dedicated it to the late Pat Morita. What also makes it worse is that this was one of his last T.V. roles. He must be rolling in his grave now.

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25 WhoBob WhatPants?

Another terrible SpongeBob special with a wasted celebrity cameo. This special is nothing, but mean-spirited from the jokes to the characters. SpongeBob's friends are unnecessarily cruel to him when SpongeBob ruined everything by accident. There is even a joke offending the homeless when they can't even watch the episode. Squidward is the most unlikeable character here because he is excited that SpongeBob is gone, and doesn't feel guilty about what he said. The amnesia plot is cliche and pointless to the story. In the end, nothing changed and this whole special was pointless and a waste of time. Also, who could forget the most infamous part of the episode with the worst facial expression in the entire show.

Horrible episode, I dislike it. True his friends had the right to be guilty for running Spongebob out of town, especially Squidward. Although he doesn't feel guilty because he is happy but only went for the reward. He should understand the friendship with Spongebob.

I know right this was boring and stupid. The only funny thing is were squidward smashes that sponge tracking device and says oops I dropped it

This episode has more problems than any other episode of the show. It's way too cruel to SpongeBob throughout the whole episode, and when his friends make their turnaround, it's incredibly forced. I also think that while Squidward is a jerk, Mr. Krabs is like 4 times worse because he needs SpongeBob the most, and seems to regret chasing him off the least.
You also have that face that while I find incredibly hilarious, in reality is quite possibly the worst face of the whole show. But the worst part about this episode is it's pacing. Everything is out of whack timing-wise, and is poorly placed for what kind of story this episdoe is trying to tell. And the climax while decent, comes too early and the story looses any real tension afterwards. Probably the worst episode of the show, but not my most hated.
There's also the wasted celebrity cameo, gross out where it shouldn't be, flanderization, and hypocrisy within the plot itself. Patrick is smart enough to bake a cake outside, but ...more

1 of the most infuriating parts in this episode is where it totally contradicts itself, everyone is a total dick to Spongebob and cause him to leave Bikini Bottom, yet apparently after he leaves the entire town goes into an apocalypse because Spongebob isn’t there to make Krabby Patties, and you can’t do that! You can’t have the other characters be mean to Spongebob, basically calling him a nuisance to society and drive him to leave Bikini Bottom but have it revealed that the entire town depends on him in the same episode, it’s completely contradicting to what you were doing at the beginning of the episode

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26 Are You Happy Now?

This episode is weak on it's own. It begins with Squidward not being able to remember his "happiest memory" (what about episodes such as Band Geeks and House Fancy, where he actually gets to win? ). He becomes depressed, and it gets worse when the episode references suicide TWICE. Once when Squidward sticks his head in his oven (to pull out some brownies) and when seemingly pulling a rope to hang himself (he's actually hanging a bird cage). This kind of stuff shouldn't be in a kids' show. No one thinks that suicide is funny; it's a very serious topic. If I had my say, I'd pull that episode off air and fire whoever thought it would actually make people laugh.

Some people actually find suicide jokes funny, as long as it's used correctly. You're just being way, way, WAY too serious about an already serious topic. - QueenJazzy21064

I thought One Coarse Meal was the worst episode until this aired. Both episodes share the same type of moment that makes each one completely irredeemable. Suicide jokes are not funny and do not belong in a kid's show.

But how does this episode handle the subject even worse than OCM? What makes it even more unnecessarily disturbing?

In OCM, Plankton's attempted suicide is caused by the actions of the antagonist (Mr Krabs), so we at least have a character that we have the right to hate. I'm not defending the episode by any means, but in Are You Happy Now? There is no antagonist. The only person consistently getting in the way of Squidward's success is Spongebob (surprise), but he is also the person trying to help Squidward through the whole episode so we can't really hate him.

The writers projected the dark and disturbing tone purely for the sake of sick "humour". There was no reason for it other than that it was supposed to be funny.

It wasn't. It REALLY ...more

There IS an antagonist: Squidward's hard time trying to find happiness again. Antagonists aren't always living creatures. - QueenJazzy21064

I feel One Coarse Meal is overhated. I know this is UNDERHATED! It deserves to be in the top 10. I'm typing this right after I watched it. The pacing is really slow, everything bad has to happen to squid ward in the first half because he's squid ward I guess. What I'm about to tell you is not an exaggeration: Squidward is depressed. This episode portrayed ACTUAL depression and it feels like the writers were making fun of depressed people. There are 2 jokes about suicide. I'm honestly fine with suicide jokes, it doesn't offend me. What makes it stupid is that it happens almost back to back & throughout the episode nothing happens. The one time something actually happens, It's unfunny and makes me cringe. Spongebob is SUPER ANNOYING! This doesn't surprise now, but it takes it to a new level! Finally, this is my main problem with the episode: Squidward shows off real depression because he realizes he doesn't have a happy memory. I am dead serious. I don't have a problem with it because ...more

So, you're going to say that Squidward's depression is your main problem, and then say that you don't have a problem with it? You make no sense. - QueenJazzy21064

Band Geeks? Suctioncup Symphony? House Fancy? - Datguyisweird666

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27 Rodeo Daze

This episode should be on the top ten worst episodes. Then again there's a lot of terrible post-2004 SpongeBob episodes to chose from so I can't blame anyone.

But boy is this episode horrific. Its like it was written by a five year old, edited by a two year old and then directed by a cactus. Here's what I hate

Sandy could apparentely just leave for Texas anytime she wants. Kind of goes against that Texas episode, don't you think?

That terrible rodeo song.
SpongeBob out about Sandy's safety because of the rodeo clowns. Because scary clown jokes are so funny and never will get old I guess.

Boring stuff happens in between when SpongeBob's friends and neighbors refuse to help him "save" Sandy.

SpongeBob kidnaps the entire city to save Sandy by taking them all to Texas through giant bubbles. I hope the origin of this brilliant idea was from one of the writer's two year old toddler.

Then we have the exciting climax of Sandy doing rodeo on a ...more

This is the episode that truly convinced me that the new writers simply don't care anymore. It feels like they made this episode just so they could have an episode, no thought or creativity involved. There is a ton of pointless filler, the climax is less than 20 seconds (and very uninteresting), and the song is atrocious. Not one moment made me feel like the writers put any effort into this episode at all, which is why it is in my top 5 worst episodes of all time.

This episode is terrible. Spongebob just freaks out because Sandy talked about rodeo clown in her (awful) song, and he forces everyone to come "save" her. And on top of that he makes her lose.

Problems with this episodes

1. Lame story.
2. Waaayy too much live action.
3. How did the bubbles not pop during the night?
4. How will they ever get bacl to Bikini Bottom since they are all stuck in Texas?

That's all. Rating: 3/10

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28 Clash of Triton

Remember the commercial about an epic battle between SpongeBob and triton? There was not a fight at all just triton firing a laser at the city and crashing a car into the krusty Krab. A terrible episode.

This episode got me and many others excited for NOTHING. The commercials and games say it's "an epic battle between SpongeBob and triton" and let me tell you first hand that NO, it's not. Here's the REAL plot: Mr. Krabs hears that it's Neptune's Birthday, so he throws him a party to make money by charging citizens to watch him eat. Once Neptune arrives, SpongeBob remarks that the seat reserved "Triton" is empty, which makes Neptune upset to think of his son. He then explains why with a boring flashback, which shows that Neptune was cruel enough to lock up his son because he wanted to be a normal citizen and not a cruel all-powerful god with his mind set on world domination. So SpongeBob releases him, and bad things happen. Triton wrecks the town, and you thought from the advertising and game, that, "Oh! SpongeBob is going to get all muscular and slay Triton, and once he's defeated, Triton appoligizes to his father, and happily ever after! " Oh no, they do make up, but it has nothing ...more

This is a Dumb Episodes, Holy Crap! They are stupid when making this one.
And This whole clash thing made it worse, Why?
Because SpongeBob was responsibly for this whole mess, and all that Triton does is crash a Car into the Krusty Krab and fires a laser at the city, and that was all.
So yeah, there was no clash in there, but I heard that the original title for this episode was: Neptune's Party, and I swear this was better suiting title for this episode.
Oh, and there was a Digimon episode called: The Clash of WarGreymon, and I swear there's only one reason why that Digimon episode is better than the dumb SpongeBob episode with Triton: because The Clash of WarGreymon did actually had a Clash in there compared to Clash of Triton, anyway!

No fun, no epic, no lesson.

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29 Slide Whistle Stooges

This is the first ever duo worst episode (This and its sister episode both were good/bad). The reason it's bad is that 1: SpongeBob and Patrick use their stupid face (The mouth is covered by the whistle, but looking at the eyes, you know it's a bad one) and the slide whistle to annoy Squidward. 2: Squidward freaks and finds a Slide Whistle and start playing it, making the entire city mad (Why aren't they also chasing SpongeBob and Patrick? They started it! ) and 3: After he gets injured, SpongeBob and Patrick play the Slider Whistle to make him happy and Bikini Bottom loves it (But why do they like them and not Squidward)? The story is based off of Idiot Box. SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward with an item, causing him to use it, and then getting himself hurt or in trouble.

THIS IS MY LEAST FAVORITE EPISODE OF ANY T.V. sHOW EVER. No, I'm serious. Episode starts off with Squidward trying to relax, and SpongeBob and Patrick annoy him with slide whistles. Squidward gets annoyed, and goes to get away, but SpongeBob and Patrick follow him making the annoying slide whistle sound. Oh, and the slide whistle sound can give you headaches, as it did me. Worse, it plays FULL EPISODE. Let's continue. Squidward starts slide whistling with SpongeBob and Patrick because he is panicked (what? ) and annoys the residents of Bikini Bottom( the residents are not annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick, of course). However Squidward is to happy and excited (wait... What is going on! ) to stop, so he jumps in a gasoline truck to escape the crowd. He kicks out the previous driver(Umm..) And starts driving with his feet while slide whistling (Good message to teach children, writers! ). He is so happy, that he doesn't notice a cliff until it is too late. The gasoline truck explodes, ...more

Want to know what real classy humor is? Making fun of the sick and dying. (sarcasm)

I think this is one of the better SBSP episodes in season 6. Yea squidward gets unfair treatment from townsfolks as they got annoyed with squidward but not spongebob & Patrick & that spongebob & Patrick didn't see that they were being just as bad 2 squidward as squidward was being to the townsfolk. However, Patrick & spongebob aren't portrayed as too mean like other episodes & liked that they hangout in the episode for a bit. So yea while bad there are some nice things about it.

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30 Pet or Pests

My problems:

-SpongeBob is more out of character than usual. He acts like a complete weirdo.

-There's a continuity error. Larry doesn't even know who SpongeBob is.

-The art is extremely weird. SpongeBob's huge cheeks reach their peak here, being there when they aren't supposed to be (when he's frowning, for example) and being gigantic.

-Everyone's OOC. No one wants to help SpongeBob, not even Patrick, his supposed best friend, and the worms are just too freaky-looking for my tastes. Pets Or Pests is crappy even among the other Season 6 dreck, and that's saying something right there.

-Pets Or Pests is simply the nadir of SpongeBob SquarePants. Nothing here isn't flanderized, and I didn't laugh once. SpongeBob and Patrick act like utterly moronic little brain damaged kids here, Spongey cries too much, and... Just ugh. I could be here all day if I went on. I'll just end with this:
Pets Or Pests isn't just the worst Season 6 episode (and that's crappy ...more

You guys act like this show had any continuity to begin with though - happyhappyjoyjoy

I almost couldn't vote on this list, but when I saw this, I knew that this was the only one on this list I truly hated. SpongeBob is so stupid by the end of this episode! He's like a dummy! I have been a huge fan for years of this show and SpongeBob was not this stupid in seasons 1, 2 3, 4, or even 5. I Was very offended! So this, I think, is the worst SpongeBob episode ever put on the T.V. screen

One thing that surprises me about the modern SpongeBob fanbase is that everyone is hating things like A Pal For Gary or Stuck in the Wringer that there are a few episodes that people forget. This is one of them.

In this episode, SpongeBob adopts a stray worm, which gives BIRTH over night. Then, when Gary scares the worm off, SpongeBob is left to deal with the (disgusting) babies.

The gross-out in this episode is just impressive at some times. And the ending, like always, is stupid!

Why is this only 30? This needs to be higher! - QueenJazzy21064

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31 Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom

This episode made me want to MURDER Patrick because he ate squidward's ticket, Again he came out of NOWHERE and ate Squidward's and SpongeBob's backstage passes, and not only THAT he came up on stage and completely INTERUPPTED Kelpy G's concert! God, I just wanted to come in to the T.V. and beat up that stupid and lousy pink jerk.

I have few reasons why I hate this episode:
Patrick. That idiot eated squidwards ticket and then he appeared on concert, interrupting it for sake of NACHOS!
Then he goes karma hou... Even worse. They did not bother and started to praise him.
Squidwards abuse.. Self explanatory
Spongebob appeating with the Kelpy G.
Give Squidward some peace, writers!

When I first saw this episode I thought it was going to be a good episode because it started with squid ward being happy on the job because he was going to kelpy gs concert, but then Patrick eats a lot eats squidwars ticket to the concert and I was like what! And when he eats his and SpongeBob's back stage passes I wanted to punch his face in and he interrupts the concert just for nachos and he gets cheered by the fans for it instead of booed like how they should and the security guards are all rude and act like bullies towards squidward like the one that stopped squidward from hurting Patrick spoke to him in a very jerky and uncaring tone which is very unprofessional and would get you fired in real life, but the worst part is kelpy g ignoring squidward, come on that's yore biggest fan and you turn him down for SpongeBob? And squidward gets thrown out of the stadium left with no happness.

Why is it that the bad guy gets away with wrong doings in these episodes?! This is the primary reason why people hate these episodes! - JohnnyTestFan98

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32 Cephalopod Lodge

That moment when squidward was in the illuminati

I am surprised Squidward hasn't hung himself yet.

This should be number 1. SpongeBob literally goes out of his way to ruin squidward's life. - thegreenchipmunk

To make matters worse, Spongebob is completely oblivious to Squidward's pain. - alphadan12

These writers are just incompetent. News flash: pointing out your plotholes doesn't fix them; it makes them WORSE now that people are aware about it!

And do I need to go over how tormenting characters who have done nothing to deserve it isn't satisfying or even funny? - alphadan12

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33 All That Glitters

Wretched. Not my least favorite of all time, but it needs to be way higher. That brief sequence when he was crying at that baby in the stroller and she was crying back was really disturbing. Butt naked trying to beg for a spatula in a wheelchair to come back? Creepy.

This song should really be in the top ten. The plot is so stupid. SpongeBob makes a big deal about his spatula breaking and takes it to the hospital. A spatula is an inanimate object, if it breaks SpongeBob can just get some tape and fix it or buy a new one. Unfortunately though since Nickelodeon is running out of ideas they decided to make a soap opera about SpongeBob breaking his spatula. Definitely one of the worst SpongeBob episodes, the episode where squid ward turns into a baby is pretty stupid and terrible as well. I miss old SpongeBob! - Imreallyboredrightnow

SpongeBob is naked for the rest of the episode

This episode gets crucified by a lot of spongebob fans. And while I don't watch spongebob much anymore and while this episode does have a couple of issues, I don't find it as terrible or as amazingly bad as everyone says it is.

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34 A Day Without Tears

They made an entire EPISODE based off SpongeBob crying?! Give me a break! Crying sucks!

Oh, boo-hoo! Let me play you a sad song on the world's smallest violin.

Why? Why was this episode even made? First of all, SpongeBob was way out of character. I've never seen him cry so damn much. Next, the whole episode was about SpongeBob crying. Who thought this was a good idea? - itsshehahnbro

A very sappy crying fest. Nothing else to say.

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35 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

This is one of my favorite episodes... EVER what the hell is it doing on a hate list!? I can't even see why people would hate this episode its classic - islandersfan91

I think you guys got the moral wrong. I don't think that they meant to say that it was okay to be dirty, but I think they were trying to teach kids tolerance. Not to mention, you shouldn't judge shows based upon morals. - RalphBob

While I didn't like The ending, the episode was funny, didn't get boring, and tought that friends should settle their differences and continue being friends.

Really, you guys think this episode was funny? One Coarse Meal is lame, but not as bad as this abomination of a SpongeBob episode.

And NO, this episode isn't funny, it is DISGUSTING, and I didn't learn one single thing about friendship in this episode.

The moral of this episode, as SpongeBob puts it, is that "it matters not weather one is clean or dirty", and should get banned because it will kids nightmares beyond nightmares (it even gave me nightmares!), and this episode isn't even 1% funny. It's true. I hate this episode so much, I'd rather watch The Splinter or House Fancy than watch this ever again.

And this Battle of Bikini Bottom truly is the hellspawn of SpongeBob episodes. If I had to chose between loving this episode and going to hell, I'd choose the latter.

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36 I'm with Stupid

I just wish SpongeBob would have slapped Janet and Marty across their faces

This might be a bit of a cruel episode, but it's definitely not worse than episodes like All That Glitters. It also has a few good jokes, like "But don't genius live in a lab? " and that stuff. Still a cruel episode, though. - Spongebob-129

It's worse than All That Glitters, despite that one being bad too. Hard to believe that both seasons 2 and 4 can have bad episodes. - Goatworlds

This was actually a torture porn episode done the right way because it was FUNNY. Pet Sitter Pat on the other hand is NOT FUNNY. - Mcgillacuddy

This one wasn't bad it was super funny - Spongebobipod

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37 Fungus Among Us

This episode was SO GROSS! I nearly vomited after seeing it. Do not watch it if you just ate or are planning to eat.

"The Splinter" basically recycles this plot but this is grosser,

Who actually sees their favorite characters covered in a disgusting fungus and LAUGHS?!?

This episode gave me nightmares when I was 11 years old. I had a horrible nightmare that my entire school got infected with the ick because of me catching it in my bedroom and the only solution was to kill myself. It wasn't even funny. I am 22 years old right now and still find this episode absolutely disgusting. What were they thinking? : (

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38 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

This and Patrick the Game! were great. Don't even dare try to tell me this is as bad as One Coarse Meal or even Good Neighbors. Also Squidward was a jerk in Patrick the Game! so he deserved what he got.

Come on, it's ok, and what do you expect, It's The SEWERS of Bikini Bottom, Sewer is supposed to be gross, Everyone knows that, it was alright, it's nothing compared to what you would see in Sanjay and Craig, it was better than Patrick the Game, which was boring and mean spirited, involing Patrick and SpongeBob torturing Squidward for no reason other than a Game.

This episode was DISGUSTING! Squidward and SpongeBob explore the sewers. SpongeBob covered in slime, a snake throws up ON SCREEN, an entire stadium fills with toilet water with fish in it (a few even had their mouths open) and this episode all in all is sickening. - Goatworlds

What do you expect? The theme is sewers. It's supposed to be gross. - QueenJazzy21064

This episode was great in my opinion. - SuperNut98

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39 Krusty Dogs

Too many wiener jokes. Gross. Just GROSS.

How IMMATURE can these writers get? Weiners? Can they not just say hotdogs/krusty dogs? Not to mention how BORING this episode is!

The only thing I don't like about this episode is SpongeBob overreacting when the Krabby patty was taken off the menu, he is so overdramatic, its just a burger you stupid sponge, get over it, why does he like Krabby patties so much?

I hate when the Mom and her son keep kicking squidward over

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40 Pest of the West

I actually found this episode quite enjoyable. It was funny, had an okay plot. Nothing bad I can say about this episode.

This is one of those episodes where you have nothing against it or for it. It's not totally catchy (Band Geeks, Chocolate With Nuts, Pizza Delivery, etc), but it's not terrible like the last few seasons (Are You Happy Now, The Splinter, Frozen Face Off, etc).

Hey! This was one of the few actually GOOD specials in seasons 6-9!

This episode should be a lot lower on this list - Flux3on

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41 Gone

This episode is sickening to the soul.

The plot involves SpongeBob waking up one day to find out that everyone in bikini bottom is gone, just gone.

Now, if that were me, in that kind of situation, all alone, I would probably be scared. So, you expect SpongeBob would be too right? Well, in a way he does, but he literally starts going insane. He ends up hiding in his closet with a creepy replica of Patrick made of party meat, and even role plays as Squidward and Krabs at the Krusty Krab, creepy.

However, the real killing blow is the damn ending. Near the end, SpongeBob is walking in town, when all of a sudden a bus with everyone in town comes along. When Krabs gets off, he reveals that were all gone to celebrate a holiday dedicated to hating SpongeBob, in which they burn SpongeBob statues to the ground.

Now, if I were SpongeBob, I would be pretty pissed. I mean come on, a holiday celebrated toward the hatred of a specific individual? What the hell. If said ...more - Cobalt

I once thought this episode was funny, but then I realized that there is a day where everyone gets on a bus and burns down SpongeBob statues. It is a holiday dedicated to hating SpongeBob. What?!

All the townspeople are in on it, including Sandy and Patrick. Having every single person in your town reveal they all hate you would be traumatizing to anyone. Funny? Are you sure?

And then they do it to Patrick as soon as they get back. Everyone, including SpongeBob gets on the bus again and leaves.

I'd say this is only beaten out by Pet Sitter Pat (Patrick tortures Gary), Demolition Doofus (Ms. Puff wants to kill SpongeBob), and Atlantis SquarePantis (horrible ripoff and horrible songs and way too long).

That is exactly literally how I felt! I liked the episode, but reality catches up with you eventually. - matty925

Remember, even Gary went, so realizing that your own pet hates you, is just wrong. Yes there was A Pal for Gary. But anyways, SpongeBob didn't even cry. And do you remember what Patrick said in defense of No SpongeBob Day. "Everybody needs to get away from this" (Patrick imitates SpongeBob). And quoting from a comment "SpongeBob and Patrick are still friends". The reason he didn't cry was because SpongeBob was dumb and he was happy to have a day dedicated to him.

But I don't actually hate any SpongeBob episodes


One thing that I could say about this episode is that the real reason why everybody except Spongebob was gone (aka the ending) is the worst part of the episode. I actually thought of an even better reason why they left without Spongebob:
Everyone in the Bikini Bottom had gotten a ticket to see a must-see concert (let's say the singer is Kelpy G), but the concert isn't going to be in the BB. Everyone has a ticket except Spongebob. Spongebob, for some reason, didn't get the news about the concert. Patrick has an extra ticket and he decides to give it to Spongebob because he believes that Spongebob will love the concert. But Patrick ends up sleeping instead, and forgets to give Spongebob the ticket before he, and the rest of the civilians, left. Before they all left, Gary attempted to wake up Spongebob so he can go to the concert because Spongebob was up very late and was watching a marathon of his favorite show. This then doesn't work. Gary later gave up and just left. During the ...more - QueenJazzy21064

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42 Big Sister Sam

This episode just showcases Patrick's new-found levels of stupidity, completely ignoring the misdeeds of his obnoxious sister. And did she really need to be so horribly stupid, obnoxious, and destructive? It seemed to be a re-do of the Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom, where Patrick also befriends a huge, destructive beast.

Here are my top 10 reasons why this is the worst episode EVER (i have around 1 billion, but I am limiting to 10)
10.The writers try to make it funny, when it is not, and that makes it worse
9.Makes you think, "can there really be people (or sea creatures) who are that dumb? "
8.badly written
5.not funny at all
4.hurts your brain when you're trying to understand it

Eww Patrick's sister sounds like a man and speaks in short worded sentences. Why just give her a feminine voice?

This episode's even worse than One Coarse Meal, A Pal For Gary, Yours Mine and Mine, and Stuck in the Wringer COMBINED! The ending was more bearable, but this episode is still bad! - Squidward48

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43 Best Day Ever

Are you ' SEERRIOUS! This is by far the worst episode of SpongeBob, no questions asked. Out of all the episodes on this list, this is 176!? Out of 189 episodes!? It has no value to it. SpongeBob is singing like an idiot all over the place, the artstyle of this episode sucks, SpongeBob has a day which shouldn't be that special at all, "everything goes 100% wrong on the 100% best day possible" cliche (it's not much of a cliche, but this episode makes it seem like one), all his friends are acting like jerks, SpongeBob has to be depressed for the whole episode, his friends, in the end say it's about them, when it's clearly SpongeBob's day, "oh no! Not more singing," no one except SpongeBob is participating in the ending to an already flawed episode, the ending didn't feel complete enough, and worst of all, this plot doesn't mean anything at all to the series. When you come down to it, all it is is his normal day routine, but flawed for the sake of the writers' idea of this episode. that's ...more

Spongebob is not depressed in the whole episode. I don't know where you got that from. And this episode is good. There are way worse episodes. - QueenJazzy21064

I don't get how this gets the right to be called a special. It is the same length of a regular episode and a low quality one. It had a top 100 SpongeBob episode marathon that really built me up. I was really excited, until I saw the episode. The song was horrible and this was the only SpongeBob episode to make me fall asleep.

This is by far the worst spongebob episode yet. SpongeBob on a whim plans the best day ever (without telling anyone). Then he is a living doormat and gives in. He lets Patrick use his jellyfishing net (they could've shared! ) and gives up that. Then he slaves away at his job. Everything goes wrong, and instead of confronting his friends about it, he THROWS A TEMPER TANTRUM at the end of squidward's concert like, "NO NO NO! I wanted today to be my best day ever! *sob/screams*" Then, after he went full toddler mode in front of 2000 people, his friends say, " Well, at least you helped us! " Then later he BURSTS into tears and what do his friends do? Give him an expensive stage production all night long! All the characters act like jerks.

What you said made little sense. They let him have a performance because Spongebob technically helped them and they wanted to give him something good as a "thank-you present." That doesn't make them jerks. - QueenJazzy21064

This is the most underrated episode ever

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44 SpongeHenge

If you've been living under a rock, this is my personal least favorite episode. I've already made an entire rant on it a few years ago, and while there a few things in that video that are a little bit odd, the critique mostly stands. To give a quick recap, this episode is not funny at all, has a horrifying ending, and the entire thing feels like a parody to a movie that doesn't even exist. Yes, it's a reference to "Planet of the Apes", yes, it's a reference to "Stonehenge," but the entire thing feels like it's trying to parody something, and if I can tell it's trying to parody something, but I can't tell what it's trying to parody, that's a complete failure, and if it's not trying to parody anything, then the story of itself is just incredibly odd and mean spirited. I no longer think this is officially the worst episode of the show, but it's still my personal least favorite episode because this was the episode that was so bad, so frustrating, so un-SpongeBob like, ...more

Worst episode I've seen. The plot was boring, unfunny and similar to Nature Pants. The '3000 years later' was creepy and unnecessary and the bit where SpongeBob finds the Krusty Krab buried was just as bad!

This is right up there with dear Vikings and one coarse meal.

Extremely terrible episode; its a parody of a million movies, the characters are unlikeable (Krabs and patrick come to mind), boring plot, ripped-off plot (Jellyfish Jam), no jokes, no logic, and possibly the worst ending I have ever seen in any show, ever.

Why everyone forgets this episode, I have no idea...

Almost as bad as Nature Pants and The Thing.

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45 Hide and Then What Happens?

Patrick is so out of character in this episode. Do you guys remember the old episodes like tea at the treedome? Back in those episodes Patrick was actually really smart and wise, you can totally tell when he says, "do you mean she puts on airs? Or "hold your pinky up like this, the higher you hold it the fancier you are"? I miss that Patrick, now for the sake of trying to entertain little kids they turned Patrick into a total idiot. And this episode never made me laugh one and it was actually really boring. I wish SpongeBob would just stop now. It was gonna end this year but of course they delayed it. Nick is just too afraid to let SpongeBob go, because without SpongeBob Nick will crash and burn in a week. But at the same time, making more of these episodes is hurting the show really bad. We can only hope Nick will end SpongeBob and get a sudden stroke of genius and develop a show as fenominal as SpongeBob used to be before it's too late.

WARNING: This episode contains no humor whatsoever and complete stupidity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Come on! Patrick isn't THAT stupid!

The moral is the only good part.

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46 Oral Report

Eh, not really bad. I've seen worse.

Ugh, the talking underwear was NOT funny, it was beyond disturbing. And the ending ripped off hall monitor

If SpongeBob doesn't do his oral report he will fail. if he does his oral report he will fail the driving test. - hurjelert

Uh, Why did Mrs. Puff go to Jail Again after Doing Nothing Wrong? - ChiefMudkip

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47 Toy Store of Doom

I thought SpongeBob was 20 years old, being a grown man. Now that this episode was made, They made SpongeBob and Patrick look like 2 year olds! I mean that at the beginning of the episode, 3 things:
1. They're at Squidward's house (How did they manage to get in while Squidward was taking a shower)
2. They play with baby toys, dolls, chewed up action figures.
3. They're bored (Shouldn't SpongeBob be at work)
I mean for example, they cry over a COMING SOON! Sign thinking it's not real. They also hide in the Toy Store just to play with more toys, THEN they get scared of the dark when clearly the night sky light is coming through the window, THEN they battle a tiny small robot with bubbles.

I bet they hired a 2-year-old to direct this episode. Just STUPID, BORING, and DISTURBING.

You do realize that Spongebob and Patrick were acting like kids since the beginning, right? - QueenJazzy21064

I didn't really mind this episode. Sure, it felt silly and stupid at times, but the episode was decent. Not as good as Sand Castles in the Sand, but at least this episode wasn't atrocious. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why is this on here? I mean, I don't like it in the slightest but it's not THAT bad. - Garythesnail

Exactly. I like this episode too. Just like Pest of The West, Best Day Ever, and Growth Sprout, people really overlook this episode to be a bad episode... When it's actually pretty good! - OhioStateBuckeyes

I actually kind of like this episode.

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48 Krusty Katering

Actually had some funny, good jokes that felt like season 1-3 ones. I like this episode a lot. No squid torture, Patrick is a bit of a jerk but it's still a very hilarious episode in my opinion. I enjoyed it. It was fun to watch and I laughed a lot. Pretty good - Lunala

It was actually pretty funny after the fancy house scene. - TopTenHaters

This episode was HORRIBLE! The beginning was filled to the brim with snot and germ jokes NOT FUNNY! The kids are horrible, spoiled, and just plain bratty. That one kid who kept asking for his birthday cake was the worst. Mr. Krabs is so greedy in this ep, he lied to get money. Patrick is super unlikable. 0/10. - Cartoonfan202

Uhm this is my fave season 10 episodeit's so funny it's better than plankton retires my 2nd fave season 10 episode

49 Blackened Sponge

I kinda like this episode, Its easily not an awesome episode, but its still good.

Not bad, I've seen worse - islandersfan91

I think this is a good episode

Why is Blackened Sponge on here? It's one of the best of Season 5. - SamHalls2015

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50 Bubble Buddy

This Should Be Bubble Buddy Returns NOT BUBBLE BUDDY!. Bubble Buddy Returns is Just Stupid Bubble Buddy Isn't even shown until the end and the ending as a Rip-Off of Bubble Buddy whilst Bubble Buddy is Just Perfect. Stop Putting Old Episodes Into This Lists.

This episode should not on higher. This episode is good. Bubble Buddy Returns is the rip-off of this

This is one of the best SpongeBob's Ever! Should NOT be on this list!

Bubble Buddy was a good episode! Why is this episode on the list

Little Yellow Book came way after this episode and this episode is nothing like the horrible Little Yellow Book


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51 Giant Squidward

Dear lord, this episode deserves more hate than it gets. The dialogue was very juvenile, and it felt like it was thrown together in less than an hour. Those idiotic background fish form an angry mob because Squidward DIDN'T SAY BLESS YOU WHEN HE SNEEZED. Yes kids, not saying excuse me is worthy of being stabbed and burnt.

The writers always try to screw with Squidward in some ridiculous way. In this episode, they make the citizens a bunch of douchebags and make Squidward illogically shrink back to normal size just as he was playing his awesome clarinet that SpongeBob and Patrick willingly made for him. Screw you writers. You guys just hate your audience. - Mcgillacuddy

How does fertilizer make other not plant things grow? - hurjelert

To be honest, the background fish are what I most hate about seasons 6-8.

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52 New Fish in Town

No that doesn't! New Fish In Town was great, All That Glitters was HORRIBLE!

It really isn't that bad.

I think it's an okay idea, but it's just done too dull.

The concept is ok, but it was executed rather poorly.

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53 Barnacle Face

This was just stupid. The jokes were dumb and not funny.
SpongeBob: At least you can still play the piano!
Pearl: How does that help?
SpongeBob: I have no idea. - Garythesnail

This show just lets you see how cheap Mr. Krabs is. He uses KrabBY PATTIES for a soap machine! Poor Pearl...

Mr. Krabs really needs to stop inventing and helping. He ruins people.

I h8 pearl so much she doesn't even say thanks to SB! She is so ungrateful and my least fave character on the show

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54 Kenny the Cat

How can you make a SpongeBob episode as uncomfortable as possible? Spend half the episode smothering us with the fact that SpongeBob is obsessed with this guy, and then shove an awkward SpongeBob breaking down scene in the middle, with Kenny desperately grabbing for oxygen. Ugh... This episode was not torturous in the same way as Boating Buddies, The Thing, etc. , but the emotional soap opera tones of this episode make it painful to watch.

First of all when do cats start breathing underwater? And second why do SpongeBob getting nominated for favorite cartoon every year even though the show SUCKS! What wrong with this generation? Do people know a good SpongeBob when you see one. And one thing Nickelodeon need's to cut back SpongeBob time slot because SpongeBob be airing about 9 or 10 times a day it's start get annoying.

First off, Kenny doesn't actually breath underwater. (Did you even see the episode? )

Second, I found the episode to be OK. I almost want to say they were trying.

Third, just because you don't like the new SpongeBob doesn't mean other can't like it.

Fourth, SpongeBob is the only GOOD show on Nick. If you cut out SpongeBob, we have to deal with Sanjay and Craig, and Breadwinners.

This reminds me of all the SpongeBob and Sonic crossovers I wrote when I was 7. MrEnter predicted this one too! - Chikinan

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55 Penny Foolish

Penny Foolish is a VERY underhated episode that needs more hate than it gets. Basically, the plot is that Mr. Krabs sees SpongeBob pick up a penny, and he will do ANYTHING to get it. But it's understandable, because it's a magic penny, right? No. There is nothing special about this penny. Krabs just wants it because he can't stand someone other than him having money. He builds a huge theater, harasses SpongeBob for it, and can't stop thinking about it. But the worst of all was the charity night. He acted like this penny was like a huge outbreak of a disease. You writers know this is a real thing, right? Then he goes to SpongeBob's house and looks for it. Nothing so bad happens here except for him digging in Gary's shell. Then SpongeBob says it wasn't a penny after all! Wow, what a great ending. - Garythesnail

Mr. Krabs is so out of character in this episode. Overreacting over a penny! Come on! At least in Born Again Krabs, he gets comeuppance. This episode is also really boring.

Don't forget that SpongeBob threw out 500 dollars.

If I found out a penny I found was actually a 500 dollar bill, I'd run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. 'Dumb old 500 dollar bill' my right!

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56 The Cent of Money

Should be higher on the list. Mr. Krabs is being a heartless bastard on this one.

"second bad example" Pfft. Sailor Mouth is the most epic episode ever, better than Band Geeks (That's surprising) - Goatworlds

Mr Krabs is my most hated character on the show and this episode started my hatred for him he's a cheap one who scams everyone out their money, he should have gone to jail at the end of the episode

At least Mr. Krabs gets karma! - Squidward48

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57 That Sinking Feeling

This is surprisingly very underrated (along with Penny Foolish).

What? This One Is a Masterpiece.

I actually like this one.

Like Breath of Fresh Squidward and Cephalopod Lodge, it ripped off Good Neighbours, only this time it's blatant. A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal at least came up with an original idea, though they were executed awfully (despite having a good introduction in One Coarse Meal), That Sinking Feeling doesn't even try to become original. I know SpongeBob You're Fired did worse, but That Sinking Feeling is the first episode where the animators just doesn't care if this episode ripped off any. I know some of the episode is creative, but all of the creative things (except for gelatin Squidward) have already appeared in earlier episodes. This episode is just a huge waste of time. It is my least favourite episode from Season 7 and the 5th worst 11 minute episode of the series, only behind Squid Baby, Little Yellow Book, Demolition Doofus and Choir Boys.

If you like this episode, I will respect your opinion. - SamHalls2015

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58 SquidBob TentaclePants

Geez, this episode is nasty. All this episode is about is SpongeBob and squidward being fused together. Writers, are you TRYING to make us puke? When I first saw this episode, I NEARLY had nightmares. I almost stopped watching SpongeBob. Aw man, the ENDING was worse! In some European countries, the ending was BANNED. (Dang it, I wish I lived in Europe. ) Anyway, squidward said he didn't want to be stuck to SpongeBob, but SpongeBob LOVED being fused with squidward.
How did this get #58? This needs to be lower than that.
Writers, what are you trying to do? Make an "CatDog" reenactment or are you trying to make us puke?

Disgusting, really raised the bar of how disgusting the episodes can get. No thought went into the script writing at all.

It definitely is the WORST and most disgusting episode, because of the ending, where there was a gruesome image of all the main characters fused together and wriggling around. It has scarred me for life, and will for the rest of my life.

HOLY BALLS, HOW IS THIS ONLY 94 AT THIS MOMENT. Sure, there are some episodes that were worse, BUT THIS SCARRED SO MANY PEOPLE FOR LIFE, JUST BECAUSE OF THAT ENDING. Nobody wanted to see that ball of goo with body parts and heads scattered around it! Heck, it was making JUICE on the floor! THERE WAS A GIANT TENTACLE AND A RED VEINED EYEBALL in this pile of goo! This aired in 2005, there had to be some LIMITS for a KIDS SHOW.

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59 Squidward in Clarinetland

Very creepy. Incredibly stupid. Also very confusing and hard to understand. I think the developers made this episode before they had their morning cup of coffee.

Yes, I get it. It's a take on Alice in wonderland and it's NOT funny in the slightest. It's kinda like they just said "Hey, Alice in Wonderland is about random stuff right? Lets do the same! " Meanwhile I bet none of them has ever touched those books because if they had they could have come up with something better then this episode. All my hate.

Not Good, But Interesting

So strange, breaks brain to understang, too random.

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60 No Nose Knows

Patrick actually becomes SANE and NORMAL in this episode

I detest this episode. It's boring, gross, and just stupid.

Patrick is such a dumbass in this episode.

To be honest Patrick should have kept the nose. it made him more hygienic.

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61 Funny Pants

There's only one word to describe how bad this episode is, and that is ANNOYING! You'd probably agree that after hearing SpongeBob's ear bleeding laugh for more that 15 seconds, it gets really annoying! Also, the jokes he was telling to Squidward weren't even funny. This episode is also what I like to call another one of those godforsaken Squidward Torture because in the ending, Squidward ends up in the hospital for laughing too much, but then SpongeBob gives a bit of his laughter to Squidward, and we get the same irritating laugh from the beginning of the episode. My God this episode just wants me to rip that little yellow bastard apart!

ARGH, OH THIS EPISODE IS SO ANNOYING! Funny Pants? More like Unfunny Pants!

Another day another dollar is a joke, for some reason. And worse stuff I don't need to talk about, Just watch it. Actually don't if you don't like banging your head against a wall.

I laughed the whole time on this episode.

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62 Plankton's Regular

This episode is insulting in many different ways. Plankton, in my opinion, is the only character (besides Gary) who is still likable. Probably because they put him at the ass of so many episodes, like THIS one.

In this episode, a man walks into the Chum Bucket and finds Plankton's food delicious. This is actually not a half-bad plot, but, of course, it gets ruined.

With this new regular customer under Plankton's belt, you'd think Mr. Krabs would cut him some slack and let him have ONE customer. But, no. Mr Krabs is too greedy. So, him and SpongeBob try to lure the customer away from Plankton: but it never works!

If I could rewrite this, it would be that plankton would be left with his regular customer. Want to know what the clueless writers did instead?! The guy has to go to the hospital for eating the chum, and Karen reveals she PAID the guy to eat the chum! That is just a slap in the face.

It really bugs me that we are expected to mindlessly side with Spongebob and Krabs for trying to steal Plankton's only ray of hope. Because as we all know, the Krusty Krab is the 'good' restaurant and the Chum Bucket is the 'evil' restaurant. Gimme a break, I'm not that stupid.

I don't think this episode should be worst. This episode was debatable.

Its just ONE customer! Why does Mr. Krabs want just a single customer? - Datguyisweird666

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63 Glove World R.I.P.

This one needs to be higher, like seriously what were the writers thinking they take a place with many great episodes and throw it in a garbage can with this episode. Basically the episode sucks because there are bad jokes and the writers make a really popular fun kids place into a fragile box. It's ridicoulous with this episode and even when SpongeBob and Patrick tried to fix the place up after the mascot quit after 3 weeks and guess what happens SpongeBob and Patrick can't get it done because at least SpongeBob tried but Patrick put no effort into the mascot which made the quarter of the place empty to the entire place into empty ghost town and then SpongeBob and Patrick lock themselves up on the entrance but then a plot hole is thrown in when Glove Universe is opening and Patrick threw the keys in to the Glove Lake because SpongeBob told him to keep it in a safe spot. 0/10 terrible episode and god awful. - DrMayonnaise

That's right, nostalgic settings are getting into the act now. I guess they ran out of characters to desecrate. Here, SpongeBob and Patrick find out glove world is closing down permanently. This episode is a sideshow of cheap jokes and an equally cheap plot, and the first sign of its cheapness is how fast they thrust us into this unreal scenario. They establish characters before putting them in conflict! They must be high!

Patrick and SpongeBob have gone to glove world multiple times and never once before have they mentioned it going downhill. Seriously things happen gradually and having it all of a sudden be trashy isn't realistic

Why not just renovate Glove World, give it some more rides and attractions and rename it into Glove Universe instead of just closing the place down? That would be more convenient

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64 Professor Squidward

It wasn't so much the main characters as the news casters and the idiotic students annoying squidward and asking him the most redundant of questions.

I want to beat up and torture all those idiot fish if they ask one more dumb idiotic stupid question I will throw them out the window.

I think episode was actually funny & mostly in character. I actually think it can fit in alright in with the earlier seasons. Def best episode of season 6. & squidward actually deserved to not have anything go his way because he was a selfish lier that took what was for squillam, unlike a lot of other episodes that torment squidward when he does absolutely nothing wrong

I'm also confused with 'all the fish that asked idiotic questions' I only saw 1 fish who asked him a legit question. Y r people so whinny when it comes to squidward?

V 8 Comments
65 Stanley S. SquarePants

Most annoying episode of SpongeBob in history. Stanley was just a cheap twin of SpongeBob ripoff of Patrick's episode where he couldn't do anything. :/

Now you see, SEGA could learn a lot from this episode. Don't make crappy look alikes of the main characters. I'm not hating on Shadow, or Silver, or Metal Sonic, because those are pretty cool, I'm talking about stupid stuff like the Tails Doll. Now I know probably everyone who's reading this is going "what the hell" but a lot of others get it. If you make a crappy rip off character (like Stanley or the Tails Doll) you get hate. And creepypasta. Mostly hate. - Pikachulover1

I really want Sonic to be successful, but SEGA isn't really trying to make it successful. I liked Sonic Unleashed, I liked Sonic Colours, I liked Sonic 4, I loved Sonic Generations, and I even liked Sonic Lost World. Sonic Generations took the series back to its roots, and Sonic Lost World had a GREAT idea, and I think SEGA should've built off of that idea. Then we got Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, and my hope was shattered. - DCfnaf

Stanley, is annoying he's the kind of person that you wanna feel bad for him but you can't because you wanna strangle him, now I'm a clutz, I accidentally break things, but I don't "ruin everything I touch" his voice his high pitched and his annoying crying goes to far, it's just one of those cheap look a likes, you know "Stanley gets strangled by the tattle tale strangler" uncreative/lengthy name, but still worth watching with season 10 being pretty good

I actually kind of like this episode.

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66 Squidward's School for Grownups

Well it wasn't that bad. The episode was boring but lets stick to the positive

Worst episode of SpongeBob I've seen since sponge hence(which should be the top next to dear vikings) what the hell were SpongeBob and patrick doing at the start of the episode? Why were they yelling at passing car? The worst and most annoying thing on the show. The rest of the episode was boring and pointless until the opera sence, seriously!

The Sea Urchin was literally the best character ever. I think it's pretty awesome if you can disguise yourself as a beard, take a snooze on someone's face, and then dip out of the theater with a bow tie.

I don't even know what was the point of SpongeBob and Patrick being in this episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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67 Pineapple Fever

I actually liked the plot, even if the jokes weren't funny. I like the part where they mangle common games to the point that he makes his own game and they are asking questions about it. "Will there be any spelling in this game? " "No, no spelling." "Yes! " My favorite line.

Believe me, I think the writers could make a way better episode, but they decide to make it into a squidward torture porn. Also, the jokes they use are bad and they drag on for WAY too long. Additionaly, the writers think if they put squidward as the ass of their jokes, it automatically makes them funny. And to make sure of that, they make SpongeBob and patrick as intolerably dumb as possible. the plot sucked and its boring

If House Fancy gets so much hate for the toenail scene, than Pineapple Fever deserves more hate for the eyebrow scene.

The eyebrow scene made me cringe and oh god the "doing jigsaw puzzles playing tic-tac-toe drinking hot cocoa" line. I HATED THAT EVEN AS A KID. The fact Patrick can't play puzzles and the tornado appears just to torture Squidward. I'VE ALWAYS HATED THIS EPISODE. - Chikinan

V 2 Comments
68 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Seriously I wanted to murder that stupid cop

I feel bad for Squidward because of that stupid dumb idiot cop that just give him tickets for no reason like when the cop put a ticket on Squidward's nose but the ticket fall by itself and the cop gave Squidward another ticket because of what LITTERING! If I were Squidward I would beat the livin crap at that cop!

If you a cop up, no matter how much the cop deserves it, you're probably going to get arrested. Then again, this is the Bikini Bottom law system... - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

I think the cop has issues...or at least the law

This episode is not funny at all ( Maybe in the beginning, but not at the end), Squidward gets all those tickets by that cop for littering, when he's not, and even at the end with Squidward getting 9 tickets the cop hasn't taken him to jail. Also Squilliam gets a ticket for his statue falling down. Basically the cop is giving people tickets for littering, when these people didn't litter, and the cop doesn't get punished.
This is a horrible episode and should be in the TOP 3!

V 21 Comments
69 Restraining SpongeBob

The episode is weird and creepy. I mean, Patrick following squidward around. That's creepy and fried squidward? What the hell?

This episode is just bland, and is by far Patrick's worst appearance. I know Patrick is the dumb one, but here he pretty much has the brain of an infant. It seems like the writers ran out of ideas pretty quickly, so they just ended up having Patrick laugh uncontrollably at the end for literally no reason.

This episode is so... so bad and in my opinion had so much potential. I mean squidward FINALLY got the restraining order on sb and they ruined it with patrick... he should have gotten another restraining order on patprick. in my opinion I would rather give it to patrick. pat and mr krabs are both tied for my least favorite characters in MODERN SpongeBob. in old AMAZING SpongeBob (seasons 1-3, maybe even 4) patrick is my favorite character and at the moment, gary is mine. you guys should improve patrick OVERALL and get him back and get your act together so we can have more amazing modern episodes like sand castles in the sand, suction cup symphony, planktons pet, krabby kronicle, donut of shame, and battle of bikini bottom. writers go back to where you got your inspiration for these episodes and it wont be so bad anymore I beg you. especially you zeus cervas and casey alexander - islandersfan91

Even as a kid this one wasn't good. - Chikinan

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70 The Krabby Kronicle

Honestly, this episode isn't really bad. Although SpongeBob is being abused and so are the others, Mr. Krabs gets what he deserves. The only part I hated was the ending, where Mr. krabs still wins

I actually enjoyed this episode because of the message it sends to viewers, but I also somewhat didn't enjoy it because Mr. Krabs still didn't learn his lesson in the end, but that also sent a good message to viewers because yes, trying to make an easy buck doesn't pay, but there are many ways people use to get around that, and this episode provided a good example. - Mcgillacuddy

This episode has problems. First of all, the. Plot was too predictable and WAY too mean spirited where Mr Krabs does get away with counterfeit, his greed is blatantly forcing the tension of the plot to drive everyone except for himself into a state of misery. I hated this

But Krabs got what he deserved. And this episode has a good message. - QueenJazzy21064

I actually liked this episode. The only bad thing it does is Mr.Krabs being a jerk to the entire city. At least he got punished for it.

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71 The Gift of Gum

Even though this episode can be gross, it's a relatively decent episode considering the low quality episodes after the movie.

I'm with Stupid, in my opinion, is actually a cool episode. I believe so.

Again, the worst episode in seasons 1-5 that isn't in season 5 would be I'm with Stupid. - Goatworlds

This is SO FRICKINH gross DAWG. - AlphaQ

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72 The Googly Artiste

Of course, if Squidward was the one gluing googly eyes to rocks, he would be scorned and the hideous bikini bottom citizens would have probably formed an angry mob because they hate it. No humor in this episode, unless that idiotic starry night gag is their idea of funny.

In this episode they put Squidward at the ass of the joke real badly! So bad that I felt so bad for Squidward and the artist that approved the rock with eyes must be fired and retarded because that idea is as bland as plain bread.
1/10 annoying episode - DrMayonnaise

I want to beat up that dumbass critic for not choosing Squidward's art if I was him I would choose Venus de Squidward over Patrick's dumb rock with goodly eyes and SpongeBobs birdhouse. What I will do to the critic is that I will punch his face kick his nuts and then torture him repeatedly until he chooses Squidward's art.

Next thing you'll know, that critic will start calling Boku no Pico the best anime ever. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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73 The Slumber Party

I wanted to slap Pearl and jump all of her friends because they shoved Spongebob into a pizza box, dropped a piano on him, where going to pour boiling oil on him & let him fall into a root beer cellar. I believe it was fair for that one girl to break out in hives (because of the newsprint), and the rest of them to have zombie shock syndrome. They definitely didn't deserve an expensive party at the end of the episode, the really deserved a punch in the throat.

God this episode is just as bad as bubble buddy. it's so cruel - bolbi9

I think this one is funny

This needs to be higher! What teenager should be left alone for the whole night in their dads house? I don't care how 'mature' pearl & her friends r, she has NO RIGHT to throw her own father out of his own house for her stupid slumber party! HIS HOUSE HIS RULES! Don't like it u shallow b***h go try & make it on your own if 'your so mature' pearl! And then she punishes her father for what she herself got herself into! IF SHE JUST LET HER DAD STAY IN HIS OWN HOUSE, HE'D KNOW THAT THEY WERE DOING NOTHING WRONG AND THEY wouldn't HAVE THEIR PARTY RUINED! Stupid prissy bratty b***h. Mr. Krabs needs to send the bratty bossy priss somewhere we're she'd learn to respect him more. Of course Mr. Krabs is a cheepscape, but like I said it's his house & his money give over it u brat, pearl!

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74 Frozen Face-Off

The abominable snowman that was just a puppet was the worst thing to ever be put on television. SpongeBob used to be the greatest show on television, but over the last few years has gone from the top to the rock bottom of entertainment.

Awful! Not like the old spongebob shows at all. All lame jokes and unoriginal storyline. And when they threw in the giant claymation abominable snowman, it just got 5x worse. When it was revealed that all the snowman wanted were Patrick's jelly beans, I shut the T.V. off. I would rather listen to Justin Beiber than watch this episode again.

This was just another Post-Movie Spongebob special. Generic storyline and lame jokes, and a twist too stupid to remember.

(Seriously, why is there a what Boom joke? )

Yes the puppet was awful to look at, but will no one say a word on how Gary was treated like dirt in this episode?

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75 The Original Fry Cook

I like this because it shows a new side to the Krusty Krab. Plus, the flashbacks were hilarious.

This isn't one of the worst, but it's pretty boring and Jim is a bad character.

This seems like a pile of crap when I notice: Didn't SpongeBob beat King Neptune? So, why the hell did they write this when they could've watched Neptune's Spatula?!

Why is The Original Fry Cook on here? I actually liked this episode. - SamHalls2015

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76 Clams

What the hell is Clams doing on this list?!

This episode is a classic.

This is one of the best episodes

Why is Clams on here? - Datguyisweird666

V 18 Comments
77 Earworm

Am I the only one who liked this episode? It wasn't one of the best but I found SpongeBob singing musical doodle all the time amusing for some reason.

This episode is all about one song that SpongeBob is obsessed.

The directors put no thought into the ideas. For example, the song is called MUSICAL DOODLE. You could have put a lot more time in it.
This is what Nickelodeon is now.

Don't like it but the musical doodle in catchy.

The end of this epsoides creppy where spongbob starts acting all creppy but I kind of like this one

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78 Extreme Spots

Another episode with lots of humor, but terrible humor that you can't even tell is supposed to be funny!

Some of the worst usage of visual/slapstick humor I've ever seen.

Total ripoff of pressure

No this is good

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79 The Other Patty

I'm not a big fan of this one. If people liked the flabby patty more than the Krabby patty, shouldn't Mr. Krabs have asked SpongeBob for the flabby recipe? :/

Booty episode


80 BlackJack

Idiotic episode, Dear Vikings is better than this

One of the best of season 5

It's funny how Spongebob was scared of a relative who turned out to be as big as his toe. Spongebob musn't have realized he grew a lot since.

This one is hilarious

V 3 Comments
81 House Sittin' for Sandy

This episode has the Biggest screw up in spongebob history, throughout the episode up until Patrick shows up, the writers FORGOT TO GIVE SPONGEBOB A WATER HELMET! It was never addressed, it had no effect on SpongeBob, then when Patrick came in and the writers realize "oh crap! We forgot to animate a water helmet on spongebob", They just lazily try to cover it up by suddenly having Spongebob start suffocating out of nowhere

Meh, it's pretty boring. It's basically a clone of Wormy. The episode just moves WAY to slowly. It's as if the writers just slowed everything down so they could fit 11 minutes into the episodes. Overall, it's just not enjoyable.

Filler, SpongeBob crying, patricks a prick, kick in the face ending = this episode

I low key wanted to kick Patrick in the head because he deliberately did what Spongebob told him not to.

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82 Artist Unknown

This is a season 2 episode, people. - Spongebob-129

I like the episode, except I hate it when its on here :(

This episode is a duplicate. Please remove.

Why is it on here? - Datguyisweird666

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83 Naughty Nautical Neighbors

What the hell? This is one of my favorites!

This episode is one of the best. The person who put this here probably likes episodes like A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal. - Spongebob-129

Man this is one of the best ever in my opinion! Squidward throwing his voice always made me laugh!

The kid who put this here likes season 6 - 8 and hates 1 - 5 - Datguyisweird666

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84 Overbooked

Am I the only one who disliked this episode? I am sorry, but I do not like the way SpongeBob was treated in this episode. SpongeBob had to go to 3 places at once, and Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick did not understand SpongeBob when he had to go to another place. I am okay with you liking this episode, but if you think that the people who didn't like it should commit suicide, then you should commit suicide yourself. - anonygirl

This episode is great

I liked overbooked. I think it teaches a good lesson to kids, and it's kind of funny.

What is Overbooked doing here? I actually liked this episode. - SamHalls2015

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85 Waiting

This episode is basically as fun as watching your mailxbox for 10 minutes and I'm not kidding all I remember in this episode is spongebob sends in cereal box tops for a toy. Then he waits about 8 minutes of the episode for it and then something about patrick got a fork for spongebob's birthday. Don't worry instead spongebob going to his party and maybe there being some good writing we see spongebob waiting for some mail. Oh and then the toy breaks and spongebob get mad at patrick and they both cry but then squidward fixes the toy and that's the episode

In this episode, SpongeBob sends off 99 box tops for a toy, then waits like crazy at a mailbox, refusing to do anything until the prize comes. When it finally does, he and Patrick cry over it breaking until Squidward realizes that it's the toy's FUNCTION. Pass.

This episode may be the most annoying I have seen along with "Yours Mine and Mine". It's just pointing out SpongeBob and Patrick's stupidity.

While it's far from the worst, this one has always been unpleasant to watch. It's basically 10 minutes(or however long the shorts were) of Spongebob being really...mean. Mean to everyone, in fact. It's not funny and it's honestly not fun to watch. - Garythesnail

V 13 Comments
86 Tentacle Vision

I truly hated this episode as a kid. It had horrible comedy, (a.K.A. nONE) was a really annoying episode, and spongebob and Patrick ruined everything. This could've been a good episode, but like most of the episodes on this list it failed horribly. You think squidward deserves something after having the worst neighbors in history of mankind, but no.

Worst episode ever. Squidward didn't deserve anything he got except for getting his own television show. I don't understand how it got to number fifty-one and not number one.

What a horrible episode, oh my god I almost ran out of the room

I liked this episode to be honest, the only bad part is Patrick showing this throat in the camera because it's disgusting. Squidward Chat looked boring because all Squidward says is "today, we are discussing..." but everyone made it better, and the critic kicked Squidward out.

V 18 Comments
87 Rule of Dumb

For me, this is just one of those episodes where Patrick is just a dumbass and gets away with it. Nothing funny, unlike its teamed-episode. The one with the kelp drinks and Mr. Krabs and Plankton have to work together. But this, Yours Mine and Mine, and Main Drain, Patrick is just down right a douche.

I never liked this episode, even as a child. The episode made me want to take Patrick's head, and bang a million nails into it. Anyone know why Patrick is my least favorite character yet? - DCfnaf

I like when Squidward goes Trotsky

That's eleven minutes of my life that I'm not getting back - GrapeJuiceK

V 3 Comments
88 License to Milkshake

Okay, at first back when it aired I seemed to almost like the episode. But then I dissected it and I hate it. At the beginning of the episode, SpongeBob makes an ordinary milkshake just like usual.. all of a sudden it's frozen solid.

First there's a jellyfishing license, NOW there's a milkshake license.

Then just because he messed up one milkshake he has to go to this 'academy'. In the beginning of the episode we saw him dealing with the shakes in a blender. All of a sudden we get this crazy, illogically made up machine that SpongeBob would probably never put his hands on anywhere else because Mr. Krabs is so cheap. The only thing I found actually funny was when this 'Captain Frostymug' (fabulous name right? ) told SpongeBob there was no licenses left and he asked why, SpongeBob said 'Um.. the printer ran out of ink? '

Soon enough after four hours (looks like four years) of 'training', SpongeBob got no license. Wa. But fabulous Captain Frostymug shoved his hand in ...more

A true testament to how desperate the writers are now that they've run out of ideas. The old episodes are so much better. - Shake_n_Bake13

This is the worst 2013 episode along with little yellow book SpongeBob forgets how to make a milkshake and how can you make a burger with ice cream and why do you need a license to make a milkshake that's just insane.

The advertisement! They used Kelis's Milkshake song! Ewww! Do you even know what it really means? - Chikinan

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89 Cuddle E. Hugs

This is probably one of the worst episodes of the post-sequel era, if not the worst.

This episode was weird, stupid, and not much of a plot. I gave it a 3/10 and most of the episodes of season 11 I gave a 7/10 or higher. In my book this episode is the third worst SpongeBob episode. Only toped by To Love A Kabby Patty and The Splinter

I'd never think I'd ever see an episode again that is as bad as episodes from Seasons 6-8. I was so wrong.

This episode is just boring. - Datguyisweird666

V 5 Comments
90 Boat Smarts

Makes SpongeBob look like a jerk

Here's the thing: SpongeBob is supposed to be funny and childish, but this episode kinda ruined it for him. You have to watch it to understand.

They ruined SpongeBob in this episode and made him look SO STUPID!

It may have ruined SpongeBob, but other than that, it was kind of a good episode.

V 12 Comments
91 Ditchin'

It's basically a crappier version of Hooky if you think about it.

Uh... Both are great episodes! Season 6 usually has MUCH MUCH worse! - Goatworlds

This One Was Pretty Good Especially For Season 6. It Doesn't Should Be Higher Then Summer Job, Slide Whistle Stooges, Greasy Buffoons, Smoothe Jazz At Bikini Bottom, Squid Wood And Many Others... - Ardan

I really like this episode, and will never get the hate.

Even though I dislike this episode, I actually find it to be pretty good for a season 6 episode. - anonygirl

V 4 Comments
92 The Curse of the Hex

I hate that one it's so stupid I mean really why did they come up with this episode in the first place its like really stupid, sorry nick SpongeBob but still

Well, for starters,

The episode consists of Mr. Krabs (Being WAY more greedy than usual) not wanting to give an Old Hag a Krabby Patty, so she puts a curse on the Krusty Krab. A lot of generic bad things begin to occur at the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs desperately forces SpongeBob to help him find Madam Hagfish. Madam Hagfish replies that she will only lift the curse if she gives them a Gold Dabloon from an Eel. When they get it, she puts it in her washing machine! (So that entire sequence was generally filler. )

Oh, and guess what the "Curse" was? A CLOSED SIGN. How did the characters not see that?!

Overall, the plot is very stupid now that I think about it. The New Writers have no sense of humor at all.

Now tell me who is the moron put it on the list sorry if I had to say that but this is a good one it is so funny if its stupid how stupid it is

This one was pretty boring, and so very stupid.

V 2 Comments
93 Spongebob's Last Stand

What! This is one of my best episode. It really shows care for our world and it's a great earth day special. But the part where those fishes boo at SpongeBob and patrick about saving jelly fish fields makes me feel to kill them. Whoever put the "get ready to lose 22 minutes of your life " well I'm not getting mad at him. It is even currently one of the best episodes of season 7. The episode is also awesome it is not just like a pal for gary, stuck in the wringer, and several other bad season 7 episodes, this one is not preety bad, you should watch it. Unlike a pal for gary, boat smarts, and pet sitter pat those 3 episodes are totally bad. Band geeks, this one, and other good episodes should be removed from this list. Here is my worst episode list: 10 patrick man! (Stupid, mean, and nothing funny about false arrest) 9 squid baby 8 something smells (annoying, stupid ending ) 7 hooky (very mean ending) 6 I'm with stupid (extremeley mean ending) 5 the clash of the tritons 4 krusty ...more

I liked the plot and the song, and it was good for an Earth Day special.

Why is this here? The theme is to take care of our planet. It is a really good episode for Earth Day. - IcetailofWishClan

Plankton took it too far in this episode, but it's not a big deal comparing to what Krabs has done in ONE COARSE MEAL. - BlueSheepYT

V 7 Comments
94 Growth Spout

This one is a mediocre episode with a few funny moments.

Can I call this episode under-hated? There were some good episodes up a lot higher than this! It wasn't clever or funny. I found Pearl's moaning annoying and uncomfortable.
I would call this my least favorite Spongehenge was haunting but I later liked it for that. It was a twist in that it was dark and intentionally not humorous. Growth Spout is a filler episode without anything memorable about it.
I don't get the hate for ones like Gone, and episodes like Bubble Buddy and House Fancy don't even belong here!

Pearl gets fat. Great episode (sarcasm) - Goatworlds

95 Life of Crime

Why the hell is this here?

I love that episode. The line said by Patrick, "You took my only food, now I'm gonna starve! " was funny because it showed his obese stomach.

This episode should be number 20 on greatest SpongeBob episode

Oh come on, this awesome episode shouldn't be 8
Spaces away from Rule Of Dumb. - GrapeJuiceK

V 22 Comments
96 Krabby Land

It's worth the wait because The Camping Episode is after this one

The best episode in the top 100. Krabby Land is hilariously. It is top 10 best material. Everything about this episode is perfect. Krabs was cheap and he was punished

I love this episode references to McDonalds, Disneyland, and Chuck E. Cheeses. I rate this episode a 5/5 because this episode rocks

Only bad thing about this episode is Both Mr. Krabs and the kids. Mr. Krabs is being cheap as usual and he's trying to scam the kids out of their money with a cheap amusement park. As for the kids, I hate them in this episode because when Spongebob wanted to entertain them, all they did was boo and be mean and cruel to him.

V 9 Comments
97 Mall Girl Pearl

I actually liked this episode. Pearl was not a brat in this episode unlike many other episodes. Actually, SpongeBob made a cameo at the end of the episode, so technically he does appear. - anonygirl

Did this even come out yet?

Spongebob doesen't appear, enough said

Spongebob was an insignificant character in that episode anyway - Flux3on


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98 Tea at the Treedome

Come on! At least give the episode credit, it's the third episode. Anyway, the episode was definitely far from the worst.

Stop Putting the old episodes on the list. They were hilarious.

This is a great episode! - Spongebob-129

Who the hell put this on the list?! It's a classic! Take it off NOW! - Tyler730

V 9 Comments
99 Ugh

This episode is amazing. It is my favorite episode OF ALL TIME!

It was different, I didn't know why it was in the top 100 worst episodes of SpongeBob

This episode was really good the caveman gags are actually funny I think ugh is one of the best episodes - Mswalgren


V 9 Comments
100 Big Pink Loser

I agree with whoever said "It shouldn't be here! " This is the is this the krusty krab No This is Patrick episode

I love this episode, someone take it off the list now!

It shouldn't be here!

This kid thought that Big Pink Loser was I'm With Stupid. - Datguyisweird666

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