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Nonpointed So I assume everyone has seen a change in Lucretia, making her prof pic some love for communism as well as some really dumb comparison lists that are just cringeworthy to read. And yet, she says these are jokes, but are still serious about some of these reasons. Let's nitpick.

North Korea is not an empire.: Um, neither is the United States?
North Koreans aren't fat.: Except for their leader apparently.
And can you speak Korean?

Stalin was Georgian, Trump is American of German descent: AND?
Stalin sent people to gulags, Trump was to weak to do that.: So people who don't get others killed are perceived as weak. This means only the nastiest world leaders in history as well as the serial killers are the only strong people in the entire world.
Stalin was the leader of a amazing country, Trump is the leader of a capitalist evil regime.: You know how many people considered communism evil? It wasn't just the US either.

Pot was a Buddhist, Trump is a Christian: AND?
Pol Pot had a cool accent, Trump has a terrible accent: AND?
Donald Trump is fat, Pol Pot isn't.: AND?

Even if these were jokes, these were awful jokes. To quote a post I know (about Fidel Castro but still):

"There's a difference between woke and "woke" and some y'all sleepwalkin'. Dude was a warmongering racist who oppressed his own people for the benefit of himself and his friends (cronyism tends to overtake currency in a "classless" society) and only dumbasses in Che shirts are sad he's gone. The world is a hell of a lot more nuanced than a ****ing Star Wars "Evil Empire vs plucky Rebel force" narrative, you misbegotten idiot children.

There's a lot of good ideas in socialism and I consider myself a socialist, but defending a 50+ year tyrant who looted his country just because he paid lip service to your favorite ideology is sickening. Grow up."

Now respond.


I think the underlying motive behind her actions would be to increase her member score. It's pretty much a fact that politically incorrect/controversial lists have more probability to make it to the top when compared to creative lists.

It would be much better if she followed up her communist ideologies with rational and valid points. Just my 2 cents. - styLIShT

-yes, -and she needs to study the history of communism and more importantly how it failed. -study the roots, show how it strengthened, and ultimately how many communist countries turned towards other ideologies. -and let's not get into cronyism. - Nonpointed

Don't make posts about me - visitor

LMAO - DCfnaf

@DCfnaf- why? - visitor

-well you are the one who's making these honestly cringeworthy lists. I for one need to ask if you have actually studied communism, as well as its major strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and failures. - Nonpointed

I am listening to the works of Marx and Trotsky... so yes. - visitor

Oh god...while I did think this was hilarious...I really wish Eileen never did this. It resulted in her getting banned - NightmareCinema