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1 Top Ten Most Influential Progressive Rock Bands

This list is very good - I said why in my comments there. - Metal_Treasure

2 Top Ten Favorite Classic Rock Songs
3 Top Ten Reasons Why Metallica and Megadeth are Equal

It was good. Rather than saying how much better is one than the other one, I also agree both them are equal. - zxm

4 Top Ten Ways Why Element119 is an Amazing User
5 Top Ten Metal Bands that a New Metal Listener Probably Won't Enjoy at First

This list has a great idea and allowed metal fans to share their experience. The list also shows very well that understanding metal music is a learning process - it takes time to understand it because it's different from all popular genres we usually hear. - Metal_Treasure

6 Top Ten Bands that Define the 60s
7 Top Ten Bands that Define the 70s
8 Top Ten Bands that Define the 80s
9 Top Ten Rock or Metal Bands that Should Be Played in Schools Instead of Top Pop Music
10 Top Ten TopTenners with the Best Metal Content
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