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idontknow I Loved the first 3 seasons of spongebob,they were just amazing cartoons and my favourite cartoon.The 4th season was solid,not great but not terrible and season 5 with everything after it was just suicidal.
So the writers of the original spongebob returned for this movie came,so I was anticipating for this movie and how was it?Here is the review.

The story is that Plankton,once again is trying to steal the krabby patty formula and the formula dissapears,so the krabby patty ran out and Bikini Bottom became a Mad Max apocalypse.

What I Love about this movie is that its over the top,exaggerated.I mean how can there be an apocalypse by Burger king running out. Usually I don't like exaggeration, but it works for spongebob and it was awesome. The film was hilarious too,I laughed at many parts and Patrick is still awesome.Also there was a point where I was not expecting.Also there are so many references to the old episodes its just awesome and nostalgic.Also see if you can find the illuminate symbol in this film,because I saw it.Also the apocalypse and the time travel segments were my favourite parts of the movie. Remember the trailer with the live action segments and they become superheroes on steroids.Yeah that's the last act of this movie.Also the soundtrack was catchy.There are parts where you will be like"This is what I love about spongebob).

I have 2 flaws with the movie.One I did not like the pirate as it felt something that would come out of The Smurfs 2.My 2nd flaw with the movie is the last act.The live action and the super steroids thing.It felt like it was put there just for the jokes,if you ask me I think the last act could have been a special episode as it did not fit in with the story, at all.Instead of the whole superheroes and the live action segments, you could have focused more on the time travel bits which were awesome.Its not bad, but it felt forced.

The film was funny,it has the moments where you just love spongebob and the exaggerated show.The traditional animations were awesome and the soundtrack was catchy.But the last act felt forced and shoehorned into the film.I will give this film an 8/10. Too much spongebob-ign.What did you think of the film,did you like the 1st or 2nd one better. I like the 1st one a bit more.Stay tuned.TO THE BATMOBILE.


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