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1 Band Geeks

Band Geeks, Secret Box, Idiot Box, Best Day ever, and the camping episode should be at the top.

This deserves to be number one. I'm watching "Pizza Delivery" right as I'm typing this. Haha I love Spongebob and Squidward together!

it was funny when there were singing

It was awesome to see spongebob and the town make up to squid ward after they nearly crush his dreams! Modern sponge bob would never do that! Also, the comedy was GOLD! And it was great to see squid ward finally get a moment! It's just something modern cartoons will never do again.

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2 Chocolate with Nuts

Best episode ever even better than number1! Ps who the heck put the "best" day ever on here I hate the music

My favorite part of this episode is when the chocolate fish exclaims CHOCOLATE! And in the end he asks if he could buy all of their chocolate and Patrick is so surprised he dumps all the chocolate bars out of his pants and even poops out a kisses chocolate. This is the part where I crack up. There is one other episode not on the list that I think is hilarious, and it is Krusty Love, which should replace Best Day Ever. In the end of this episode, SpongeBob is so mad he curses at his own boss Mr. Krabs in front of Mrs. Puff when she looks at a dictionary and her cheeks turn red and Mr. Krabs's mouth grows wide open.

Funniest episode of spongebob I have ever seen! Though band geeks is great too especially that song at the end... it's amazing and thats probably why its number one because of the song

What are they selling?

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3 Pizza Delivery

Squid at the end, showing genuine concern for SpongeBob "Sponge?... Sponge? "

"who cares about the costumer? "I do". "well I don't" (hurricane stops) 'gasp' Sqiudward. Best line ever next to My Names Not. RICK. How is this not number one? It has more memorable moments than any of the other old episodes. This episode has a classic plot just like camping episode or band geeks. The part where Spongebob runs over Squidward with the boulder was hilarious, and the song is simply priceless. This song is loved by all Spongebob fans, and so is this episode. If your a Spongebob fan that instantly means you've seen and love this episode. My favorite episode of Spongebob will always be this. It should be number 1

This episode is SO funny! I love the part when SpongeBob is explaining to Squidward about a movie that he saw about pioneers and when he tries to convince Squidward to eat the coral instead of the the tasty pizza!

This episode was VERY funny should be #1 - pwiva

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4 The Camping Episode

Best Episode Ever. "WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN! " (Patrick draws Tic-Tac-Toe Symbols). Perhaps my favorite line ever.

This should be number one. The Marshmallow shot through Squidwards clarinet and protruded at the back of his head gets me every time. Chew. Chew. Chew. Awesome song to boot.

Most hilarious episode. I'm 25 years old, and every time I see this episode, I totally bust out laughing every time Squidward gets repeatedly mauled by the sea bear! lol

Squidward (after being mauled for the 100th time): What did I do that time?
Spongebob: I don't know... I guess he just doesn't like you!


Just WOW. It’s in the top three best CARTOON episodes of all time!

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5 Frankendoodle

2 best lines:

"Where's the leak, ma'am? " and
"Finland! "

I like the part where patrick says finland and also the part where squidword gets the pencil drewing hair.

This episode is REALLY funny. We'r watching it right now

I am spongebob! Destroyer of haters!

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6 Graveyard Shift

AND THE WALLS WILL OOZE GREEN SLIME! Oh wait, they always do that.

Number 14 the night shift, is the graveyard shift in a different way. So you may have mixed it up. Wicth makes this list have 60 episodes. Even though its mixed up, it is a great episode and you can check out the top 100 episodes. My top ten are

10, suds

9, Graveyard shift

8, rock Bottem

7, naughty nautical neighbors

6, clams

5, procrastination

4, survival of the idiots

3, pressure

2, jellyfishing

1, RIPPED PANTS( including the song that makes me feel better

This is my favorite episode. This episode is so funny, and the plot is so amazing. SpongeBob SquarePants use to be such a good show, but there was an obvious decrease in the shows quality after the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. I can't believe how bad the most current episodes are. The episodes clearly don't have the same great storylines that made the show so popular more than a decade ago.

€�Oh boy! 3 am! ” -Patrick - PackFan2005

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7 Krusty Krab Training Video


This episode flat-out lacks a fourth wall, which is something I really love. Also, People Order Our Patties is one of the funniest moments on the show.

The first episode I ever watched, and the real best in my opinion (Sorry Pizza Delivery, Band Geeks, and Wishing You Well) - charlesjrosenbaum

According to the graph. Ahem, graph. - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

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8 Idiot Box

Even to this day, I have a giant box I play in almost every day. I'm 18 now, and it's mostly used for privacy with my girlfriend, but I do exercise my imagination with it when I can.

It filled my life with imaginaatioon. (Rainbow)

I'm watching thins episode as I'm typing "isn't there anything other than boxing".

Imagination-spongebob squarpants - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

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9 SB-129

I thought this one was hilarious, really cool with a lot of neat scenery. Squidward's even funnier than SpongeBob here!

Squidward: Future! Future! Future! FUTURE! This was one of the lines ever. This episode reminds me how much I miss the old SpongeBob. :'(

Best episode ever and first one I've seen. I grew up with SpongeBob and this has always been my favorite. - Archibaldo

This or Jellyfishing was my first episode. - Starbreeze

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10 Shanghaied

The only way out is through the... PERFUME DEPTARTMENT! Great Episode. not number 1 but still a classic

This ship belongs to the Red Barron! -

Looking back there was so much great humor in this haha. Do we get business cards? Haha

Awesome episode. The dynamic between the main trio and The Dutchman, the Perfume Department escape, the ending(s), Patchy's segment, everything is gold. I couldn't connect that much with "Gary Takes a bath", but that one is a bit funny enough. - Pop_Vulture

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The Newcomers

? Bumper to Bumper
? Bottle Burglars

Really good with great humor

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11 Sailor Mouth

Proof that even SpongeBob has a dirty mouth. And that scene with Mr. Krabs cursing is hilarioius! - alexschubert

This episode cracks me up. My favorite part of it was when they first started swearing in the first place.

If you noticed here, many of the best episodes have memorable humor. Though I have a different sense of humor [thanks to YouTube Poop], many people love this for the cursing. I will nitpick that the humor takes over the story and makes less supportive, but hey, who doesn't love a good laugh?

A very hilarious episode. The use of bad words was funny enough make any fan watch this one every time they air it. Ending is a bit rushed, though. - Pop_Vulture

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12 Help Wanted

Spongebob gets hired duh this is a classic

This episode made this show

Everything else happened AFTER this episode :3

Without this episode sponge bob would be a whole different person

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13 Christmas Who?

Santa is comin tonight tonight Santa is coming to night.

Hard to believe that this episode is ranked so low. It should be in the top ten.

Love the song:

It looks like it's gonna be a wonderful holiday,

Not your normal average everyday.

Looks like someone fell my old coral tree,

SpongeBob, Patrick why'd ya do this to me?!


I love this episode! Especially the song! - Datguyisweird666

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14 Survival of the Idiots

Who are you callin' Pinhead for voting for this? Nobody, because it's so dang funny! There are a couple of funny episodes in Season 4, but the rest of 4 and up are all terrifyingly horrible. Not funny at all. - Jammer196

Seasons 6-8 were complete trash to the point where "One Coarse Meal" and "Stuck in the Wringer" were made. But hey, check out seasons 9 and 10 because those episodes are really good. - Kid_ethinederland

"Which one a' you is the real Dirty Dan?! " "Uh... I am." Classic Patrick stupidly walking right into getting maimed by hibernation Sandy. - Kevie16

In my opinion my favorite this is my favorite episode. Like Jammer196 said, Who you calling Pinehead?

The best line in cartoon history - Starbreeze

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15 Wet Painters

"spongebob we're not animals we have technology" then he slams the computer on the dollar classic. Damn spongebob used to be so funny now its a joke I don't want my kids watching the dumbass new episodes

"Patrick" "Yeah" "I don't think this can get any bigger! " "Nonsense! " So awesome.

When I was little, this episode was my all time favorite! It still is. This was one of my favorite jokes. Patrick puts in a dollar in the vending machine, comes back out. Spongebob begs Patrick to take it out, but he puts it back in. Comes out again, but then Patrick puts it back in. Comes out, back in. Comes out, back in. This joke is unforgetable.

Patrick: "WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY." *Smashes computer* - SoloPotato

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16 F.U.N.

F.U.N to me is what SpongeBob SquarePants is all about. The episode is about SpongeBob feeling sorry for Plankton because He doesn't have a friend so He takes Him to Jellyfish Fields to show Him the meaning of fun and after they started hanging out together then Mr Krabs spots them and tries hard to break their friendship but one day whenever SpongeBob and Plankton go to the Krusty Krab Mr Krabs gives Plankton a Krabby Pattie then He takes SpongeBob to the kitchen spying on Him SpongeBob soon realize Mr Krabs scheme and he takes Plankton to the movies then Mr Krab soon realizes that Plankton is using SpongeBob to get a Krabby Pattie and then He rushes to save him while at the movies while SpongeBob and plankton are watching a movie Mr Krabs tells everyone in the room to reach into the person sitting beside them pockets SpongeBob does this and turns out Plankton has the Krabby Pattie that Mr Krabs give Him SpongeBob finds out the truth while His heart breaks Plankton tries to explains ...more

F.U.N. introduction: SpongeBob and Plankton meet together at a magic shop but Plankton was gone away and they made SpongeBob the rookie of the day. SpongeBob wanted to make friends with Plankton. So SpongeBob later told Plankton the meaning of fun. F is for friends that do stuff together, u is for u a,no me is for nything at all down in the deep blue sea. F is for fire that burns down the whole town, u is for uranium ha! N is for non survival! Then Plankton tried again and he got the whole song right. So they both had a Krabby patty together and later went to the movies saving his Krabby patty. SpongeBob later found out that Plankton betrayed him to steal a Krabby patty but failed because he was smashed by a wall of solid concrete. So SpongeBob went back to the Krusty Krab within worrying about the Krabby patty secret formula.

I love this one because (you guys might not agree with me) it shows plankton wants friends more than success even though he did try to steal the krabby party formula, he really wanted a friend more.

Remember kids f,is for friends who do stuff together u,is for u +me n,is for anywhere at any time at all down here in the deep blue sea.

F is for fire that burns down the hole town! U is for uranium bombs! N is for no survivors! WHEN YOU- - Datguyisweird666

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17 Something Smells

Once there was an ugly barnacle he was so ugly that everyone died the end. That didn't help at all! Laugh out loud

Once There was an ugly barnicle he was so ugly that evreyone died. The End.
Best Line Ever!

Possibly my favorite episode, because of blue fish and The Ugly Barnacle.

That one scene when the blue fish made the face right after smelling Spongebob's bad breath and the other one with The Ugly Barnicle story will always make me laugh. - QueenJazzy21064

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18 I Had an Accident

Sandy: "Spongebob! Land on your bottom! It'll cushion the impact of the fall! "
Spongebob: "(Takes pants off) Like this? "
Patrick: "No your other bottom! "
Sandy: "Don't you have to have to be stupid somewhere else"
Patrick: "Not until 4:00"

SpongeBob:I know of a place
Where you never get harmed
A magical place
With magical charms
Take it away penny!
Penny: (Silence)
Patrick: That penny has the most beautiful voice
Sandy: Trampoline
Patrick: Ice Cream
Sandy: Underwater Surfing
Patrick: Two Ice Creams
Sandy: Ferris Wheel
Patrick: Washing an old person
Sandy: Patrick, that is not fun! - lizard302

This episode would've been number 1 on my list. so much funny stuff in it

This is my 4th favorite episode but I love it because it has great Patrick lines and also the whole gorilla thing - NostalgiaMonkey

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19 Dying for Pie

What the hell is wrong with you all? This episode's my favorite, and it's sad seeing it so low.

My personal favorite! "The boy cries you a sweater of tears... And you kill'em". Too many one liners, just watch it.

This one is a CLASSIC PEOPLE! It has a message to it and it's so sad when SpongeBob says he will die due to the carelessness of a friend. That is so sad my heart feels so heavy whenever I watch that part. Love this one is my favorite HOW IS IT NOT #1?! Needs to be

Squidward's personality going to work... HILARIOUS!

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20 Snowball Effect

This is my favorite episode! This should defiantly get top top ten because it is the best ever episode I think. But the funniest of it makes it the top ten. It is an extraordinary episode because of the jokes and I hate the new ones. This should defiantly make number one!

I love this episode, it makes me laugh all the time. I never see them play it anymore though

Gasp! Squidward returned fire! Then it's war! Classic

The end was the only bad part - Frodomar49

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21 Rock Bottom

I LOVE this episode of SpongeBob it's definitely my favorite Patrick left SpongeBob by himself downtown laugh out loud and his expression when he saw they were leaving Bikini Bottom was priceless!

This isn't your everyday darkness, this is advanced darkness.

Why does no one ever talk about this episode? It's so different from most of the other spongebob episodes but equally as amazing, even better actually. It actually scared me when I was a little kid, and that's impressive given that it's a spongebob episode. Plus all the jokes and everything that's going on are so well executed. This is a true example of how amazing classic spongebob was.

NO - PokemonRPGbro

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22 Big Pink Loser

Remember the famous line, "no, this is patrick! ".. Yeah,. This is their best episode with patrick's idiocracy

Hey pal... You just blow in from stupid town?

This episode is not my favourite but it has the funniest moment: Phone: "is this Krusty Krab? " Patrick: "no, this is Patrick" phone: "is this Krusty Krab? " Patrick: "no, this is Patrick" phone: "is this Krusty Krab? " Patrick: "no, THIS IS PATRICK! "

Steven Blum voiced SpongeBob at the part where he says "The smallest you can think of! " Icing on the cake. - Starbreeze

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23 The Fry Cook Games

4 words explain why this episode is funny. MY NAME NOT RICK!

Plankton-"Square, THE SHAPE OF EVIL! " More like the shape of SpongeBob. - MissRosie

This is the best episode

Nobody calls me tubby. There are many reasons this is a funny funny episode the references the fish stick and of course MY NAME’S NOT RICK. But this guy really takes it away

SB and Patrick: ARGGHGG
Big muscular fish thing : aggghh

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24 No Weenies Allowed

Hey Writers I got a message for you and please if your reading this make if happen create an episode where Spongebob and Patrick try to get into a nightclub but they can't but when Plankton plans to destroy it after Mr. Krabs hid the formula in there, Spongebob and Patrick must enter and stop him while going undercover but hilarious things happen on the way in the nightclub and it should be called The Undercover Clubbers. Sandy should be in it where she helps them and a fish parody of 1 Directon should be in it and Pearl and her friends should be there and squidward. This episode rules and this should be a homage except without the muscular wrestler dudes who agrees with me?

HAHA weenies... This is a funny episode. I believe it's the one where SpongeBob wants to get into the Salty Spitoon, am I not correct? SpongeBob: "I'll have you know that I stubbed my toe last week, while watering my spice garden, and I only cried for twenty minutes. " haha what a baby! GOTTA LOVE THE SPONGE!

You can't hide what's inside!
You callin' me a liar? I ain't callin ya for dinner.
Best quotes of the episode.
Seriously, this should be at least top 20.

My family always references this episode. - Chikinan

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25 Krabs a La Mode

This is an awesome episode. It should be in the top in my opinion.

It would've been good if it didn't have characters getting hurt in almost EVERY PART!

Weird. Can't believe how far this got pushed back.

Best from Season 5.

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26 Sand Castles in the Sand

This episode is one of the most epic SpongeBob episodes I've ever seen. This was pure genius. - thunder850

One of the best newer episodes I have seen.

The sand castle part made the episode. The beginning and end was annoying though. But, The middle (Sand Castles made up for it). I wish the writers made episodes like this instead of making crap.

Actually the beginning wasn't that bad. There were a few nice gags. Even the ending was nice. - Antwon

AMAZING. Yes Sponge and Pstar do mess up the beach but they have to clean it up in the end. Funny episode I love this episode. One of the best modern spongebob episodes EVER - Lunala

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27 Krusty Towers

People say that the show has declined in quality since the movie. And it's generally true. One coarse meal is the worst Spongebob episode ever made. But this is one of the post movie episodes that's just as good, if not better, than the old episodes. I like the hotel motto and the employee elevator. Especially because Patrick only wanted rocks brought up to his room.

It declined in season 5. Although season 4 wasn't great, it was good. - Gamecubesarecool193

What's this episode doing at forty three? I love the part when Squidward makes SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs redo his hotel room. It's hard to say, but I think this episode should at least make the top ten episodes.

I can't stop laughing during that episode, it is worth much more than 45. Patrick is so funny when he asks for cheese, he tips, or simply question "this is a hotel? ".

Squidward’s vengeance on Krabs was one of the most satisfying and hilarious things ever!

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28 Ripped Pants

When big Larry came round just to put him down,
Spongebob turned into a clown,
And no girl ever wants to dance,
With the fool who went and,
Ripped his pants


This is by far the best episode, that inspongeaic episode was the worst episode EVER! In fact, none of it is funny, thomas is twenty times better and ed edd n eddy is millions times better. And one thing good about this episode is the song, I loved it, but the new episodes were not the superworst

Absolute Genius. How is this not #1? The ripped pants song is MY CHILDHOOD.


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29 Opposite Day

I really like this episode
1st reason: Squidward is in it.
2nd reason: the part that the buyer asked if there was another Squidward and Gary meowed is hilarious.
3rd reason: the end (because that is exactly what I would do if someone ruin a great chance to have my peace and quiet).

Squidward has always been a loser, but this is the best proof. This should be #1 with Idiot Box. Funniest ever:-)

Oh I know this episode a lot! In It SpongeBob turns pink and Patrick is yellow! - CN121

My Third Favourite Episode Of Season 1

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30 Bubblestand

It's a giraffe! Laugh out loud and the bubble blowing "technique"

One of the most classic episodes at such a low rank? My god, the "technique" is one of the most memorable spongebob moments!

Remember the technique Spongebob did? Who doesn't like that part?

Amazing episode

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31 Club SpongeBob

I love it! Haha never gets old, a classic! Should be in top ten at least, I mean come on! Laugh out loud! The magic conch

I love when all the food falls out of the sky - h

I love this one! We used to watch SpongeBob at my grandmas all the time. Now I still watch it but not that much. - Alpha101


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32 Just One Bite

Are you UNSURE about the ranking of this episode

"You like krabby patties don't you squidward? " I burst out laughing every single time!

There are two episodes where someone falls in love with a Krabby party and this one is way better. By the way you should check out the deleted scene where I don't know why it's deleted probably because they use gas but it is 'funny.

My dad loves this episode

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33 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

This episode is absolutely fantastic. Every Villain Is Lemons, otherwise known as evil!

What? Only at 33 this deserves to be much higher this episode is so funny every line is just great also the Herod trying to fight the villains was hilarious this is the funniest Mermaid man and Barnacle boy episode ever

When sandy goes invincible then gets hit by the car and goes through the billboard haha. Oh and "i can finally touch my toes"

33! this episode should be at the top

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34 Hall Monitor

Best line: "he's just standing there... MENACINGLY! ! "

He's standing there... Menacingly.

Crime and punishment, punishment and crime, in the halls!

This has been my favorite episode since I first watched it - NostalgiaMonkey

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35 Planet of the Jellyfish

This episode was a good addition and one of the better new episodes, but I feel like it was a rip off of sandy, SpongeBob, and the worm because it was SpongeBob finding something horrid and weird, something bad happened to the bikini bottomites, and him and sandy try and stop it. same plot. but this episode isn't bad either its kinda weird though like really? They're weak to mayo? That's a little uncreative but the rest was pulled off just fine - islandersfan91

This Is one of the very few newer episodes that I can actually stand watching, unlike some of the episodes that have weak plots.

Good episode especially that the jelly clones weakness is mayonnaise that's interesting and the fight was awesome

Should be higher

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36 Clams

Why couldn't it have been me?

Yeah, why couldn't it have been you?

Who on EARTH IS THIS SO LOW? 31? What the hell? This is one of the best episodes in the series!

I was laughing so hard during this episode, especially when Mr Krabs talks about how the dollar isn't his millionth dollar, and how its been kissed with Coral Blue, #2 Semi Gloss lipstick and Spongebob stands there wearing it, trying to correct him before Squidward hits him with the fishing pole. It's a nice little tribute to a classic too (Jaws). It's a nice little episode

That's a 4/4 string ostinato in D minor! - N4XUS

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37 Roller Cowards

This is one of my all time favorites! I still laugh at the part where SpongeBob and Patrick are on the kiddie ride.

I love it when they're on the mitten and they're out laugh out loud

One of the better, newer episodes out there.

My favorite part:

FISH: You know, this is the line for the bathroom.
SPONGEBOB: I know, we've gone eight times!
PATRICK: I went 3 times all by myself!
FISH: (looking unamused at spongebob and Patrick) I think I'll walk away now.

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38 Sleepy Time

A must see episode! It's surely a classic episode no one will forget. So I must ask why this is so low on the list? People couldn't possibly do anything but love this episode.

Funny episode and quite a classic one. Why so low? It's surely my favorite.

This is a real classic it's one of the best episodes

I love this episode sooo much! - PokemonRPGbro

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39 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

Absolute brillance. How it was not on here earlier was ridiculous. Why is it so great? Well, the plotting of this is hilarious. Spongebob and Patrick becoming parents. The jokes just write themselves. And it's really relatable too. Simply awesome. - dudesterravensfan

Fun Fact: This episode is why I hate To Love A Patty. Why: SpongeBob MURDERS CLAMS IN TO LOVE A PATTY!

Some episodes have mock title cartridges and this one was called 'How sex doesn't work'

My top ten:
10. Rock-a-Bye Bivalve
9. Have You Seen This Snail?
8. Survival of the Idiots
7. Club SpongeBob
6. SpongeBob's Last Stand
5. Mermaidman and Barnacleboy VI-The Motion Picture
4. Spy Buddies
3. Imitation Krabs
2. Sandy's Rocket
1. The Inside Job

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40 Jellyfish Jam

The song is called Stadium Rave

Not Catchy! I like the song a lot!

I like this episode, especially the part where Squidward gets stung by a million jellyfish. The song is so catchy!

Best episode ever! - Poptyer

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41 Mimic Madness

This is my favorite episode, and for good reasons. It had classic and hilarious jokes and moments, such as SpongeBob mocking the French narrator, his friends mocking him, and THE SONG IS AMAZING! I personally think this episode is TOTALLY underrated. This episode deserves to be #1.

This episode is basically "Face Freeze" done right

Out of all the post sequel episodes, this one is the best! - Tyler730

I just love this episode so much😀 - Spongehouse

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42 Wormy

Probably my second favorite under band geeks. when I was little my mom and I would watch this episode all the time and we still have inside jokes about it ten years later! My dad doesn't like SpongeBob though.

The chaos and close ups of the butterfly were amusing.

This episode is awesome why isn't it higher

The close up of the buzzing bug was hilarious and the fact that a butterfly scared so many fish was funny - Lunala

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43 Squid's Day Off

Have you finished those errands?

Have yo finished those errands? ERRAND ERRAND ERRAND ERRAND

I Love the psychological twists to this episode. It seems like a parody of some psychological thriller movie. - Mcgillacuddy

I will not go back to the Krusty Krab
I will destroy the krusty krab

Best spongebob quote

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44 Culture Shock

When I was a little kid this was my favorite episode. I still love Pearl's, Plankton's, and Gary's acts, although the episode is a bit harsh on Squidward.

I loved this one because of Squidward's dancing and SpongeBob has a water

Why isn't this even on the list? Squidward's failed attempt to put himself in the spotlight and the hilarious ending with SpongeBob and Squidward taking turns stick body parts out should put this at at least with SB-129!

Gary is an amazing poet...

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45 Texas

Sponge: Hey Patrick, what am I? Patrick: "Stupid? " Sponge: "No, I'm Texas! " Patrick "What's the difference" I love this episode. Boo to the new writers and producers for ruining what was an awesome show in the 1st 3 seasons.

How is this below Stuck in the Wringer and Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful?!?! This is a hilarious episode! Plus, it has the famous innuendo - "Patrick, your genius is showing! "

This should be higher! Not even in the top 100? Seriously!

Who doesn’t love this episode? The Texas song, SpongeBob and Patrick making fun of Texas (“No, I’m Texas! ” “What’s the difference? ”), Sandy’s rage, and the adult joke (it’ll probably fly over some of your heads). This is a classic SpongeBob episode.

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46 Skill Crane

Skill Crane to me is a memorable episode just in general

Skill Crane is an extremely memorable episode in addiion to its originality. People never really talk about it but to me it is one of the greats.

A takeoff of The Twilight Zone episode "The Fever." Very well done,

Love this episode really unique but no one ever mentions it 😕

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47 Wishing You Well

Move Patrick I'm claustrophobic. What does claustrophobic mean. It means you're afraid of Santa Claus. HO HO HO! Stop it Patrick you're scaring him!
I lost it at this part.

How to describe claustrophobia: HO HO HO

I like this episode a lot! Claustrophobia. They think that means "Fear of Santa Claus." I love that scene the most. THIS NEEDS TO BE HIGHER!

Patrick, this is a wishing well

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48 The Algae's Always Greener

Soiled it, soiled it, soiled it. Do you think this is funny? In a cosmic sort of way, yes! Well Mister Funnyman is this how you get your sick kicks? What its just any ordinary Krabby- oh my goodness! Squidward! - some of the classic lines in SpongeBob history! How could this be ranked at 68?!

Best part was when plankton said SpongeBob used too much sauce

Why the everloving hell isn't this higher up on the list?!? Some of the best and funniest lines from the entire show, just watched it and remembered how good of an episode it actually is

One of my favourites

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49 Life of Crime

This episode is hilarious especily at the end when patrick says alright which one of you flatfoots stole my lollypop! When he ate his own

This episode helps show how great season 2 is, but it has its own moment when Patrick goes crazy about "rectangles"

This is personally my favorite episode. I remembered every scene of it and me and my friend used to act it out when we were little. Cannot believe it is number 100.

What the crap is this doing at 111?! - Wudzer

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50 Patrick Smartpants

"Knowledge cannot replace friendship, I prefer to be an idiot! "

One of the first episodes post movie that mad me laugh.

This is one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes of all.

Smart Pstar was interesting in my opinion. Interesting episode not many jokes but still good. Sbob helped Pstar in the end. - Lunala

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51 Pickles

I really like episode for its execution of the western theme. While other old episodes have the Krusty Krab taking on a military theme that makes it fun to watch, this western take seems... special.

Pickles Introduction: Next costumer at the Krusty Krab was bubble bass. He ordered a Krabby Patty with pickles. He mentioned after that SpongeBob put no pickles. So later SpongeBob forgot how to make a Krabby patty so Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob sat and Mr. Krabs layer out a blanket with all the ingredients. It took SpongeBob days until he got it and returned to the Krusty Krab. Bubble bass was back and he still mentioned that there was no pickles. Although, the pickles were hiding under his tounge and he ran away.

I love the western theme, like someone else mentioned. Also, Bubble Bass is a hilarious character, and the insane SpongeBob is very fun to watch. 10/10!


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52 Plankton's Pet

Call me crazy, and this may be the only modern SpongeBob episode on this list, but Plankton's Pet is one of the best episodes of SpongeBob, at least in my own opinion. Let's get started.

It starts at the Krusty Krab, but ironically doesn't follow the Krusty Krab bad episode rule. A baby gets a Krabby patty and attempts to walk out the front door, but Mr. Krabby sees that it's Plankton. So when he tackles the baby, beats it, and reveal it's Plankton, so you know that it's not an actual baby that Krabs is beating, so that's good.

After Krabs kicks Plankton out, Karen takes him in and suggests that he gets a pet. SpongeBob takes him to the pet shelter to find a pet. This is where you find several jokes that are funny. Finally, Plankton comes around an amoeba, a Plankton's dog in SpongeBob world, that saves his life.

Plankton names him Spot and takes him home to teach him tricks. After a few moments of half-decent filler, Spot steals a Krabby patty right out of the ...more

FINALLY! A good ending for Plankton. I LOVE this episode.

They should make more episodes with Spot, he is a great character!

This is the best Plankton episode ever.

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53 Jellyfishing

I love this episode, especially the part that says "firmly grasp it! "

First time Spongebob and Patrick go jellyfishing! - Stephen2

Firmly grasp it is my mom's favorite SpongeBob line!

I used to be scared of this episode yet I still watched it every time I could.
I recently got it on DVD - NostalgiaMonkey

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54 The Secret Box

Patrick: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma. (carton of milk spills in Patrick's head) laugh out loud!

I love this quote- "the condiments of my mind are in enigma. "

My friend and I laugh our BUTTS off whenever we see this episode

Why is this not number one

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55 Hello Bikini Bottom!

Never Give Up is the best SpongeBob song.

I liked the song but the episode was kind of boring

I liked the song but the episode wasn't that good


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56 Imitation Krabs

Meatball Meatball spaghetti underneath ravioli ravioli great barrier reef. LOL

This is really good

Good episode.

Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli. LOL

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57 Spongebob Meets the Strangler

Honestly, this episode should be in the top ten list, I love this episode. When the cops cuff his eyes, that was priceless, really should be in the top ten

One of the funniest SpongeBob episodes ever. Truly priceless, especially the scene when SpongeBob puts his spikey cleats on the Strangler's eyes for 6 hours.

Has to be in the top 10 if not the top two or three!

The Snitch Choker

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58 Enchanted Tiki Dreams

This is like the best episode ever. Everybody is so happy in this episode. It always cheered me up because squidward having a bad day and SpongeBob and Patrick cheer him up with a good idea. This is like me, Squidward getting cheered up from a bad and sad day.

Love this episode. What's that? A smoothie.

Best episode in season 7 in my opinion

"Welcome, TIKI TIKI, to squidward's tiki land, whoo ha hoo TIKI TIKI"

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59 As Seen on TV

It is the best and funniest episode ever never get tired of. Wacthing it - Lee2cool

What a nice cereal box ha

Cereal box, can you autograph my cereal box?

'THAT'S ME GARY! ' (SpongeBob is in the background behind the grill)

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60 Pre-Hibernation Week

With or without the Pantera soundtrack, this episode is full of great jokes and thus receives my vote. Sandy saying fly fishing followed by the drum beat, SpongeBob holding a razor when he says he's a man, and the burnt fish saying "at least I still have my personality" are a few examples out of an episode FULL of funny moments. On top of that, this episode actually had a decent and somewhat realistic plot for this show's standards (not that the series suffers from this during seasons 1-3). Also, it is probably one of the only episodes with continuity, considering the later aired episode "Survival of the Idiots." - surgeonsanic

Spongebob + Pantera = Best Episode Ever!

Should be in the top 10. Why?

Find a hay in a needle stack! Not only is it the opposite of an impossible chore, but it is painful and works for the episode incredibly well!

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61 Mid-Life Crustacean

What are you doing with my bloomers? - NoRussian

Are you feeling now Mr. Krabs?

Oh, this is 55! It is way too popular to be that low

I don't think it's the best but it's definitely top 10. Why it's ranked 50th I have no idea.

"Can you feel it Mr. Krabs? "

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62 Employee of the Month

The race to the Krusty Krab between Squidward and SpongeBob is still one of my favorite moments in the show

I love the part where the fan blows the meat into Squidward's face.

63 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III

The torture that Patrick puts Man-Ray through is simply classic

Wow this is so underrated should be at least top 20. "What's in that box anyway? " "My wallets"

Brilliant episode. Man Rays attempts at being good, and his training with Patrick is hilarious. Easily top three episodes

The wallet scene is one of the funniest scenes in spongebob, ever. enough said. I don’t see how any of the modern ones are above this.

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64 Nasty Patty

I can't believe I had to add this no one had it. well this is my favorite episode but there are so many great one it was really hard to choose. plus all of those ones I forgot about. all are great except for the new ones (2005 and up) rock bottom is great too and I don't even get shanghaied. they do not play this episode often enough at all. I watched for the first time in about 2 years yesterday and that was on dvd - me123

"Nasty Patty" should be the gold standard for how to do gross out humor and dark comedy in SpongeBob SquarePants. Writers of "The Splinter," "House Fancy," "One Coarse Meal," and "Demolition Doofus": watch "Nasty Patty" and take note!

Genuineness! This is how to do a dark and disturbing episode but still make it hillarious. Great film noir inspired episode.

This is one of the best episodes of the show. It has a great story, the right balance of dark and silly humor, and tons of quotable moments (e.g., "Pour on the charm! Sweet talk him! " "What can I get for you... handsome? "). How Idiot Box ever overshadowed this episode is a mystery to me. in my opinion, Idiot Box is good, but it isn't this good.

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65 Valentine's Day

There is way to many good episodes but if I had to pick one it would be this one. - happyhappyjoyjoy

This Episode has some of the greatest lines in it.

WHY am I choosing this episode? Because it is AWESOME!
Seriously, when Patrick tries to find his Valentine's day present, it is HILARIOUS! And the line "FERRIS WHEEL! " is the best line EVER. Not just in SpongeBob, but in the HISTORY OF CARTOONS AS A WHOLE. And the ending is SO FUNNY!

THAT is why I voted for this episode.


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66 Suds

Good one Patrick's great in this

HOW the hell is this at Number 64? Should be much higher since the humor is great and Krabs is actually a good character in this one! - DCfnaf

The first SpongeBob's episode that I saw

Fun Fact: Tom Kenny was actually really sick when he voiced SpongeBob in this episode. - kcianciulli

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67 One Krabs Trash

Why is this so low?! "This hat belonged to smitty werben man Jensen..." And spongebob returns it to his grave and krabs digs it up. "HE WAS NUMBER ONE! "

My family and I have a ton of inside jokes about this episode like, "he just wants the hat back", and "floating shopping list." Should definitely be in the top 5.

I love the floating shopping list scene and the graveyard scene (Here Lies Squidward's Hopes and Dreams).

He was number 1

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68 Plankton's Army

My favorite part is when Mr. Krabs flush plankton down the toilet. Cruse you Krabs!

Sheldon is a funny name. Just ask Karen

Probably the most underrated pre-movie episode.


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69 Friend or Foe

One of the best season 5 episodes. - Spongebob-129

So, apparently, Mr Krabs and plankton were friends. And I'm pretty sure they won't ever be friends again after one coarse meal. The story is nice though. - Antwon

It's adorable! I love it. I realized thAt it was Plankton who actually made the krabby party when he slammed the door and the ingredients came into the meat. Plankton accidentally did the work and Mr.Krabs knew and stole the credit. So cruel! I want them to go back as friends. They are so cute together (as friends not a couple. Karen and plankton are the cutest couple ever ). Speaking of Karen I want to see her young.

Arguably the best post-movie episode

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70 Naughty Nautical Neighbors

My God... How could this be at #50... Does anyone around here have any idea of what an amazing episode this is? It was short and simple in plot, and had all the funny bits the audience loved in the earlier years. In other words, it was SpongeBob at his base. This epitomized SB's life and captured the essence of the show... Or at least the first few years. After that, it kinda went downhill. I remember watching these episodes as a little kid, I was born in the early 2000's and loved SB. This episode is a gem and deserves more love.

Great episode with memorable moments. I lost it when Squidward was playing a song on his clarinet to Patrick and Patrick just fell asleep and when SpongeBob was singing "Squidward is my best friend in the world" while playing the bassinet horribly!

ONLY AT 99! This episode was a masterpiece! This should be in the top ten. -

Squidward: Squidward will be performing his version of Solitude in E minor.

Patrick: [sitting on a bench while clapping] Yeah! E minor! All right! Yeah!

Squidward: *plays a note*

Patrick: *Falls asleep instantly*

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71 Squilliam Returns

This is my favorite episode, right above Band Geeks. I love this episode because it has an interesting plot that moves along at a very smooth pace, and it also features Squilliam Fancyson. Squilliam is quite possibly my favorite minor character in the series. He may be a jerk, but he is such a likeable jerk because of the clever and funny ways he insults Squidward. But, it was also awesome that Squidward looked more successful than Squilliam, even if just for a while. This episode is also one of the funniest episodes and has some of the greatest quotes in the series. Like,

"May I take your order, may I take your hat sir? "

"I cleaned the bathrooms on the Gourmet. I was the head chef on the S.S. diarrhea"

"Squidward Tentacles has the fanciest restaurant in Bikini Bottom, and he does not suck eggs."

"Would you like some cheese on that sir? "

Overall, this is an amazing episode

This one is a classic. Can't go wrong with it... No I cleaned bathrooms on the gourmet. I was the head chef on the SS Diarrhea.

"come on Squidward just imagine he is in his underwear... Oh no he's hot! "

Patrick can you take hats in a more sophisticated manner?
You mean like a weenie? Okay. May I take your hat sir. May I take your hat sir.

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72 Krab Borg

Quirky fun. Love the lines like: Let's get that poop, Our World!. Sponge and Squid teaming up and Krabs yelling your crazy. Love the electronic tune.

He didn't laugh... because he couldn't laugh... because he's (gasp) A ROBOT

This is probably the king of underrated episodes. It somehow never gets the attention it deserves.

Hands down the funniest SpongeBob episode of all time. It is on a separate tier

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73 Tea at the Treedome

"When in doubt, pinky out". Come on guys. This is hilarious!


The pinky rule is dumb, but this episode is great. It is the episode that made Sandy born. This should at least be in the top ten.

Brilliance in the form of Spongebob Squarepants - Gangem

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74 Arrgh!

A very underrated episode, but one with a lot of great one-liners. I love when Mr. Krabs hires and fires Patrick, as well as the angelic chorus singing "Plastic! ".

I love this pirate-themed episode.

I love this episode so much! Has a lot of funny lines. Shocked it's so far down the list

"Rev up those fryers! Cause I am sure hungry for one- help, help! MY LEG! "
"Can't you see we're closed? " - SAXO

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75 The Paper

The reason this episode is so great is because of its simplicity I can't believe I had to put this
On the list myself

The Paper was along with one of the "holiday episodes" in which, this episode is very rare to watch.

Let's give this episode some help I mean this episode is shown about 4 times every year and when it is it cracks me up.

"Look, Gary. Oralgami! "

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76 New Student Starfish

This is my favorite episode because Patrick went to the boating school with SpongeBob. (The funny part will come in a minute) First SpongeBob gets ready for boating school then Patrick goes to the front door. SpongeBob then tells him that he has boating school. Then Patrick tells him that he wanted to go. And here's the funny part, mrs. Puff wanted Patrick to tell the class his name and instead of saying his name, he didn't really know what she was talking about, so he just said "24! " That, people is exactly why my favorite number is 24. It may sound ridiculous, but I happen to like it so don't be giving me no flak! -

Can't believe this one isn't in the top ten. My favorite one liner is from this episode when patrick enrolls in boating school with spongebob, Mrs puff asks what patrick's name is, patrick leans over and says to spongebob "Who's the fat kid talking to? " None of the newer episodes are funny by the way

Well I would hate you even if I didn't hate you that's how much I hate you.

It has to be MUCH higher - BlueSheepYT

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77 Plankton Plankton Sheldon James Plankton, or simply Plankton, is a character in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

One of my favorites because it introduces plankton!

"This is my lab! And this is my lab! "

Really funny! I liked it

This is my lab (shows a pic of a live action Labrador retriever). And this is my laboratory!

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78 It's a Spongebob Christmas

At first I had low expectations, the special turned out to be really good! It's the first SpongeBob related thing to capture the spirit of the first few seasons in a long time!

This is one of the only specials that weren't wastes of time! John Goodman is good as Santa! I also love the animation.

Finally it was good again until Squirrel Record. Then it stopped until Kenny The Cat.

It's an awesome episode! Finally, another GOOD episode of SpongeBob.

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79 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

The Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episodes are boring.

The first one! I also love mermaid man in this


Also -

"By the power of Neptune... you may kiss the bride! "

80 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV

Not trying to offend anyone but this is probably the worst episode I have ever seen. The only thing I like about this episode was the wumbo joke but everything else was trash. The worst part about this episode was when Spongebob gets beaten up by everyone ( including his friends ) when he shrunk everyone in the town on accident. At the beginning of the episode Spongebob tried to give the belt back to mermaid man and barnicle boy but they just run away from spongebob. When Spongebob shrunk everybody people ask how to get mermaid mans belt to unshrink everyone but he does'nt know how to use it and guess what. THEY BLAME THE WHOLE THING ON SPONGEBOB. If Spongebob did this on purpose I would buy this but really your going to beat up an innocent sponge for doing something on accident. I really want to beat up all those people who beat up Spongebob. This episode proves that everyone in Bikini Bottom is a jerk and Spongebob is the only one that is nice ( maybe a little bit too nice in ...more

"I wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, me. Wumbo..."

Squidward:"I wonder if a fall from this height would be enough to kill me." - SAXO

How can this episode not be in the top ten? It's definitely one of my favorite episodes of all time!

"And here comes a giant fist! "

Did you set it to wumbo?

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81 Sing a Song of Patrick

This is hilarious because old man Jenkins says I like this song when the awesome Patrick song comes. The band guys also die.

"This song reminds me of you.."
".. Pee-u what's that horrible smell? "
Haha hilarious!

Twinkle twinkle Patrick Star I made myself a sandwich. CLASSIC - toptenzen

I love this episode and the “twinkle twinkle patrick star” song is so funny and hilarious it had me cracking up laughing for ages - Lunala

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82 Feral Friends

My favorite of season 10. I give this episode 10 out of 10.

I have never seen Pearl or Mrs. Puff or EVEN Larry naked before! - Poptyer

I've never met one person who doesn't like this episode

€Every 100 years, it de-evolves everyone in Bikini Bottom into primal fish for two hours.”

“primal fish”

Haha at least they weren’t turned into hawluchas or elemental monkeys - Lunala

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83 The Lost Mattress

I can't believe I had to add this my self. This is one of the only good new episodes. Others are Whale of a Birthday, Skill Crane, Have you seen this Snail? , Karate Island, Bummer Vacation, and Krabs vs. Plankton.

I LOVE it when Squidward gets beat up by the Guard Worm. It makes me laugh every time. I also like it when Patrick thinks there are ten mattresses in the store when there are like hundreds of them.

All these great episodes down this far on the list? - Spongebob-129

It's really great. - PageEmperor

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84 Patty Hype

I just call it Pretty Patties. :) P. S. I'm a Boi LOL Boi.

This episode should be called Pretty Patties. This episode is one of the 20 best episodes. There is a special edition episode of this made in March 2015 and it has a song called My Pretty Patties. - lizard302

I love the noise that two pickles make when you rub them together.


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85 A Friendly Game

I thought it was the best episode in season 8.

Probably my favorite Season 5-8 episode.

There was a Squidward torture moment on it.

Oh where did our balls go! Patrick you ate my ball?!

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86 Not Normal

This is one of the most unusual episodes of spongebob ever! I just LOVE it!

I don't mind this episode although it is kinda weird

That shouldn't be the best episode.

This episode is overrated, but it's a bit decent, too.

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87 Karate Choppers

How is this so low? There are SO many worse episodes ranked higher than it on this list. No, its not the most complex episode ever, but it was one of those early episodes that defined the SpongeBob formula. It just has so much fun and polish - each joke is memorable and well-timed, which kept me laughing all the way through.

One of the best! How wasn't it on here? It's hilarious! Especially the beginning where Sandy is at SpongeBob's house!

This episode was better than Karate Island.

This is an amazing episode, and completely underrated, at least so far as this list shows. The jokes are smart - they're subtle, well-timed, and establish a lot of the patterns seen in later episodes. This episode is flat out hilarious. Just one example:

"That almost sounded like,"
"Karate? "
"Right now?!?... I mean, no! What is this Karate. Er... what do you want on your Sandwich? "
"Huh? "
"Uh... Mustard! I want Mustard on my Sandwich! "

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88 Pranks a Lot

One of the best episodes ever. Should at least be in top 50

The ending would be funnier if it was videotaped and was on the news - Goatworlds

Bus Driver: And if you look on the right, you'll see two naked guys fighting over a can of paint.

LOL! It would also be humiliating if they put them on the news. THEY'RE STRIPPERS! No one wants to see that on the news!

This I one of the best episodes. Why is so far down.
“And on your right if you look you'll see 2 naked guys fighting over a can of paint"

89 Squid on Strike

I think this episode is very clever. Whoever wrote this did a better job than in most episodes. I love this. Squidward: Unfair not funfair! Fish: Funfair? Where? SpongeBob: At the Krusty Krab.

Episodes are better when Squidward and SpongeBob team up and be good. Never make episodes where Squidward is mad at SpongeBob for annoying him. I feel bad for both of them.

There are some SpongeBob episodes that I don't like like sample dumped

7.8/10 too much communism

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90 Can You Spare a Dime?

"This town will be eating out of the palm of my hands! "... "Spare change mam? "

You have a job? Why wouldn't I? It's not like I'm some kind of inconsiderate jerk who lays in bed all day!

Say, where can I get one of these "jobs"? Oh their everywhere, especially if you're green and have six tentacles. Thanks. I'm going to look for one so I can stop MOOCHING OFF MY FRIENDS AND THEY CAN GET BACK TO THEIR LIVES!

This one is awesome! Its by far the best episode! Squidward is broke and Spongebob wears a skirt! Something is always happening in this episode. And Mr. Krabs is obsessing over money again. BUT 92?! "Or a football playing king in space... with a mustache." LOLOL

How is this so low. It's one if not THE favorite episode for me. Top 10 at least.

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91 Pressure

Hey! You can't eat my friends you rats with wings ha I love this episode

Do we have to wear pickle jars?

Sandy is a girl?

This episode. I don't know what makes it my favorite, but it just seems so love able.

This is an awesome episode! Patricks like sandy's a girl! Laugh out loud

"I'd say I'm already halfway there."
"Sandy's a girl? "
"Do we have to wear pickle jars? "

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92 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

This episode is hilarious. I can't believe I had to add it onto the list.

SpongeBob: It's Big, Scary, and Pink!
Sandy: So is Patrick's belly button.

Lol! There is something weird about this episode, though. When Sandy captures the worm's tongue, it looks like she was riding on a giant penis.

What's this episode doing at 207? - Spongebob-129

I love this episode!

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93 Fear of a Krabby Patty

The plot was cool, same with the background music, SpongeBob stays up 43 days and nights and develops Krabby Patty phobia, as a part of Plankton's plan to steal the Krabby Patty formula, yet he still fails. - nelsonerico6

Awesome, in top 20, showing just how brilliant seasons 2-4 were. - Goatworlds

This episode was pretty funny, especially when SpongeBob smashed Plankton with a giant piano - Mcgillacuddy

Squidward's stress was hilarious!

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94 Missing Identity

I love this episode! How come this isn't higher on the list?!

I am the WORLDS BIGGEST SpongeBob FAN and I love this episode. Every episodes great expect for Someone's in the kitchen with sandy and a pal for gary. - lizard302

How is this not in the top 10, it is one of the funniest episode ever. I could watch the hi scene over and over again and it would still be funny.

My favorite part was the "hi" scene. Classic Patrick right there

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95 Jailbreak

HIGHER - PokemonRPGbro

Plankton & his cellmates try to break out of jail to steel the krabby patty forumla but Spongebob is working at Bikkini Bottom during the weekend to stop him from doing it. When Spongebob hears what Plankton & his cell mates were going to do he runs back to warn Mr. Krabs. & they set a trap to catch Plankton & his cell mates to bring them back to Bikkini Bottom Jail & save the formula

Plankton & his cell mates try to break out of Jail to steel the krabby Patty formula but Spongbob is working at Bikkini Bottom Jail during the weekend to stop him from doing it.When Spongebob hears what Plankton & his cell mates going to do he runs to warn Mr. Krabs. They set a trap to catch Plankton & his cell mates & bring back to Bikkini Bottom Jail to save the formula.

96 Gone

This is the best episode in its season

Think about it. What was the cruel twist at the ending.

I thought this was the best episode until about 2011. Then I had a new favourite. New Student Starfish, is probably my favourite. - lizard302

This episode sucks! Keep it on the lowest spot as possible with one coarse meal

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97 Dunces & Dragons

It's great to understand that 8.5 million people watched this episode on its premiere. And you know what? It couldn't have gotten to a better episode! This episode is amazing, and dare I say, one of the best episodes of the entire series! This episode MUST be higher on the list RIGHT NOW!

Firstly, if you dismiss all post-movie episodes, PLEASE watch this episodes along with Sandcastles in the Sand, Skill Crane, and Krabs a larger Mode.

This is my favorite episode of Season 4, and one of my favorite (at least top 5) episodes ever.

Vote for Dunces And Dragons!

Best special episode. The thing about modern SpongeBob specials, is that there really good, or really bad.

V 8 Comments
98 Snail Mail

This episode is great, the twist at the end with it being patrick was awesome, one of the great episodes of season 9b - kmitch233

99 A SquarePants Family Vacation

This episode wasn't that great. It was rather predictable and the "Above the Road" song was just ridiculous. They just tried way to hard to make that last scene look amazing, but instead it looks corny as hell. - Mcgillacuddy

SpongeBob s dad: he's your son Magret mrs. Square pants : (angry face )

To be honest, this one was kind of boring. The road song was just mediocre, too.

Hate it

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100 SpongeBob vs. the Patty Gadget

It's a filler, and it sucks. - Mcgillacuddy

I just watched this like two minutes ago

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