Top 10 Madonna Songs That Should Have Been Added to the Final Version of the Rebel Heart Album

Madonna recorded a huge amount of songs during the Rebel Heart era. We had 2 "additions" but many great songs were left

The Top Ten

1 Alone With You

One of the most popular RH unreleased songs among Madge fans - Irina2932

2 Queen

I wish this fantastic track was in the final version. Why did she ignore it? - Irina2932

3 Nothing Lasts Forever

Reminds me of Ray of Light era. I really love that Arabic sound - Irina2932

4 Heaven

Great lyrics. Nice song indeed! Just listen to it - Irina2932

5 Revolution

Surprisingly great and interesting track - Irina2932

6 Tragic Girl

One of my personal favorites - real jem! - Irina2932

7 Trust No Bitch

Interesting lyrics. - Irina2932

8 Two Steps Behind Me
9 God Is Love

Another ignored masterpiece. God, I can't believe she didn't include so many great songs - Irina2932

10 Freedom

The Contenders

11 Never Let You Go
12 Take It Back
13 Score

It differs from other tracks. I like it - Irina2932

14 Take A Day
15 Back That Up (Do It)
16 Tonight
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