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1 Tornado of Souls - Megadeth

This is definitely the best of the best in all Metal solos, no other guitarist in this list can play this solo because their technique and melodic control is inferior compared to Marty's Friedman's ESPECIALLY not Kirk Hammett. This solo is the best in musical terms, One is simple Pentatonic wanking and simple tapping. Fade To Black isn't Metal, it's a power-ballad. Mr. Crowly is also pentatonic wanking that I like. Hangar 18, Lucretia, and Five Magics should be in the top five. Marty Friedman is God, he hasn't played Metal in years and his composition, skill, technique, and melodic shredding is still unrivaled today.

Words can't explain how I feel while I am listening to this solo. This solo is so good that I feel like I have an orgasm every time I am listening to it. I really have no idea how Marty can play guitar so good. This solo is one of the biggest reasons I like heavy metal!

This solo is just amazing and may rightfully deserve number one but you Megadeth elitists need to calm down. Metallica doesn't suck just because Dave Mustaine has had issues with them, and Metallica is the most well-known band for a reason. Everyone has their favorite band but that doesn't mean other bands suck. And of course Kirk Hammett should be capable of playing this, he's a professional guitarist for God's sake! Just because his music is different than Marty Friedman's and it's easier to play for the most part doesn't mean that it's the limit of his skill. If he doesn't know how to play it then he could undoubtedly learn. Such blind elitism and butthurtness over nothing.

Sex, not a solo.

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2 One - Metallica

Both the top two solos on this list are my favorite. But I think one would win in my opinion because it's fast as well as melodic. Don't get me wrong guys... Marty Friedman is a complete genius and probably is more skilled than kirk, but this solo suits this song as anything... If you want to tell a person what is Metallica tell him to listen to this song...

I think the Megadeth fans should leave behind a pointless conflict and stop hating everything connected to Metallica. Instead of that use use your heart for a moment and you will feel the power, the energy, the feeling on this Hammett solo.

Probably the best solo of metallica.

This song made me want to play the guitar and learn all these solos

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3 Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne

Tornado of souls it bloody damn awesome but mr crowley is a very classical styled piece with dead accuracy making Randy Bach's brother from another mother or reincarnation in other words the basis to all modern heavy metal solos.

Only second to Tornado of Souls, Randy was behind no one when it came to guitar. He could shred, play immensely fast, and yet even he could create a timeless, emotion-filled instrumental. Kirk Hammett has yet to surpass this man's two-album reign with his nine, so goodbye "One".

This solo is almost impossible to play!

So much feeling. Perfect solos.

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4 Floods - Pantera

Epic, just epic. Makes me cry every time I listen to it. And the outro... Its out of this world... Dimebag darrell will live in our hearts forever...

Awesome guitar-playing by Dimebag Darrell, the riff in the outro is epic! - petrucci75hammet

I believe this is the best metal solo ever written by the best metal guitarist of all time, every time I hear this solo I always have to try and stop myself from bursting out into tears.

The solo and outro bring invisible ninjas in my room and start cutting onions. - awesomedp900

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5 Painkiller - Judas Priest

This is the best guitar solo their is judas priest has other great ones too like beyond the realms of death, one shot at glory, all guns blazing, ram it down those are just a few of their best solos

It's guitar solo is amazing. Even it's drum solo in the beginning is awesome.

Although It Was Made In 1990, It Still Defines Metal As We Know It. - Neosantana

This could be first easily. The solo is melodic it starts with some sweep picking and it’s played with emotion. The second solo is nice too. - Userguy44

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6 Fade to Black - Metallica

Fade to Black is Metallica's best solo, and the most emotionally stirring metal solo, a real masterpiece. I also want to say that I am disgusted by a lot of you metal elitists, "Oh I hate Metallica and only like Megadeth! " or the other way around. Realistically, you should just listen to what you like and accept that.

This is the Comfortably Numb of metal. It deserves 1st or 2nd, Mr. Crowley might be a little better, that's coming from a guitar player's perspective, but this songs outro is mind blowing, the emotion that Kirk Hammett puts in this (and a lot of his other solos) is amazing.


One sucks compared to Fade

Kirk is not the most skilled player, but his solos are amazing! this solo is just perfect, meloic than fast, than melodic again... so much emotion, just amazing!
personal top 10
1 fade to black
2 tornao of souls
3 lie
4 floods
5 one
6 mr crowley
7 beyond the realms of death
8 powerslave
9 cemetery gates
10 under a glass moon

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7 Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Something very deep about it. It manages to be melodic but heavy at the same time.

UP THE IRONS! I'm tired of everyone picking Metallica songs just because it's the only metal band they know about. Go back and listen to the greatest masterpieces of all time, and you'll see that a song like Powerslave has a far better solo than One or some other guitar hero crap like that.

Maan! This song has the best solo ever! Listen to that bass play and the guitars, just simply amazing! Steve, bruce, dave, adrian,... All of you are simply amazing m/

Top 5 should be Powerslave, Mr. Crowley, Tornado of Souls, Beyond the Realms of Death, and Eruption.

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8 Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

One of Priest's more downbeat songs, with the harmonic, drawn-out soloing by Tipton and Downing. - petrucci75hammet

Glen Tipton is the solo God of the metal gods. This solo brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it!

First solo by Glen Tipton in this song is way deserving a top 5 if not at least in the top 10!

Its that harmonic at the end that gets me every time - Metallicafan01

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9 Cemetery Gates - Pantera

This is the best heavy metal guitar solo because I have the most respect for its meaning. I've searched all over the internet and articles for the meaning to this song and no one has it right. The song is about the fact that we all are going to die and there is nothing you can do about it.

One of the greatest solos ever written. Deserves to be higher on this list. My favorite is still Tornado of Souls though

I would have to agree with petrucci75hammet
definitely - shinobi8003045

Best riff ever period

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10 Holy Wars...the Punishment Due - Megadeth

In my opinion this solo is a little better than Tornado of souls. But both are awesome.

It's almost as good as tornado of souls

This solo wins the debate for me. Nothing else to say.

Dave’s solo at the end is WICKED

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11 Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

I myself played tornado of souls.. It's great, It's different. I've played Metallica stuff, easy but sounds good. What about Synyster's stuff? He can shred everything, in any type of song... The modern guitarist ever, If I am the universal reference for music, I will place it at #2 right after the tornado of souls, you guys please listen and then vote. How can you rank a solo with out listening to all the others? Common sense right? I think you got it now...

Great guitar solo and I admire synyster gates for his guitar solos and the speed is amazing...8 think the above songs are legends but I would give this priority to see which position it take...thus song is better than some in this list...the guitar parts-love them...

While I wish "Nightmare" was on this list in place of "Afterlife", I cannot help but agree with the below comments. A7X is one of the best solo acts that I've ever heard, possessing such a wide note range, that it's nearly unbelievable.

Only Mr. Crowley sits above this blistering solo by Synyster Gates (in my opinion). Give it a listen or 20 if you haven't yet

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12 Hangar 18 - Megadeth

This guitar solo has to be better than its album counterpart 'Tornado of Souls'. Its longer and more epic.

I almost voted for Tornado Of Souls, but then again, this is the greatest metal song of all time in my opinion, and the solos are absolutely magnificent. Megadeth rocks!

I have seen this live, also Tornado Of Souls and Holy Wars...Hangar 18 is hands down the best solo, live, studio, wherever...ridiculously good soloing in this song!

How is this metal masterpiece at 2%?!

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13 A Light In the Black - Rainbow

Most amazing solo, great musicianship.

14 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

My favorite sabbath song... Dio rules the guitar and the bass lines are just made too damn perfect an awesome solo by tony as well... - amitcornelius1

Really fast solo by Toni Iommi, probably metal's most influencial guitarist - petrucci75hammet

It's not super complex but it is gorgeous and the way it ties into the riffs (yes there is more than one amazing riff in this song, it's Iommi for Christs sake) it's absolute perfection. So if we are talking about best solo in terms of how it fits the song and the beauty and emotion and overall quality this has to be it

15 The Blind Leader - Kalmah

For a band that's not that popular to be in the 12th spot speaks volumes of how great this solo truly is.

Anyone after listening to this solo will want it to be on the number 1 spot.
I don't know how can one play this on the guitar. Antti Kokko rules.

Antti Kokko is a very underrated guitarist. Anyone who disagrees can listen to their debut album Swamplord.

Even though the guitarist is not a well known one but this solo is much better than many of the ones ranked above it. It is very technical and melodic as well.

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16 Lie - Dream Theater

This solo by John Petrucci is fast and controlled; it defines the technical aspects of the progressive metal genre. - petrucci75hammet

Petrucci is the guitar god. No matter who else is alive. He will always be our music god! - SweetChaos

The rest of these guys are great because Petrucci allows them to be so (except for Maiden who is great no matter what. ) - fireinside96

Yeah hohollow year song and forsaken also great

17 Highway Star - Deep Purple

The middle part of the solo was the best part. Though that part wasn't very metal. The last part was fastest part. But still it's a metal solo. Great solo. - zxm

The first metal song that became a really huge hit (1972) although nobody knew it was metal because the term metal didn’t exist and most importantly - the features of the genre were not clear at all. After decades of metal evolution, now we can firmly say: it’s metal at its best because it’s based on Bach scales and the long smashing solo is also classically inspired (Bach-like chord sequences).
The solo contributed at most to the incredible success of this prototype metal song (alongside with the riff and speed, of course).
This great solo of a genre defining song deserves lots of credits in general and a decent spot on this list, in particular. - Metal_Treasure

18 Cowboys From Hell - Pantera

The song that anyone would play to describe Pantera. Grooving, thrasy, and shredding from start to finish

19 Master of Puppets - Metallica

This solo is hard and fast. But still I don't like this solo. - zxm

It's one of the easiest I learned. A bit fast, yeah, but no difficulties. - NjakDjak

Um should be before one - SHADDIX

My 1# favorite solo

Especially the first one (the one James Hetfield plays) 🤘 - ShahryRKnoT

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20 Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth

This solo is the smoothest butterball solo ever! It's a dirty greasy treat to be precise. I love the priest solos (was about to vote for Painkiller but where's the Sentinel? ) not to mention all the others on this list but this solo has a very great mixture of skill and feel, a superb example of short and sweet! I want this to move up this list!

Can't believe I had to add this so to the list. This solo is one of friedman's best with megadeth.

It's better than master of puppets.

Pick up a guitar and try it...

21 Revelation to the End - Pagan's Mind
22 Rising Force - Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Really fast technical solo by Yngwie - also nice interplay between the guitar and keyboards - petrucci75hammet

The arpeggio part in the beginning of the solo is simply epic!

This solo is way better than most of the current top 10. This guitar is on fire! - Metal_Treasure

23 Kissing the Shadows - Children of Bodom

This is one of the best metal solos I've heard so far. In my openion it should be ranked much more above than 18. Great Job Children Of Bodom!
Keep up the great work...

This should be much higher than #44. - Metal_Treasure

24 Eruption - Van Halen

The entire song is a guitar solo. - MrWizard1234

Eddie is my favorite

It should be #.1

25 Angels and Demons - Angra

Best power metal solo ever

26 Travel In Stygian - Iced Earth
27 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

This is the number 1 song and it's not in the first place of best metal solos? what's wrong with you metal community! There's no metal piece more emotive that rise into a delusional dream of war solos than this!

I can't remember a more complex song with a large structure of solos and melodies than this metal hymn... This song deserve a better recognition from all metal community!

28 Return to Serenity - Testament

I agree with number one, from the list here, although I would put Return of the Prince ( the Necromancer) by Rush at 2#1. I chimed in here, because this song shows what a band Testament is and what a superstar Alex Scolnick is as well. It almost seems in this solo, that he is making it up as he plays (and very well, I might add. It reminds me of Michael Scheduled on his last solo in Love to love (URL). The ability is amazing.


29 Born (The Retribution of Spiritual Sickness) - Nevermore
30 Alexander the Great - Iron Maiden

Everybody should know about this solo! Especially the Dave Murray One!

This solo is so underrated. Better than powerslave id say.

31 Clown Parade - Annihilator

Two solos - both awesome. It's not their best song but the solos are impressive - fast and technical. - Metal_Treasure

32 This War Is Ours - Escape the Fate
33 2 Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden
34 Transylvania - Iron Maiden

One of my favorite songs from Iron Maiden, I always really focus on it when I listen to it - Rocker00

35 Seek & Destroy - Metallica
36 Under a Glass Moon - Dream Theater

Really catchy and melodic solo by Petrucci! - petrucci75hammet

In my opinion, the solo from this song is better than the one on Lie.

If it wasn't for John Petrucci's soloing ability, I would still be stuck playing pentatonics. His solo on Lines in the Sand is stupendous, but I think that this is the best solo I've ever heard.

One of my all time favorite solos

37 Ram It Down - Judas Priest

This solo is a non-stop barrage of insane, precise, and madly energetic and musically exciting guitar MASTERY. Easily the greatest dual-guitar solo of all time, and Priest's best. Shocked to have not seen it on here.

Hands down THE most technical and derranged solo out there, whilst maintaining the typical Priest sound it maintains this status of pure chaos, speed and melody all in one. Great solo.

38 Aces High - Iron Maiden

very good

39 Hand of Doom - Manowar

Love this one, especially first parts of the solo are amazing, much deeper than stuff offered by the world's most famous artists such as Metallica.

Kings of Metal for reason
Hail & Kill - Odinest

40 Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold

You guys kidding me? When synyster is standing on the coffin, just shredding come on guys.

Very special solo

41 Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Randy Rhoads left this world way too soon... but during the short period he lived, he wrote some brilliant and truly memorable songs and solos, such as this one. Rest in Peace, Randy

Very iconic solo... Nothing more to add.

Oh god please upvote this. Randy would have given us so many more of this if only he was still here...

42 Walk - Pantera
43 Holy Diver - Dio

Also a beautiful song - Morbid_Deth

Should be way higher

Why this is so low?

44 Iced Earth - Iced Earth
45 Strike - Primal Fear

Awesome twin lead guitars, harmonies. Fast, long and melodic solo. - Metal_Treasure

46 Alison Hell - Annihilator
47 A Moment of Clarity - Death

Chuck schuldiner is a GOD of metal. Not because he created death metal, but because is music evolved every time. A moment of clarity is a very emotional song and the solo is epic!

Such an underrated song, and even an underrated band compared to bands at the top like Megadeth, Metallica, Maiden, etc. This is one of the most emotional solos I've ever heard and you can just really feel Chuck when you hear it. RIP Chuck

Best metal solos list and Chuck Schuldiner isn't even in the top 10. That's an absolute shame, he was one of the greatest metal guitarists of all time.

The funniest thing of this list is that Chuck schuldiner's 'A Moment of Clarity' is sitting on 50th spot. Come on guys, listen to it then choose to vote it or not.

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48 Only for the Weak - In Flames

How the hell isn't this song mentioned yet, come on people, this is one of the most melodic solos there exists. You can feel the emotion as the solo runs through your vein, it's just EPIC.

The solo is perfect, you can feel it. - Eu

If u say u r a 🤘Head, u should vote for this masterpiece! - ShahryRKnoT

49 Seasons In The Abyss - Slayer

Just, the solo in Seasons is just magnificent and long, love it.

51? Oh come on!

50 Trail of Tears - Testament
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