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1 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine is a rap metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of vocalist Zack de la Rocha, bassist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk.

Rage Against the Machines is much better then Linkin Park. They're not even rap metal, they're just a terrible pop rock group with a rapper. RATM actually has metal and rock & roll in it. Likin Park should be lower then Limp Bizkit and Slipknot. Slipknot isn't even close to rap metal, but they are still much better then Likin Park. As for ICP, they shouldn't even be on this list. Their music is the worst I have ever heard, and they make my ears bleed. Who ever likes ICP, doesn't like music.

I think Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit are not good bands for representing rap metal, because their style is commercial; I don't hate them but I hate their style... RATM is the best rap metal bands because they have a great mix of the Tom guitar effects, the Tim bass great rhythm, the Brad drumming and the Zack great rapping (I really hate rap, but he really makes a good work in his songs)

2 Linkin Park Linkin Park is an American alternative rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The current members include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ), and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park is associated with a mixture... read more

Linkin Park are the only band to combine hip hop and rock perfectly. You're not hip hop just because you decide to rap over guitar riffs. LP uses electronica and experimental hip hop beats over their guitars to create music only they can. They are a fantastic band that have shown they are more than one trick artists. Also Mike Shinoda is the best MC out of a rap rock band. Zach De La Roacha is a mediocre rapper at best. Mike Shinoda uses more multisyllabic, internal and technical rhyme schemes on average than all other bands on this list. In other words, Shinoda is as close of a legit rapper than anyone else.

3 Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit is an American nu-metal/rap metal/rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 1994. Their lineup consists of Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto, and Wes Borland. They're mostly known for their singles like Break Stuff, My Way, My Generation, Nookie, Eat You Alive, Rollin', and Take a... read more

Limp Bizkit has the single fastest selling album ever (that is a fact). Limp Bizkit's singer Fred Durst is good at every type of singing, guitarist Wes Borland is the most under rated guitarist I've ever seen, bassist Sam is a boss, DJ lethal is crazy, drummer Jon Auto makes some PHAT beats. Linkin Park is over rated their not all that talented and rage against the machine really why are they even in the top 10.

What happened? Linkin Park wasn't rap metal much often except for their songs Papercut and Faint. Linkin Park doesn't deserve to be rated as the best rap metal band ever. Limp Bizkit should be ranked as number one in rap metal. By the way, how can you beat Shotgun and Nookie (Limp Bizkit songs).

4 P.O.D. Payable on Death, also known as P.O.D., is a Christian nu metal band formed in 1992 and based in San Diego, California.

Why the HELL is P.O. D not in the top 5? Every song in the satellite album kicks ass.. testify album has a few good tracks too. undisputed best Christian metal band ever... linkin parks new slower style sucks... compared to hybrid theory and meteora... RATM is also good because all of the sounds are made from instruments... nothing is computerised...P.O. D still the best because sonny flows the lyrics naturally wit the music.. doesn't sound forced... and he only screams where its needed and sounds fitting n natural... he can sing, rap, and can even do screams nearly as good as chester from LP... Payable on Death Rules!

5 Hollywood Undead Hollywood Undead is an American rap rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States. They released their debut album, Swan Songs, on September 2, 2008, and their live CD/DVD Desperate Measures, on November 10, 2009. Their second studio album, American Tragedy, was released April 5, 2011. All of... read more

Most of the bands on here aren't rapmetal. I love system of a down slipknot and korn but they're numetal not rapmetal. There's a reason rage against the machine is number 1 on this list. They are one of the few bands that actually successfully combined rap and metal. Hollywood undead is another. I highly recommend them if you're looking for an ACTUAL rapmetal band. All the members rap, giving the band an old school hip hop feel like wu tang clan or bone thugs or nwa etc. Bullet, paradise lost, undead, scava, and we are are all great songs

6 Mushroomhead Mushroomhead is an American nu metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed in 1993 in the Cleveland Warehouse District, the band is known for their avant-garde sound which includes influence from heavy metal, art rock and electro-industrial and their imagery which features masks and costumes as well as... read more

I recently discovered this band and I immediately fell in love! Their a great band and very much worth checking out!

7 Reveille

Definitely my favorite Rap Metal/Nu-Metal band. Great bands on this list, but this is my favorite. Huge fan!

Best band ever. Too bad they brock up

8 Hed Pe Hed PE, also known as Planet Earth and stylized as (hed)p.e., is an American rap rock/rap metal/nu-metal band from Huntington Beach, California.

Why is Hed PE better than the rest of these bands? Because they aren't huge (yet) and haven't sold out or gotten pushed by record companies to do commercial songs. And Linkin Park is NOT metal or rap, so take them off the list.

Love these guys! Yeah some of their stuff wasn't so good and such. But, this is still an awesome band. Love this music. For sure. One of my favorite bands.

Thank you for sharing this interesting band! Absolutely amazing! Perfect mix of Rap and metal! I liked the "Feel Good" song very much, a collaboration with my favorite. band System of a Down

9 Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo are the first rap metal band, the predated most of the bands on this list. The great thing about Mojo is that they put way more emphasis on metal, which I feel is where most rap metal bands fall short. They are essential a metal band with a rapping vocalist.

Seriously Stuck Mojo is much better than all of these and all together. All rap metal bands should be like these guys. Their style is very cool. They rap but much more they metal.

Obviously they deserve to be number 1. Come on, it's some pretty heavy stuff they got going on. And their rap is superior

10 Thousand Foot Krutch Thousand Foot Krutch is a Canadian Christian alternative rock band that was formed in 1995. They have released eight albums. In addition, they have released two live albums and three remix albums.

Look, listen to my voice
If you're making the choice
Tell all the girls and the boys
Either scream or rejoice
Let's make that noise
Either move or we will all be destroyed!

Listen to fly on the wall... A prefect combo of rich rock and meaning

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11 Insolence
12 Insane Clown Posse Insane Clown Posse is an American hip hop, horrorcore and rap rock duo consisting of rappers Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, that was formed in 1989 in Detroit... read more

Best %&$@ band Ever The mighty death pop is the best album they ever made

Whoop whoop! Down with the clown until I'm dead in the ground! Mmfwcl

Who put these guys here they aren't rap metal they are horror core and shock rock with rap

13 Body Count

Picture this. Ice-T, easily among the 20 best rappers of all time. Now take him and make him the lead vocalist of a thrash metal band that does everything right. What do you get? You get Body Count beeatch

Think this is one of the best rap metal bands not well known as the top 10 but they should be in the top 5.
Just listen to Cop Killer, Body Count and 99 problems because

Should be in the top 3. Most of the bands on here fit the description of Nu-Metal more.

14 Papa Roach Papa Roach is an American rock band from Vacaville, California. Formed in 1993, their first major-label release was the triple-platinum album Infest.

Ok come on guys you clearly haven't heard last resort before papa roach are fudging amazing!

Holy Hell... Talking about rap metal who in the earth misses Papa Roach... On no. 24? I mean seriously?

Their first album was so awesome!

15 Primer 55 Primer 55 is an American nu-metal band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band's name originates from the combination of "Primer," meaning "something that's unfinished," and "55," which refers to Interstate 55, "the road that drugs run on to get to Chicago through Memphis."
16 Skindred Skindred is a Welsh alternative metal/rap rock band that was formed in Newport, Wales, in 1998. Their musical style mixes heavy metal, alternative rock, and ragga.

They are not high on the list because they are not well known. Half these bands don't even qualify for this list. Just popular metal bands with a handful of lyrical spit sections.

Reggae, rap, alternative, metal, techno, rock. What don't these guys do?
Epic band, 19 feels a little low though and should be bit higher than this.

I love this band. They have a great sound and style.

17 Slapshock

The best kick-ass rap metal band from the philippine islands!

I hope that Slapshock will sing with Aldrex Gensis of Sound Of Silence, the best rap metal in Cebu City, because they are the best filipino musicians ever

18 Biohazard Biohazard is an American band formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1987. They are acknowledged as one of the earliest bands to fuse hardcore punk and heavy metal with elements of hip hop.

Urban discipline, that's enough.

19 Twiztid Twiztid is an American hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 1997, Twiztid is composed of Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric, who perform under the respective personas of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide. Twiztid were previously signed to Psychopathic Records and are associated with the "Juggalo" scene... read more

One of the most underrated rap acts out there today!

20 Crazy Town Crazy Town is an American rap rock band, formed in 1995 by Bret Mazur and Seth Binzer. Crazy Town is best known for their 2000 hit single, "Butterfly," which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and helped their debut album, The Gift of Game, sell over 1.5 million units... read more
21 Clawfinger

Clawfinger rules. Not sure what most of these bands are doing on this list. Sure, put RATM on top and, yes, Body Count must be there, they deserve it, but most of these bands are just for kids.

When it comes to adoptinf it as a genre it all started with these guys. And they do it in such an unchany way only pioneers can do. Clawfinger #1 without shadow of doubt.

These guys are from Sweden... And they are AWESOME! Check out 'Deaf, Dumb and Blind' and their self-titled CD from I believe 2000/2001 ("2 Sides" is the opening track on this one) and hopefully, the impress you!

22 Saliva Saliva is an American hard rock band that was formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996. Saliva released their self-titled debut album on August 26, 1997, through Rockingchair Records. This record label is owned and operated by Mark Yoshida, who recorded and produced the release at his studio, Rockingchair... read more
23 Attila Attila is an American metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 2005. Frontman Chris Fronzak started the band in high school and, not wanting to use typical death metal terms, adopted the name from Attila the Hun, which he came across in a book.

Pretty much the only real METAL band here mixed with a bit of rap.

24 311 311 is an American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. The band was formed in 1988 by vocalist and guitarist Nick Hexum, lead guitarist Jim Watson, bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills.

Impossible, how can you best All Mixed Up and Down. These songs create epic rap metal songs and 311 should be better than all rap metal bands except for Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine. By the way, Kid Rock should be higher in the list, too.

25 Resorte
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