Top Ten Most Disturbing Things Done by Black Metal Musicians

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1 The Murder of Euronymous

Both were scummy psychos who burnt down churches and wanted to spread hate. Seriously, imagine thinking that Varg was innocent. There's a reason why he got sentenced to 20 years in prison. I agree that Euronymous was a bad person, but what Varg did was not self defence. Chasing after someone and repeatedly stabbing them is homicide. Let's also not forget how he was a Neo Nazi at one point and planned to blow up a building.

"SELF-DEFENSE"? That's all well and good if he had proof of it.

Lmao... it was Validated Vengeance fueled by panic and fear. When you travel miles and miles to confront an estranged friend and then chase him around a staircase with a knife you brought with you, it can't be regarded as self defense. Not in the legal sense, anyway. Varg's "self-defense" story doesn't make much sense.

It's quite funny when the only "evidence" for his self-defense case is his story. Do people believe everything anyone tells you without evidence? Like... his friends told him "yo dude euronymous is gonna totally kill ya dawg" and he took it seriously, went to his house and killed him. Even his story makes no sense and is filled with obvious plot-holes. "My friends told me he was going to kill me so I went to his house and killed him" like just on their word? Plus all these holes about "I thought he had a gun", it just makes no sense.

Even if you believe in Varg's account of the events, it still can't be considered as self-defense. What he did was basically preventing a disaster by himself. He could have gone to the police instead, but he decided to do the work. That's not self-defense.

It was not self defense because:
1. Self defense is against an immediate attack, not a planned attack.
2. His only proof of self-defense was his own account of the events, no factual evidence at all.
3. This is why his defense was laughed out of court by independent forensic and medical professionals, and thus found guilty.

There's also another theory that another possible motive for his murder was supposedly the situation that Euronymous might fold under police interrogation and rat out Varg on all the fires he'd been lighting on churches. Not sure how much credibility supports this theory, but certainly one worth looking into.

2 Faust Stabbed a Gay Man to Death

Faust from Emperor, stabbed a gay man 37 times, and the justification he gave in court was that the man "made a pass" at him.

The drummer of the band Emperor stabbed a gay man 37 times, for supposedly "making a pass at him".

3 Dead's Suicide and Euronymous' Reaction

Mayhem's vocalist, Dead (yep, that was his name), committed suicide in the bands' house by slitting his wrists and shooting himself with a shotgun. His suicide note simply read "Excuse all the blood. Cheers."
On entering the house and finding Dead's dead body, what do you think Euronymous did? Call the cops? Pass out with shock? No! He pulled out a camera and clicked a picture of the corpse to use it as the band's next album cover.

To clear some things up, the band never intended to use it as an album cover. It was put as a cover for a bootleg live album by one of Euronymous's friends without the band's permission. So, the band members didn't actually make an album cover from the picture. Still messed up to take photos of a suicide, of course, but yeah, that part's false. And the part about him eating pieces of his brain/making necklaces is a rumor that is fake as well.

4 Murder of Sandro Beyer

Two members of the band Absurd, murdered a 15 year old called Sandro Beyer. Sebastian Schausell, who was one of those two, says that he did it because he heard a voice in his head saying "tote Beyer", which translates to "Kill Beyer".

5 Gorgoroth's Black Mass in Krakow

Gorgoroth performed a black mass in a concert in Krakow and used 80 liters of sheep's blood and displayed sheep heads on stakes. The band was charged by the police for "cruelty to animals".

6 Gaahl Tortured a Man

Gaahl, the vocalist of Gorgoroth, locked a man in his house and tortured him for several hours. According to the victim, Gaahl injured the man and collected his blood in a cup and then threatened the man that he would drink it.

7 Shining's Concert in Sweden

One of the most violent concerts in history. A description would probably get this list deleted.

Violent black metal in its purest form.

What happened there I need to know!

8 Stalaggh Abducted Mental Patients for Vocals on Their Album

The band Stalaggh abducted 7 mental patients from a mental institution for "guest vocals" on an album. They gathered the patients in an abandoned chapel and asked them to scream for several hours.

Are they even black metal though ?

9 Church Burnings

Church burning are performed by black metal musicians and fans both. Over 50 churches have been destroyed, including some historically significant ones.
To end on a positive note, I hope people understand that not all of the metal community is like these people. The people mentioned in this list belong to the bare 2% of the total metal-heads and are universally frowned upon.

10 Neo-Nazism

A very small group of black metal artists identify themselves as neo-Nazis and make music that is referred to as National Socialist Black Metal. They have been heavily criticized by most prominent musicians in the black metal scene.

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11 Silencer's Nattramn Attacks 5-year-Old with an Axe
12 Jon Nodtveidt's Satanic Suicide
13 Matthias Schoorman Decapitating His Girlfriend
14 Mortuus Violently Beats a Fan Onstage
15 Absurd Frontman Henrik Moebus Murdered Sandro Beyer
16 Watain's Pig Head and Throws Blood at the Crowd
17 Dead Cutting Himself on Stage
18 Silencer Sells His Book with His Blood

Seriously this is what "disturbs" others?

19 Jon Nödtveidt Kills Gay Man
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