Greatest Metal Band of the 2000s

Yes, it is time to piss Hair Bands and butt rockers off! From Nu Metal to Screamo to Death Metal.
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1 Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold is an American heavy metal band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums).

Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan (Drums), their most notable drummer, passed away in 2009, being temporarily replaced by Mike Portnoy, who was replaced by Arin Ilejay, who was finally replaced with Brooks Wackerman. A common phrase for fans "foREVer" was created after the Rev's death in his remembrance. more.

They have the best minds in music. Every album is different, the songs are amazing, the solo's are wicked, and M Shadows is an awesome singer. It is incredible how they write music instrumentality and lyrically. So far, I never stop listening to their 2005 album City of Evil. It has awesome rifts and mind blowing solo's. Keep hanging on top Avenged Sevenfold!

I'd say Avenged Sevenfold is PanterA's son as Avenged Sevwnfold is damn awesome band just like PanterA...They are the one to keep the metal heavy metal alive just like PanterA did...But so sad that Jimmy'The REV'sullivan such a talented drummer singer and song writer passed away R.I.P foREVer Jimmy...It will be really damn hard to move on without him just like matt said...anyways they are ready to carry the light left behind by REV...Best band ever

My favorite band of all time. Every member is very talented. Every song is well thought out with great lyrics, guitar riffs and solos, and The Rev's drumming. I don't see how somebody could hate them. I like a lot of Nu-Metal bands like A7X, Bullet For My Valentine, Disturbed, Slipknot, and 10-20 more. So take it from somebody who knows a lot about 2000's metal: A7X is the best. A7X foREVer

Definitely the best. Look at all the other lists. Synyster gates and the rev are up there with the greats. And above others. And every memeber in that band can sing as well. EVERY ONE. And are all experts at what they do. Rediculously talented. As songwriters and musicians. And singer (Shadows), who has a wonderful and extremely powerful voice, yet one of the best screams there is.

2 Slipknot Slipknot is an American metal band formed in Des Moines, Iowa in 1996. The band is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Wave of American Alternative Metal during the late 1990s - 2000s and are distinguishable by the band's clothing choices, consisting of black/red jumpsuits and horror inspired masks. more.

Best live performers on this list (of the last decade of course otherwise Metallica would be way up there too). Great singer who can go from absolutely brutal vocals to very melodic singing with ease. First two albums were AWESOME, since then they have dropped there form a little bit (much like other bands on this list). System of a down takes number 2 spot easily for me then I'd have to say Linkin Park - (much to the disgust of some metal heads who get a bit too picky about the definition of metal). I believe Linkin Park's first 2 albums are metal, after that maybe not. But those first 2 albums and the explosion in popularity that followed is enough for me to grant them 3rd.

Great balance between heavy songs for when you just can't be messed such as lech on their most recent album (5. the Gray Chapter) and soft, slow music like Snuff.

They are so unique with 9 members and of course the scary ass masks! As a studier of philosophy I've grown a great love for Corey Taylor reading his books and looking into songs like Wherein Lies Continue and find his voice extremely listenable to. I see them a week today and I have never been so excited but am saddened to not be seeing Paul Gray and Joey Jordison. All in all, just.. amazing.

Slipknot has been nominated for seven Grammy Awards, resulting in one win. They were also nominated at the 2008 VMA's, in the category of Best Rock Video, for the single "Psychosocial"...
"Wait and Bleed" - Best Metal Performance, 2001 (nomination)
"Left Behind" - Best Metal Performance, 2002 (nomination)
"My Plague" - Best Metal Performance, 2003 (nomination)
"Duality" - Best Hard Rock Performance, 2005 (nomination)
"Vermilion" - Best Metal Performance, 2005 (nomination)
"Before I Forget" - Best Metal Performance, 2006 (winner)
"Psychosocial"- Best Metal Performance, 2009 (nomination)...

awesome band..

I myself am a huge A7x fan but they shouldn't be number 1. Slipknot has more influence and were nominated for more awards. Corey taylor andbm shadows are both veey talented vocalist but taylor is better metalwise. Shadows has more of a hard rock sound. Iowa has and all hope is gone is more succesful than a7x bes, city of evil and selftitled. Even if you go as far as comparing their best songs bat country and before I forget slipknot is better. My list would go
Avenged sevenfold
Lamb of God
All that Remains
Killswitch Engage
Not Metallica because st anger sucks. Death magnetic was good but one album can't make up for ten years. If the released more like megadeth slayer and maiden then maybe. Megadeth released four albums in the time Metallica did two.

3 Disturbed Disturbed is an American alternative metal/nu-metal/heavy metal band from Chicago, Illinois. The band comprises vocalist David Draiman, bassist John Moyer, guitarist Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren. They are known for songs like "Down With the Sickness" and "Stricken" .

Disturbed is just amazing, as they have gone through multiple different types of rock, such as nu metal, heavy metal, hard rock, rap metal, and ballads. They definitely have one of the best vocalists of any rock band, and have awesome guitarists and drummers. They have had few wrongs in a career full of right. If you don't agree, look up Down With The Sickness, Stricken, Stupify, The Animal, Asylum, The Sound Of Silence, Voices, and The Light. All of these songs show Disturbed's musical diversity and greatness in vivid detail.

Truthfully I believe disturbed should be 2nd slipknot 1st a7x 3rd and korn 4th. No denying a7x has taken the 2000s by storm deserves the top 3 but slipknot won more awards and neither disturbed nor a7x had as many nominations nor had a song win best metal performance. Between disturbed and a7x they both have really powerful lyrics. But no one can play guitar like moyer and the revs had the drumming. But id have to say disturbed better in my opinion.

Disturbed should be up there at 1st or 2nd, Much more powerful lyrical meaning than A7X; and definitely more powerful than Slipknot. Disturbed not only lyrically surpasses A7X and Slipknot but also instrumentally. People say the instruments are boring and that's because the instruments are built around a single idea in the song. Thanks, and peace out.

Well I'm not a big fan of modern metal aside from disturbed. Try listening to stricken, down with the sickness, inside the fire, the night, indestructible are all great songs. Slipknot is second place but I only like a couple songs by slipknot. Disturbed is much better.

4 Lamb of God Lamb of God is an American heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia. Formed in 1994, the group consists of vocalist Randy Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, bassist John Campbell, and drummer Chris Adler.

Should be number one hands down! Avenged Sevenfold and disturbed don't hold a candle to lamb of god. No other metal band of this generation grasps the spirit and feel of metal like LOG, and not only are they enjoyable to listen to. They're extremely talented, Randy's vocals are unique among all others, Chris adlers drums don't miss a beat, and Mark and Willie's guitar work is a force to be reckoned with, I mean I don't even like avenged, but I've learned to play songs by them and LOG as well, and points for difficulty and just being straight up badass and fun to play go to them. But that's just my non-expert opinion

Why is Metallica Even on the list? They're more of a 80's and early 90's band... Laugh out loud what the hell?
Sure lamb of god formed in 99 as burn the priest, but god damn they have released some uber awesome stuff in the 2000's and the 2010's... A band like this is pure metal genius.

Lamb of God and Mastodon are probably the only two bands in the top ten that actually deserve to be in the top ten. Everything else needs to be booted off and replaced by bands that don't suck like Amon Amarth or whatever.

Just their song "laid to rest" is more metal than the whole discography of the first 5 bands.
This guys are just the definition of metal, not as korn or slipknot, sing rap while they play metal. That's disgusting as hell.

5 System of a Down System of a Down, formed in 1994, is an Armenian-American alternative metal group from Glendale, California. The band name is sometimes shortened to System or SOAD. They've always been a very political band since their inception. Often being against genocide and war most notably in songs like: Pluck, Holy Mountains, and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bombs). Serj is an active activist who wants to change the world for the better.

The band's current members include Serj Tankian (vocalist, keyboards), Daron Malakian (guitarist, vocalist), Shavo Odadjian (bassist), and John Dolmayan (drummer). more.

Dude, I am a dumb teenager, and I can tell you that you can like both System of a Down and Avenged Sevenfold. You can also like metal and also like things like Elton John and Radiohead. You can like things like Elton John and Radiohead and like alt rockers like Nirvana, REM, Pearl Jam, and the Smashing Pumpkins. I like Classic Rock legends like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Rush. I also like The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Rage Against the Machine, and Eminem. I have a wide taste in music, and I hate when people draw such harsh lines even within sub-genres. Give everything a chance, maybe you'll surprise yourself and like it.

The combined lyrical talents of Daron and Serj, the songs are beautifully written and melodic, and plunge into insanity with Daron's fast guitar and John's maniacal drumming. Shavo's rhythmic bass playing leeps the whole thing groovy through all the chaos and melody. Listen to Question!, ATWA, Holy Mountains, Spiders, or Aerials to see what I mean.

I voted for System because they are my favorite band. That was the only thing that made me cast my vote. A good chunk of these bands are very equal in my opinion for influence and good songs. System only had the edge because my personal taste aligns a little more with what they have put out.

I love system. And I am so sick of Metallica fans voting for Metallica in every single list with the word metal in it.

List: top ten strongest metals in group 1 of the periodic table

Metallica fan : ooh the word metal is in the title. Let me add Metallica to this list and vote for them.

6 Tool Tool is an American alternative metal/progressive metal band, that was formed in 1990. The band is set together between Maynard James Keenan (Vocals), Danny Carey (Drums), Adam Jones (Guitar) and since 1995 Justin Chancellor (Bass). The band is known for their influences from electronic sounds and their overly complex and strangely structured songs. They released their debut album "Undertow" in 1993 and later put out other famous albums, like "Lateralus" and "10,000 Days". The band has established a legacy as one of the most well-known and beloved progressive metal and alternative metal bands of all time.

Tool's music is much more intricate than most other metal bands, yet has enough anger in them to match the aggression of others. The combination of these two aspects, plus the talent in each member, makes Tool the greatest of metal bands.

Tool are completely unique. No-one else (including top-notch bands) has a sound quite like theirs. Brilliant composition, both lyrically and musically is developed through the numbers by musicians who are at the top of the tree.

Actual metal. Actual deep messaging. They respect metal.

No explanation necessary. Their music does it for them.

7 Mastodon Mastodon is an American heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in early 2000 and composed of bassist Troy Sanders, guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher and drummer Brann Dailor.

I'm sorry, but most of the bands higher than mastodon are completely two dimensional and have little to no variety or originality (lamb of god have essentially written the same few songs again for their whole career and Avenged Sevenfold have pretty much turned into a Metallica tribute band by now). System of a down is pretty good and very experimental despite the nu-metal elements. Slipknot, disturbed and bullet for my valentine are just angsty butt-metal for teenagers. Killswitch engage is fine but also kinda rips off Swedish melodeath a lot. Children of bodom are pretty good, if cheesy, but are fairly similar to other melodeath bands. Metallica haven't released anything groundbreaking in the 21st century. So essentially only system of a down really has any place here. Mastodon is arguably the most influential, progressive (and HEAVY) metal bands on this list, with at least 5 classic albums. So why is a7x leading again?

The most dynamic band on this list. How many metal bands have every member on vocals? The answer is only one - Mastodon. They actually play their instruments with passion and write meaningful songs. You won't find any angsty weenie teen rock here. Crack The Skye is amazing, and the lead track Oblivion is one of the greatest metal tracks ever

One of the most Versatile bands EVER! They can make straight up burn burners (listen to blood and thunder) or more intricate songs ( like the czar). These guys deserve to be way higher than they are because they are carrying metal for the new school

How is Mastodon not higher! All 4 of their 2000s album (Remission, Leviathan, Blood Mountain, and Crack the Skye) are awesome and quite different from each other, these guys aren't afraid to experiment, and that's why I like them.

8 Metallica Metallica is an American Heavy/Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.

The others completely lack vocals & rhythm. All they do is scream, punk music. Their music is flat & one big mess. The band names are fake, they're none of it.

It pisses me to see the GODS being counted among the mere mortals. I don't think it's fair. Bands like Metallica belong to a very different league of musicians after having produced cults for years and it would be disrespect to place them among the bands which have hardly been around for 2-5 years!

Death magnetic is a class album, however it isn't as good as their original albums (Like The Black Album and Master of Puppets) it dosen't make it a bad album. Some good songs are: That was just your life, The unforgiven 3 and Broken, Beat and Scarred. That album is enough to class them as the best metal band today.

Metallica! probably not the best in 2000 before they release the Death Magnetic, but after its release, Metallica is back on track again... Death Magnetic sure is heavy and fast... really thrashy... also Megadeth their new album EndGame... back on the track of being thrash metal...

9 KillSwitch Engage Killswitch Engage is an American metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1999 after the disbanding of Overcast and Aftershock.

As long as Jesse is in the band then they're alright. But Howard... oh boy... don't get me started on him and the way he and the band RUINED Holy Diver

This Fire. Meaning the "Fire" of Killswitch Engage will live forever. For this is absolution of all fans of this band

KsE write songs with meaning and generally with a positive message. That puts them a step above.

His voice is amazing, listen to devil you know as well.

10 Bullet For My Valentine Bullet for My Valentine are a Welsh metalcore band from Bridgend, formed in 1998. The band is composed of Matthew Tuck (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Paget (lead guitar, backing vocals), Michael Thomas (drums) and Jamie Mathias (bass guitar). Former members include Nick Crandle and Jason James; more.

Okay, in this list.. I agree Avenged Sevenfold should be first. Slipknot, not my favorite but I guess they are good but there are other bands in my opinion that are better.. System Of A Down, Amazzing but still, B4MV is better.. Disturbed, They are just so original! And Bullet of course Is The Best! Listen to, The Last Fight, Waking the Demon, Scream Aim Fire, Alone, Your Betrayal, Tears Don't Fall, and you will see what I'm really talking about!

Bullet for my valentine was the first metal band I've listened to, and I impediment lay fell in love. There is a lot of other great bands that can rival it, such as slipknot, disturbed, five finger death punch and as I lay dying, but bullet for my valentine is my absolute favorite!

They should be number one. Unlike and other band, Bullet For My Valentine have a more melodic tune to their music and the guitar solos are phenomenal.. Not to mention the lyrics to their songs are meaningful and bloody amazing

Bullet for my Valentine is one my favorite bands of all time. The Poison, Scream Aim Fire, and their newest album are some of the heaviest out there.

The Contenders
11 Dream Theater Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band was formed in 1985 under the name of "Majesty", only to change its name to Dream Theater later. more.

I think dream theater have a lot more quality than the majority of bands here. Their technique is incredibly complex, and it is way better than avenged... I think the only other band that is as good as them in quality is Tool, the other bands are just good. But to be the best you need something else, and DT and Tool have it.

I think Dream Theatre would be more of a contender for a 1990's list since they really hit it big in 1992 with Images and Words. Great band though, better than most of the hard rock crap posing as metal in the top ten.

No one can match their insane talent, and their songs are amazing, so much diversity and weirdness that works out to be just epicness. Although they might be seen as a progressive metal band, they can rock hard.

This should be on number 1... avenged in number 1? please... dream theater has much more quality than those guys... I think dream should be at least on number if not at least lamb of god should be on number 1, any band is better than avenged... they have no argument to fight against dream theater or lamb of god..

12 Five Finger Death Punch Five Finger Death Punch, often shortened to Five Finger or Death Punch, also abbreviated as 5FDP or FFDP, is an American metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Formed in 2005, the band's name comes from the kung fu movie The Five Fingers of Death.

Not only is FFDP, in my opinion, the band of this century, they also simply can do no wrong. The Bleeding, Dying Breed, The Way of the Fist, The Pride, Got Your Six, The Wrong Side of Heaven and Jekyll and Hyde are but a few of the head-banging, riff-raving, vocal-blaring anthems of many metal heads. Five Finger Death Punch is only getting better.

Five Finger Death Punch's singer Ivan Moody has way more aggressive vocals than M. Shadows and their guitar riffs are also more epic than any other metal band and Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook can also beat Synyster Gates's guitar solo. They should be number #1 in the list, as well as the best New Wave of American Heavy Metal bands, too.

This band is what got me interested in metal. They are easily the best metal band in my eyes, of course I have some bias. But their music always has meaning and always sounds great.

This band should at least be in the top ten they got amazing songs, that even has meaning. And over all an awesome band not everyone agrees, but this happens to be my favorite band.

13 Korn Korn is an American nu-metal band from Bakersfield, California, formed in 1993. The band's current lineup includes founding members Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Brian "Head" Welch, and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, with the addition of Ray Luzier, who replaced the band's original member, David more.

If it wasn't for KoRn, I wouldn't be the songwriter I am today. Nor would I be a die-hard metalhead. I don't even know if I'd be alive. KoRn has just helped and inspired me so much over the years, and will always be one of my favorite bands. There will always be a special place in my heart of Jonathan Davis.

Korn is in my opinion the best band ever. They're incredibly innovative, incredibly heavy, and untouchables and take a look in the mirror are some of the greatest heavy metal / nu metal albums in history

Um, what? Wouldn't Korn be a 90's band since they haven't been relevant in the slightest since then? Most of their modern music is disposable in comparison.

Take a look in the mirror is out standing! Issues and the three before are just as good! Been a huge fan for as long as I can remember. Much love.

14 Children of Bodom Children Of Bodom was a melodic death metal band from Espoo, Finland. Formed in 1993, the final lineup consisted of Alexi Laiho, Janne Wirman, Henkka Seppälä, Jaska Raatikainen and Daniel Freyberg.

13th isn't a right spot for them in my opinion. COB deserved a higher place. The list is made out of popularity, not greatness. That's why COB not even in top 10. This band is far greater than most of the 2000s band in this list.

I'm a Metallica fan but I think Metallica shouldn't be in this list as they're are more of an earlier band. And come on... They've been voted all over the other lists too!

I love A7X too but in term of metal music, they fall far behind what Children Of Bodom in most aspects. Thank goodness I can't see Linkin Park because they sucks! Linkin Park'S BIG TIME FAILED.

Children Of Bodom 13? No.
Five Finger Death Punch is 12? Both of these bands should be in top 10.
Korn haven't do anything good since Follow The Leader.
Killswitch Engage is overrated and Metallica has been bad in 2000s.
Avenged Sevenfold is good but doesn't deserve being first

Children of bodom have always had a certain sound that is impossible to replicate. Their albums all have a distinct kind of death metal to them.

Children of Bodom are worothy of a higher place. They've made countless great albums. Just listen to Hatebreeder, and Follow the Reaper.

15 Opeth Opeth is a Swedish progressive death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990 by David Isberg, who invited Mikael Akerfeldt into the band as a bassist. Isberg ended up leaving the band, which lead to Mikael becoming the band's vocalist, guitarist, principal songwriter, and driving force. Along with more.

Opeth invented a genere. The only bands that sound anything like them were all inspired by them.
I find that their music can be a bit hard to get into, but once you do, it's a magical experience.
Just don't expect to hear them playing on the radio.

If you like death metal, prog metal, or any kind of complex, multidimensional music, you seriously need to look these guys up. Their album Still Life singlehandedly got me into death metal.

Blackwater park, Deliverance, Damnation, Ghost Reveries and Watershed = amazing decade for these guys. By the way, this is one of the worst lists I have ever seen.

47?! Really?! Every album these guys released in the 2000s was a masterpiece; 2001's blackwater park is one of the greatest progressive metal albums of all time - period.

16 Nightwish Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen. It's currently formed by Tuomas, Emppu, lead vocalist Floor Jansen, bassist and vocalist Marco Hietala, multiinstrumentist and vocalist Troy Donockley, and drummer Jukka Nevalainen (currently on hiatus and replaced by Kai Hahto).

Definitely worthy of this list, Nightwish infuses orchestral sounds with hard pounding riffs and awesome solos. Both eras of vocalists have their own great qualities too.

Nightwish produce some really beautiful music. The gutair riffs are gorgeous, and the overall sound is really inventive and spunky, I love everything they do. Definitely no. 1 of EVERYTHING here.

So many many really good bands left off this list, like nightwish, probably because they were not U.S. bands with labels spending cash to spin their tunes on U.S. radios

Unbelievable music... That's the best I can say about NightWish.

17 Arch Enemy Arch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band, originally a supergroup, from Halmstad, formed in 1996. Its members were in bands such as Carcass, Armageddon, Carnage, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, and Eucharist.

They took a few years to grow on me, being a fan of Carcass and Amott's guitar work with.. I followed Him to Arch Enemy, The music was almost as aggressive, but melodic at the same time, all while showing the handy work of Michael Amott. I even went and seen them live at a local brick and mortar venue in 2007 or 08, got drunk, loaded to be correct and walked out unimpressed with the band... Not sure what it was or when or if it was me getting older and older.. but they grew on me and now I don't go a day without hearing some arch enemy. next to Megadeth, they've become one of my favorite bands. oddly enough..

Did some really good stuff in the 1990's when Johan Liiva was in the band. Angela Gossow then came along and they did another cool album in the form of Wages of Sin. But everything else the band has released is plastic gimmicky trite. And don't get me started on War Eternal...

Why number 17? They should be top 5 at least.

18 Evanescence Evanescence is an American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.

Should be number one easily.

Should be higher

They aren't metal

19 Machine Head Machine Head is an American heavy metal band from Oakland, California. Formed on October 12, 1991, the group was founded by vocalist and guitarist Robb Flynn and bassist Adam Duce. They have received great critical success especially for their album "The Blackening" which is considered a modern metal more.

Machine Head were boss in the 90's with (especially) "Burn My Eyes" and "The More Things Change", but after venturing into nu metal in the late 90's-early 00's, they kind of redeemed themselves and actually became not only great again, but also very relevant. No one can deny the impact "The Blackening" had in 2007, and the albums after that haven't been too shabby either, if though not as great as some of their past albums.-

Come on... It's about the 2000s, not about bands, which exist since the 80s...

And in the 2000s, the best band metal band is machine head, please listen to the albums unto the locust and blackening, they are awesome.

However, nothing's better than the heavy metal of the 80s

The Blackening was voted Best Metal album of the DECADE. How can they not be higher on this list

20 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden are an English Heavy Metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The most critically acclaimed period for the band was from 1983-1989. With vocalist Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris, lead guitarist Dave Murray, rhythm guitarist Adrian more.

Below Metallica, HA! That's a joke, what? , they've released two albums have they, I don't even know. Iron Maiden on the other hand, Brave New World, Dance Of Death, A Matter Of Life And Death and Final Frontier (if you'll consider it). Also, a monster tour recreating the atmosphere of the famous World Slavery Tour, ah Iron Maiden, always thinking of the fans, and that's why they are not only the best band of the decade, but of all time

What are they doing in 14th position... they should be at the top... After the release of Brave New World, they have never had a bad album... Iron Maiden the best metal band ever...

I like maiden but along with Metallica and Dream theatre they simply do not belong with the top bands out of the 2000s, they are too good!

The newer Iron Maiden is better than the new Metallica.

21 Dethklok Dethklok is both a virtual band featured in the Adult Swim animated program Metalocalypse and a real band created to perform the band's melodic death metal music in live shows. Both bands were created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. more.

For being a fictional yet semi-real band, their music is kick-ass.

22 Trivium Trivium is an American Heavy Metal band from Orlando, Florida, formed in 1999. Their frontman, Matt Heafy, lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu and Bassist Paulo Gregoletto are the band's most consistent members and have appeared in every album since. more.

Though every album they released was different from the others, making their discography somewhat of a roller-coaster when it comes to quality, I cannot deny the fact that they did put out great albums like "Shogun", "The Crusade", "Ascendancy", and even the hugely underrated "Vengeance Falls".

Ascendency was the best metal album of the decade, and one of the best since Painkiller. They did have some weaker albums, but their sound was still unbelievable and nothing has topped Ascendency (except maybe A7X's Nightmare)

When the album "In Waves" came out it was the only music I listened to for months. Just listen to "Forsake Not the Dream" before you pass judgement. Incredible!

Shogun is the best album of 2000+ FACT

Best album of metal history since Metallica's "... And justice for all".

23 All That Remains All That Remains is an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1998. They have released eight studio albums, a live CD/DVD, and have sold over a million records worldwide.
24 Gojira Gojira is a progressive metal band from Bayonne, France. The band was known as Godzilla until 2001. Gojira is composed of Joe Duplantier on vocals and rhythm guitar, his brother Mario Duplantier on drums, Christian Andreu on lead guitar, and Jean-Michel Labadie on bass.

No one in the top ten other than Metallica is better than Gojira. So logically they should be in the top ten. Best technicality, one of the heaviest out there, best mix of intensity and emotion. I love these guys. And they're killer live!

67? Come on guys, wow, gojira and mastodon out side the top 10? Seems like interesting music isn't on most peoples agender. It would kill you guys to listen to something that isn't mainstream would it? I seriously recommend checkin these guys out, you'll thank me later.

Epic sound! Overall. If you don't know who gojira is you need to put down your Britney Spears records an give these guys a chance.

From Mars to Sirius is arguably the best (and most important) metal album of the decade. Their other stuff was great too.

25 Havok Havok is an American thrash metal band from Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2004, their members currently consist of David Sanchez, Nick Schendzielos, Pete Webber, and Reece Scruggs.

Future of thrash. As the bands that started in the 80's quit one by one, bands like Havok will get more recognition. And no, they're not a whole lot like Slayer. Very unique music.

Havok is bringing Thrash metal back, hard, and fast with politically charged lyrics that echo what we see in today's current political climate.

Havok is definitely most good band of 2000's.Man they are kicking asses like Slayer in 1980's

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