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Ankylosaurus is a genus of armored dinosaur. Fossils of Ankylosaurus have been found in geological formations dating to the very end of the Cretaceous Period, between about 68–66 million years ago, in western North America, making it among the last of the non-avian dinosaurs.


Ankylosaurus should be number 1 just because it wasn't a predator doesn't make it less dangerous as it would have to defend it self from ferocious predators like t rex. It was covered in armoured plates on its body which spinosaurus wouldn't be able to penetrate through and t rex just managing due to its high bite force but it would have to watch out for its primary weapon a club at the end of its tail that can break the leg's of even the largest theropods and if they came in to bite break their jaw. Most predators would be lucky to survive.

The anklyosarus is simply the most dangerous because it cold break the leg of the most feared dinosaur the t rex

This guy's ball thing on it's tail and these spines on its shell causes danger to occur

Ankylosaurus probably had no predators because it is too wide and long for carnivores like Tyrannosaurus, plus add a clubbed tail and a very strong armor.

This dinosaur had a armored body

It's THE prehistoric tank. It has a wrecking ball at the end of its tail. A spinosaurus can't even break its armour.

I think they are the best because they are covered in armor

It's the result of a tank and a wrecking ball having a "baby"!

Those who say T. Rex is best are clearly not up to date on he was pretty slow and he did NOT have the strongest known bit force. Also I estimate that his hunts had a 40-53% chance of being successful included by a my would shrink to a 33-49% chance.

A herbivore but it have a very strong stone like tail

The tail club could dislocate a t red's skull

He is dangerous with a mighty tail

Ankylosaurus can kill a spinasuarus by far! It would only do it if it was threatens though.

This is by FAR THE BEST HERBIVORE EVER it can snap a Trex bone in half

This is my favorite dinosaur can go up against the T-Rex easily

If it can defeat all the other so called tough dinosaurs, I'd say it should be #1. Like a cross between an alligator and a garbage truck.The king/queen of the cretaceous period.

I've seen one of thesse on the land before time and I love that movie...and I love them.

Ankey is the most powerful you just have to do your reaserch! He can use his HUGE tail to break any dono's leg!

This mother should be number 1. According to fossil accounts one took out 2 full grown t rexs and the spinosaurus just ran off. don't go near that tail take my advice give it a carrot and run it's a herbivore mk 6 panzer.

T-rexs wont attack this guy because he's so dangerous a megaldon isint a dinosaur to the idiots that voted for it and spinosaurs claws wont do anything to anklyosaurus back