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Tyrannosaurus, meaning "tyrant lizard", from the Ancient Greek tyrannos, "tyrant", and sauros, "lizard" is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur. It also had a tremendous bite force, the strongest of any Dinosaur and living terrestrial animal. Its bite force reached up to 12,800 pounds (roughly ...read more.


At the end of the day, Spinosaurus ate fish and its inability to adapt to the changing world killed it off. Had mass extinction not taken place, it's likely the T. Rex would still be terrorising the world today. This machine of death will always be the king of all dinosaurs.

If there was a ban on dinosaur existence I would put it on Tyrannosaurus rex; it was the shark in a tank of theropod guppies and it was way too op.

I don't think there was a theropod dinosaur as well developed or as powerful as tyrannosaurus rex. Pound for pound, Tyrannosaurus is the most powerful and robust theropod to have lived. It had a barrel shaped body, advanced, thick teeth and jaw muscles that were designed to smash through bone (with a force of 12,800 lbs! ) and muscle. Tyrannosaurus wasn't the longest theropod, but it was one of the most massive. Because of it's dominant strength, superior speed, and large size, Tyrannosaurus retains it's crown as the king of the dinosaurs.

by the way someone REALLY needs to change the rex's avatar to something more accurate.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was more masculine, more intelligent, and far more lethal than any of it's competition. It was 37-50 feet long, up to 23 feet tall, and 11 tons in weight, which is twice as heavy as an Asian Elephant. It had an 18,000 pound per square inch bite that eliminated all of it's competitors including SPINOSAURUS! A deadly bacteria in it's saliva would utterly terminate helpless prey even if they somehow survived the initial bite. Tyrannosaurus Rex was was the most lethal and more dangerous than anything else. T-rex Rocks!

T-REX IS AWESOME! He is the one, the only, king of all dinosaurs! There are some things Tyrannosaurus Rex has that Spinosaurus doesn't:

1. T-Rex has bone-crushing jaws that could crush a car.

2. He can run 25 miles per hour, faster than a person.

3. He lives in North America.

5. He has feathers.

6. He could prey on sauropods (mainly Alamosaurus), hadrosaurs, and other dinosaurs. He even fights Triceratops.

5. He lived after Spinosaurus.

6. He is the king of all dinosaurs.

And 7. He hunts in packs like lions.

Spinosaurus on the other hand only has these things:

1. He lives in Africa, not North America.

2. His jaws are not very strong and his teeth are conical.

3. He mainly eats fish.

4. Lives near water.

5. Walks on all fours, and probably wasn't that fast.

6. His sail was fused to his backbone, so if he fell over on his side he would break his back and die.

And 7. He went ...more

It it t rex. End of discussion. I could go on for ever why, but here is some of the best reasons.

It has the most powerful bite of any dinosaur. Crushing down at a force of 8 tons, one bite to any animal, and they would be a crippled, bloody mess.

Despite not being the biggest predator, it would be near impossible hard to knock down, being 9 tons in weight. It had an incredible amount of mucle, making it the strongest carnivorous dinosaur,much stronger than spinosaurus, which should be much further down in the list, due to the fact it was a fish eater, and not built to chase or fight.

It could easly sniff you out, having the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom. If you placed it in the street, it would be able to recognise every person by there own individual smell. If it wanted to hunt you down, it would have no problem.

It could see with detail for 4 miles.

Even if its teeth only scrape you, the bacteria from its mouth will start to kill ...more

When it could be still alive in the 21st century it will destroy buildings, eat some people, and cause thousands of deaths.

Gigantosaurus was not twice as large, long, or big as T-Rex. Tyrannosaurus Rex had a much more powerful bite, had a "septic bite" due to the rotting meat that produced bacteria in its mouth that could kill another dinosaur if T-Rex wounded it, and Tyrannosaurus was much smarter than Gigantosaurus.

The T. Rex had the highest bite force of any dinosaur, especially spinosaurus. Spinosaurus should not be #1, it was a fish eater, it walked on all fours, and it's bite was just pitiful compared to the true tyrant lizard king, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It did have tiny arms, but it could run FAST. It'd gobble you up with it's huge 6in sharper-than-steak knife teeth-filled jaws and turn you into pulled human. And what about the tail? It could flick you 150 feet in the air only to crash in a leafy canopy and hit 6 logs on the way down, to be killed by a pack of Utahraptors or something. It had huge muscles and an ear-piercing roar that gives it the name T-Rex. Also, with feet that large, it smash you into flat-Stanley size before you can even say hi. And one more thing, it's smart. Not as much as you, but it can reroute pretty fast because of f it's 39 feet tall view. And it's claws were SHARP.

Spinosaurus may have been longer but Tyrannosaurus had a bite force of 57,000 Newtons, was smarter, possibly heavier and used modern predator features. If Spinosaurus was deadlier than why is Tyrannosaurus known as the "King of Dinosaurs? " - iiCookie

Get the T rex back at #1 They may be smaller than Spinosaurus but they are faster, stronger, and are MEAT EATERS. They may be a bit overrated but they are vastly strong and could take down a spinosaurus.

I don't know whose idea it was to put Spinosaurus at number one on this list. Whoever they are, they must be really sick! Let's compare the dinos:

T-Rex Pros:

Stronger Jaws
Bigger Teeth
Septic Bite
Better Eyesight
Better Sense of Smell

T-Rex Cons:

Short Arms (but he didn't need them! )

Spinosaurus Pros:

Giant Claws (that's about it, actually)

Spinosaurus Cons:

Weaker Jaws
Smaller Teeth

Hey Spino fanboys/fangirls! You might want to get your minds checked, because T-Rex was, is, and will always be the king of the dinosaurs!

Come a detailed study on giganotosaurus shows it is actually smaller that T. Rex
T. Rex:12.8-17.5m
Ucmp 118748 is actually an adolescent tyrannosaur if it reached it's full size it would be 16.8-17.5m!

It's huge too! There's no doubt it would had been the scariest for everyone in that period. It was built for the kill. I am really sad he's
Not with us today.

Being the last of the theropods, the tyrant king lizard was perfectly made after all the other theropods before their destruction. T-Rex was saved in creation as the best for last!

Tyrannosaurus was named the most dangerous hunters to ever egsist and it's teeth had the durability equivalent of a train track spike and also was a bone crushed and could latch into prey and kill it instantly kill it's prey and also had the intelligence of a primate and it has clearly earned the name of the number one most dangerous dinosaur.

T-rex is the king of dinosaurs. The word rex means king. It is the deadliest thing ever created by God.

T-Rex are the most famous & dangerous according to me. When I was about 5-6 years old I thought t-Rex was the only dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus was probably the most dangerous dinosaur ever, because it's so big. They could be over 12-13 meters in length, stand up to 3-5 meters in height, and weigh as much as 5- 10 tons( 10,000-20,000 lbs), and let's not forget that it has one of the most powerful bite forces ever, and it probably had a septic bite, so if its bone crushing teeth couldn't kill it's prey, the septic bith sure would!

Yes tyrannosaurus had small arms, but this is because it never had a need to use them. This dinosaur had one of the deadliest bites of any land animal, and it is clear from the fossil record that it was one of the most successful predators of all time. Also it would crush the weakling piscivore spinosaurus with a single chomp to the face. And I mean literally.

Most awesome dinosaur because theirs even the word KING at meaning. But... Why is the megalodon at the dinosaurs? I thought it was a shark?...

It is the largest carnivore, therefore the most dangerous. The Tyrannosaurus is the largest and strongest dinosaur that will walk right up to you and bit your face off. It isn't the strongest of all dinosaurs, but those that are bigger aren't as violent, thus posing less of a threat.

Spinosaurus is the largest carnivore of all time get your facts straight

T-Rex is strong, smart and great at taking down enemies of greater size than itself. Spinosaurus however isn't good at adapting to changes, lacks jaw strength and can be taken down by just knocking it off its feet as that sail is fused to the spine so if the sail snaps the spinosaurus dies. Just to add, T-rex's arms were small but strong as well. It wasn't called Tyrannosaurus Rex for nothing (Translation of name-Tyrant lizard king).

Nothing bites like a tyrannosaurus... Small arms because basically the arm mass turned into jaw mass... Didn't need arms as much

T-rex is the most dangerous dinosaurs because it has all the abilities to kill or to hunt their prey and I think that it can kill all the dinosaur even if it is big or small herbivore or carnivore