Cospiracy Theory: Can there be a secret organization that hires criminals to make music?

I was having a talk with DCfnaf about music artists that do crimes and make terrible and sexual music. And I came up with these conspiracy theories all about music artists that were broken free out of jail to make music and made an organization. I was told that this should be a post, and I am already here, telling everyone about this theory. And don't worry, most of your favorite music artists are not part of this organization, only a few actually are and they are all terrible music artists. Plus, this is a conspiracy, this won't be 100% accurate. The music artists in this organization have committed crimes but still make music in despite of their crimes. The members of the Criminal Sex Music Organization, or C.S.M.O. are Dahvie Vanity, Chris Brown, Tyga, and Kodak Black, as well as a few others.

C.S.M.O. began in 2007, started by a producer who hired criminals to make music. Chris Brown was getting controversial this year, even though he started in 1997, he beated up Rihanna this year, and the producer hired Chris Brown to make sexual music about women and prevented him from going to jail for years. This producer payed for Chris Brown to not go to jail. This is the possible explanantion why Chris Brown makes derogatory music towards women, since this is what he thinks about and that producer made him write about that so he can become famous and make people forget about his crimes. This is how C.S.M.O began.

At the same time, Dahvie Vanity was in jail due to being a pedophile. He just banged random noises in th jail cell and hummed. The same producer who hired Chris Brown, visited a family member of his and heard Dahvie Vanity making noises, and thought he had musical talent. So he broke Dahvie Vanity out of jail, changed his appearance into that ugly makeup, and changed his name so the police would not find him. He did the same to the other band members in BOTDF. The band secretly collaborated with Chris Brown to make music about sex and write each other's songs, the producer made them write these songs. Since all they thought about is sex, that is all they wrote about, revealing that they have bad minds. They producer produced these songs and together, they tried making the worst music possible as a crime to torture people on purpose. And if people liked these songs, then they would have to pay them money in order for this organization to thrive.

Years later, this organization grew and new members came. Tyga, who was arrested for being a pedophile. Then BOTDF and Chris Brown secretly broke him out of jail as they sneaked in to find someone they think had musical talent, along with the producer who led them there. Tyga began writing about sexual themes and how he is a pedophile, describing every detail. He, like the BOTDF members, had his name changed and his appearance changed a little, though not as much as BOTDF to hide him. Tyga, like all the other members, were dedicated to torturing people with their music.

In 2016, Jayy Von Monroe and the producer who led them got arrested, with Jayy admitting he has done wrong and will never return to this organization ever again, even if he is released. He broke up his friednship with Dahvie Vanity as well. The producer got get arrested for even more years for starting the C.S.M.O. But Dahvie Vanity and the other members hid, they secretly continued C.S.M.O for money, and it was successful since they had many fans that funded them and worshipped them. Dahvie Vanity, who became the new leader, got a new producer, who lost his innocence to join C.S.M.O for money by doing a crime. A random fangirl, who funds to the C.S.M.O more than anyone, asked Dahvie Vanity to play with his band BOTDF and be part of C.S.M.O, and he accepted her. The girl lost all her innocence and committed a crime in order to join an evil organization made to torture and bad influence people.

As the C.S.M.O grew, they got another new member in 2017 for it's 10th anniversary, Kodak Black, who was arrested for sexual assualt and stealing. Like all other members, they were broken free from jail. And as all the members, Dahvie Vanity made him write about crime and sex, bad music. His hit Tunnel Vision brought this organization lots of money. However, many music artists that are good people and actually have talent, are against this organization of terrible music and crimes. Despite people against it, there are still many people out there that have no clue this organization exists, in fact, I am the only one that thinks it exists.

People, please stop buying albums or songs from any music artist associated with the C.S.M.O, it is secretly destroying the music industry by making bad music and freeing criminals to make this. However, many artists aren't in this organization, so that is good. If you buy their stuff, you are basically making this music industry killer even bigger, these criminals don't deserve the money you are paying for them. It is a disgrace to music and does not deserve to be called music. These criminals have no real musical talent whatsover, and they deserve to be in jail for being awful people, they are crooks and phonies using you. Plus, their songs are bad and have the worst beats produced and terrible singing, as well as cheap lyrics, this music deserves to be banned. Ban C.S.M.O, it is against everything music stands for, who is with me? What do you think of this conspiracy theory?


Artistic integrity = this post.

Love this - DCfnaf

TRUE TRUE TRUE. They were also behind


THE HOLOCAUST - TwilightKitsune

Great post. - Skullkid755

Maybe they terroized the world of enterinment with Freddy Got Fingered or they create and help Miley Cryus still terroize the world - visitor

This orginazation is full of artists who all have like 1-5 good songs each - ProPanda

Lol, that doesn't mean people should consider Rock and Metal music as the only true hero of music, there's more to life than guitars and drums. - Neonco31

True, but most pop artists in these are heroes as well, as well as reggae and blue artists and old school rappers+a few modern rappers. Most of the people in the CSMO are crunkcore and modern rap artists who are both terrible people and terrible music. - visitor

And... why do I care? - lovestarlist