Best Alvin and the Chipmunks Characters

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1 Brittany

It's Britney, not Brittney or Brittany! And I am so like her. I love ponytails, fashion and make up! Sometimes she sorta gets on my nerves though, because she is so drama queen! And she is very self conscious. But I'm not really sure if I like Jeanette better because she is sweet and good natured, not an attention seeker like Brit. But Britney it is! by the way, I personally like the animated series better - the characters are so cute!

Brittany is my favorite because we both love the color pink we both love singing and dancing and we are both dramatic and she is sassy and friendly.

I love Brittany, because of her I am more like her I really like fashion, art, and I always wear a ponytail.

2 Alvin

He should be at the bottom of this list because of how much of a troublemaker he is. Instead, eh should be at the bottom. Ever since I got older, I developed a strong dislike for troublemakers. And so,I favor Simon over him due to his personality's being like mine.

He's just funny! I know some people don't like him because of his attitude, but give it a break! He's what makes the show funny! I'm not saying I'm like him or want to be like him but still! VOTE FOR ALVIN
-Frostfeather (warriors forever! )

He is overrated.
He gets in trouble, Simon tries to save him and if course Simon also gets in trouble for Alvins actions.

3 Simon

Simon is very smart, helpful, underrated (in a good way) and he's very sensible.

He is my favorite, he is smart, witty and just amazing.

He should be at the top of this list since he's most mentally mature of his brothers. In fact, he much in common with me just as Edd/Double D of Edd, Edd n Eddy does.

4 Dave Seville

Whoever claimed that Dave's the worst is a liar and shouldn't post in this list. I understand 'because he disapproves Alvin's troublemaking. Therefore, I'd like to see him and Simon disown that red clad chipmunk.

Real name: Ross Bagdasarian, who is the creator, concept artist, songwriter, and voice artist for all of the original Alvin programs.

He is dependable and loyal. He always cared about the chipmunks and helped them become the best they could.

5 Theodore

Alvin and The Chipmunks movies suck but he's so cute.

He's the cutest!

6 Jeanette

I admire this gal for being the female counterpart of Simon. But I wish that she'd be more like him instead of having Theodore's weakness.

She is the only realistic character and she is very underrated. And she's not an attention seeker like the others.

Jeanette is very pretty (even without the glasses), smart (but not as smart as Simon) and she's nice.

7 Eleanor

She can be interesting at times. But sometimes she gets on my nerves with her attitude problem, disrespectful mouth, and scream.

Eleanor can have her moments but she still is nice.

She's cute, caring, got a big heart and nice.

8 Ian Hawke

He literally carried the live action movies.

9 Zoey
10 Claire Wilson
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11 Toby Seville

He's a bit of a funny character.

12 Mrs. Miller

Funniest character in the 80s cartoon and movie.

13 Ryan Edwards

He is my favorite character. He is very funny, strong, athletic, cool, and he is very good at making roasts.

He is my favorite character. He is very funny, athletic, strong, and he is good at making roasts.

That character is obnoxiously rude! He bullied the chipmunks out of jealously!

14 Claudia Furschtein
15 Klaus Furschtein
16 Inspector Jamal
17 Miles
18 James Suggs
19 Uncle Harry
20 Jackie Seville
21 Captain Corelli
22 Samantha
23 Stanley the Eagle
24 Uncle Ben
25 Cheesy
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