My Thoughts on the Aladdin and Avengers Trailers

MegaSoulhero Wow. Where have I been? First of all, I have been busy with school so I haven’t had much time to make lists or posts on this site. Also, my grandma passed away a few nights ago. So I’m very upset about that. I miss her so much. But anyway, I’m back. If I decide to see Wonder Park, I’ll do a review on it. And I’m seeing Shazam next week at an early access screening. But right now, I wanna talk about two trailers that were released this past week. Trailers for Aladdin and Avengers: Endgame. First, I will talk about the awful Aladdin trailer.

Remember when Disney released a teaser a few weeks ago that showed the Genie and everyone got angered by it? Well, we see him again in this trailer and he actually doesn’t look as bad as he did in the sneak peek. I actually kinda thought he was the best thing about the trailer. Will Smith looks like he might be enjoyable as the Genie. We even get a glimpse of Friend Like Me. Just those few seconds caught my interest. That seems like it could be a fun scene. Unfortunately, the rest of the trailer didn’t do anything to help with my fears for this movie. As I was watching it, I kept getting Beauty and the Beast (2017) vibes. And if you know my thoughts on that movie, that’s not a good thing. Most of the CGI looks bad, the costumes look cheap, it pretty much looks like a high school production. Oh, and let’s talk about Jafar. So far, I am not convinced that this guy is Jafar. He doesn’t seem very menacing. He talks in such a monotone voice. Jafar wasn’t a boring villain. He was actually very demanding and sometimes got crazy. It’s hard to believe this new Jafar is a villain based on how he acts. We also hear A Whole New World at the end. People say they love the way it sounds, I personally don’t. It’s easy to tell that it's auto-tuned. Sounds way too robotic. Why did they even need to do that? We know Naomi Scott can sing. It doesn’t sound natural when it’s auto-tuned. So yeah, this trailer doesn’t get me excited for the film. If anything, it just makes me more worried. I’ll still watch it, but my expectations are low.

Now for the trailer to the movie that I’m actually looking forward to. Avengers: Endgame. After the disappointment that was Captain Marvel, this looks like it will be great. Looks like it has a much darker tone than the previous MCU films. I also like that even though it’s showing us new footage, we still don’t really know what’s gonna happen. Which is exactly how you do a trailer. It doesn’t show us too much or too little. It doesn’t even show us Thanos. From what I’ve heard, they’re just showing us stuff that happens in the first act. And this movie is supposedly 3 hours long. So it’s great that there will be more surprises when we see the movie. We also see Hawkeye and his daughter. If you look closely, you can see he has an ankle brace due to the events of Civil War. Also, he got a haircut. Which I think looks pretty cool. Even though people seem to really not like it. Captain America got his shield back, which I’m sure will be a crowd pleaser in the movie, and we also see the Avengers wearing white suits at the end. Honestly, not a fan of the suits so far. Hopefully I’ll get used to them. As great as this trailer is, the thing that really bothered me about is the end wear they showed Carol Danvers. The trailer was going so great up until that point. She looked a lot different in her own movie which had a woman as one of the directors. Now she’s in a movie directed by two men and they have her looking like some kind of model. She’s wearing lipstick and her hair is straightened. The world is falling apart, but sure, worry about how you look during it. It also hints at a possible love connection with her and Thor. I really hope that doesn’t happen. They don’t need to force another romance into one of these.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on these two trailers. Aladdin trailer was bad and the Endgame trailer was great. It’s obvious which one I’m actually excited for. I’m totally gonna watch both of them, though.


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