Godzilla 2 Final Trailer Review

nicolasb5194 When I went to see Endgame, I saw a trailer for the new Godzilla movie! And it was amazing! Although, it wasn’t as good as the IMAX trailer that was screened before Shazam and unfortunately, La Llorana. This will be a new thing that I’m doing instead of doing movie reviews. So let’s talk about the trailer!

One thing noticeable about this film, compared to the first film, it focused on blue. The MonsterVerse is color themed. Godzilla (2014) was red, Skull Island was orange, and King of the Monsters is blue. Who knows what Godzilla vs. Kong will be? But the blue lighting made for some excellent shots in the trailer. In the trailer, it’s been said that there are over 17 titans and counting that are coming to threaten the world. Then they need to know which titans are hear to protect or threaten them. The trailers promised at least one character who could (or is supposed to) communicate with the titans. I think Vera Farmiga’a character should because during an interview, she said that she may control the titans. I love the tone in this trailer! As it looks like that I may shed a tear. Because one scene in the trailer show Mothra getting blasted by King Ghidorah. And I love the music choice they used! They used a classic song from the Wizard of Oz! It was Over the Rainbow! I love the shots of Godzilla himself! I love the scene where he fires his atomic breath at Ghidorah! After the first film established he was trying to save the world from a M.U.T.O, perhaps we will be able to see more King of Monsters. Which we should because the director stated that he will get more screen time than what he got in 2014. By the way, I didn’t mind that he got lack of screen time. As for the or monsters, seeing Mothra was a spectacle! She looked absolutely beautiful when she was in the sky when we saw her shadow! The human characters look awesome as well, especially Millie Bobby Brown! I loved her in Stranger Things, and I’ll bet she’ll do a great job here! The scene where she’s yelling out “NO!!!” was perfect! You can tell that she’s on Godzilla’s side! I think that scene is happening whether Godzilla fell down or the scene where Godzilla got bit in the neck by Ghidorah. And yes, the character arc of the villain aka the Eco terrorist played by Charles Dance should be interesting. I hope he doesn’t become a bland villain like Eli Mills in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The CGI for this, as well as the monsters look top notch fantastic! The detailing for Godzilla’s head, tail, movement and the atomic breath just, WOW!

Overall, I am hyped for this film! This trailer was as action packed as a trailer can be! Perfectly using the four main titans to scale down humanity to the size of an ant! Hopefully this can live up to or exceed its predecessor. This may be the last trailer I will see before the movie comes out because I don’t want to see any more footage because it may spoil important things. Long live the king!!