Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

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1 Avengers: Endgame

It looks like another good film will be released in the year 2019. I went to the website YouTube and just saw the trailer for Spiderman: Far From Home. It kind of spoiled Avengers 4. So, here are my old box office predictions on how much money the fourth Avengers movie will make:

Opening Weekend: $250 million
Domestic: $650 million
Overseas: $1.9 billion
Worldwide: $2.55 billion

Now for fun, here's how much income from the movie tickets sold at the box office will be made. Here are my different predictions for the next highest grossing movie of 2019. Here's what I'm thinking Avengers: Endgame may earn:

Opening Weekend: $260,000,000
Domestic: $800,000,000
Overseas: $1,950,000,000
Worldwide: $2,750,000,000

And of course, Josh Brolin is an amazing actor who stole the show in Infinity War. I forget that he portrayed Thanos. With the snap of his fingers, moviegoers were upset. The Avengers and the Guardians may have lost, so what will happen next?

With respect to the directors, the Russo Brothers, Marvel, and Disney, people will miss Stan Lee. People will expect the posthumous appearance of the comic book writer to appear in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. Times have changed.

2 Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Star Wars is gonna flop, and FORGET ENDGAME! This movie is the most exciting thing of 2019! This movie will blow everybody's mind! So put this be number 1 or 2. And I don't know why are you people not talking about the 2 awesome trailers. The trailers know that you're super excited for it! It's gonna be amazing. Avengers is looking good, but it's just another Marvel movie. THIS IS GODZILLA'S WORLD! We are just his pets! This movie shows a lot of excitement, and King Ghidorah is gonna be the biggest villain of 2019. Forget Thanos, he already has 2018, so let King Ghidorah get his Villain of the Year. I mean, come on! It's gonna be amazing. I don't care about any comments saying that Endgame looks better. I disagree, we have different opinions. I say this looks even better than Endgame. This year belongs to Godzilla!

3 Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Colin Trevorrow is not the director for Episode 9. Yet, fans became divided on Episode 8: The Last Jedi, which was directed by Rian Johnson, and there's no telling what's going to happen in Episode 9. J.J. Abrams may have let Star Wars Episode 7 become a massive blockbuster movie of 2015. Lots of fans wonder what's going to happen next.

There are several questions about J.J. Abrams' next film: Will Rey become a Jedi and restore peace to the galaxy? Is Kylo Ren going to let the First Order bring upon destruction by terminating the Resistance? Who's going to die?

No one knows what Episode 9 is going to be titled until it's revealed. Disney and Lucasfilm may have been a financial marketing tool for Hollywood. Look at how much cash is being filled up in their wallets! Yes, it shows how the dollar will not exist anymore while the economy could face hyperinflation. If the budget is not spent well, the debt must get paid. I don't think Episode 9 is going to be better than Rogue One. Of course, movies are supposed to be about fun and excitement.

4 Joker

To be honest, I didn't even know that this was coming out until I looked at this list, but now that I Google it, it seems pretty cool! I'd watch it!

Okay, so I've already seen Endgame and it was a good movie and all, but that movie isn't already out. This movie is what I've been waiting for. COME OUT ALREADY!

You'll never see it comi... Oh wait, wrong Joker.

Jokes aside, this looks promising. I have no expectations and we'll see how the movie goes.

5 Shazam!

It was great! I recommend it. I saw it with my friend, and there are some sad parts, but who couldn't love a goofy superhero?

This will be way better than most DC movies. Thank God Zack Snyder isn't directing this.

DC is learning that it's not so bad to be lighthearted! Nice!

6 Toy Story 4

I'm really looking forward to this one. It's supposed to have some new characters, and they're on a search for Bo Peep. I'd also like to see Sid in this one. I hope they include him. Sid (now an adult) makes a couple of brief cameos in Toy Story 3 as a garbage man. You can tell he's made a big change. I'd like to see him in the fourth one with more screen time.

I so agree. Toy Story 3 had an amazing, touching ending. Disney, please don't ruin the Toy Story franchise with this. I saw the official trailer and it looks, well, meh. It just looks more like a Toy Story short put into a movie. I just hope they will be able to capture the perfect ending like the third film did.

7 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Now that Tarantino's wild west tour has finally ended, I'm looking forward to something as provocative and as fascinating as Inglourious Basterds. This hopefully will be the case, especially with that A-list cast.

If anyone votes anything else, they just don't know jack about what a good movie is.

Can't wait for this one. Might end up being Tarantino's best.

8 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Oh. My. God. YES! I have seen the trailers of this film, and I am hyped. I love the combination of live action and animation, considering Pikachu is so realistic he practically fits into the world correctly. Speaking of Pikachu, his design is AMAZING!

The story seems well-paced too, looking at the trailers. There is one letdown though: Why is Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds? He just doesn't seem right with that voice actor. How can the same voice actor of Deadpool also voice such a cute face?

Heck yes! I'm a long-time Pokemon fan (for about 8-10 years) and this movie looks like it'll satisfy me! I've played some Detective Pikachu on the 3DS, so the plot is a bit understandable to me, at least. It looks amazing graphic-wise and just seems like the perfect Pokemon movie.

9 Frozen 2

YES! I love Frozen. The trailer definitely looks awesome, and I love Anna's new look. I like the part where the characters were just looking at the autumn field while they were standing on a cliff. I also like the part where Anna killed the camera man, and I laughed my head off. I'm so excited for this movie. Frozen 2, here we come!

Read this if you're a Frozen fan and don't read this if you're a Frozen hater. FROZEN HATERS! LISTEN UP! Elsa is not selfish, and Anna is not ugly. Elsa is really nice, and Anna loves adventures. This movie taught us to let it go and overcome our fears. You guys don't know anything about movies. So, shut up and mind your own business, Frozen haters.
"Let it go."

10 The Lion King

Probably looking forward to Endgame just a bit more, but I'm so excited for this. It should easily be top ten. The Lion King is the best animated and original Disney film of all time. Taking the director who started the classic MCU with what remains as my personal favorite MCU film, Iron Man (11 years later, it has led us to the current #1 spot in Endgame), as well as 2016's (visual effect Oscar-winning) The Jungle Book, The Lion King should be one of the best movies this year easily. The trailers look amazing, the cast is insanely talented, and everything so far looks awesome. I think a lot of people forget how much talent is going into this movie. I see it exceeding my expectations.

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11 It: Chapter Two

WOO HOO! Although my friends and I aren't old enough to watch IT, we're plenty excited for it. When we all get together, we love watching scary stuff, especially on sleepovers and such! So, we are completely ready for the IT trailers on repeat, popcorn, and watching scenes from the recent one!

The best mix of horror, drama, black comedy, and sweet coming-of-age story in ages. I love the 1st chapter so much. Can't wait for the 2nd one.

Yeah, isn't there supposed to be a second part where they're all adults?

12 John Wick: Chapter 3

John Wick has been one of the best movies. Every one they have made has been an awesome action-packed story.

Excellent story, characters, and lots of action! Best action movie of the year FACTS!

John Wick 3 is the only movie that is worth a damn.

13 Spider-Man: Far from Home

Real excited! Spider-Man: Homecoming was great! And Mysterio seems like a good character to put in this one. I can't tell by the trailer if Mysterio is the main villain or not, and I'm really excited to see Peter in Europe, too!

I really like action movies, so I'm gonna watch this new Spider-Man movie straight away. I'm like that with any action movie, but I know I'm gonna love this movie A LOT! This should be higher up!

I am really enjoying this version of Spider-Man and hope they can keep it going. I'd like to finally see a Sinister Six movie. Probably hard to do, but as a fan, I'm allowed to beg like a mangy mutt.

14 Captain Marvel

It's the second female superhero we've been waiting for since Wonder Woman, and I'm really excited to see another strong female role as the lead character in this movie.

Captain Marvel is so inspiring! After watching it four times, she really is!

Yay! A superhero movie with a female as the lead character!

15 Aladdin

Like how everyone is excited for this Disney live-action is all hating on the Lion King remake. Seriously, Lion King looks like it's gonna be good.

I'm really excited to watch this movie, and from what I saw in the trailer, I think it would be great!

Seems cool. I hope they maybe even add a few more songs but keep the old ones.

16 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

YAY! The thing is, just like Star Wars, Lego had been a pretty big thing, especially between my brother and my dad. So, when I heard they were making a Lego movie, my reaction was, "Yay! Let's go watch!" After the movie, "Wow! That was so good!" When I heard they were making a second one, "Count me in!"

I saw it, magical, beastly, incredible film.

Hope it's as good as the first film.

17 The Irishman

Scorsese directing, and with a cast including DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci, Keitel, and the underrated Stephan Graham. Need I say more?

A Scorsese mob movie with all the old legends, as well as a load of actors from Boardwalk Empire. What could be better than that?

It's been getting pushed back for a long time. Just release it already.

18 Justice League Part Two

I saw the end of credits scene and I can't wait to see what goes down between the League and... wait for it... SLADE!

Really want to see this because the end of the first one seemed so good!

I'll say, although I'm more of a Marvel fan, I'm pretty excited for this!

19 Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

It's got Mysterio! I'm so excited. Finally, my favorite Marvel Villain is getting his big screen debut.

20 Us

From the creator of the amazing modern classic, Jordan Peele - I anticipate this'll be one of the best horror movies this year, with its premise being extremely original as well as thrilling!

Can't wait to see it. I love Avengers and love to see Endgame, but this one is gonna have me on the tip of my chair.

Well, reviews are in, and apparently Us is just as good as Get Out.

21 Sonic the Hedgehog

Honestly, I think the movie is being hyped for the wrong reason, other than Jim Carrey, of course. Okay, Sonic may look like a naked mole rat crossbred with nightmares, but now Paramount might have to overwork its team to get him right for fans, deliver the movie on time, and spend millions more on reanimating the blue blur shot after shot. This is all because of the major backlash it received in less than a day after releasing the first trailer.

It isn't just these fans revolting. Detective Pikachu's director even revealed his concerns for the movie because of some havoc with the proportions of a video game character. Just emphasize that phrase for a second: VIDEO GAME CHARACTER. (Most video game movies turn out badly, excluding Detective Pikachu, so would you expect much anyways?)

I dislike the design, too, but I don't just go silly on the studio because he's too skinny or his shoes look like off-branded Nikes. Paramount is already in enough trouble and pressured enough. We shouldn't automatically assume the movie is terrible because of a human-like hedgehog. There can be good in the movie! The comedy of the trailer seemed pretty decent (especially Carrey's gag), and Sonic's voice actually fit him and his personality (something that hasn't really happened in 10 years). But this is all just my personal opinion, so agree or disagree with me as much as you want.

22 Zombieland 2
23 Hellboy
24 Glass

This movie tried to fool around with my sympathy. It made me feel sorry for this child, who is a villain! I didn't like Unbreakable a lot either. But this just my opinion, don't let it change your thoughts about it.

Unbreakable was a pretty good movie, I thought Split was pretty mediocre, but this film was incredible. Objectively the best movie that has come out this year.

Unbreakable was incredible. Then Split gave us an intriguing suspense thriller. Now Glass is going to bring that universe back with a bang!

25 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Best of the best of the whole 2019, must be in the top 5. It was the best until Endgame came, which decently earned the title. Let's see how Toy Story 4 is.

My younger sister is OBSESSED with this franchise. She's really excited for it. I am too, just not as much.

I like the franchise, and I'm hoping this movie can be a fitting conclusion.

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