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1 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

I absolutely LOVED this movie so much, starting when I watched it for the first time when I was little. I was very picky in movies back then, and couldn't watch scary things either. This movie was just right and made me enjoy it quite a bit since it was very adventurous and had a good plot too. It then became ny favorite movie back then.

Probably the best one of the franchise. Not only was the plot original for once, and Buck made for one of the best side characters, but let's be real, dinosaurs are just cool in general

In my ice age ranking 5.collision course was totally unbelievably unbelievable 4. Ice age even though it's a classic in my opinion it was a bit boring and cheesy 3. Contenantil drift was a fun film and a good film 2. The meltdown was just amazing. 3.dawn of the dinosaurs one of my fave films ever

I loved the dinosaurs and the whole dino land! It had such great scenes too! Best Ice Age Sequel BY FAR!

2 Ice Age

My opinion
Ice Age (10/10) (My personal favourite ice age movie)
Ice Age: The Meltdown (10/10) (Almost as good as the original)
Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (7/10) (Some scenes were a bit boring but it's still a pretty good movie)
Ice Age: Continental Drift (4/10) (Predictable, cheesy, and downright stupid. This destroyed Sid's character! He used to be hilarious and likeable but now his stupidity has reached new levels)
Ice Age: Collision Course (2/10) (The absolute worst movie out of the franchise, Words cannot describe how awful it is! this made me want to kill scrat!)

I'm sorry but this movie is absolutely terrible, like many Blue Sky films. The animation is horrifying, the jokes are just crap humour (done extremely bad) and the plot is both generic and unfun. Manny is a good character and the tigers were interesting, but everything else..., nah. Just because the sequels weren't very good doesn't mean the original was good, or better for that part

In my opinion, none of the sequels can compare to this awesome film. It was original, and it included my favorite scene of all the Ice Ages, the dodo fight scene. I hate to say this, but other than Buck, the newer characters ruined the franchise in my view.

Very very good movie, best of the franchise. Has the most heart and the drama that is needed to make it a great movie, not just an animated cash cow

3 Ice Age: The Meltdown

I liked this better than the original. The plot is a little better, jokes were ACTUALLY funny (looking at Ellie's identity crisis), and there's a lot of tension. Easily the most tense of the films. I also really liked the villains. Sure they don't do much, but they're really badass...

The other sequels were WAY worse. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3) was filled with despicable rude humor, and Ice Age: Collision Course (Ice Age 5)? It was filled with New Age nonsense and never should have been made. DO NOT WATCH THE 5th MOVIE! Look up the synopsis instead.

4 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Honestly this movie is super underrated. Sure, the teenage mammoths were insufferable, but the plot was one of the best. The pirates were a good addition to the franchise, the plot was intense and the villain was amazing

Although it is an okay movie, it is the worst of the franchise. Meltdown and the first movie were the best, though. Even Dawn of the Dinosaurs was pretty decent compared to this one.

Better than the first! #1 in the franchise!

It's the best movie, hands down.

5 Ice Age: Collision Course

It's just Armageddon in CGI form with a game of planetary billiards.
Except they didn't blow up an asteroid in this.
Still, the original was the true Ice Age movie.

From what I seen of it, bits and trailers it seems to be ok, the plot is alright, but really, the defining chapter, yet no humans?! It would be nice to see Roshan again, maybe grown up.

Best Ice Age film I have seen, even though people consider this film to be the worst.

My favourite ice age movie. Unpopular opinion, I know.

6 Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special

I remember I got this movie for Christmas in 2011, it was short movie like almost a half an hour

7 Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade
8 The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild
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