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1 Shrek 2

Easily the best in my opinion. The plot was less predictable, the characters were likable, and cat Zorro (I know his name, I just like to call him that) is awesome. More attempts to have good emotional moments, and the jokes are better. Not to mention the animation is better. Overall, while like the first one, this is the best.

I own a VHS of this movie. I still remember a lot about this movie even though I haven't watched it in years. I'm glad this movie is memorable because it did most things right. The characters felt like they had the most development in this particular movie for me.

2 Shrek

People only like the second more than the first because in this one they think Shrek is a jerk to everyone. But everyone thinks Shrek is a fat, stupid, ugly ogre. Until he meets Donkey who doesn't and the Donkey wants a best friend, and is not scared of Shrek like the people.

But one mistake: Donkey was singing at the party when Shrek and Fiona were going away on their honeymoon to Far Far Away. But in the sequel, he is with them.

My favourite of the Shrek series, but I like all the Shreks. Shrek is a good movie not only for the memes, but the messages and morals are also good.

3 Shrek the Third

This movie was very relevant to the franchise. 1) Shrek and his family killed Fairy Godmother, so of course, Charming will want revenge. 2) Charming may be a jerk, but he clearly knows how to tap into someone's desires and keeps everyone in line when he convinces all the villains to join him.

The only part of the movie I didn't like was the twist where it was revealed that Rapunzel was helping Charming.

So underrated! Maybe it's not as innovative or complex as Shrek 2, but it's still an incredible movie and a great conclusion to the Shrek franchise, with how Shrek gets kids, and the Far Far Away plot comes to an end, and we get to dig deeper into Prince Charming, my favourite villain of the bunch. In my opinion, Shrek Forever After is the movie deserving of hate, not this excellent work!

4 Shrek Forever After

The worst movie in the Shrek franchise. Maybe it's not terrible, but it's seriously incohesive. The plot of the Shrek universe doesn't move at all as it all is centered around a birthday in which Shrek gets sent to a parallel universe and he must do Shrek 1 all over again.

Sure, it has a great message, and I like the dark tone, but we don't progress anything at all. In the end, Shrek 2's and Shrek The Third's events were ignored for the most part as a result and it feels more like a stand-alone film, not a sequel for goodness' sake!

5 Puss in Boots

This movie is by far the best! It's witty, colorful, and fun for the whole family. It's inspirational and a masterpiece from DreamWorks. It deserves far more credit.

6 Scared Shrekless

I love this one, especially the scene where Donkey was screaming like a girl over a giant waffle.

7 Shrek the Halls

I love this one. I watch it every year.

8 Shrek the Musical
9 Far Far Away Idol
10 The Pig Who Cried Werewolf
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11 Thriller Night
12 Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish was phenomenal. It's just as charming and fun as the original, and the writing is just magnificent. Overall, this movie was simply perfect.

13 The Ghost of Lord Farquad
14 Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos
15 DreamWorks Shrek's Swamp Stories
16 Shrek 3D
17 Shrek 4-D
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