Top 10 Movies with the Greatest Special Effects

If you've ever found yourself totally absorbed in a mind-boggling futuristic cityscape, sat on the edge of your seat as a colossal T-Rex storms across your screen, or had your jaw hit the floor as intergalactic battles burst into brilliant colors before your eyes, then you know the power of great special effects. This list is talking about those cinematic moments that rip the rug right out from under reality and whisk you off into a new world so convincingly that you almost forget to munch on your popcorn.

You might be wondering why we care so much about special effects, why they're worth voting on, discussing, and, yes, obsessing over. Well, think of special effects as the secret ingredient that adds an extra layer of realism or fantasy to our beloved movies. They're the wizards behind the curtain that make everything from epic alien invasions to mind-bending dream sequences possible.

Without the magic of special effects, the movie industry just wouldn't be the same. No rampaging monsters leveling cities, no space-faring adventurers zipping across the cosmos, and definitely no superheroes using their powers in the most visually stunning ways imaginable. They're an integral part of our moviegoing experience, helping to tell stories that are larger than life.

So, what do you think? Which films have really pushed the boundaries of what's visually possible, created immersive new worlds, or simply dazzled with their on-screen wizardry? Which ones made you do a double take, or had you nudging your neighbor in the theater whispering, "Did you see that?!"
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1 Transformers

I hate Michael Bay's movie so much that I quit after second one which I didn't see complete but one thing his movies have best that's visuals especially from transformers 3. They are breathtaking

You may say that the visual effects from Transformers 4 and 5 are like garbage but when you look closely, they are actually similar to James Cameron VFX!

It is good really awesome film. Unlike Oreanta a disliker a Justin Bieber fan. Perhaps this movie is better than jurassic park that I'm sick of its grapihcs!

2 Jurassic Park

Yes, Transformers may have awesome and stylish visuals, but what about the film that made these elements strong enough to inspire movies like Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, The Star Wars Prequels E.T.C.

In my personal opinion, Jurassic Park will remain the father of recent special effects and I'm glad Steven Spielberg made it possible. Also, it gave us a more realistic approach of dinosaurs and the result was terrifying and breathtaking.

Great visuals, especially from a film in the early 90's because it didn't have what Transformers and other recent films have today. It was just so realistic.

3 Avatar

None of the Tranformers movies have even won an Academy award for best visual effects. How is it number one? I would believe the consensus would make this movie. It is stunningly beautiful and a lot better than Tranformers.

James cameron sacrificed so much for this movie! And it came out good!
Visual effects, Great Storyline & massive Gross Revenue, what more could you want!
James Cameron has done it again

Wow. The visuals are so amazing. No wonder it won best Visual effects at the Oscars. They look gorgeous.

4 The Matrix

Bullet time was awesome and dynamic on so many levels.
Really other awesome effects added too.

Bullet time is epic. I was so baffled.

This movie is a champion in every way including visual effects

5 Star Wars

Hey, ever heard of ILM? It stands for Industrial light and magic and has done special effects to almost all big movies released after Star Wars, including harry potter, jurassic park, Indiana jones, pirates of the caribbean, avatar and hundreds others. Just name a movie, theyve done it! Without star wars special effects as we know it wouldn't exist! Think about it!

The gold standard by which all other effects movies are judged

6 Terminator 2: Judgment Day

This movie set a new standard of visual graphics for the movie industry. In 1991 these were top notch and can even compete in 2014!

This should be number 1. Because in 1991 is not technological days. It shows how hard to try make this movie...

7 Lord Of The Rings - The Return of The King
8 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
9 Aliens

Amazing Effects
Insane...1979 was it? Looks more like 2020 or something! Great effects, if you watched it at that time when it was released I am sure you would have been scared to death!

10 Titanic

We can't imagine how hard was record this movie. They didn't have ship or ocean or anything, but they recorded one of the greatest movies ever!

The Contenders
11 Maleficent

The special effects are so real looking.

12 Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
13 Godzilla (2014)
14 Jurassic World
15 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
16 X-Men
17 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
18 Godzilla vs. Kong
19 Spider-Man

Graphics are better but could have been more better specially in spider
Man 3...

20 The Thing
21 Saving Private Ryan
22 Transformers: Dark of the Moon
23 Total Recall
24 Iron Man 3
25 Tron: Legacy

Better than the original film's visual effects. I'll give you that. The original Tron visual effects are completely outdated. After watching Tron Legacy, I concluded that Tron Legacy is superior to the original film.

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